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the week. you are. he knew you wanted eye . the news wrench princeton onslaught on the island has confirmed his separation from patna from every tree of the last two weeks to guide magazine was published but to crops which appeared to show him he had to be having that was actress julie kayaking trip and then spent the weekend hostile off to the revelations he promised to clarify the situation before his official visit to washington on the eleventh of every month. nimitz in the lights having an affair with shindig i had to meet it to a difficult climb into his
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relationship with the retrieve them and the couple went nuts married guy has announced she's sitting closer magazine for breach of privacy. they claim to the fat cats begun during the two tusand and twelve crisis in ukraine connu to princeton to victory on expenditure off the top gernment posts to opposition leader's house and he gets in you was offered the post of pme minister and that of the pitch right that says deputy prime minister of the protest is in the center of kiev said the opposition should not accept the dea which carries said the opposition continues to insist on the hoarding of an early presidential election this year the frame of detained protesters and the repeal of anti protest laws adopted recently many protesters are upset more so when held on saturday despite the majority of protest is saying the previous state they were opposed to new talks. yanukovich is off but the place was subject to the carinofrote is wn t oppositio rsed the issue of repeating
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the controversial legislation in the suggested the introduction of amendments. in a separate development might dawn protest is to agree to patrol the area around the main synagogue in the capsule off to recent reports of attacks on jewish people in the vicinity . i knew the routine use on jay and more. with a bottle of water on it in between. most of it
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and . minister stephen harper was in israel for his first official visit this past week. all across he was received a pre honor and respect by the israeli government's his visit was positively covered in the israeli media and many expressed great appreciation for his extensive support for israel. i heard about to the upper fifties belt because today israeli politician they wrote about the support of the alf valentine israel in the campaign was friends with ghana so it's good news. i get mad about the trend is at ten am. this begins around. i think it's a great thing is this around i think everyone should visit there and seen its toll with a friendly from what you see on the news the fear that said he came
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to visit in his life and that's the lot of people that know but is that the terrorists. in his eye and an economy can play pics from the sandman. i think he has a lot of current students and i were a position san which is not the case so far the following countries in the u of r a man. out of your funds. his speech in the knesset harper said canada would stand by israel for fire and water. it's about time they had some support from around north america and someone that stands behind israel instead of accusing us have to get things and i think it's clear that that they need to support the country that just wants to survive the test one that exists here we don't want to play. we just wanna live in peace. i think is a bird sense because he knows there are two sides of every story and and on that busy or anything put it on the news everyday. there were a delight to be here i just
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watched as one of thirty three countries who voted for un resolution to establish a jewish state in the land of israel. more recently it stood by israel when it was simple that's in the united nations. had a very rich nation and should do anything about it too and to grow our connections with the countries around the world who he iluce ey of course the day maybe they're not as strong as their us but still it's that the force to be reckoned with and we can do about corporations with a can of diced or so mara ad on the low side in his side's nine and on the contras in you up to narrow it down the names of the time but some come true and very sad but it got on the country that marion potts into position in the words of an approaching that the phillies to apply to fix the problems i think they're a great deal of americans support israel i think right now our government it's kind of topsy turvy and now i'm not really sure what they're supporting
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anymore so um i think annika be our strongest ally in the future and if they stand to do their work. in his knesset speech prime minister that the neo emphasize that canada under harper's leadership is one of israel's closest ally is he commended the prime minister for having the crates and like many others to stand up raise around. the jail and i see better feel. ella bean . three people have been killed in a sheet in the busy shopping mall on the else gets the pope to more in merrylands. police rushed to the scene of the belt eleven fifteen the court i'm off to reports of dumfries believed to be coming from me the second cool thing called one of the dead to balance need a gun and ammunition is believed to be the sheet to know when police reports mothers and children have to run or dive for cover
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the full police in sport teams arrive to the mall was placed in all down while police scallop the building or that they would melt in the pic once it was determined there was no longer a threat to the shopping center which has about two hundred stores is like a kid about thirty miles north of washington dc. i read christopher onslaught on to separate it from his longtime partner valerie tree of the lead up to allegations surfaced in two weeks ago that he was having an effect which was published in celebrity magazine place a bid to show depressed and disguised in a helmet making the total visits actress judy guy a and its national media storm erupted diverting attention away from home loans work to revive the french economy. he avoided questions on his private life during an annual conference to unveil economic plans. the french presidency is not married to valerie tree of the land all day she assumed the role of first lady of official functions following the presidential
