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friday. he knew you were when will i will the eye. i knew the means to unite the sea the naked eye. he has one international pressure grows on you things politicians to find a peaceful resolution to spend lots of other ranks. ty told iran's president of the welsh he's ready to negotiate a deal on its new ones this year. and justin peters carefully cultivated squeaky clean image takes another not as the title to
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add to the doctor. ukraine's place this is causing an op roll around the well european leaders has convinced the deadly violence on the streets spot by sweeping anti protest will its full glass of it need any kind of attack has its the russian and us presidents to help a broken negotiations with ukraine facing a possible catastrophe know the sad his way to the white house in turn has again threatened sanctions against the country if the situation doesn't improve. when everyone's waiting for is the outcome of this meeting between the opposition leaders and president to get a cool beach. he's actually hinted that a compromise calling for an emergency said the commons next week. i will go live to kiev to find out more just a moment but first
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this report it's been very keen experience and two pm opposition leader become the co called on protesters and present in the article takes to end the violence. or is there room for more that's at the door and up to this post the visit of the great why don't women that want to say you'll have to shorten it to you the president met with the speaker of ukraine's parliament to round out to cool for an emergency session muzzle a few reasons i would like to ask the dad pete is to discuss this question because talks with the opposition is one positive result in this situation and the other is discussing it with the commons. this company on a cold which could ask parliament to reconsider anti protest was adopted last week the opposition has called for the repeal of the slides which trick and the recent spate of violent in kiev
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declaring that the government to hold fresh talks with the opposition continued to be sporadic clashes between protesters and police. the situation remains tense. opposition activists and given the government until this evening to make concessions many fear that there's no progress kiev could plunge into another night of violence. you reported the right diet and is in kiev for us. despite the old scuffle is that true still holding this is actually indies at holding back the size the riot police and the press has this nice getting to that deal that said the country's cushing's help and the damage that this morning just before the talks we can do comics that was concealed said. probably this is maybe the last chance for more on that peaceful solution that helps us when people are very skeptical if you squint you hearing any details of those talks. they
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took sick less aware that delay's indy lights fallon said the increase in the desolate about five hours now. we fear that an inside pitch and presidential administration however if the talks going on what's going on. no one knows that the tiny treats co called on the people had to come to mind done they said to them they should come out tolerate he was supposed to ride the tube so far he hasn't said everyone is wasting and it is kind of attention and that accent the area. a friend tyler and ceasefire since racing at the moment and another thing we mention this enough but what do people think about tuesday's americans he said in a parliament. it's like the man speaking to you they don't really and have high hopes in that we shouldn't forget it's that very same poly and then get past may and the antichrist and still just a week ago is the same poly him and that back in december and denied to the government
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out of office puts you at that for snap elections that you call that still has a firm exotic tea dance the whole thing actually he's just buying time and with the positions like that rightly he can he mean that you think lincoln to get some sort of actions from the international community i mention some of the responses earlier. while. well it a people here and they certainly add up very disappointed in what say you wrote this of offering them offering them they are actually very hopeful that the us that nights and it takes viagra sanctions and maybe even freeze bank accounts of high ranking officials have been very disappointed in the european union a centipede politicians they came here they promised us a lot but now they had delivered is nothing so glad they are very sad and pointed out that her right to change agreements for keeping as of today here in kiev. we'll position ultimatum in ukraine
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has ground to the wolves attention in no small part because of the person who issued its last formal boxing champion the tiny cakes co host its peaceful protesters in kiev on wednesday giving majesty ukraine's president a whole new elections or we go on the attack. he's ukraine's bid snow and sun around the world that has become a political force in his own right the ends down in ink around the country till the ukrainian opposition leader and former boxing champion was trying to steer his country closer to europe these images are from december. ukrainian president viktor yanukovich rejected a proposed trade agreement with the eu. a short time later the two retired from boxing to focus fully on politics because gracie was increasingly thrust into the spotlight gaining international supporters including the german foreign minister at the time. he listed them up get out to be
