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with how when a human powered up thinking. you you you will know who will eye the next to the broadcaster korean trade official who was kidnapped last week ended with yet has been freed and the culprits captured in a case that still remains a mystery. good jobs raise concerns that the country's top rate of eighteen influenza is indeed spreading beyond the first cards confirmed infected. top officials from the nation's financial regulators appear before lawmakers to outline their plans to increase consumer protection in the wake of the worst personal data leak in the country's history. i've
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got news for the kids. prime time. it's thursday and january twenty third year in korea one from seoul and to pay them some limping so much for joining us. we begin this evening with the aftermath of korea's worst ever personal data breach the heads of the nation's financial regulators outline their plans for handling the crisis quell rising concerns that stolen information may have fallen into the wrong hands it to me and el hazard top story with the country still in shock after the first motivation of some twenty million clients was stolen from local banks and credit card firms in korea the heads of the country's financial watchdog to cure before implementing policy committee on this thursday to
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present their plans for addressing that got him preach to see on the governor of the financial supervisory service said with a two million cardholders have canceled their credit cards hope life with new ones since monday he also said some twenty five million people equivalent to twenty eight percent of the countries economically active population have logged on to the websites of the three card farms are a beacon been any snow melt and all day to check whether they're priceless mission had been breached. oh and the three card firms are currently running a joint twenty four hour hotline in conjunction with the financial supervisory service. for now. there haven't been any additional secondary damages. cindy and the chairman of the financial services commission said the regulator will strike the money turn offs that financial firms that deal with data protection and their contractors and hence regulations on the sharing of customer information between affiliates and consider what
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the top executives of financial firms should face suspension or dismissal. we are coming up with measures to levy fines of up to one percent of the revenue of financial institutions if they use customer data to sell their financial products in addition to the task force headed by the death of its new vice chairman is fighting to commend each financial institution to the customer data protection plans by the end of january the taskforce will announce its own customer protection plan next month and a face he said it was a revisionist of various consumer financial protection acts to the national assembly later in the month to dunk it. add the onions. and predator bird flu crisis here in korea officials have confirmed that the dead ducks found in a river in central korea have been infected by the latest rain and eighty eight and the lines of this latest case confirms that the virus seems to be spreading cunningly
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reports. he's just not the least attended the evening influenza outbreak. officials have confirmed that the dead ducks found in congo river in central korea were infected but the highly pathogenic each side and a strain of the curfew. this is the first team to achieve meaningful and that has spread to other regions in the country the dead ducks were found about fifty km north of cooktown and county or the hearing and we convert the outbreak started officials say the group of about seventy thousand wild to migrated to the river in chilton county to the first two. the latest development is now prompting local officials to step up their quarantine measures. that is a meal to make sure the virus to spread our county's going all out on this infection procedure and did a little more taxing than expected to be slaughtered in the area in the meantime korea's financial supervisory service
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along with a credit finance association have asked for financial firms to help the farmers who have been affected by the abs brake assist in such as loans in emergency funds are being prepared for the farmers still far the bird flu has been total of eight farms all in southern korea. some three hundred thousand ducks and chickens have been called to give her a flu outbreak first target the last week. honey we need in these. they returned home thursday from a nine day trip that took her to india and switzerland the presidential office correspondence was in jail has some of the highlights of the korean leaders overseas visits. that's ninety trip to india and switzerland was focused on making peace year for korean firms to enter overseas markets. calling for more investment in cumbria and seeking cooperation in the creative economy sector korea and india decided to have free beer comprehensive economic partnership to
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prevent course the fact that your future. five receiving treatment the light station level which is under the current pack as seventy five percent fifteen percent lower than the steep path between india and japan president back and indian prime minister of the moment said allstate three provides a tax treaty between the two nations to prevent double taxation. i got a new pillow until his money to run it. i didn't have to leave the game after that. it was also able to cheat or provinces from taking good care of mantras all the obstacles that have been blocking progress in kos kidz doll project to build a steel mill and it is stated that the shed for roughly ninety years now. in switzerland president that dinner swiss counterpart pdf recalled her down to work together to realize the creative economy through technological cooperation and by fostering specialize
