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news and current theories of her as news makers and experts can discuss issues of global impact. crime and punishment united states has the highest rated for them and the world but an ex convict get a second chance i eye. six of the deal. it was a seatbelt. when i'm there. kelly thank you very much for joining us. chaos on the streets of kiev the agreement between the ukrainian president and opposition leader international peace conference on syria and with no sign of compromise their heat. and then secret offshore accounts being used by china's of weeks. we begin
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a new grand where there is chaos in the capital the dark smoke hangs of the kiev says the pungent smell of tea gas in the sound of stun grenades being shot. protesters continued to clash with police at least forty people install it now all of restricting the right to protest is what sparked the turmoil. ukrainian president viktor yanukovich has been meeting with opposition leaders to try and stop the violence ukraine's capital has become a battleground. protesters said tiresome i can send two pm only meters away from lines of riot police. holding on to the streets around independence square where t sce of pitched battles protesters hurled fire bombs and rocks. police responded with tear gas stun grenades and the protesters think my ammunition. in the afternoon the government brought in
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armored vehicles. many fear the violence could spiral out of control. from the european union team warnings and threats of sanctions if the situation continues to worsen the art data only goes so well with his ego to the ukraine. until you fall in love with these developments as well as assessing possible actions by the union. consequences for our relations flee their country. germany's foreign minister was in on time for an international conference on syria called for an end to the my lunch. the disc and it isn't nice to finance isn't on the onsen to toss in ukraine. not by design isn't about those that we have made it to present channel called that we cannot condemn the violent response by the government in ukraine. in view in which simply widens and lessens the suffering the moral people mention the sudden come. in
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the afternoon president viktor yanukovich held talks with the main opposition leaders to the future violence. but with both sides calling each other criminals and terrorists. this little hope of compromise. dario and knuckles aa is in kiev for us i spoke to him a short while ago now stood with the death toll climbing by the hour and conflicting reports just how difficult it is to one count what's going on there were twenty of our own situation in the city center of kiev is that quite chaotic down onto this moment right behind me on the independence coup as he can see on the situation is to rot the quiet but only a block away from this place know where that comes to protest them. even with the protesters clashed with police forces. the chaos is going on of the standoff is continuing. protesters tried to attack police forces and police forces tried to counter attack on. the we have to resort to college to riot police using rubber on
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its live ammunition into gaza and stun grenades again and some protesters have set tires on fire that's why we see doc next smoke in the city center in over the city center of kiev. any news we show the meeting going on between carson yanukovich and opposition leaders. yes the three opposition leaders had seen yet the new com i get to talk and eat and eat it too. um had talked with president botanical the tiny at this date they have found just a few minutes ago showed up on the independence down the mighty don. note demonstrate is what they have been talking about. they the opposition leader's call it fall. they recently had done to the anti demonstration dollars on needs to be taken back to the knowledge and to slow the government to resign president viktor yanukovych sam did not accept any of this team on and agave instead of that invited
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opposition leaders to meet again and to talk on going one way he thinks the government sand and the opposition leaders would find some sort of calling around insulting diesel prices. when he's the reason is to this country today is very unlikely as it looks like you're in debt are you crying loudly on the streets but in the political system and in the hole in the end of the salient you think we should not expect to see jc teeth anytime soon. on the streets and we should not expect to see a solution. in the political crisis in ukraine until the next presidential elections and they would be headed in march two thousand and fifteen only thank you very much to the analysis. provocative aggressive astounding and infuriating. at some of the european response to a united nations peace conference on syria all the top ten months as the thailand open with a war of words. the point of
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dispute is the future president the future of the president basra were shot the united states and syria no position saying he has to go to the syrian government is adamant the state. that's caused him down is that any long term political solution the much anticipated talks costs onto a stool me stocked with bitter exchanges between the two sides. the syrian opposition accused the assad regime of committing was crimes in the regime during the second world war. what is on syria's foreign minister wanted more of them called the rebels traitors to the city and nation. mum said reports released on tuesday a man store to buy the asset regime. when nothing but liable. he also earned a rebuke from un secretary general ban ki moon. speaking to nome. you have to stick to the open source and is hoping to get on with it its own