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what we want to encourage european values. two weeks in europe remains open to ukraine it yet. when ready to offer for rio remixes happy to know what is happening to put this in independence square. a resonating not just in ukraine. also in germany you need it here. over a year before he reaches into the holder of the thg klitschko is sometimes nicknamed dr iron fist and the acronym of the party he leads would honor means crunch. now he's a member of the ukrainian parliament and one of the opposition's most prominent figures. as a leader. he used to say it's ok to move around or two. as long as he went fine the flight. he's now engaged and he certainly the toughest of his career. in other news eros president on some honey has called for new elections and syria saying that it would be the best way to result the country's civil
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war. ronnie made the comments in a wide ranging speech at the welsh economic forum in douglas the two steals and said his government is seeking to normalize relations with the us and europe as part of the policy of constructive engagement honey is seeking to attract investors to iran. honey first big international experience to teach on the un general assembly in september he said iran wanted to improve relations with the rest of the world and he can heal on its disputed nuclear program to the crippling economic sanctions against the country can be good. all i would like to thank professor shrub and invites old distinguished guests get to travel to iran then they can see for themselves the opportunities for investment. and see that it's a safe place to start a business. yes i'll go for bush or to twenty. notably missing from behind his speech was any mention of israel. israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu who is also into office was quick to seize on the mission he said that iran is trying to trick or treaters that they would not be fooled reassured by the soft words that were the sooner this morning line. the president of iran bigger to understand that the user. you know a change towards with the unchanging deeds nobody's really pietersen iran has no intention of giving up its quest for nuclear weapons. and the world must make sure to iran never dies. so let's get to our correspondent at the mcdonald's cup she launched. tell us what's being going on what the iranian president in the israeli prime minister has to say exactly well first of all that cairns was an very different on for a side ronnie wood tired and he and the end and he started his speech to the praise of god
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ntu talk in person despite his excellent english. it's in yellow on the other hand saying he didn't hide that she had grown up in the us was very relaxed entertaining him and tell jokes. but after all both the speeches were clearly promotion to attract investors running. praise the abundance of resources of the round and antennae are promoted to the international power of israel and both need is an exact directions several times to the bay economic elite in the home and invited them to come. and what was the reaction. chris and excitement around writing was much higher. it was so far we have no other access india which is that it intended to and ten in the ends were on the sill is the words everybody here in davos likes to hear. he had promised to invest in securing tnt prize giving and hospitality. the same now as well. met expectations but the great surprise many
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people here had hoped for despite all odds. didn't take place there was no aesthetic approach men between the two are close. the last thing during nights moving onto our street and now the government of south stream down on rebels have signed a ceasefire and peace talks in neighboring ethiopia. it's the first sign of real progress. the weeks of negotiations to end a bloody power struggle within the company's president and his former deputy. the two men come from dr who think troops. it's believed the comfort has killed up to ten thousand people and forceful than a million civilians to flee their homes to south africa is that thousands of platinum mine is there or gone on strike losing an industry that supplies to the hostel wells platinum and three of the world's largest piece uses our stake does what is the day minding the minimum wage. the double minor alterations of the questing rising costs make it impossible. tensions are high after a police clampdown on
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similar strikes in twenty twelve lead to thousands of dates the dating and he says some of the thousands of south african plants in the mind is striking compared to pay. unionists say the job is tough and workers didn't even earn a living language this month's home with us the deal would cost at the weekend on the columns that is never discussed an inch and i didn't get enough mind to something. security is tight to prevent any repeat of the violence in twenty twelve that ended with thirty four striking miners being gunned down by police the mine owners say that the monza not economically viable. the region produces gold in hostel of class and the production is all but ground to a holes. expat swan is no common sense these trucks will be the solstice for some effort can now add milk and the anxiety about exports of gold content in them but their lead to anxiety about the political
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situation as well the government officials have appealed for donald to him they will act decisively to insults them. just highest court has ordered the immediate release of last sunday the day before my pieces pop off threatening to take make up what the cops get michael to go skiing the evidence was sentenced on charges including tax evasion and money going into trials that international observers say will come in the mode of thinking. the fifty seven year old is being in jail since two thousand and three it was due for release in may florida police assigned in canadian teen pop star justin be best for resisting arrest officers charged him with driving under the influence in miami beach. singer has just appeasing court today has been sentenced to nine hundred thousand dollars but the first case this afternoon is just in beaver. anti spam hearing in the florida courts it's the culmination of a moan days of the singer after