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person now. the thing is he is keen to recruit people to come when i slap me on duty paper and i saw him giggling and he totally gay can toward me. if you get caught up with that. she also attended this year's world economic forum at davos and called all the world's business leaders to look for investment opportunities in capri is creative economy. during the day opening speech at the first session of the global event president beck emphasize that the creep economy will afp asking for having three major challenges facing the world. low growth high and appointed an aged care disparities. shoes and socks. it's clear as the innovation of existing fees he says. i needed the economy can generate new engines of growth and can encroach ops. dale will always be less income e g
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quite sweet. since. anyone read it read i get kennedy about plans to use. by stacking on these things addressing insurance doubt the cost of re visitation and tissue techniques for investors from pouring money into south korea president beck said the reunification but be a jackpot not only for the two koreas but also for deep fried cat treats. all it into a genious. and speaking of coming home a korean trade official who was kidnapped by libyan gunmen earlier this week was rescued unharmed on thursday and this thanks to libyan forces had arrested the kidnappers are four affairs correspondent on sunday as this report. three days after he was kidnapped three and trade official hindsight less the three rescued with the help of the libyan government korea's foreign ministry said thursday that behind the head of the korea trade investment promotion agencies unique in the bmt is in good
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health and has been handed over to the korean embassy in tripoli. you know time will see the tree by the libyan government at around midnight thursday it's free it's time to this policy free free by the leading government at around midnight thursday three a tough one and a korean embassy received around four am. no health problems have been detected the rescue operation was led by libyan security forces and the ever rested for kidnappers who are reportedly part of islam and the shia the identity and motives of the kidnappers remain a mystery. and while there were reports that they ask for as much as two million us dollars. the foreign ministry said. nomads the money left handed over. we drove across the front rescue operation freedom of all the smokers will not be missed and became the first ones in humans after being an idiot by the embassy about his abduction. heidi is expected to travel to the mediterranean island of malta where he will meet up
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with is family before and later returning to korea whether high returns to the coast of libya and i decided for now. but contrast that the decision is solely up to him. libya has struggled with violence and unrest in recent years following the alister and death of dictator monica coffee and there are new to the two thousand such armed with a she as operating across the country with foreigners often targeted for abductions. this is the first time period was kidnapped in libya on seoul's foreign ministries that they will only review the case to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future. on sunday activities. so chris top security officials came together on thursday to discuss a north korean leader kim jun and recent inspections of strategic military units a weekly a security meeting held at the presidential office up top there was attended by defence minister a king guns in an intelligence chief and sit in on the same day north korean state media reported that the young dictator had
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observed a training exercise at unit three two three due to the special air force unit although the report did not mention when he made the trip kim visited the scene unit following the nation's third nuclear test last set theory north korea has been churning out articles and editorials calling for efforts to improve and or korean relations and last week africa and all slanderous comments the joint south korea a us military drills are called on with north korean leader kim jun the messina inspecting its military unit just a few days afterwards come true is the regime's recent peace offensive. dr came to me out a professor at the korea national diplomatic and the choices now for the analysis. thanks for joining us live to be a professor one year into north korea is unusual. i am not sure hollis and see if they are. as they said in the book was the took and these modes signaling in the korean
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peninsula are given to me oso bought between tension in offices in dubai on this point whether i'm pretty sure that they have races here to evolution with south korean government to stop slandering the air force family the royal family the family of simply in reverence. home is easy on you know expect is that after the execution of thompson pack. on the way did the excuse given or or or or i know you know i'm in the snow for by the eyes of the guys have been listening to other countries postscript pledged to take practical be nice here first to demonstrate that it's serious about what it calls its crucial proposal what is practical be in heaven also sent evidence and on the inside of this government ordered to him. and and and and nationally. ah so on and i can say definitively what can happen or was it to be the type of behavior that the performance. my best guess though is that poverty or or something to feed our
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eyes were pacified in the net in the west coast area. so probably this as they can all be tied to the woods or some of the loose in on powers in the area. one day just the promise to give the sickness a south korean navy when ever they may commit to more formidable competitor and whether the pattern where north korea carried out military provocations against south korea. after waging peace offences of how likely will be seen another private key was at least like hmm good snow again this time is immediately after the excuse of times and pepper to the entire ward is gaining a ba was fry's today's government. the border again undeniable or in response to a gym in the air for booking again minute only to south korea were to be an offside war poverty and that is anwar's case if north korea and then even this movie i would say the hand of doom which in itself because at
