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from north and south beach diet advice from washington cctv needs seek the death chu new meaning moving moving moving the eye. i knew berlin is a journal. that's his life. it rains the region in the hague before last and so funny that i like it refuses to testify as a
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defense witness the trial of its onetime political eye beach. it relates to an early american folk singer we begin in ukraine where president's pick to get a cup it is government has taken me a step toward ending the crisis gripping the country. local beach except it to the resignation of his prime minister and i was on offer as well as his cutting edge. meanwhile parliament voted to repeal controversial anti protest legislation that sparked violent clashes in tn. it's the first concrete concessions the government has made since the crisis started two months ago opposition leaders say they're going to keep up the pressure. it just isn't being occupying key and independence square since november. now at least some of the demands have been made the prime minister says he's resigning to help the country find a way out of its two month long political crisis
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the decisions taken by parliament today together with my decision should create enough room for compromise. to me presenting the unity and integrity of the country and ensuring its success. what's important is useful too. in his resignation came as a condiment the nt practice lost all four straight twelve days ago. data will start off the latest protests. but the opposition want more the tiny clique and demanded political activist be released. we also need to bring up the very important issue of an amnesty to stop the prosecution of all the protesters. this is very important. missiles that the fundamental issue of ukraine's relationship to the european union. gemini is calling for everything the lady poked in the top ukrainian direction towards your pew. this potential association agreements which in accordance to consign the start of december which is still on the table i found
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it to go to coffee posting these. despite the concessions to protest a stinky it's a film he demonstrates into a home that demands the next. and for the latest in ga for going out to our correspondent markets where my future prime ministers resigned as we heard in parliament repealed the anti protests last was the pressure on the government's highly too great. i wouldn't trade it was very hesitant to get the cottage and the doc dates that time i get to act on npr the end of the fifty two to four of the dead body type there's not much to fear from the chemical that of the spirit of competition that took at the muster up a tactical maneuver it a monster of a ticket to your attorney to try it. i get them off the rope with it because the private home a baby step it did not surface
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meal or just to calm down the situation and maybe even two arms. yep i'm that the opposition movement first up to end the deadlock in the country i doubt it because i feel a bit short yesterday she did that protesters during the day the government that could have gone completely. be it from now on they have been shot to the horror of war anthem or think the day that this thursday. baez that though the constitution. i am today though we don't get a president to step down another hall of the month of the protest movement. hope it does not get the belt leah and i'm afraid. we had not the pt for notification of the street and in the pacific the fee at any time soon the opposition's click now when people see next. but the big picture but the protesters to do just that cover the foam minutes ago and most of them i've had it they have that to take it out to the picture and because of the life they all end up in prayer. they don't
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trust that the government they don't have the president anymore. and they stayed they were full of korea change they will fall if the president of the article that stupid. thanks for joining us. well was president of the cia's decision to sign an economic deal with russia at first he cost ukraine's crisis two months ago. on tuesday a russian prison flooding at fourteen said his country will make good on that deal to provide key is with cheaper gas and a hefty known even into the opposition takes. how would you make that statement at an eu russia summit in brussels that is i've found a little common ground on issues like ukraine and russia's human rights record the winner of the game in which it appears outside russia. activists from the ukrainian friend who never seemed far away the message this time putin can of democracy. they say the russian president is the reason the unrest erupted in ukraine. the accused him of a propaganda campaign
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against the opposition the european union is also unhappy with russia through ukraine. the welcome was called eel sauce from ourselves. the meeting was shortened from two days to a few islands. it was not on the agenda but it is affecting relations the eu claims russia thirty s decision to back out of a partnership deal. and ultimately to the conflict it's broke ukraine. i'm deeply concerned by the situation in ukraine the violence of course needs to stop. you would like to work with russia to reach a deal between the ukrainian government and the opposition but that seems unlikely. he rejects what he calls foreign meddling in ukraine such as gordon also has little time for european criticism of human rights abuses in russia
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just the right principles and to gays and lesbians this is somewhat busy building the saatchi olympic games have been ill treated and unpaved has also fallen on to two years. who do not appreciate what he sees as eu interference. now comes on and jeff and megan russell followed this summit for us annie and we asked him whether it helps to clear the air between russia and the eu. well the monies to be some smiles and summer let's call the station of the final press conference hall for the meeting here today but of course allies romo is happening in kiev and other overshadowed the entire told this was the regime and to be at an eu russia summit with deals to be done the signatures put on documents. none of that was going to happen now to what happened in ukraine and is very interesting that we get the resignation of prime minister and get yours while moscow and brussels are trying to resolve the differences. nothing was result that they did the caveat no because the ukraine's situation is still ongoing and now this is twist today with the prime minister's resignation does not change the dynamic between brussels and moscow
