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tv   Newsline  PBS  January 27, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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the show i don't. welcome to nhk world newest one and you know tommy and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. japan's annual trade deficit hit a record high last year it has the weaker yen meeting in port to feel more expensive. in china more than one hundred people infected with h e seven and nine four flew over
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the busier. ambience in the grand champion. this is the chance for a perfect candidate to show you how it all play. perfect storm of factors has pushed japan's annual trade deficit to a record high. none of the country's nuclear reactors is running so utilities need to import fuel but the weaker yen has made those imports more expensive finance ministry officials say the two thousand and thirteen trade deficit was eleven trillion yen or one hundred palms billion dollars marking its third consecutive annual deficit. the previous record was sixty eight million dollars in two thousand and while imports grew to seven hundred and ninety seven billion dollars up fifteen percent year on year in yen terms the weaker yen raise the cost of imported crude oil and liquefied natural gas for thermal power generation japanese awesome mom or smartphones from china and taiwan. shipments to the us
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subprime exports of nine and a half percent to six hundred eighty four billion dollars the base of exports increase slower than imports analysts say. electronics makers are not taking up the slack as they did in the past this is because manufacturers have moved much of their production bases overseas toshiba and now makes ninety six percent of its refrigerators washing machines and other home appliances outside japan that's up from sixty six percent seven years ago the company imports most of the home appliances that sells in japan. the japanese government has been trying for years to cut its huge debt bought the attempt hasn't really paid off. now officials predict that the debt will grow by more than one trillion dollars in fiscal two thousand and fourteen. finance ministry officials estimate that japan's national debt will reach over one thousand one hundred forty three trillion yen or about eleven point two
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trillion dollars by the end of the fiscal year in march two thousand and fifteen that would be roughly eighty thousand dollars per person the increase is due to the plan each issuance of more than four hundred billion dollars worth of deficit covering bonds the government also plans to offer short term securities to raise funds in case currency intervention becomes necessary. japanese prime minister shinzo lot that has traveled to india for three day visit to boost economic and security ties the country has been rapidly expanding its economy and analysts say. japan is trying to gain a stronger role in their markets and hp are also more will come up to has more prime minister seems i've a hunch that the group of top but i can think of this from japanese businesses the email us to advance the fields especially in
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the structure and energy assistance. secular identity and prime minister mam ma comps and we have found their mommy and the fans lights the friendly relations between japan and india will have the greatest potential of any bilateral relationship anywhere in the world all. i hope my visit to india to be due to the further strengthening of japan and the relations the least and strategic global relationship japan is a pure heart. he has moved east on this. he's also a key part of the canola economic development. and in our quest for a peaceful and stable him and asked us a show. and do one a the aggies sync with the concrete to build up infrastructure. i am hostile to come to find out on to any and all of you new
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homes in indiana the subway system to run underneath the capital of the nativity today it is also a creek to complete and joints and a bison lineup next year the planned high speed rail network in western india japanese finance want to sell indian caste system and also onto up right there but trends. a comment to a certificate to the said japanese businesses campaign behind them rivals such as south korea and some european countries. he said. i bet that you can send us to spearhead business deals by himself. it think it has cool lovely open the new frontier. in the usage of that being gay and japan. and burying to expect a lot out of the job is taken or two also says on page eighteen i did as i can stomp on an
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item can get national sam on a baking dish and a close knit a high speed in the act the two countries also agreed to hold joint money. exercise is good to see me in japan he's sober. the problem could be a producer for treason. so dead to be in all of the decision reviewed in japan in other countries in terms of any group or nation i've seen his baby that is intriguing. abbe and sand and links to accelerate negotiations to conclude an agreement for peaceful means of new media and itchy indiana is intersted and defense techniques and skills they think it's the new korea power generation. but the japanese government official said. some lawmakers say they need to know what you think that the aca all for nuclear technology to india because he hasn't signed the new tree and home
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on a foundation to use the potty and pee in countries like the maggots take time and the nations seeking financial markets in emerging economies. and now hoped the japanese government is stepping up its airport to gain momentum. i love taking the pop business the visiting japan. local cloth on an eight year old i know him trade between china and north korea in two thousand and thirteen hit a record high for the fourth year in a row. analysts say the rise reflects north korea's increasing dependence on its longtime ally. china's customs authorities say bilateral trade reached six point five five billion dollars at the point six percent from the previous year. they say the north's mineral exports grew by nearly twenty percent the figures show that the country's economic ties