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this moment in the states is saying something to do. if north korea pro bowl south korea. some tyres promising this and nothing small college in the pew or provoke an attorney and that china would not call without doing anything at all this in pakistan. south korea officials and us officials don't believe in this recent piece of fence to get the cream president continues to push for this vision of unification. if tonight's meeting this charm offensive is peace offensive than what is the next step of the cost is to say in one way or another. tom put the finishing line that divided the soft response north korea at this moment well fall in the window was undone by more of this awesome response. as it is appropriate for a profit because of korea provided a very good chance to resume the spots. most of all honesty it. like eating was comparable open pores are to
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resume those to the needy and things of the separate camera in the parade and a sauna in there was so in my opinion very easy walk from north korea to take in all studies at the disproportionate. and then deception to show some of the cool side and that's to north korea is not in iowa and has additional support to this why i said that at this moment i would buy more suffering to norfolk. a professor can thank you very much for joining us this evening thing for me. for your dns and another begins get the latest online from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint only koreans local network and why on arrival that. he always on
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standby. south. japanese prime minister shinzo ave continues to rile his neighbors in northeast asia defending once again is visit late last year to a controversial war shrine. he also compared japan's current relationship with china to that of britain and germany before world war one. you leon reports on how both beijing and seoul were quick to respond. years go on and i am liking the scene releases it would have been that of germany and britain before world war one foreign ministry spokesperson denied and said there are state that the japanese peterson memory of history is wrong adding that japan should face up to what he did teach ins before world war one and in the early twentieth century before making any comparisons and when he led all to see the gp and need to come to terms with its military state history and the fins and colonize the sentence to believe that it seems that when tokyo improved actually since with neighboring asian
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countries. books on beating also have something to say about that once again defending his visit to the controversial against the war shrine which honors several costly war criminals the tiny spokesperson called has cost the war criminals and that not the heavy stuff seoul foreign ministry spokesperson to a k on a somewhat softer stance. he said that paying respect to adelaide and sydney shrine and the kids. cam has not repented for its pure list the past and that the continued visits to the shrine are simply in comprehensible to let him get his hands the boys and not just koreans but the media intellectuals and sensible people in northeast asia and the world. tensions have long been high between the three asian countries due to territorial and historical disputes. take a turn for the worse when i visited the war shrine in december ut and convenience officials believe the korean economy appears to be moving
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into a see's stable recovery and according to the central bank the private sector is waking up from years of slumber again spongy a nasty to us. they are signs that domestic demand is picking up steam and growth in the coming months is expected to be more balanced between exports and domestic activities. the bank of korea said thursday that the economy grew zero point nine percent in the fourth quarter of last year from the previous harder. that's down slightly from the one point one percent gain in july to september period. but it was largely because of a major cutbacks in fiscal spending prompted by lower than expected tax revenues twenty end of the year snow national tax revenue from last year by one one one trillion won roughly one billion dollars one point paul and the result in a drop in government spending is that this was the major factors behind a slower
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growth in the fourth quarter it too. the central bank added that the fourth quarter growth was spurred by rising domestic demand. it also confirmed that the economy grew two point eight percent for all of two thousand thirteen from the previous year. as earlier that day that compares with two per cent growth in two thousand and twelve and represented the perverse all of the two year slowdown. concerns remain however about the nation's household debt can inflame it. libido. this normally household debt problem for us in the numbers on concentrated on those in their fifties and low quality tall will put a strain on a further boost in domestic demand the central bank said that the korean economy will likely continue its recovery and forecasting growth of three point eight percent for two thousand fourteen and four per cent for two thousand census. did i tell you. a lot wait is over for a korean athletes wanting a
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crack at the one thing goal with just over two weeks ago before new winner games in sochi bickering team has finalized its roster again uses the sun reports. in their moment has the time wearing the t v uniform with the national flag passed on it is an ultimate goal and ultimate honor for anything after that. then during the afternoon went early lead thanks to the highest number of greek athletes ever will get to wear that. with a handful of returning champions and like you're seeing this in surrey on an annual conference team meets a need for a top ten finish for third place at the winter gates we are sending the biggest watever of sixty four athletes of forty percent from the bank to olympic games. chris refused to be tough on tuesday. but now we're sending athletes in almost all sports to the winning games. i'm a salad for sochi and sometimes even brighter. these young