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wanna mess on the regime's position that the rebels and nothing but islamist terrorists and the stakes like any other has the right to stamp amounts the opposition is divided but sold its groups agree that can all be content to any interim government. hmm it. ty allen couldn't be that all syrians are the victims of one single man who refuses to leave office. batsman has forgotten the fact that no political office in the wild is what this month just one single innocent life door with the two sides of the pants. there was little that un secretary general ban ki moon could do it the end of the first day's talks except to appeal to the warring parties to allow humanitarian aid to reach the civilian population there is lol the solution and twenty resolution. there is normally a solution. and why. his creativity wishes and porcelain. we have to
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prove i did and this is a shoemaker it was he says. to say tonight the last direct talks between representatives of the regime and the on position of time for friday un special envoy to the brahimi will spend thursday. speaking to the parties' individually to persuade them to sit down together face to face. and a corresponding kenny logan has been following the scots for us in switzerland she joins us now. kitty is so very tense phone there. these negotiations is there any hope that we could see something constructive come out events. this was met becca into the sea and i think that studying that the press conference met with un sec gen buying team in an sec gets eight john kerry was a little bit more positive they said they succeed on aim was to bring these two signs together and to get them face to face and they have achieved at a wedding the saving to get as you say it was very cruel to add your
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own emotions were running high a bit some sense i spent two and is safe. well this is hardly surprising suppress time if we talk to each other this a lot at stake it as he stated some massive gulf between the teapots he's the boss of mine is the government wants us out to state ideal position when tolerate that. it also continues to say this is a style that's the right doesn't it show that sad where these negotiations about. it also is scheduled to continue in geneva on friday now these will be told it's between a conscience again face to face behind crystals in private said by the un envoy to syria knocked up or he'd be said to be interesting to see where a cousin that if they find any common grounds and told that the debt is a massive gap between them at the nymex well perhaps if they find anything possible way they can stocks to negotiate it said he will be a long drawn out prices there are no oxen the snow often isn't he a friend in need it's insane quick summation of the general feeling is. it's
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perhaps a good thing this or that the talking at this age acts eleven thank you very much for the inside. still as those delegates tried to hammer out a political solution for syria the civil war itself continues the syrian and other trees to human rights is reporting that renewed clashes across the country between government supporters and opposition flight is taken by an ef even watching the news you'll know that the rebel cause has is fragmented in a big way causing confusion here is a lot at who is in control and where. and then strike place to let the syrian army had become distraught by rules for the vics places on rebel held districts. many are killed inside the walled rages on the battle lines have a hardened between the outside regime and the rebels. oops that is believed that can be a minute's peace edition
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sounds forces controlled much of the west and syria the rebels are strongest in the north and in the southern province of iran. that still makes in intensify team has been in damascus homes into that good the south against the rebels is just one of the fronts in this complex. the other is the rebels fight to the rebels. was that extremists he belonged to a group called islamic state of iraq and the banks will buy as i know. it has links to al qaeda and its influence has been stabbed in the reading in the region in recent months. the message i just pulled away from northwest syria to the dj in iran. the is the deepening complete control of the syrian province of iraq. the asio have introduced she really all that many greats like this come from outside syria
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is taking the students in their attacks on rival islamist greets you as a result have joined forces with the main rebel raid to free syrian army. side by side and pointy against the alliance i know. and it's a fight that appears to be a long way from ava. two plays into the hands of the shot of us out. some in the west nile see him as the less the people compared with the alternative of our life believe it to millions syrians and slid the complete those who have no alternatives has to learn to live in a war zone. all we ask syrians what they expect from the talks in september the windmills in syria. parts of the cd being under siege by side streets in months. if you didn't eat a conference in switzerland will produce a breakthrough. that desperate for the complete two nd. i
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miss my relatives who fled from here. we want to have the feeling were living. we have a right to live because our people. everyone of us this war is stopping us from living inside. like the above to get back to school but hey we can defeat us. the syrian people should unite against a tyrant. he kills children the people says people out to the instant he drops the summer. the view. you know that we can get no money again soon and my children can continue their studies the westland held. just kidding after more time tonight. and me. i stamped single speed. we have nothing to eat here the use of gold and the people here. this taunting me every day. my
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team. i guess. most of the continents and in tiny streets reduced to rubble it's the expectations and added to the peace talks in switzerland. i went into the muscle to syria is that things will get better and go back to work. the regime should go and what about him what utensils from the west it's never been on serious i wanted in the now. what this means you'll be like this school and that is consuming a ticket last month the religion steel positioned on the dvr the problem was. not the men in nj. from this conference is designed by. as a mother and is now pakistan says it has killed a large number of foreign fighters in
