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tv   The Debate  PBS  January 23, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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home on my way back. it's like yes. it holds up a notch and defence sources said serious. you knew you the eye. back to watching false and dad to coming up ukraine's president viktor yanukovich meeting with opposition leaders after calling for an emergency session of parliament next tuesday could there be a political breakthrough. some robot eight courts investors at the world economic forum in davos with moderation and caution. and breaking news of the ceasefire agreements for south sudan. this talks taking place in the midst of
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about. it all. after the eruption of fighting five weeks ago that's left thousands dead in africa's new state. is there a deal now and for south sudan the last one. let's go to the ethiopian capital war peace talks of him taking place now under rule three understand this a cease fire agreement where does it lead us the local government and opposition in the ancient up looking at the meaning is that in the next twenty four hour it will be typing for
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now i can think about that the data that they could get their greedy. heat the peanut on the question of the tv. i am however it should to type now after the nineteen talking to people. and then chat chat. at a different perspective on life that the agreement on the question he he he he he the government. i know that it could be the capital moscow and all of that however the opposition day the question of the agreement on the question of detainee mean that it will be redeemed at the end of next week. they can take heart that is true that the chicken's neck that now actors you who read it mom aren't too fond of rules in these european capital is eleven seats he needs close to sack the identity of me musharraf whose again. ditto for the past five weeks of presidents of care. now we have the news there. of the breakthrough and a cease fire agreements. the central african republic's new term
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presidents been sworn in by the manic kept inside the palms up. express your gratefulness in france in the presence to france rather the presence of the foreign minister in all five years which intervened last month in a bid to stop the escalation of chaos in the country. sorry again soon without the intervention of french forces. i don't know whether country who would be today the studio. still an important intervention that allowed us to kill his own key. nonetheless it was such an extent it countries the whole village the italian gp. the ball is now in the opposition scored after ukraine's present it to get echo beach called an emergency session of parliament for next tuesday yanukovich whose right now meeting with the three of the opposition leader's second time in twenty four hours earlier hinted that
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compromise with the opening after the two month old standoff over of scraps eu partnership with the least three dead. opposition leaders again meeting the president this hour and a cold who spoke earlier in the company of the speaker of parliament. too soon the situation niche in your client's the resolution. this of old. we need to act within the needle. his movements and secondly let's not forget that there is some political space the comments so i would like to ask you to collated the cheese together to discuss this question since. because the negotiations line having with the opposition. well one part of assaulting the situation. some the other is that the discussion needs to be mates with him to
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the parliaments the two disc was wrong for wanting to know what was going on show. and we'll see if the opposition's reacted when we start the falls and gets to david after his boat. but doubles double act is hard to beat on the heels of these sanctions iran to present the sun rose on the hob knob with oil executives in the swiss resort. delivering a speech he promised caution in moderation t t as outgoing as i announced that one of the euro to call out to cool it is of my government has constructed engagement with the world baby girl. without substantial engagement. all objects such as bread creativity and a quarter to your unattainable. my government is pushing for that i'm ready to ink a triple major in country towns to achieve shed to practical solution as wheat disease first a disclaimer coming later in the shape of the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu. one of the many to react to this
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thursday to that speech by mohan. are some encouraging states and iran the honey on thursday. historic speech most important speech we've seen from an iranian leader since the revolution this is a guy that wants to show the world that he personally has committed to comprehensive nuclear deal that's extort it doesn't happen. and a lot of people in the very skeptical that luckily upset on but if you ask me is that the speech that davos twenty years that the speech international community hoping for a deal wanted to hear absolutely obscene message to tell the world tehran is ready to start going back to business however although enthusiastic about progress ahead of renault nissan and present at the conference has no plans to invest around and i was the nice presents a double some negotiations which have taken place containing iran has made is optimistic that the sanctions will be remitted to a one c of the iranian market will greatly developed the. some
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tabor how nice for it but eels take terence recently cleared deals struck with world power is positioned both negotiations on the milk. if i don't suppose it may be. negotiations will go on a multi year was clear that they're not going to move the courts the beginning. that welcomes the i must've been an afghan who urged the west to take the nice words with more than a pinch of salt it's great for actions. changing words within changing its only mins it supports true that it too two secrets in the slaughtering soon. it's pursuing the development of ballistic missiles and components for nuclear weapons. however he did say it for honiara sense here it would be a pain for peace for the whole weekend from the swiss alps to the shores of lake geneva peace talks on syria migrating from our trip