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athletes person for the finals in sports. and a place on the podium in town and i wrote about my first olympics and i hope so she is a stepping stone for me to stand on the podium and count on two thousand eighteen. ten who were not short of the world's top snowboarders just a matter leafy streets move linger on the halfpipe at the games. kearney state team or at least just put it past two and i went early beginnings. built in korea also bring on the most medals i will fly to russia next saturday after spaniel in the new year's at home. i see any. her spirit and i don't leave the brightest star in south korea's olympic delegation and an italian sports sell it seems to agree
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stephen kaye joins us to explain other big eyes. sky sports italy heap praise on the twenty three year old figure skating queen newspaper to win another elliptical saying that she's more than just the scanner she's a rockstar. kenneth l figure skating see a resurgence in popularity in recent years after stepping into the scene in two thousand and six. since then she's won two golds at the worlds and the twenty ten vancouver olympics figure skating call fellow nationals and figure skating fans across the globe are anticipating her final olympics appearance a fitting swansong to her career. and moving on to the premier league sunderland goal past manchester united to reach the league cup finals where they'll face manchester city for the trophy was a dramatic penalty shoot out win where two shots past the keeper including one by keith o'neill were enough to effects. now let's move onto that there is a night match up starting in the pbl boulders that the ttc sixty five to sixty one but now
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it's time for a game of the night. it's the lg stickers hosting the tcc has been high on coke acc's core is the kids lgbt sixteen points and had to have the mount a comeback as a role player step up with reinforcements. but it's not the most divine justice and puts up a twenty eleven bubble bubble and held she gets the w seventy five to seventy two. now let's head to the b league it's korean air going heads up against allied g in utah. the first ad falsely korean air. he also thinks the second set as well. allied to struggles to hold back her eyes. michael sanchez leads all scorers with twenty points and clean air base in straight sets in it's own reports. that does for me here the sportscenter this has been steve intend to peck at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. to start to find dust
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has cleared out and warm winter weather has been dead for more let's turn things over to eric and look down at the weather center. again what's the latest beating sun and sea hare well today was a mild winter day here in comfy and temperatures rose to eight degrees celsius in some parts of the southern regions
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the dry weather warning is an aspect in the south eastern coastal regions of telethon no province as well as the cities of table clinton and bush and the humidity levels in those regions are less than thirty percent so please be aware of starting any bias. taking a look at the current conditions. reasons are at the end of the high pressure system from the south sea which is why we're seeing light cloud cover in those regions. now for those that deal making plans for the weekend to see that in mind that tasted like sour the forecast for saturday. i bet that their lives to be moderate and help eliminate new year holiday blitz is at the end of next week. taking up but that's tomorrow's greetings house backs up that day at zero degrees but the high and eight twelve babies down south with some other teams. well they got to have their beads and said it makes it to fifteen degrees while the two nd month in that top out at ten and two minus one degrees respectively. well i thought i have read it out but i'll
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be back with my updates have been. and broadcast on this thursday nights and she came so that sean when things were watching will see you soon. i was. the ending. allstate morning raids and i pregnant or say. and when i became a comedian i never became a comedian because i was like i would have preferred the world that arabs are terrorists. the world that disabled people can do it what i realize that the comedian was not. i had no choice but to carry this subject because as an arab muslim woman. quite often in
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my coming stance. i have never been a month. i've never spoken to and from i've never met and have now how would it mean they hear an hour and i was lucky to have the kind of facial hair and one c in the world can feel. i was selected to represent the great city of new jersey at the democratic national convention. yes i was so excited i feel. i was late to a history making and on. the she called and said oh my god may soon we are so excited to have you you actually kill every single quota. might there not with them. as a mission. someone was coming out saying like a listen. we are from the fabric of the american side unlike any other ethnicity reading it. instead we met in the upcoming different states. it was really hot. when you look at
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a standstill. with the disabled community on it's been an incredible journey. right now with a disability is very tall and one the first things i think a lot of us feel. and there's nothing wrong. a lot of people think that she disabled isn't bad. it's not it's not a bad thing you wanna know why because i get a handicapped parking. you know you have been in the brain. driving around looking for parking. can you see that handicap space and consist of. might just be embracing the river side of my personality and seeing the reaction i get from the community has been incredibly incredibly house i whined be there for this generation of young disabled it to look up and say howdy she then i can do so. in
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the it is. sells. says the u. the us. what was one
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will or will . aunty's in ukraine standoff for testers and security forces the player a temporary truce while the eu warns it will stab and if the crisis is not resolved. he was preparing the ground for serious rival delegations to meet face to face the monday after day one of the long awaited she stops was marred by bitter exchanges. that whistleblowers worries and was noted reportedly planning to a


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