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have not faltered since leaders in pyongyang conducted nuclear tests last every despite strong objections from their counterparts in beijing analysts are watching weather at last month's execution of the uncle of north korean leader kim jong me he would affect relations task on tech was a key promoter of closer economic ties with china. south korean officials have proposed to their counterparts in north korea that they hold reunions in mid february for families separated by the korean war the dates or just before the south conducts an annual joint military exercise with the united states. he's the deputy you're considering the apartment we should have been separated families. we propose that reunions be held at the mountain gun resort in north korea. every seventeenth through the twenty second. a spokesperson said the south also proposed holding a meeting between red cross officials from both sides on wednesday to work out
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the details of the re unions earlier this month south korean president. i couldn't call for such reunions during the lunar new year period around late january officials in pyongyang rejected parks offer once but accepted it last friday nearly one hundred thirty thousand people have applied to meet their relatives in the north the last remains were held more than three years ago analysts say leaders in the north could pressure the south into suspending the joint military drill with the us in exchange for accepting the proposal health officials in china report the number of people infected with the relatively new strain of bird flu is increasing sharply in the eighty seven and nine virus has affected more than one hundred people so far this year. authorities say that forty nine cases have been reported in the province of xinjiang and twenty six and one on one end or three infected people have been
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diagnosed in mainland china and hong kong since the start of the year. among them eleven have died in sections are links to contact with poultry. officials fear the virus could spread further in the lead up to the friday start of the lunar new year celebrations planned demand for fall grows authorities are busy shutting down markets with live birds sold. the first human case said eight seven and nine infection was confirmed in march officials reported more than one hundred forty infections last year in mainland china and hong kong forty eight of those suffering from the strain of bird flu died in two thousand and thirteen meanwhile another type of bird flu has been found at poultry farms and among migratory birds in south korea the country's government is struggling to contain the outbreak the highly toxic. he tried to any strain and eighteen influenza a was first detected the imaginary headed duck farm in the country's
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south. the government said on monday that a head cold. more than six hundred forty thousand birds on forty three farms within kilometers of infected sites the government plans to slaughter over eight hundred thousand more on at least twenty seven other farms poultry farms are a disinfecting hen houses and related facilities authorities say there have been thirteen cases. they each five an atv and fluid migratory birds. this has raised concerns that wild birds may carry the disease to wider areas. president packer this as comprehensive measures are needed to contain the virus as migratory birds move across the country. protesters in thailand continue to demand the immediate resignation of prime minister you will auction a lot. protest leaders have met with representatives from the police and the government ought to be excellent in bangkok as the story. anti government protests is untied and offenders in mind in
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the primaries even got to know what step down and the generation peepers and peace of soul to find common ground with protest is in a bid to restore government operations. that is our weekend he on tuesday when the election shed killed on february seconds where the first time. in stride on monday to negotiate with protests is that one of the battle sites in a bid to free up access to government offices but no agreement has been breached. police officials say they will continue that and this despite the refusal by protesting its attention to bond to impeach entitled the baby. we will definitely not negotiate with the government. at any stage we don't waste your time contacted by the ucla last they called. the anti government protesters on sunday to know this is from
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costume and fonts that it's one person was killed and at least fifteen people injured often identify contact an open file a police station in bangkok. crime is seeking up to one day she entered to meet on tuesday with the men visit the election commission to discuss postponing the elections the constitutional court ruled on friday that the date of the election could be spent. but he said that the election commission and the government me to agree on its thousands of protesters took to the street in a band announced an off to the government tries to cross a controversial amnesty bill they accuse prime minister yang nak of organizing every ten of ten from that time seemed to know what from self interest excel in knox county career title has strong support in rural areas in the north and north east of the country pennants on mainly supported by the anthemic to cost. they're asking for fiscal reforms before the election is held