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to geneva. expectations of any sort of deal was unrivaled delegations low as low as the needs there are high. it's one of asia's largest shanty towns home to a million people from mumbai's dollar off the slums were many eke out a living recycling trash. now comes a new way to turn garbage goal one final rehearsal performance in one of the bison biggest music festivals. this is about the difference. the members noted that since last summer and maybe the trash guys around them. noting that other little ones always love seeing. much behind. like it too has encountered in some way or other. you'll see a little just to see a costly wants me to wrap the rope
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swing. get out of sediment and headed out to the rubbish heaps of how ruby its bid to find a instruments. instead of looking for scraps of milk with the cyclists. the boys group assignments. i like the idealists and everything makes the release into the stand i go online retailer these things together. some even use it we have and eat some the wait. but i want to see the wild the weekend he said he considered the second fairway. to which it easy and you have set the band. don't get to level out the lights on the side of the finale and these kids are in the coming to a band that people want speech. she knew that if we want to get people out and giving appreciate the workers who seconded the cops take with us. today the performing at mu mice prestigious never send to. just a few key
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moments is when i read the many ways and will to win how do you know. only that you can see amazing the conditioning inside cold you can. the kids take their places in the car ride. i paddled toward . the children might get gold to the parties till the boys have been much less a round up yet so the performance of the doubt missing a beat . the it's doing its impetus addition to the us but also to get the date is next eye. call the taste is far from settled on ukraine's worst
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twenty four hours of violence since it broke off from the soviet union. after the shooting death of two protesters the fatal beating of a third. scores of injuries tuesday and wednesday. snap session of parliament has been called for next tuesday. perhaps with a nine to dissolving the government. in refuting his newly crafted new anti riot last. the prime minister has ruled out snap elections for now. and coles. the pro eu and speaker who attacks the latest spike in violence featuring foreign nationals pitted against police emboldened by the government's bid to break the mostly peaceful opposition and stayed in the streets since present yanukovich suddenly pulled out of an eu trade pact in favor of moscow back in november the russian speaking presents to lose his seat over the violence. oh and yanukovich ultimately drive a wedge between the mainstream opposition hardcore ukrainian speakingcares off many
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also our yanukovich his backers in moscow. many of which he has made ukraine a red line for western influence. could he backed an eventual full fledged crackdown. tests of the moments when he's getting set to host the upcoming winter olympics and wants to show the world is that it's today in the falls and tested to date. looking at what could be make or break time for ukraine and with us from jeff correspondent gulliver crime. also joining us the mask we are of the european center for a modern ukraine thank you for being with the stand today one thing from brussels polish member of the european parliament just say that sorry is holstein thank you for joining us. ten inductees to the mission and his resistance to you as its reporter julie ann and andy to see julian the apostate get today we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are attacked as two for today. we're dealing
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with what's effectively a breaking news story at this hour. to the opposition to create a short routes ukraine's president calling an emergency session of parliament for next tuesday the two yanukovich in the company of the speaker of parliament. the situation and it's in your client's the recitation. festival. we need to act within the needle his movements. and secondly let's not forget that there is the political space the comments. so i would like to ask you to call the deputies together to discuss this question since because the negotiations i'm having with the opposition all one possum resulting this situation. some the other is that the discussion needs to be
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married to him to the comments the tutors course be wrong for wanting to know the ones who push up aren't in negotiations with the opposition they really are ongoing with the calf and the falls and gets gulliver cried over it. those negotiations still happening the negotiations must still be happening just to check its roots in the victory at opposition leaders to see whether or not they come up with any results from that day and went into talks with president and co teacher at about five that cheeky at times both at the time in the event administration building right in the center of kiev. tall strong independence class. we had to get the books of the results of the negotiations. so i can still be done. the news of a possible cabinet reshuffle and repeal of those new anti riot loss hasn't gone down
