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tv   Newsline  PBS  January 26, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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the eye. i know. on saturday with us on this edition of nice line it's a monday generate twenty seven and captain comanche and telltale representatives of the warning signs in syriac have agreed to help civilians who have been caught up in the complex. they see the lao some people to leave the city that's being under siege and committed humanitarian goods to deliver aid. un arab league is special and violent diver he has the time between
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both sides in geneva. all twenty. something tomorrow remember to do and we've driven through the center of the outcome of the time the old city in. i hope that rest of the civilians were driven to the storm to come bethany's as the two sides agreed to help thousands of people trapped in thousands in the center city of qom this applies to make it to people who have been facing serious food shortage is far more than a year for he mean anti un officials are preparing to send a bit starting as early as monday it's not certain the supplies will get ten times the government and opposition continued to blame each other far past their use in providing such assistance un officials want to discuss the issue of power transition when the peace negotiations continue on monday. the toxin will be difficult the opposition won syrian
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president john said to resign but government representatives have made it clear he won't step down demonstrated in ukraine are piling more pressure on the government's they criticize an offer from the president to get their leaders top positions in the moving administration the opposition line kelvin other lines rally on sunday to mean that the demonstrators who died in clashes with police days earlier. they yelled. groups must go away. during an account and set on saturday he would give the post of prime minister and deputy prime minister to opposition the days. yes agreed to review the controversial anti protest long he pushed through parliament earlier this month. lawmakers as scheduled to meet on tuesday to discuss conditions in the meantime the demonstrations i expected to continue opposition leaders are also demanding that his presence the election to be held earlier. at least three people died in the past several days following clashes with police. more than four hundred were injured. the demonstrations
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began in november after the government change course on a trade agreement with the european union and sought closer ties with russia the interim president of the egm has made a political moves that could favor the general who helped overthrow the country's first democratically elected leader i lean on sora has announced the presidential election will be held before a parliamentary polls show is set in a televised speech given at the election commission to begin the process of registering candidates as stipulated in the constitution. the ballot is expected to take place as early as this spring. nothing came a day after the muslim brotherhood how much demonstration supporters of the islamic party like the third anniversary of the uprising that overthrew longtime will then force me mumbai. brotherhood in fact in the bank's success and mohammad morrissey the military ousted him last year after twelve months in office. demonstrators and security forces fought across
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the country. there are plates of explosions apparently targeting the security forces health ministry officials say seventy three people died and more than three hundred and forty others were injured between friday and sunday many stations and spanking tom general and defence minister abdel fatah aussies seem to run for president. i was able to get in and is aiming to consolidate the military led system anti islamic groups in check the taliban has a strike another blow against the military in afghanistan a suicide bomber attacked a bus used to transport soldiers explosion killed three soldiers and a woman it wounded twenty two others a taliban spokesperson claimed responsibility in the same group as vp they attacked afghan security forces and international troops. its fighters interrogated a restaurant in central kabul earlier this month twenty one people died including thirteen foreigners the campaign for a post presidential election is scheduled to start next month
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this again graciously in the heavily guarded campo i'm making some worry about the possibility of further violence. japanese prime minister seems a lot and listen to guest of honor at a pre made in india on sunday the event was the highlight of the country's republic day festivities. i am. in celebration and see that's one of the most important step on the indian talent at about one hundred and twenty thousand people gathered for the celebration in central new delhi. abbe is the first japanese prime minister to attend the events. he wants the parade alongside his indian counterpart mom mohan singh and president renowned group ag. he showed off its modern military hardware with a display of domestically designed to combat aircraft for eating the tomatoes celery to demonstrate the country's naval capabilities. india's navy has developed aircraft carriers and nuclear
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submarines to counter china's increasing maritime activities. india sees out his attendance at the parade thus demonstrating the growing ties with japan he dove straight in the georgian. i have attended to. what is the largest event in india. as a guest of honor them all. this is a landmark event for relations between japan and india. i start to further develop these by multiple ties for japan's future growth he said. i added that he and seemed concerned and at times on saturday that there was to develop a strategic global partnership he said the participation of japan's maritime self defense force in an upcoming joint drill with the indian and us navies will enhance security cooperation. i'm now the latest in this essay is that the moves on to my kids have been talking about a global economic rebound country for months economists at the international month a fun and created its world economic outlook. just last