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airstrikes on suspected taliban hideouts the senior security official has told the afp news agency that the strikes in the north was your son tribal area that killed thirty three was banks and three germans notify the decals unknown right now they came to detail we would look more news coming your way here. do. for her. it is jessica no clutch is a woman that he should give up and
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quit women as second of july just as he produces high quality seeds fall from. he began small things that you've heard it all. some may be heading out the bad spots i think we have proof to that vow that no one can be quite cool pizza too. we made a fortune bt its smart economics world bank noted for its lack of gender one of china's most prominent activists went on trial on wednesday said jiang means of movement against corruption by officials. police cordoned off the court in beijing where a small group with his supporters to gather they were rounded up and taken away in a police van she was charged with disrupting order. it could be jailed for up to five years. his lawyers told reporters his client refused to speak in court because he doesn't believe he'll get a fair trial to begin. and it's not just that used its raising questions about president shooting pains point against eruption
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documents have emerged suggesting time ever we are using offshore tax havens to hold their well they contain the names of close relatives of current and former leaders of the country. the leaked document suggested china's political and business and needs are making extensive use of offshore companies the kind associated with tax avoidance. it didn't reveal a list of twenty one thousand people from mainland china and hong kong the mailbox companies in the caribbean with the help of middlemen. a new day to sooth the soul children why does have to buy houses of those that seek to real number is probably much higher than that shows just how systematic this issue of tax avoidance has become among china's elite. orton the documents indicate that they're being held by major accountancy firms and banks to just going to bomb and ups
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it's estimated that up to three trillion euro zone countries and sense of what china since the turn of the millennium. much of the money move to prawn ends up in the british virgin islands. and there's a huge amount going back into china to two hundred billion euros in two thousand palm island and what that means is that the british virgin islands is unknown but because twenty first year in china. wright is back time of year again when in two thousand of the world's most influential leaders in business and politics are in the tiny swiss town of davos for the annual world economic forum. so what's their take on the global economic recovery. the new dc area is looking up. the boss is always in the depths of winter when the world economic forum meets the justice chilly spring is around the corner. and this year. many delegates to sounding optimistic about the economic climate to. he is a dismissal by the crisis
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isn't over yet. companies are starting to say that cause is how long it's been missing from some fine moments of grunts mention of concentrating on strategic developments within their businesses. analysts are also pointing to another notable trend in global growth is no longer being driven by the usual imaging economies to buy established ones such as the us uk germany and japan. until recently these countries with anything but dynamic. i think it is alarming for the emerging countries because i think everybody thought that their strong growth could continue forever or for a long time it's not happening that when they need to do more in the way of structural reforms to improve the competitiveness of their economies in order to get back to those strong growth rates. so there is still a lot of watching and waiting going on here and now bust but there is a general feeling after deep freeze the spring fall is almost upon us women in japan in that report it's kind of
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fishing so hubby is giving a keynote address to the will they know it's one of them only with people keen to hear more about his style of economics and is out the dough makes it to dallas for our business correspondent can watch japan is back on states now have an onyx is progressing this is the message of since arriving here and that davos he succeeded to put an end of two decades of stagnation and japan with his news monetary policy and the massive investment and economic elite it is quite impressed but economics on the same time it is the opposite to the german model and consolidation and austerity. i cannot offence and in front of high unemployment and low growth rates in a year old so it's not too surprising that i know america canceled her anticipation here in douglas writes before his skiing accidents. now this seemed convinced he is meeting is the reshaping of the well
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winning that title could be in last year we knew before the year before that. what makes a special based on what can we expect of the coming week the well especially on the political level terrace is down to the very exciting as perhaps the ukrainian president house on friday and the esl and cranny a nintendo and here in dallas holding and steve says. and so we have the tool i was on the same day in this small slits the military even hopes for a handshake him off the to that end does not break it but it would be the first time for an historic moment here and travels as in nineteen ninety four. oh and p o box five and she went as science at tasks cca over the cows and jericho come to us to not just big names in the wilds of business also some big political names there and double thank you very much for the update. i love