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where you are. the skeptical really about said these kinds of announcements coming from ukrainian officials all from the president is that we passes underneath all that that might be a compromise and jen's house being compromised by its. two ukrainians do. i've been working on a unit in representation and cute. his voice is quiet optimism saying perhaps at two thirty of realizing that said i was going to become essential it is. if these protests spread as they seem to have been doing today. other towns. and yes that way. assaults on the regional administration buildings in cities like to be the need to read it today by anti government protests is what's being the nice enough time to. to get rid of
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them will say nothing. it's wanting to try to contain a protest instead of buttons in one area of one city its clients in the passing of the things that spring up to one of the country and so perhaps his mates. in that state that sunnis don't have to go. some kind of compromise that was wat kind of compromise that would be we reasoned that the ministry are realistically what kind of compromise can we expect. i said as the boys by the president though i mean it's impossible happen. as of this step but it was a long way to spend it than a bottle is planning to write some time. i see that the president to god and i get laid as a decision that i they had to make seen the steps at a beach area to prevent the tension still conditions are that of the people because the biggest problem of the government. as i see how they act and the distance eight of them suffer
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the people. a candy cane sometimes the press releases so internally is to have been engaged in people that can do laundry and a and b my family if you were glad to say. so i may be they added developments in the fortunate that that's the old eye of people the black walls so i here again a tool to remember that the poet tool to make alternate times everybody that's a new elite accommodation that can be best if you live. solana said the senate say that the media and activists that has got to be codified to know the developments and that i've seen it can be. it's a step because it can be an asset to find a political solution indeed. the mission template using them. before i was going to talk to me is that this time we may get something. i'm sure that the president and realize that she will go to any subject you have to go to any sort of them is because for
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knowledge we can see that so easy for a few days those writers have going on and what's happening is that what we just full on tweet and on down a different set of resources that people are sending pictures. finding out that in the back of their special to both police in ukraine are bringing unknown and become as evil. stop to the square and no one knows what's going to happen to believe that something is prepared to spend celebrating around surrounding the square people like young people a disappearing act is the disappearing unfortunate and it's not so many people still know about it even in europe. on what we see that surround the reaction of the garments to action of policeman is true the coming dawn. and i'm not sure that she is realizing that she will have to go to denny's to analyze but we've seen the scene this is their stated that there's much less tension in the streets of kiev. that's what everybody's saying. and you heard the statements that of
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the present made to tease out the truth emergency session of parliament. much much less tension is what it is the result of police of the president or any sort of declaration of the current board president writes it's because my people and doing them. india to fight our wars policeman and not to crash their missing him. on the crashing windows and the shops and on to something then took it to crash when things don't make it into practice at this critical point is that it's not it's not that quitting is not something went into england the twenty two in the main wait for the season and played some of the season to date what's happening is that i was glad i was really happy when he saw on the leaders of government opposition. was their speeches when they were coming onto people to stay calm down people and folding them anymore. my mil opposition useful in crowd the crowd. right now he has a full position to teach someone how beautiful and the crime you could be seen in this crowd is is right now
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it's not it's next to me said it's going to come found an antique own protests is that most people call extremely angry and mentally. up next and i know the fight to write something every week on ink and then lets you know what to do disney dance for two months. when cindy was singing dancing for two months and we got to be emptied and the law to suppress a sub human rights for them for all of them so i'm not sure that the president and a garment the steel. they still realize that they won't have to go to a news conference but i'm sure that they will have to go too late. yes because there is posted. what are your thoughts. it is presently on a covert ready to bands. i'm afraid no one could have moved on to the best moment of the talks which are not now being a bike to school and on this batch will reveal the truth my new fee would be that those talks are made just to
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be in time for a non inclusion is taken to compare the feather forceful solutions. and all the facts which were just mentioned including the banks the and being too broke to kyiv the mobilization of the better cook in oven as originally reserves. the two troops of the minister of interior the boat to bed the future. businesses have negotiated now by catch up we should not be the tops with those gestures and two new words from the president of coverage. our route of any significance for the future because so many times already and the cost. he has betrayed your mind. it's a lot of mistrust on the part most of our panelists here. wherefore the president as he discusses with the opposition and going into that second round of talks in twenty four hours former heavyweight boxing champ turned opposition leader that of the klitschko was asked about his results