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no tensions are still running high over this but the message today off to this brief three alice summit meant to be one off days reduced to three oz was that it's business as usual on trade and aid deals with all that kind of associated exchange between brussels and moscow but let's not talk about ukraine detail now but sizeable keen to see what else happens again. i happened to me for us interests. he did thousand president muhammad morrissey has appeared in court in cairo when he's on trial for a two thousand and eight and jailbreak my security in a cage behind the classically designed to stop him he is dropping the proceedings. you may define and questioned the legitimacy of the court or she is in the dock with twenty one other defendants from the muslim brotherhood prosecutors say they conspirup hamas and hezbollah n a mass breakout near cairo which left one policeman dead the un mediator at the syrian peace talks in geneva has played down claims that the talks broke down earlier today. what ever he
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said that she suggested a half a day break in the negotiation. that gives talks on stilts on the issue of great transition of power on the future role of president. on the sides. amy said that had been no breakthrough in efforts to help the civilian population in the besieged says he'll call the name of fighting continues in syria itself based on very fine because posted online claim to shill holmes being shale and government forces. in thailand the government is pushing ahead with controversial elections on sunday despite its the playboy club and destruction from the opposition. he looks at what's called a snap elections with the hope of cementing her hold on power and ending the mass protests against the government opposition groups want the government to go into sunday's elections to be called off. protest is on the school did a month is to get outside and ami building in bangkok. some demonstrators tried to force
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their way in. but the police repel them. inside i'm in a signal to know what was locked in talks with the election commission the commission is pushed in delaying the whole steering thailand's political crisis will spill over into violence but the government has refused. conservative opposition stance in terms of winning. regardless of when it does help. he has promised to block access to all polling stations. last weekend's anti government protests in sporty make good on a promise. stopping times early voting. must resign such a country can in the mood for once the government resigns you'll love it. ch many members of the middle cause when the people's council to drop a plan for reforms because of the government many of them from poor rural areas say that i leadership was democratically elected. a compromise seems less likely than ever. now where
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authorities have extended the ban on the sale of live birds after twenty people died from bird flu since the beginning of the year at around one hundred people have been affixed it to levy a two seven and nine virus which is mostly sprayed to buy apple tree. hogan has ordered a massive column that's one of the city's main markets. hong kong's chong one wholesale market on tuesday morning sixty workers in full protective suits moved in. on the orders to kill twenty thousand chickens the animals are placed in trash cans. then gassed with carbon monoxide. it looks pretty cool. but the authorities are taking no chances with the flu. they have a sample taken from a chicken and pork soup. from the main event was stressed that most of you. forty seven and nine. the views influence
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of violence. chinese social same sections of the harm to humans and is no evidence of sustained human to human transmission. that analysis is backed by the world health organization. but that doesn't mean people on one aide. poetry is contagious of course i'd rather he has taken a very scary especially so with the upcoming used it in person this moment of people die from it. in mainland china more than one hundred people have contracted the disease has killed one and fines of them officials are monitoring the situation carefully. as live poultry markets in the west today areas. that's to stop people taking like chickens with them when they join the masses traveling to family gatherings on the lunar new year this week and spreading the virus throughout the country the un security council has voted unanimously to authorize the deployment of the european union force in the central african apartheid
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to back out the french and african troops trying to deal with the violent staff tell it's not yet clear which european countries will take part. germany's new defence minister has said she could see her country playing a role there as well as in other places have regions but that's not going down well with everyone in the armed forces the dynamo ursula from the mayan is jumping feet first into her jaundice german defence minister. it's a completely new area for her. chill me to learn fast. what was there taking an ever greater role in international missions chavez o sphere i headed east of discussion with a gentle about our deployment capabilities and the resilience of our armed forces. in other lives how they can best make the skills available within the european alliance that's the key is to go. some soldiers may soon be deployed to africa as part of an eu mission. but a new report warns that more international missions means germany smells smaller army