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mitre police in canberra to yet have used grenades and its consequence anti government protest is in the capital phnom penh at least eight people were when gates beyond caring find and crackdowns on protests despite campaign against security forces of good content domestically and internationally. in a sundress occurred on monday and demonstrate isn't that into it emerged that a tv licence issued to mom said monday. he is a twelve man could take off time distance and one january said the stupid file in a crowd of people who work monday and yet suddenly increased at least four people died united nations human rights money to each the government to clarify who issued the order as the then on sunday hundreds of people that need to get mom to babysit the twenty three protesters detained since the january that protests security forces again moved in and broke up the body
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cambodia's legal system is still in the process of developing is not enough time as pa since the end of the civil war the country also lacks a proper weight of the tree needed to spiritual and administrative complaint says that in any case correspondent says common icing that if any interest remains on the times in the country which enjoys continue its economic record the first official in the nba scoring place our investigation not a that capsized in the bay of bengal more than twenty people were killed in the accident on sunday. he said on monday the bodies of at least twenty one people have been re cut it off the country's undermine audience forty seven people were on board when the accident and pants according to the police the number of passengers exceeded its capacity. they suspect the crop may have hit a week. agent drew from the new courts. then there's room in the eye ear. dave's
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dad get in there and the board to reject it. an ordinary roads. under the youth court is to the people. there are no gods then today the boat. now i see on a sunny says the accident should be sorry investigate it. he also says those responsible should be punished antioxidants are common in india may need that support deconstruct it and they are often overcrowded and violation of safety drinking patients and that will wrap up the pace and i got to the attack someone in the call. experts from japan and china say both countries should pursue dialogue to avoid unintended clashes near the sand cuckoo islands to pan controls the islands in the east china sea. china and taiwan claimed them. eighteen experts have discussed ways to prevent clashes etsy. they have held three rounds of time since august of last year both in tokyo and beijing. the participants in
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both countries need to acknowledge that their respective interpretations of international or different they say japanese and chinese vessels navigating year the senate caucus should open a communication channel to deal with emergencies. you don't you know and if we prove that we can adopt and the kitchen sink to nurture seep into the two countries have different interpretations of international law. that's the biggest achievement we made. the japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of its territory in terms of history in international law it says there is no issue of sovereignty to the results over them. south korea's president auckland as for the first time. refer to the anniversary of normalization of the country's ties with japan the reference is seen as showing the positive stance toward improving relations being a man. jaime an exam room on the fiftieth anniversary of an online
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teaching of the two countries' diplomatic relations. japanese politicians get back on the right time as possible and having that. he was speaking on monday in seoul at a meeting of the women's association of south korean residents in japan. it has to get one. i believe in him and said nice things to carry out in some circles connotations yet it keeps her safety conscious and feelings to encourage excellence. tallinn the new policing that relations between japan and south korea have been strained over historical and other issues including sovereignty of violence in the sea of japan the united states has urged the two countries to promote bilateral line. i know him the interior sumo tournaments finished its fifteen day competition on sunday arsenal reporter kiddo morte has the full recap. i
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needed a fifteen on a new hairstyle ne yo calls in the haiku hosted as the sole leader without a single but this one is a win loss record in second place was full of sticky cut could do was just one last bit of class on sunday to decide the champion the boys into town to the students had to sit without a loss. he's gunning for his first top division crown. the exclusive taught by both men. doc's in constant motion and the forceful cool. nothing goes inside. says the guilt of that. the talent wins and points to the plate the heat gould. what's he going to be the last man standing
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the design hopeful causes us to speak to you still think of it in spades likes to test a test. this is exactly the situation couple wanted you will not prevent you from using his speed and agility. it said. since it's a marxist cooking oats. cold winds then moves forward. new new new new. chu was unusual as possible. mostly me the money on the wall. all students with them. misuse but they were the honolulu zoo dominoes. although it's a group. knows them all the one sentence . chicken
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soup was a close twenty eight overall he's closing in fast on the all time record of champions title and children fiji. even though cause you fail to capture the title this time his outstanding form team and won a record enables him to challenge for promotion to the oak was a night in the next competition so keep your eye on him. we not turn our attention to the mind the snow ran can find include heated up the competition which is sensational performance. and all the heat of the last month but has already of course to be objective twenty for you. by the police and has a strong desire to win. his engravings as the miles into town to his opponents onslaught in dangerous situations that's a