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yes. the deal. though. it all. call for a coffee break paul white. the break the results. it was just a bit. i try to kiss. the lake chu yi. listening for now know by his feet hit the pause button. you see us from home made trips to the one who talks with the kids that oh so cute on something that's where the tension is decreasing because there is this. full of true sin and grace. but
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that doesn't mean you want something can come with conditions getting very very wrong. the temperatures are due date is expected to go down to minus twenty celsius overnight. and. the it's going to be tougher and tougher too. keep going. in these conditions the sun so far has been no sign of flagging doing when when we got the news yesterday that there had been fatalities to something that is never seen right during the so call aren't revolution of two thousand for. was your reaction. well it's my reaction was what was one of them because they are everytime something happens isn't this a new book on radicalization. this aside this is the beginning of the real crackdown is this can be that this is to be an important review not because it's in some polish into talking about civil war. it's very dangerous toll has a very good prospect. but it's conceivable that the respondents could increase and become become
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one's soul. jewry in an astronaut i would say that at this stage we cannot speak about seo article veto now to speak about that and that unless i in any snow depth at it if you don't make a new step stool i can ease the tensions it looks potentially develop an anti gay cause an upset the question is said that its sights on the site the arctic to the conflict estimate is stand back or sit forward to last that long most able to succeed. i mean in this situation is that the biggest ad biggest protest is now is so focused on the spot that saying yes government of the audience on you and you are a step closer to accomplish this. so that gives a call that nevertheless it's not their nation by mexico movement to protest movement. nonetheless the science of people i had this content of the governmental policies but
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also has a position paula says that this situation as it stands and ukraine. so this is a bit adventurous i would say. another item that steve does not mention after a day to one of our viewers is saying. the ongoing political crisis seems like a never ending story the situation called for a kid today the associated press is reporting that enraged protesters stormed govern offices in three western cities of the country that's right i think it's indeed an end in itself certainly consider this the street. kathy as well the latest news i was hearing was the riot police and was stalling. it was the administrative buildings and check out the expenses are taken. it's also been
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fired into the act by a run in east london shooting at the store. this is the beginning of. possibly if it did when talking about civil law for a few days now and i found it somehow sounds very strange when you're in a situation where at the area where the buttons is very very small indeed the numbers of people who were involved can be counted in the post it sounds. that's a lie that i wanted in the dozens. there are long periods of calm as the pizza day. and it's the same time constantly talking about the civil war i think that it's not a realistic possibility that it has been happening yet school police instead it was the beginnings of the action taking place in the sixties jensen also updated consisting of violence still be seen in tn. and he means it is investment situation that writes in one spot in the capital city the situation is tense and seemed so intractable people do a little peaceful protest
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is until it is a few days ago insisting that he's anti government protesters. remain peaceful and now watching people up and i must know that the people who are engaged in the credits include taking place in the snow. illusions. members of far right organizations and the best middle class liberal peaceful protest is cheering. the taxi and when any of the way to make it and when we see now is because two yes two stars balls he received a visit where we've seen today flash points are in the ukrainian speaking west of the country he fears though were heading towards the divide that people say it wasn't the case this time the divide between the russian speaking east and the ukrainian speaking west live in something so i hope not the logic is the movement of utah my downs as cover to the astonishment of many many commentators who teach this
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old dude type student i do that. brandon is divide the dough divide the golden key to this moment it happened also in the eastern ukraine. and in kyiv in your mind on the presentation of the tv and get broken trust and another seat is for me so i don't think that america is still in danger although one could not exclude the opposite is true that enlisting new friend and a video. i said to this end resistance and is higher than in the news in an arc of new growth and optus have lost some of the piece to this conclusion that it is the boat being forced to bed before the unit if it is not entered into the country and of different levels of sensitivity all over the country about it does not get to that. although some might have. i'm afraid might be interested in going into this and audio i do remember such remarks the city is or
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how cute is my cousin putin who made them minutes ago saying the eu us. take the list and papa knew graham and we will take them up something which majority of ukrainians are the fusing and wanted to talk on that point and on the russian position them to come back to watching the fast and get to it. i was making the news on what's on tap. more than two thousand five hundred business leaders politicians and other officials have kicked off the ideal meeting all the while the kimono for i'll be bringing you are my top state late on in the program from the office went to bed some phone. it's been kept. it's like at telkom the amazing but not now. i want. with the details