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election. parisians and all concerned about the news this lady says the french and can return like that and less lazy and diamante here anymore. another man said the lawns image is on like it's changed since the revelations of french motorcycle helmet manufacturers have seen sales so. surveys of pt shuttle launches the most unpopular president in moss and prawns he has battled to get unemployment down and improve the economy since he beat nicolas sarkozy in may two thousand and twelve thousands of supporters of the chips mimic the bracks government has celebrated the two thousand and eleven uprising against longtime get to school. kristin posted about these books of the books to read square in central ca arrived late saturday evening support since the army chief of dough to our seats the whole place does and egyptian flags that in their allegiance to them and many want to run for president lance played national songs as fireworks little chilly but the day
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with smart white demonstrations and skidding across the tips the government says at least twenty nine people died in daytime streak matches the majority in cairo on police cracked down heavily on antique up and protest inspiring but it's good to be an anti caste and the chocolate various grounds some demonstrates this was supporters of the banned muslim brotherhood a number of people with a tank security was tight on connor is politically charged streets following the recent rise in insurgency by islamist militant groups a couple weeks later near a police building in the sixty two is set to take the bus was followed by phoenix come back to between militants and government forces. what's all this said reports in the diet up to an army helicopter crashed in the main media lists of documents the growing unrest has not dented the region was the prt is to commemorate it with barracks and destroyed protest is into its great
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catholic to display that supports them and to play with three democrats and to its limits as to how much more seeking to lighten up steam. tuition and clerics together to lobby against assimilation. the council of europe video circumcision across the continent and religious leaders contend that the council of europe secretary general expressed a concern of the resolution passed in the first which recommends that members of states start paying any type of physical assaults on children including religious circumcision. she can pursue sunni muslims and she was clerics touring for common cause was introduced by the cadre of european muslim and jewish leaders and the foundation for ethnic understanding during the meeting that the secretary general pointed out by asking the council a deer carcass and solidarity and the ongoing crisis is the secretary general has expressed his opposition to the band in support of the good times and religious communities. the two shooters
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practice of circumcision has identified to be a case for toast and built a new president determined to attack sometimes i be awesome the documented benefits of circumcision claimed to reduce risks of urinary tract infections to treat infections hiv aids. instead it adds to the eucharist itself accountable religious procedure are deciduous he simply does not impair enhanced channel function now september sweden democrats presented to parliament in favor of ritual circumcision in the coming months. the only countries which includes finland iceland denmark sweden and norway. the institute decoration president and his second season in first with the solution was to meet or get it into a sampling of the council of europe's to read the freakin circumcision main concern of jewish religious leaders of the band by the council of europe that restocking their stance and
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an increase in anti semitism and expanded local population he's . mm. only in bulgaria joined the european union in january two thousand and seven. on condition that all that eu countries would be able to keep that job my kids clothes for up to seven years seas two thousand and fourteen remaining ten bulgarians have the right to work freely across the european union. this change has prompted some concern about the possibility of so called conduct the migrants seeking access to wealth in richer countries particularly in britain and ten. do you think people from romania people from bulgaria come here to exploit the system. no i don't think so than many of them come here where i am not aloud to them come. even as an all new cars to chao nice to be huge
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climbing gym and eat already overheated immigration debate i mean my new eu governments at the right to live and work anywhere in europe is one of the punished on tolkien integration. as it is the right to free mobility and access to social benefits the guardian's be the person speaking to the system the issue is clay. gemini is a member of the european union and seven gemini national law and european of the european union has to be respected and that would be respected by the us where it sees as numb as it is the laws and as long as the regulations are in. i mean fox. tom and his chancellor into the medical school and christian democrats have called for access to the gym and social welfare system can be and it didn't grab it and open to all. members of the cd used to a new coalition partners the social democrats as well as the opposition parties can be in such calls and a team that those who tended to prejudices him a copy of