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will soon be stretched to the limit. lol smart service to melbourne gets the impression that somehow led to expect an easier time once we pulled up to the scan is done. but as we've seen that isn't the case and probably won't be in the future. sick and i to be busy and in the dt stuff the report also contains complaints from soldiers and they often have difficulty complying family life of their work. and the semiconductor and child case very important to me i have until ten. i think there's potential for improvements. everything does confidence out of his life is an example of the solution to high choppy lukas it's a very flexible full account can be ami has the advantage of lots of space compared to other organizations to come defence minister wants to show she's open to the concerns of germany's armed forces. but opposition politicians say ordinary soldiers are paying the price for germany shift to a greater international
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military rule. read an ethical one minute break still to come. the butcher of bosnia refuses to testify at trial in the hague. and president obama prepares to address the nation and a legacy of the anti war icon is either that or after the break they would. i been you decide you want to watch the images. programs the whole package. dw on the internet. media center dw tell you. you mean. tool
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i was. is all. my boss and say i'm a dad at school at it as it used to testify at the trial of his form of political buzz about the bond package each lot is known as the butcher of bosnia for his alleged role in the master at seventy cents and on tuesday he dismissed the un court for credit is being tried as a tool of nato for the hearing at the international crime criminal tribunals. but before we sat and was supposed to shed light on the relationship between the package and mladic doing cos is like the cu war instead however it turned into a platform for mladic
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who refuse to answer any questions. this was in court against his will and time and the coolest travel fast she refused to testify. then said he'd speak. it's got that suspension is firm is now one fifteen twenty days he refused again to give evidence citing ill health of the fact he's also a defendant. two nuggets. do you intend to refuse to answer every christians supposed to be put by mr cousins. more to go told him the same answer to every question will be. all of us in seven of the treaty their faces charges of genocide assets is full of political boss candidates. prosecutors told them responsible for the massacre of eight thousand muslim men and boys at seventy percent in nineteen ninety five. we're not it ignored the questions
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addressed to him about that and then i accidentally when the court refused to let him read out to a statement those qualities. thank you for stopping me saying what i wanted to say. it is confirmed. my assumption to the hague court isn't that cool tool. it's going to satanic quarter. he's too in the boom on the say so that's something we love it as a witness has done nothing to help add to its defense. both share a common goal and that's to make life as hard as possible. the tribunal. to some business news now german engineering giant siemens has started twenty fourteen on solid footing reporting profits at one point five billion euro zone the last three months but despite the twenty percent jump in profits lehman ceo joe cases said total revenue remained flat. speaking at siemens general assembly case that lay in to the state of numbness on instability in emerging markets and weak sales in the manufacturing
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sector. he said siemens has continued to improve its productivity to make profits concepts some of it all does go down at the markets at ascot on the twenty pounds he said is this some money from the trading floor in front the new head of siemens didn't completely convinced the investors at least not all of them. the share of siemens was a sometimes losing during the day at the end it was a relatively solid results was the comment by alice but people are also very anxious to see what joke is really wants to change its demons in order to improve the profit picture for the long term. on the market in general. improving the stopping the days long director and downwards turkey is meeting the central bank there and expected to our interest rate changes. the hike in order to stop the plague of investors from the turkish lira that
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could lend some confidence back to the situation for the emerging markets as a whole. also encouraging consumer confidence data from the united states and also helped. as a bass lesson from that is a quick look at the numbers we announce any xp head to head to the placenta and the day at nine thousand four hundred and six years and years of state again to eight percent to close at three thousand says he added now crossed the atlantic in new york trading is still going on the dow jones industrials kind to be up to fifteen thousand nine hundred and twenty five and on currency markets the euro is trading one you install the thirty six sixty six. european union finance ministers would meet in brussels today it again on the blocks knew his command to slash its budget deficit since seven months after it began to use twenty eight member crew a waste of space is an excessive deficit procedure because it expects to run a deficit of six point four percent. that's more than twice the maximum three percent that you will allow i chalk it up just about
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scoring goals it's also about money and german born is to get clubs have proven again and again that's a pretty good and post them but if we get published its annual import on tuesday and the figures are impressive seventeen and eighteen top division clubs both in operating profit before interest in the two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen season. overall the point is the us in revenue grew by four point four percent last season happy faces among buddhists legal officials in front of him that there is still room for improvement and importantly get used to mean. ginny sore inside sipping packing out stadiums and enthusiasm has been stumped by top notch talent on the pitch and the bundesliga spoonful of some paper looks just as coolidge. bundesliga read the news hit nearly doubled in the last decade and now well into two to unionize golden voiced by another one this need is cash cow. last season they cleaned up connecting five trophies