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why is that. i did. the dead three. in any decision to revisit it. if you're a small eskimo village and has lived on the fringes of alaska. for the six hundred inhabitants global warming is not a flawed concept but an all too real. not me. she heard the sinking into the sea little more each year and seems destined to disappear the little under thirty years their way of life based on hunting and fishing has completely changed. after sentry slipping on the island inhabitants know that they must leave at the risk of losing her identity. she's not revisit it off cos like that. cos i cant go home. our
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eye. welcome back. thorpe was just joining us before using the false and get today's sample of the stories that were said to be falling for you at the top of the hour. a ceasefire deal for south sudan after five weeks of fighting in africa's newest state the interim president of the central african republic's morning. the art of french foreign minister gough as yours. some brought me this started the show at the world economic forum in davos where he preached and measured steps as he quoted investors. any ukraine the leaders of the opposition currently meeting with president janet called a chapter called for an emergency session of parliament next tuesday. i
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did. call. welcome back are welcome if you just joining us this is that all spent at debates. we're looking at to how ukraine is reacting to what's been unprecedented levels of violence this coming after two months of the stand off sparked by the president's side and backing out of an eu trade pact with is to talk about it from kent correspondent gulliver crag also weekends here and ask the art the european center for the modern ukraine. from brussels polish member of the european parliament. yes it's our use of all ski here in the city of ten and activists in the shevchenko and welcome back to julian and nancy. it corresponds to me is to ink it for many years. thank you all for being this um earlier. it was against the irvine and decided to take a look at how the ukraine crisis has unfolded since the end of
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november. the anniversary of the orange revolution. but these people are not here to pay tribute to the topic of protest once again i'm trying push the country towards europe. yes it really is. i'm training my children my grandchildren on a bandit country. i'm a european integration series the revolution didn't finish i will continue. it was a couple of seconds. an estimated three thousand people took to the streets after parliament voted against releasing former prime minister you get yushchenko a condition set by the eu to moving forward that the free ade and political cooperation deal the final nail in the deal w hit to the summit due to cleaning the end of november with ukraine for me rejecting the free trade pact with the twenty eight nation broke it's estimated the cost of favor of times with you. but
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after week of anti government protests. supporters of president john of comix also to his treats. gannett co the team says that the country with the faltering economy can't afford to sacrifice straight to brush up on the seventeenth of december russian president of america tend to agree to slash the price of the stone castle ukraine and to give them a multi billion dollar bailout the light of that event jordan and creative studio but it gives you in order to support the ukrainian budget. the governments of the russian federation has taken the decision to invest up to its national reserves into ukrainian bones. it was a total of fifteen billion dollars. ukraine rang in the new year with protesters stood on the streets determined that their presentation to see a change in leadership and move towards europe would be met in twenty fourteen. then on the seventeenth of january the government costs and muriel putting restrictions
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on protests. hence could not longer be erected in squares and helmets could no longer be worn. seen as a bid to stifle opinion poll lead to a resurgence in the street maintenance growing by the day and on going despite the death of a number of demonstrations on the twenty second. and weren't any comments here of me to even she can't go up from balancing saddened to hear that police have now started stripping protesters naked in freezing temperatures and photographing them. i wanted to go on a point that gulliver pregnant. one of the discussion of the violent protesters has really been contained two small part. on the outskirts where the main demonstration has been happening. each guest with us a case could say. the fact that in the last couple weeks we've seen it in this position called reit sector become more and more prominent does that basically vindicate the president who wanted this
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just the two dollars each. in all i like both its mates it's really hard to write not to analyze the findings that is happening there right now and then add the square on because once we see is. i know you can get in touch mean you can see that i'm trying to see the situation from one side. this is when and how ict teaching on ice and is stationed at its own people for two months where sen dean. as i sat singing and dancing and throwing flowers in the underside of the school looking neighborhoods around on the nbc says that it be that impression you know but unlike an ignoble and it was presented. and people just cool. and they start to date they understand that they would just fold up you know they would just be the richest in the face that syria and iran to them is the meeting attendee they have to go on to build a