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his arrest you. following is a nice time chasing miami beach. this video shows what is going to be the bedrock racing new zealand and bulky high and competence to friends hi and red porsche all night. although i am police officers called to the legal contest and radioed in to help. company spokesman described what happened next in a run approaching the car when he opened up the window and confronted mr beaver. he smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. police released this month shots of me but they described him as belligerent and fast. he then became cooperatives and admit to drinking alcohol smoking marijuana and taking prescription drugs before driving. this is the latest in a series of negative incidents involving either earlier this month police raided his california home of the reports of vandalism that a neighbor's house and the rest of the friends of drug possession. i was only
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sixteen when his debut money wildly he went platinum. his rise to stardom has been meteoric. but his recent run ins with the police could demolish his carefully cultivated squeaky clean teen idol image. this quickly squeak. initial break and will be back. i do. you decide you want to watch the images it's a whole package the future. media center. dw tell you. i mean
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too little. i was. well not that shocking case of state school violence in india. a twenty year old woman from west bengal says she was gang raped on the orders of the hit counter. it is the latest in a series of crimes against women in india to savor a year ago the nation was outraged when a young woman died after being gang raped honesty box in his knee is about asking it to stop the violence and increase protection for women but no one is buying macs today. police in listing on the wrist and thirty men and to the woman's family
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reported the assault. twelve men who she says returns and the head of the village council who allegedly ordered the attack. the woman who has been hospitalized since the reef was imposed as a punishment by the village council. after she was spotted in the company of men from a different community according to investigators the girl and her companion were tied to trees in the center of the bill lynch mob the council met. after her family were unable to pay a fine she was gang raped by the accused man. lety says no one has the right to order a woman's . it is on the north pole and is responsible for the crime should be punished he said the victim should be given justice. her fake incident the patriarchal attitudes towards women in india have extended rapid changes brought about by taking rapid economic growth but more and more women to recording cases of assault to
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the authorities well not so big can of reports of women being targeted if they report crimes. is the situation becoming one is for women in india. put that question to be shown on t o from the gop's candy department. i don't see that it has become of us. it's gotten bigger when you love me back to the market to the beat of this and now and then we talked about in . the man of the coming one one of the end of tonight's not be adaptable and is a city bus into investment cases with the pretties end of the puddings does not respond to go to the media and talk about it. and this can only see that it happened on monday and it held that the cds to go to the police but in getting means none of the last i'm safe countries in the loaf of women according to the un. and i think on lost and many indian women can come from that at some point or the other. she has been mistreated bask in the wrong ba on it has face harassment which is what he is dealing in india. is this
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something about indian society that makes it dangerous for women. name society is getting changed its standing in awe not be the glowing from within existing cities and the second argument understand this new coat and it's not that the tunnel and on sunday. and there but the fact is how we are going to be implemented in all enforcement is a major problem in india. that just bloody twenty nine policeman four a of three hundred thousand people in gemini that three hundred and two d although it's such a smart country. that of the problem is that in the last of the kids and go settle a debt that is that talk about it if they make a fuss about it then again pam and tommy is a bad reputation and think shame on them. the show but see i think she. business news now and mixed signals on the state of the globe break on a neon says davis reports progress in the us and came in stronger than expected while china's economy is
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struggling so they use chinese to be manages is it's not affecting sector shrank in january. the first time in six months. analysts say the decrease in production could reflect fall in domestic demand. china's economy is still expanding much quicker than other major global economies but didn't manage that trend could cause headaches for the communist parties and fiscal reforms zane has officially left of the euro bailout funds. it takes it from financial rehab is another important milestone for the year as he comes amid new signs of economic growth the unemployment rate remains n to come on this so why read sin be in aggression andor ome timeo come the government says the nation can face the future head on. rescue fund credit is safe banking sector reforms of time on course and exiting
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the bailout program will make foreign investors the ocean and the industry expects the resulting kept telling place to get the economy a much need peace. it would seem quickest good selling it screens economic discipline means it's no longer regarded negatively. the world xi spain with a fresh pair of lines. our solution is working. at best buy new stuff. many spaniards would just eat that. when angel has many jobs. and as you keep preaching hred of times staines exit from the rescue fund is not being matched with any sense of confidence on the streets. it's all going badly. milbank come in and out. was having a little restaurant isn't it. y'all i see my future and trying not to the extent of it. here's my list any money and your