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week. i didn't imagine it is now from the business test a test was so tell us at what's behind that rates will continue bringing to the point the economists at the imf did i just got in oh say that many countries are getting more stable those in the eurozone the us and japan for example the subtlety new sleeping had warned about the vulnerability in developing economies and that's exactly what spooked investors on friday traders sold the currencies of argentina turkey and south africa and the dow jones industrial average slid nearly two percent to finish at fifteen thousand eight hundred seventy nine. what's it all of this is affecting investor sentiment in this part of the world about the good of an email a guard at the tokyo stock exchange i mean the morning what's the latest of a good morning to buy and yes indeed we did see quite so often us and european markets on friday i'm of course concerns about the emerging economies that the focus this week of the federal reserve policy board meeting is coming up but so are many investors will want to see what the us
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central bank cannot make us all of us have a look at the opening tells alex that i want to show the viewers the big declines were seen here so far and we're under fifteen thousand for the making of the first time since november fifteen of last year but about down two point six two per cent so very big falls here and that continues from the cars we saw in the us and european markets and also your remind viewers the nikkei fell last week for the third week in a role in the yen has really jumped against the dollar investors buying the yen is a safe haven asset in times of risk averse adamant that may spur further selling in spots especially exports i'll keep track of most of those sectors. but today not looking ahead of course earnings is still a major focus. i'm not going to be on the radar for many investors here in japan a lot of the mega banks as well as a key export is again becoming a weak numbers and anyone see how lah after those record highs. the piece on stalks as well as the weaker yen how that may play into their numbers as well. i am now
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speaking of the yen remained currency markets very much in focus. where do things stand this monday morning yet to find out scores saturday focusing would cover a lot of different caresses. right now but some estimate that the one that he has set the ball again and again she rose to almost seven week high against the dollar confesses really switching funds to the japanese currency in light of global growth concerns and goals recent declines in stock markets. right now hundred and two point twenty five to thirty. it began as was the swiss franc are usually seen as safer assets during periods of market volatility have a look of the year ian on the skin as well hundred and thirty nine point nine th two hundred and forty point all for now. china related shares may also be on the focus ahead of the lunar new year holidays which begins on friday this week i had that means that as can be shortened trading session for a lot of chinese stock indexes as well as related to shares here so we may see a bit of a frenzy of activity in those sectors as well all for now big declines on
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the nikkei and the topics this monday morning back she started thinking slobber mean i got from the tokyo stock exchange and was he said the gang is strengthening today. but though recent weakening trend of the japanese currency has made imported fuel more expensive and diapers japan's annual trade deficit in two thousand thirteen to a record high finance ministry officials said on monday last year's trade deficit totaled eleven trillion yen one hundred twelve billion dollars. that compares to the previous record high of sixty eight billion dollars posted in two thousand twelve exports rose to six hundred eighty four billion dollars up nine percent year on year in yen terms that's mainly due to increased auto shipments to the us. but imports grew fifteen percent to seven hundred and ninety seven billion dollars the weaker again raise the cost of imported crude oil and liquefied natural gas for thermal power generation higher sales of smartphones
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made in china in hawaiian also boosted imports analysts are waiting to see if export growth will pick up managers and union leaders across japan are rolling up their sleeves and getting ready to begin their annual wage negotiations. at issue this year is how far managers blown up in meetings union leaders demands for higher base wages. top officials from the japan business federation or cade on them and labor representatives will kick off the talks they're opening a two day forum in tokyo. canine and chairman steele mostly on the canal will take part along with chairman know but she called out of bengal the nation's largest labor organization. inside will present their basic stance before the negotiations get into full swing. prime minister of and has c increases part of this effort to pull japan on the deflation and revitalize the economy higher wages are a key step toward his goal of achieving of virtuous economic cycle. k
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nine and has responded to the prime minister's calling its leaders are encouraging member companies to increase workers' compensation to higher wages or bigger bonuses and local union leaders are demanding a base wage hike for the first time in five years. but managers that many large companies appear to be cautious about making across the board wage increases and in each case survey of one hundred major firms in november from forty four less than half were considering pay hikes. now let's take a quick look at global economic calendar for this week. first the federal reserve will claim that the two day policy meeting on wednesday. fed policy makers decided last month to cut the central bank's ongoing program from eighty five billion dollars a month to seventy five billion dollars the first meeting a fourth quarter u s gdp will come welfare state. between july and september the us economy expanded at an annual pace of four point one percent. on