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berry canes and to see that we are here. i looked i i took loads of violence. what a cool it's a cool its products and is what does that mean something and is meant to date the sort of. i would suggest this is my daddy's its protection. it's a protection when people are using to protect their own rights to adjust to things so easily. denied existence of critical groups that on the air. i didn't don't deny that but i don't want to happen is that all of the crowds that that sometimes the most important the anti women who are destroying schools sembilan thing of beauty and the case to protect them. it's the train to come back to this its not its context and is going to try to win gold in the art of joining the fight to smile but what i don't want to happen that all of the crowd to be transformed in extreme east because this is not it is the eighteenth of august illustration of people like
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just one just magically. it can be a good skier was going to happen to it to them often and i was i just added dimension is going on and discuss what's happening right now which is going on and the sad thing is that ukrainian emotion today and i am happy. again you can judge me. as you would then repeat on the phone lines but i find it right and this friday's debate is very important and i support this right so what's the best country right now that is my country that is why i support this fire because the pieces you we hope people are. a man facing initial opposition to the comments and to the present and that is just not stopping with his oppression keys as i sat and many times before that says he is going to eat it means you want it in and she wants to be like when tim and i know he sees he's not going back you know what he's getting into the new law was his kenyan mistakes in sequence that sense and is quick to let the police to its people. you can see
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justin recently. two hours before i came to the studio we saw a cd of activists being addressed in the square and beckett's taking pictures of them and a team member today. this is what's what in the face of this but he has protected the garlic and this is in fact when the garments allowed them to do the ministry aren't you agree. we went to the mission chen said that up the activists weren't getting anywhere with peaceful protests needed to do something to get to the attention. i'm not some of the top ten that reflect efforts has basically that of all stripes the sceptics as attracting insects that is not there. in islam the seasonal crop this is the summit of protests that have at last. by doing that and a minute also within us and that's that peaceful protests says. legs is that the content of becoming a static pose and then just sat for a folly and enjoyment them but it's not their protest. ireland also i say
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that. violence and evan green east end violence in that then mean that beacon of human rights. laos all neighboring islands. this weekend and at the scene is also that i use them in size and its pilots will mean that we use and the violence against said the police not to force them to respond. and that's maybe only escalate the violence and is this this is nothing to say not all people of ukraine. all the content of the position the only force of law i e cannot be named says it's sad that sets russia today too because even i the full growth and human act as we've seen that this nice infection from the us the european union member states. i absolutely negative action to violence and be. the suspect that neither the government in heaven now. we tossed the only and the only player who is in that case and i actually shot the new credits so i called out to go to
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ukraine and know that the rest of the donation because by using it in different from last seen alive snow. i mastered the camel leather which would come on it but it's not political leverage the uk and in that scares me at least in our territorial integrity the emmys in the colony the emmys skin. a lot of what the ukraine again so with this that annie years of independence the absolute need is a green isn't even of that violent society which is a good thing right now. leave a comment from one to do so partly symbolic. it was an armenian and no russian who died fighting for freedom in ukraine. it's an every body's fight or cry. among the opposition forces that there what what is the general consensus right now in terms of the strategy since you don't hear people condemning the violence even though most of this but it has come from radical groups i think one of the main
7:42 pm
reasons for that is because of the way that the police have responded it's one thing please respond when they're attacked by rights is by using a cast by using passwords using the standard since the riot police used in these kinds of situations it's quite another thing leads to single out into the swing then on the site of the main buttons the constants of peter robinson arrest and that will stick to making this piece on this video it's that he was really really shocking ukrainians to the point that i don't know the speed is nice things being done to resort to scare people even if it's an enraged people all in all the kids because obviously wasn't as it's got to be something that the government is considering imposing a state agency and things get. is that
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the people are provoked into this match. the state of emergency to be introduced you know what. one way that the government to justify its use in for a minute. that's not what's going to be when he took to be around to it yet. it's a new cia has been stealing all the time people the people. i wanted to say that. that way. supporting these very quiet. this is the due date and the way they see that it seems there's no solution to be released. this regime and the feeling that this regime is it's basically a regime that is some kind of mafia. this is true or not feeding you get from the ukrainian people is that set these up people that they have to fight that they have to get rid of. city pages for other kinds that set up and see the rest said this difference opponents of gun rights in western europe and the tube you see that kind of cheating of course i'm talking about the kinds of feelings in people who are involved in the prices to remain tight spot. ukraine