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the sense of the market sound or if the holes has a wrap up of wednesday's action in frankfurt even sing the boys didn't have an impact on financial markets the tree is a nice strong the inputs and the next ballet moves. bad news from us technology giants like i'd be in will wait on the moon nights and that's also suffered from not just as in the league against the yen since the dawn eden which launches in char at the door to the biggest play of the bond market through its air us carrying him go for many is to commence very successful but nasty and assists with two brilliance after heavy losses and one leftist dominance has departed to be retaking the market. so what does lack in numbers now and as the investment and they were sort of irritated on wednesday. the dax closing down by about a tenth as eighty percent there the euro stocks fifty also closing to slightly negative territory over in new york it was a similar story for
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the fountains industrial average which settled the day two tenths of a percent lower largely down to concern over weaker earnings figures. as for the euro dollar is also trending lower trading for one dollars thirty five forty two. dress try to read it yet the funnier thing union as elegantly than two goals on renewable energy and they're less ambitious than before the block once its member states to use more clean energy but you know the plans the false targets for individual nations is that it has a goal for the progress of europe as a whole is attack on what the bloc wants to do over the next few decades the eu wants to make dirty energy like there's a thing of the past. with less emphasis on fossil fuels and more and clean technologies and renewable energy sources to make europe a world leader in climate protection the commission has now put forward its plan to increase energy efficiency and reform
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emissions trading. we are therefore proposing. led by producer of greenhouse gas reduction target for the uk all minus forty percent the ninety nine. there is a vicious. but feasible the commission's goal is to deride and least twenty seven percent of the use energy from renewable. the pants for the twenty nation union as a whole. the plan will not enforce national targets environmental groups eight countries will turn to nuclear power to reach their goal and technology with dangers of its own. if the will of course governments are trying to create any way for their national and anti policies and instead of following the same time. it's in reducing everything to one goal is a capitulation for coming european energy policy the tick the apostle may be disappointing not only for climate activists also for countries like germany which has been hoping to get support for its efforts to
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switch over to renewable the commission's proposal will now be put to the heads of state and government are due to meet at a summit in march well on the topic of real bulls in germany the coalition here has agreed on us and what the pushing for the country's transition to renewable so the wait can you clear out at a meeting and as a bad north of berlin chancellor angela merkel's cabinet raise the target server nobles and germany's energy mix to forty five percent by the year twenty twenty five. ministers also agreed to change subsidies for different energy sources the government is facing a outcry over high energy prices due to the shift to renewable. now that meeting continues on thursday to come six weeks into the new coalition government aren't those six weeks have been anything but a smooth start our correspondent on derek was in as the bad and put the meeting into perspective for us. coalition governments of the moment and has become something of a tradition that
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they come on houston is a bird. most of it into this stately home here and spend a couple of days together. one has to understand. of course this is in a coalition government that very often as in this case the coalition partner has been in opposition for the past four years and said that because criticized america for lack of leadership they criticize the government for its policies. and now they have to do some team building they are in this particular case some very strong personalities of course which make that make several more difficult. one of them is joseph underlined in his new defense minister who is being groomed many people say it to be in that the success of the salsa is eaten on gabriella. the minister for energy into economics to use the ice tongs to as well and he of course has his eyes set on becoming taunts to add to the next elections said this is not a marriage made in heaven. it's a marriage of convenience and the partners need to sit down to toll to two other very reasonably
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insisted to see what they can achieve and compromises there for the next four years don't bury a load of time one last piece of news an interesting story the italian police have made ninety rests in a major operation against the more that the naples based branch of themselves and theres also extended to the heart of rome where dozens of bars that every asana ice cream parlors were targeted for money laundering one man died after jumping out of the window during the rain. overall some two hundred and fifty million euros worth of assets were confiscated. seen as the godfather of their now fortunate and unfortunate into al show but we have to leave it there. that's it for this edition of the shuttle cc and don't eat don't be thinking that much for watching the next time which
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statistics. you know. on the too much the us. now on dvd. low blow. a man. we did
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it is. you knew you when
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will the bill. it is. it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some of the chevron bp a lot the government and rehab goal to raise cash in a row for funding. with restaurant sales of four million euro of each other questions a profit of only nine thousand euro


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