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friday the japanese government will release the consumer price index for december. the cpi in november when a one point two percent from a year earlier. l the same day i will find out the latest on the euro zone leader for my kids the jobless rate for december is due out in november. unemployment in the single currency bloc stood at twelve point one percent. and beginning friday titles started seven games in the near new year's holiday many financial markets in asia including hong kong and seoul also be closed on friday. all market players around the world are holding their collective breath waiting for the outcome of the upcoming fed policy meeting. i really need talked to john bale about what we can expect from the meeting and what's the impact the fed's decision will have on a junk mail is chief global strategist at nikko asset management by building this couldn't be any major shock to be honest this has
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been in his last meeting but it's the federal reserve tradition for our outgoing chairman to keep a low profile is lasting. my name show up to the us which would be fine because the fed is already in a process mr walked into a tapering right now but you could see some reaction. the fed is open ended or to make some ambiguity in its statement we don't think he and one tv too much for its present level may be the one oh four to five level will stay for quite some time. however asian central banks in the act too. that's the solution. in the boj are going to remain very easy and only ticketed to eat the more they want to see how the economy responds to the ati. they're expecting a minor dip as mri and as our most economists and the third quarter should recover is a tool that can this dopey need
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four of the agents were additional e east by the doj as for other central banks don't expect any major accidents in the next few months to be honest in asia asian central banks would then have to be more careful about keeping interest rates and low level because if they do that than foreigners might be there. the capital markets and a spare capital outflow might get a bit dangerous for some of these countries so some like indonesia had taken a need to retain the foreign capital. and so they had to keep their interest rates pretty high all were foreign markets for the arrest of two thousand and fourteen. we're pretty positive on asian stock markets of not as positive as we were last year including japan were really quite bullish on japan last year and in yen terms that it didn't go quite a lot. we still expect seventeen percent or so this year for
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the nikkei of the topics on the full calendar year for the rest of asia. we see moderate gains of five to maybe ten percent gains from other asian markets many not all of them. we do remain quite cautious on china. we think that the government intends to accelerate reform was good in the long run. it hurts in the short run. john bale their chief global strategist at nikko asset management. and i will have more headline news free in business next hour. for now his attack on the markets. it is. the ruling increasingly
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bitter diplomatic dispute between japan and china as part of an impact on tourism japanese visitors to china has fallen to its lowest level in kk. spokespersons for china's national tourism administration say about two point nine million japanese visited in two thousand thirteen. more than eighteen percent from the bbc and mike's the third straight annual decline that began hasn't seen below three million since two thousand to me. the number of japanese visiting china for a sightseeing trumpet thirty five percent loss of midfielder business trips more than three million japanese visited china in two thousand for three years later it was nearly four million. at the global financial crisis and diplomatic divisions have had an impact on growth. this from a warmer countries like to visit northern japan at this time of the eighteen chilly winter fun. what is
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owed in hokkaido is taking a new tack to attract more overseas. this is an hp was at an nfl team at points people from all of which can talk to hokkaido in winter to ski slopes. they love the northern islands high quality powder snow. and these days. the area is attracting more visitors from a warmer country. torre is from thailand are excited for snow for the first time really joyful. the casino country you never have snow and it's a dream local roads old people. the group sixteen experience doesn't go quite as planned. it's the first time i hit the slopes going home yet my
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blog about. gord. thus become a popular destination for tired travelers. the number of thai tourists visiting japan this year was up almost seventy percent compared to two thousand and twelve they taking advantage of the weaker yen in japan has eased these are acquiring entry for thai citizens. one airline offers daily direct flights from bangkok to some photo. i don't speak a city i really think i am based in thailand and china can stand on the incense. i thought this was already in two thousand and twelve the range of new tours the resort offers popular perks such as bali can eat crab the face. at its managers have hired new staff to better serve visitors from thailand. i try and i meekly it isn't i ski instructor visitors call him owing. he