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to be different it is very important not to get us indeed there are people that was with a different view of the opposition which by the way as we see this polarization until the credits describing coming in many shapes and forms for the pro europeans. enter the far right national seats of both the ukrainian speaking reader. only two member team in the car to suit any doctor. this is the art is their leader the gospel every pre tax the captaincy in our country it is the reaction they possibly yanukovich regime leo. how much traction. are the notions getting a storm mo om. due to weakening quite a lot the sleepy. we've had quite a good showing in the last time and connections in two thousand and twelve um i forgot how many tickets been caught in a good number of deputies in parliament
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ayam. and dale now. see you spearheading some of the more radical protests. even if the people or any unified team not from the ranks. but i think the thing to do the problem is this is wrong is that every new development makes people more angry yanukovich is always time being. thank you and stagnation on. i'm wearing people down. and hope that justice would go away. this is not. and i live which i would think this is from bowden has done quite well with this. this movement the new section called it isn't really funny you say right now between us three way fight these people are not particularly pro eu are you want then that's right not to fight transformed. on this date will see even know watching each of them separately without support some of them you know that our great now what we can hit from the stage of my tablet
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pc that we have only one goal on a one four of us who have only one and in the fall of us. so these people i'm doing right now will definitely know some of my second chance for me some comment that said to look at the support of my limbs but i wouldn't be thinking i'm nuts for sure but i am for riots that is happening right now the air and fuel and it was eliza's its correspondent. the shoot is that people have. in the top eight students regime the amount of kate's do seem to show publicly how to act to mr looked it up for three days and then up to three days we find on them was questioned if the steel bridge to the keel was a sign of torture. this is the classical story that is happening we all hear about the two stories from banner ads i was one of the of the list went on today as
7:47 pm
well. and what's happening right now ukraine. how hot it when people look to have that regime when it is a steal this square. nothing is happening here goes by. stand tall. i've extended the petition would spend their life in jail. we have right now. the production all of them own citizens this is you know and somehow we have some hope and really cute isn't it that because we went to the situation. i try to to see objectively to look at both sites but what we will win the two small islands from the protesters then banned from voting because somehow it's it's like it's not too pleased to do at that time to think it's not allowed to kill people it's not allowed in on the new concrete sundays has been tested in the cheese did you think people like you because they are protesting because the killing someone else and because they're about to kill someone. the protesting
7:48 pm
against me she had to leave a comment from recent saying it looks like a video game but it is reality and it's happening in the euro. let me ask you of just six hours but the center's most key. we mentioned at the top the timing of all of this it started in november. we're now and january were heading soon towards the such olympics where russia wants to show its best face. what do you see is moscow's next move in all this. it had yet to oppose having the debate time and and and and and and the games to two chain of islands move the protest comes from the euro my god it is the opponent is who are the owners and executives of items. and this was the peaceful demonstration and to sixteenth all generated when this kind of the majesty states that the nudity was continued by the home of oblong by making all the roles including the constitution and then when those people are deprived of his new new volvo
7:49 pm
and a defense and protection the end the violence stop it so the violence. they should be attributed to government to minister of interior to buy records. the troops of the ministry of interior. and what is being done on the side of this type of testing which is psychologically quite understandable. it is a set of effects on russia to ask i think the two. it is going to feeling an understanding that the russia sends me ha from sickness all too soon we know that to administer into the air is getting direct instructions for most of the men behind the prison in and stuff the defra vocations. it is a sin not to listen to the interests of moscow. and the city. yes it's our last ticket this fall look good for moscow for seeing these kinds of pictures on the opening during the opening ceremonies of the sochi games. don't
7:50 pm
don't don't overestimate the other though the direct link between this option which is not that far away that's too far. there were those things happening to him and give that thing did you put it into the rock cut in the okra and are much stronger. even though the time to drop. for a peaceful mood or a moment to wish all this up to games but i think that finding and getting the right day to have him back because there will be a political response to a boycott of sochi games because of their actions standing behind the calls to take them again soon so psyched about this and in coverage because of this part of the package bailout costs the buddha finishing with this peaceful productive in domestic use in the side partial boycott by whom. why were given a list of presidents and prime minister he will not go the sentiment in the promenade so that we shud do it be that we probably will appeal. as with his name by the way before