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your spleen and six. to steal news of recession. there are funny some signs of recovery the economy's even set to expire in two thousand and fourteen. that zero point seven percent. it'll probably be too small to have much effect well it's taken on the markets around us the whole sch as i unwrapped up on thursday's action in france the news from the eurozone bad news from china trade is avoided by the economic situation dad have to sit back by the chinese industry output shrank for the first time in months. it is bad news for the wood like economy and dan was putting pressure on the german market. bikes down some hopeful signs from the uso in spain is able to use the euro rescue fund the country still has a long way to go but one investors' confidence back. spain collected to add these two weeks to record what you asked and big in your eyes and on top of that the eurozone economyi did
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very strong start. he did in the year. lifting up the euro i was the seahawks last from a friend said and he's a quick look at them honestly now beginning with germany's dax which ended today down by almost one percent at nine thousand six hundred and thirty one dollars and use the excuse the last just over one percent to close at three thousand one hundred and seventeen. i crossed the atlantic trading is still going on in new york the dow is currently standing at sixteen thousand one hundred and sixty two and down by one then they said this and its currency markets the euro and going strong trading at one year has gone up thirty six eighteen. and to a change of pace now on pensions and energy. then the boss who is coming from a two day retreat to buy the poppers in germany's grand coalition five weeks into a four year term the government is clear the air and is focusing on replacing nuclear energy with
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real books. today we treated me so that palin's north of berlin was cold to shoot the friction within the government. conservatives and social democrats to make a grand coalition are not natural political alliance it'll take more to keep the government on track for a full four year term. isn't this mom hosted site is fantastic stuff. i'd like to thank john sutton's office for the wonderful preparation went to the thoughts that everyone here has in fact awesome we come back here again in the summer. so that's a reason to say we want to make shawl that everyone is sitting at this table has the opportunity to meet him for the next four years. getting out of it some support the government agreed to forge ahead with the switch to renewable energy. second on the price of jeopardizing term industry this guy and we think it's an eraordinarily important
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point. we have to make sure that in the area and energy policy we need to secure our industrial base and our economic strength. if the cops is done the opposition bloc party was unimpressed by the meeting's outcome of the day. nope not this but anyone who had an important policy results from this complaint will be disappointed. there is also quite meager but maybe some of the individuals now understand each other at the cancer. as a fish theme ten to america described the meeting as harmonious but the members of her new government may need a few more nights it means to back to work out their differences what is now lance jennings bonus aei is back with defending champions by muni playing against such plays a policy of docklands question is can anything stop by and to win the title. friday's matches taking place on course he is home to mention god and the team has shown he can battle back. this needy
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and not to mention non con is doing helping train. the team is flying high. and then start getting ready for the second half of the season eye. it was that we really happy to see a mixing it up at the top. scheduled to come he's being who can resist what they can be really proud of the cia director will end up at least that this season jesus called them on my to be a dream if we can stay unbeaten at home and the defense to be timed the guy leading to christmas dinner in the table. it's the best first half of the season thirty seven years then they went on to win the title. the poodle was a key player and a team. now he's accomplished president and is warning against my teeth falling out. we have to make sure that we hold onto what we achieved in the firm's top of the season that won't be easy. no
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rubbish to do mostly from sun harvest the time i seen hard times too. during her years ago they weren't drawn on them. the release of mind linking to play on. credited with a last minute steeped in sports coach. you see on palms. their tactics. he returned to paris again in their panic among the best in the bundesliga. steeped in distilled spirits tossing again at last and things will happen costs. the season is over a span of months. in this arena of months will be intense. this in its intensity that time were not to. i will also be in ten months for the chance. and even during the restart with this much thinking and their team to do by now what happens stage which
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statistics. you know. on the too much the us. now on dvd. low wall. it's like
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taiwan and all. and as far as i said good evening at about six pm. are you talkin' to you. the city. with the stereotypes are gone. bob mm. in june. it is new. i well today from france twenty four. allied to the top of the day. one day concert at seven pm. i
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chopped off and on to win. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play. the process you will win. when will we it is. it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some and chevron bp a lot the garda commissioner defends his forces operation of penalty points. martin comments as there is no evidence of corruption or malpractice. he criticized evidence


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