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worked many years for an international resort operator i was going on. i now feel they have two kids. i keep going like a demented scheme they don't feel like he's not the critical to the scheme trine to ski without ever having seen snow is very hard. that's only make sure his students have an unforgettable experience before heading home. he's less money cia to do then. he now agrees. he's a really wonderful. due to start chemo chair works on the resort equipment rental korea. she's from a nearby village. after living in thailand for six years. he came home to run his family's farm. she now helps visitors. if in doubt
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with everything from winter sports close to skis. most of the time. that makes things easier for torrents. but to be new cd. i'm very glad i can use my tiny language skills. to explain japan's attractions. on iraq the resort operator plans to expand its focus be on time. and intimacy. besides skiing there are many other things to enjoy it. we want visitors to have a special experience in hokkaido. our main goal is to convey the appeal of hokkaido to people from other asian countries. as expected to draw a keen attention from torres. not only in the winter months. unlikely year round. kind of pitching that nhk world. hokkaido
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it's an outside seconds of whether people in the uk are dealing with heavy rain and strong guys. meteorologists and family towns and smaller saturday right catherine in blustery conditions are persisting over the british isles he can see a pixel only time i hear the worse is happening over the north wind gust of about a low winds of about eighty five kilometers per hour mark with much higher caste while we waited in the north. now this this tends to weaken them and that whoever is going to move down over the country so i say the conditions that include soo wet and windy conditions will continue into the next several days and affray the pastor from constrain demand a western content providing a biscuit or thunderstorms. ask the winds and rain and snow even emo lying areas such as thrilling and poland. why study heavy rain flooding fully and i'm not there at the korean maker on strong soo maker over the black sea region and that is providing the service snowy conditions we have some
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pictures just a year from romania. he's still in strong winds hit the north and northeast of romania or second day on sunday. one reportedly killed more than four hundred luminaries have to be evacuated from their vehicles. conscious of the roads were closed and trains canceled schools will be close and the capital bucharest on monday. police and conditions but continued into the morning hours the new monday in the crest and ten sisters are going to be peter era and zero minus five because one behind the current sustained our way into the rest of the week meanwhile much praised in the north east minus eleven miles on my nest loving cat snow is inside the wire so apt minus six the crease with a high. ri across the americas harsh cola combined with snow is causing blizzard conditions over the upper midwest and center can add that we have bullies and warnings in place for a on the menu toll that western ontario the dakotas and minnesota and ohio lack this
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ability both to near zero so conditions are quite hazardous. traveling is going to be quite dangerous if you must rival make st cathedral winter survival kit and your eye test and camille full now this is the likely meant towards the east and after that harsh cold was frigid air with finding him from the north lowering temperatures with a convincing win in five minus twenty four i knew monday in chicago minus nineteen for the time monday and i laughed at the north eastern us minus seven ft high on tuesday in new york and the one to a wonderful time with seven's are figures that night. snow is inside. on tuesday and wednesday said barry. i like randy newman was across the north and temperatures are going to be as follows for the rest of the continent in twenty degrees in sacramento twenty one in los angeles so that's about five to ten degrees cooler the mama so last week they finally over asia sunny conditions over time and though we have nice weather the concern about the conditions the worst is going to be happening over
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the tennessee river valley bank. the weather put a southern half of chip and a winter storm will come back in the north western corner depend on to say and pictures etc decreasing taken at a typically slow i am arkansas on sunday and across the continent and in a gene that can go down to find the claim saying it to say we ought six and still come down to the south and east nine policemen and whitsunday when you're six and park i am noon and. i know. age. the road
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i was. i know. the tour
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still isn't santos auntie i counted the people looking to buy olympique heads with less than two weeks ago before this title in eight games the atmosphere in the match in the city was at the end sunday. at one shot many people purchase official and guidance insists he sits and stuffed toys featuring the official mascots of the game was the seller at the shop is an alliance his fingers had five olympic always have paris priced at about fifteen dollars sales clerics say that about a thousand has instilled a busy day. so this shop when the deceased customer has purchased two five k. those featuring traditional ethnic patterns of the shack. i also copied it. they're so colorful that i feel great it makes me want to smile when wearing it. just as it's a sales and the coming days as
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the opening of the teams comes close said. i felt like this edition of news i'm having a mansion in them. yes i'm an associate that tested and also comes the rector of the national autonomous university of hunter s a at institution of higher education
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