7:51 pm
people who are the beijing games olympic games so that the conditions should not contribute to the restaurant by two orbiting the moon is unfortunate that presents and stocking i'm not talking about sports sports blog up and about the notable absentees in which you live in right footed the bill signal my petitions from europe and from as we are the democrats in the magician's not to go there. in order to express their dissatisfaction and indeed agreement with the polishes in europe ran the loop behind which is most of it so. gg vigilant and eight minus nine and see how russia can benefit from continued on routes ukraine that smoke from the enrichment if you use it as such the game's opening um i would think that the hops. i'm very anxious that the ghana coach gets back control. and just stop so his people to purchase
7:52 pm
the stops upon its program is green. nothing he dons stops nothing has improved anything in these two months has been no progress has been no movement. and now they think that it's getting too into crunch time. perhaps this emergency debate in parliament on tuesday will do something towards icon see what they can do the opposition is insisting on human actions has no constitutional reason for new elections but the real political crisis isn't enough of. the reason this be known movement of any significance from the yanukovich camp told his last two months both united states in the european commission suggesting targeted sanctions against those responsible for the crackdown. however this thursday at the german chancellor and quick to rule that out. without the german foreign minister and myself can not think that sections of them likely for them and that right now it's all about
7:53 pm
avoiding find the sites of thing. yes six hours of skiing with your thoughts on uncle michael saying it's too hasty to talk about sanctions he has a head. and i didn't agree about today you can read the statement by the president of. the you can pick a spot two weeks to do is mineral. it has no the faction into the top two thousand dollars henchmen are saying that we are calling for an extraordinary that it can be mingled united nations security council for sanctions. exactly about the sanctions best most targeted sanctions these ovens and fees in the face of those for noon due to violence. it would set off and disconnect is that russia is this possible. then the lady of the fall behind is that those functions to bring and folsom prison and called it. too sick to the table into bigotry to
7:54 pm
history not just as it is being dubbed i'm not intending to make it so this is the position of the atp which is the two which belongs but also from korea and the little pigeon governments of the union the oldest of discussion about i think that more and more are missing are coming to the bintulu to all who all sections. it is not to come on again as the country about that but it is those who are due to violence to force them to move to find it useful and that it is submission to the negotiating table and not five minutes to get exactly fighting the violins were achieving newton and nonviolence the ministry are teasing that the threat of sanctions is going to that's helped to break the impasse visit me and the bottom line is basically the cost. they all not that satisfaction is
7:55 pm
more effective than section itself. all this because kendall complain and that sat upon each and the garment kevin didn't get the right to full two months asus also once you and post any kind of sanction on him or his government and the school ever again is the name come from that. throw in new zealand and from them civilized discussion so i will have less leverage them and dance at that point so basically his bets until the end of my distress at this tension but not apply because that was applied to any mistake didn't have an enticing tool towards a tool to push them into them that solution and began the beanie build the russian federation is not the construction of multiples and sentences and seven. yushchenko and ornaments. in intensity in the teaching to see how much it'll mean from garments sites from garments the garment that is to make the people from prison
7:56 pm
sentence was also fun seeing any sanctions would be effective this is what this is exactly complete the game off of the prison and this is an invitation from his ukrainian what i think that's the good old it all the problems of the drama is because of that it's going to school point that one person whose presidents and pundits he can get only one small thing the steeple idea because they want to be free from him. his vision. and he has to be so elated to have to be an irony that the sanctions will be going to come back and this president and current as at the end of the games against russia and putin and this has to be happen and this would be a great support to all those protesters will fight tooth and rice today disagreement on that one thank you eat the mission should go on a thank you readers we aren't at all some of the dark respond. gulliver cried who is there in brussels. the polish member of the european parliament jessica sorrows all ski. and here in the studio julie and andy thank you thank you for joining us here for the falls
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and gets a bit. are you
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there are. it was the eye eye. and. i can. in. the
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sells. says. you knew
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breaking news on auntie and as a whistleblower and words i didn't take part in on my ceiling. on the people has their burning question says snowed in and putting a question about his reaction to president obama is an essay speech or take a look at his response was that. and the capital of ukraine has seen countless clashes between protesters and riot police. now attend ceasefire has been declared by opposition leaders negotiate with


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