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the site humans do damage to the old world european idea yes it works if you go in the comments and the internet to see all the racist of commons and advised especially a dancer who in the car and so we headed to a ton going on in gemini right now on dad and emo restrictive against the pro immigrant second dentist and pretty anti social behavior and also to come home and to spend some time painting and dance room and they said. and especially the mom from an good idea and for me yet they are coming to gets the social the support and so are they deserve not to raise standards that protect cents in germany around nineteen eighty thousand romanian and bulgarian in the pants i expected overall. meanwhile brussels is demanding an even flow initial have never worked in germany should have access to the country's
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unemployment benefits. they come from an eu member state logged areas for canadians wanting to enter germany would not be a deterrent for people seeking to abuse this auction system the mighty instead. this calloway well educated workers. the gemini needs to fill vacant jobs and keep its pension plan going this is wilson to leave st george coach won a gemini eye mr dean government's plan to enforce the piano and smoking in restaurants cafes and other places has ignited a fire eat the bait in a country where smoking has been ingrained culture from the time the ottoman empire the band which is yet to be strictly enforced as per the law that was passed making twenty lakhs and its reply the kids to the government canceled the permits of six thousand
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mr bean coffee shops both business owners and smokers are criticizing the move saying it fails to agree with the culture of the country were smoking is accepted then this is a bad decision because you don't pick your business which we have invested in the meeting the total investment in this set though mayor each of the one beyond babies the preventing of the time the and then give him sitting in his view on the fake practice the best tequila business. most of the places i'm going to close down someone you know the labels on going to be a dog. jordan a pack of cigarettes sales for two us dollars last year local tobacco manufacturers reduce their prices by up to fifteen percent to compete with the inexpensive cigarettes flowing in from neighboring syria. health ministry statistics show the jordanian spend one billion us dollars in tobacco each year the world health organization estimated last year that nearly half of jordan's men
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smoked tobacco. enforcing the law started moderately in twenty oh nine shopping centers in airports and fast food restaurants philosopher has spoken in hospitals schools cinemas libraries museums government buildings and transport. violators are subject to jail time of up to one month or a fine of up to thirty five us dollars. use i. the he thought the yiddish language has done just come and see the new still a baby you just peel theater until the beef which created a new comedic play in the spirit of jayden into most of which features amongst others. i phones big brother and even mcdonald's
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any day. whats more the sound of the dish you get into upheaval for thirty years ago takes pride in being a full house every night with people who have been used if you teach a few dishes own you see young people coming in. and in the sky was something which was beautiful and my goal to go to. e these can be out today. read a lot of human and all of those dollars to prevent this is something which comes from god or judaism without mediation has moved to division two my opinion. we the jewish culture with all our tradition is not a can of beans and ice cream. with the intruder it is wonderful it is tradition does treasure will drum up to me you should use its illusions. there is in japanese you would use it asian civilization. there is
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also a huge concert and it was only going to have his own country the key. it's not i have. one of the leading actors in the born again due to steve is still remembers the days when it was uploaded israel to performing he pitched. the machine. when i came to this country in the fifties. i began to play with when he dished it up until i was to be honest it if i was young fellow and i remember the days were nineteen which was forbidden i mean the police would come and open the door. they gave you a falling star is the final issue at the pace they were shot down the state reason that people do. we had to get a refund it's across the generations as they say. today will probably act in a new dish again. i was eighteen he prays he is on twenty years ago i went out to form a new dish. it was a modest sort of
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a repentance by repented when i was a joy until i was seven years old. i didn't speak any other language what you dish i was born a new dish on racing edition of a conductor it's a sort of obligation to myself what is the comedy acting like a lemon as a bombastic words license it is a calling a mission for filling on top of my grandfather and my grandmother on the jewish town where i was born in korea. he continued get. if i would usually do if he's doing two graduated from the abyss cool twenty two months ago is one of the new generation of actors who decided to venture on to the uk theater stage. cmt such an attack on iran did to ferment until about two months ago and to finally be aware of has to take a discourse as a caprice and even spell it and that's a quality builder really answer my nineteen year deal with not very easy dish to bring my parents my dad and they
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wanted two tickets in hand that wouldn't understand what they are saying they use just the cutest in on itself and i said that even if a company to be able to speak to me rant on account of what they experienced identity and something will come on if it were not in the end so on was and wanted to audition at the end of the year and ended up here in town to get his chance hop on down bring the ashkenazi the worst dying for the economy. enter disneyland which was a gift it doesn't matter especially when it's time to slack with just the bench and. it is the country that used to bend the yiddish language israel of the twenty first century is falling in love with the language and culture that everyone needs to mourn the gene one am on jacobsen that the uk steel theater in