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skill to find a way to come on top. this is something you can't cope. no rattled up he never wins and that the competition is the only vacancy to receive the special prize. he called up by the spirit prompts the next grand tony the spring tony will be held in march. so cnn. ay ay ay ay ay ay. in it. sth. it's snowing in some parts of the us our meteorologist robert spencer has more robber. snow and cold arctic air really is the main topic out here today unless it's a good satellite imagery to see this front pushing down here towards the south as osman entrees very gusty winds across the lakes in some areas out his team wins gossip about us high the honda kilometers per hour not to mention a lake effect snow actually want to show a photo. the star here. coming out of minnesota in the sort on a little gusty winds is
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still that house full and a reduces visibility in the lead in this image is not snowing right now but you can barely see down the row it's because that still gets picked up by the wind in the swirl is talkin about. we still steps to introduce his bill in the blizzard watches and warnings which are still currently in effect as the storm system pushes east meanwhile along the base of this one is called fry them in new developing low pressure system in this and bring all sorts of nasty weather as well. rain showers across florida in ranges along northern ghana that we could see rain snow mix them or talk about freezing rain which could cause power outages in some parts of georgia over towards the carolinas extending down to the golf course to the north that widespread five centimeters of snow possible so a lot of fall weather to be had out here get travel plans do be careful. alice weird to think she a bundle up over the next several days is going to say chilly chicago minus nineteen remember this is freer highs here on monday while to see it to new york at the retreat with your lo's. it just feels
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absolute bitterly cold out here all for the next several days. it's expected to stay this way i cycled over towards our eastern asia or high pressure is dominating with all this clear there really is quite beautiful compared to last several weeks especially downpours the tropics where we had continuous rain showers impact in this area and really this high pressure is staying in place that is going to help pump in some warm air from the south so we're looking at temperatures warming up across china korea over course and also a new low pressure area developing here in central china can bring some rain showers even the risk of all across the angst over basin and then separately on a cold front moving through ohio and northern han soo now that itself could bring some twenty to thirty centimeters of snow in northern japan tokyo on the other hand. yes it will be staying warm over the next several days to go to the three day outlook here are now up to fourteen it goes back down the average but still stays above average by thursday. even down there and over towards odd soul
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three in the cause of the piano else when the world this doesn't seem very warm people. the average for this time it's easy run to soak still a little bit above average. now here in the year if we do have a low pressure system spitting up over the british isles it is and then bring in some gusty winds actually of years when reports about ninety km for our highways along with it some rain showers the big things is transporting all this cold air from the north westerly of why spending freeze watches and warnings in effect then but it was some concern that a tree in one storm after another. out here in italy over course the balkans in even the romania we saw severe assault snowstorm. over the weekend. this is only adding more more weather on to these areas where you don't want any more rain showers continue to push through in the appeal of the forecasts from some rain showers there even though which was athens thunderstorms year on year to save the city will weather this summer forecast. i am
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noon. i do. i know ch before we wrap up. here's some footage that may help you chill out. work is underway
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to fill a traditional thatched house and come as a law on the sea of japan coast with snow. residents and visitors use shovels another tolls to pack snow into a two and a half meter pits in the ice house during the edo period from the seventies to mid nineteenth century. a powerful clan in the area one favor in the hot summer by getting snow and stockpiled in its ice houses to the tokugawa shogun it. in a local tourist association revive the trip addition twenty eight years ago knitting on some of its greats that all these people have gotten together to pitch in. i work to store the snow will continue until around next month after that you'll bring a touch of cool to summer and ice house has reopened and two. and as his
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line for this hour and you know honey in tokyo. it was the us. the air the cheers
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and you need to teach you to use. reasons for and you see it. we'll show you too. who trampled on. see the students sing with the co chair where traditions in people's everyday lives. he seemed to
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dunedin it is . the it's really nice twenty lead the city's recruitment the catastrophic quake and tsunami. most of twenty three hundred and sixteen eighteen patients upon the desserts the elite. really who knew the damage the tsunami toll was far beyond what anyone could ever imagine


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