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they even won an old gym in champions league final against dortmund. that success has boosted interest in the bundesliga proletariat somebody call his own team with frequent read the news from tv rights. boss woodlands creamy and leeks still stretches the bundesliga on paper. it made nearly three billion in twenty twelve. the gemini comes in a close second in the us financial aid. just ahead of spain's primera division. but the buddhist leaders six cents doesn't mean all the stops to flush many like child i dreamed it seems wrong to be exposed as an under huge pressure to improve their performance will face the consequences this starts to slide down the financial data often have trouble performing on the pitch to grill and often follows relegation. so the purposely does and doesn't mean good times for all. president barack obama will lay out his strategy for boosting the middle class in this state of the union later
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today. the economy is once again expected to be the focal point of this piece with issues like income inequality and unemployment wing and bake. while obama's latest poll numbers have seen a monster often sunnier than the rest of his presidency fifty one percent of respondents to give him a thumbs down. dw went to detroit to gauge the mood in the city on the verge of bankruptcy the scene he said in unemployment and crime read here and her husband darrell have been volunteering at the detroit to thank for years. it was eight hours a day seven days a week and with full kit of their own. they also rely on the feet on the doubt here when a well made on forty so it's hard for me you know because they want younger people. i like to attend school everyday so i'll have nothing to do when i come here and i help out here despite his track meet them on the straight sixteen
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eighteen seats. in retirement benefits to the crew planned to less than six hundred years a mom of two black radio brings to two people who come pick it up. she says her family needs to she gets to survive. reading is one of the estimated forty seven million americans and the puppet in time. like many she thinks president obama hasn't done enough to help the country's needy the economy has begun to pick up but nothing has changed between his family local aid groups like the cleanest the bank only eats that troubles the biggest reason people are hungry is because they don't have work so you have to fix that in ut ethics that without having the appropriate supports in the economy whether that's minimum wage are all the other things that president obama is going to be talking about. not everyone thinks government interventions in how many living in bloomfield hills
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and affluent detroit's of that. think about was taking the country down the wrong pot. from a tax standpoint it's it's very apparent that it's more more difficult. de leon most. to maintain which you get to maintain. it's pretty apparent that you know where we're going socialistic american thinker. we knew believes in the american dream. the promise that if she was hard enough you can kind of decent living. c and her husband had the audience will happen next to it that way. diy much of the godly to the universities here. any law which ever one day to lose. as i can recall what i have potential for mike that i do. but without help from their parents when his children will actually need to take on a heavy debt that is fast to listen to universities in the u s averages at around four thousand year is easier. for millions of americans said
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for millions of americans he was the voice of the anti war generation of the nineteen sixties even be on the us to folk singer pete seeger articulated the longing for a gentler world. one of peace freedom and understanding between all peoples family members say he passed away quietly in his sleep in his native new york. he was ninety four the singer was known as much for his songs as for his activism. his concerts like this one in germany in nineteen ninety four which turned into a sing along. the nineteen fifties seekers outspoken political views gotten blacklisted in the us. performing in cafes in universities to encourage everyone to get the ball. so people nobody can prove a thing. botha. obviously if i didn't think music can help save the human race that would mean making music. see
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the sixties where all the flowers gone and we shall overcome. in civil rights implement a woody guthrie is this land is your land was central to his concerts. in nineteen ninety six seater was inducted into the us rock and roll hall of fame honored for his early influence on popular music. and pete seeger never stop performing whether firing up a crowd of students. for with an all star chance at his ninetieth birthday party in new york's madison square garden. icon of american folk music. not only to gun that's all from us when our thinking to much for joining us stay with us
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the air which statistics you know. you know the too much the us. now on dvd. low wall. a man. use. a new. i
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eye changing one's mind is the world's first jewish teachers. the peace process was for many years. twenty oh eight in its brightness of this trial. what i'm talking to fit into. i know. i might add with a white woman. about that. i watched it. i'm quite sure. i might as well as some
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buttons. each. you knew you when will you will. it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some of the chevron bp a lot. the european court of human rights rules the irish studies is liable for sexual abuse international schools call home and away from peak winds of the smart case


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