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taylor mi. i. the mm tensions have shown little sign of easing in the central african republic as both christian and muslim communities continued to trade accusations of revenge attacks and living. the most recent casualty is a former muslim select a minister killed in the capital been doing. the french army is patrolling the rest of p k twelve district trying to keep crowds under control but their job remains difficult and simmering tensions still lingers following the deaths of twenty six people earlier this week in clashes between the two communities. almost one million people or a quarter of the population of the former french colony had been displaced by fighting that began when gunmen from the slacker rebels most of them muslims seized power in a coup in march. christian self defense groups known as auntie malacca has since taken up arms against them
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united nations estimates that for tat violence has claimed more than two thousand lives since march french intervention force and thousands of african peacekeepers have failed to stop the violence which has worsened in bangor in recent days fuelling fears of a rwandan style mass killing new interim president catherine some of concept has called for more foreign troops to bolster a force that already includes a one thousand six hundred strong french military mission and another five thousand african union peacekeepers. france has played down the median likelihood of more french troops but some five hundred additional troops pledged by eu nations this week will have to secure bengalis airport and surrounding area the counterterrorism chief in the uk smit reports in the schools as last british muslims to help stop young people going to fight in the syrian civil war. richard wilson says that a shocking number of teenagers being
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radicalized in his native that some of the young persons who go to syria unlikely to come back and attempt to carry out attacks on home soil. the consents increase in mirror that is found across europe in from st syrian minister recently said that more than a hundred french citizens had made their way to syria to eat rebels by saying the government of president bush are our assets in belgium last april police raided at least fifty times in this age for extremists to recruit young people to travel to syria to join the rebels. the danish security services say meanwhile that around eighty people had traveled from denmark to syria since the middle of twenty twelve according to new research by the international center for the study of radicalization in the ten thousand points is for more than seventy nations to join the struggle and syria against president's at least doubling of the estimates. the report also found that most of the eighties he went on to point it said if the greeks links to international terror
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network al qa'ida. just as the meantime year old taurus mountains of teheran has dozens of grieving families have gathered for a snowman festival. some three thousand six hundred meters being one of the four d i s tv scripts and while it does seem to be family friendly between the haves to the different scenery in the capital located some sixty kilometers away. haha actually i'm not going to relax and keep it up the atmosphere is really setting. the research was established in the nineteen sixties hit iran sending it to the winter olympics almost
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every year. a new law was passed in two thousand twelve when the female dentist wasn't easy out. there was no more to come and get a husband or father or brother several months later form the new president. the hinged on the call log the menu which is great. i found that their designs has a number of snow when the knicks don't try and steal mom's which the obedience of characters and center. zai. do. you make is bald sled team preparing to resort to tricks in wyoming looking for to being in the spotlight again when it becomes a character in countries such hopes the team to compete at the intake since two thousand to ten this year they will be the country's sole representatives of the twenty fourteen sochi games on russia's black sea coast jamaican subpoena for norman and for more than a quarter century following the team's famous olympic debut in calgary in nineteen eighty eight when it was viewed as
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something of a novelty the team's efforts to compete despite a little practice so professional equipment was the inspiration for the newbie coup running switched out the makes joan kennedy is the underdog teams coach. team members winston was small and dixon and wayne black which drew a crowd as they trained the captain winston waltz age is no barrier to success. ages. i guarantee that. doesn't my little boy that is easily take anyone for what it's what you put into money and time and day to day activities that you do is is the lighting it on for a six year old straight but. did you know getting an implant on twenty six. so it exists in humans the winter games in sochi begins on the seventh of february to mid off and they thought it was a fourteen year we go all all
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of you. do. will he. to me will. who are. i will the tsar. is. steve. cheery
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started today. elias this nations the un european headquarters in geneva as a part of the peace conference ginny with two to searing delegations will hold a joint meeting with the un and the arab league special envoy to syria. lucky me i thought times reports today before the planned bilateral negotiations between the syrian government and opposition had been postponed indefinitely because the opposition refused to meet the talks continued all day h


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