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tv   Global 3000  PBS  January 29, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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they've seen the torrens title. you would win with you . fbi's. the er. our sch. b b b b . you could open new
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picture of the tv guide support. you don't know generation descendant of the country. in in them move brew we. leo is one of the stream. his business empire expanded from home you can tell. b mm brule me i i are. we should reduce something to him. i knew. i
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hear it in. he was in his twenties ongoing all decided to abandon his political career and go into business in it. so as to whether a fourth and twenty two were actually the one planned for wednesday. at changi push you can call to say to him to go now. partially to do. to pick them up. cheryl wonderful glow station on friday is here you'll meet seen in the partial summary to reliably and up cooling too lulu a a ay ay ay in bj's the chinese tradition of officialdom is the natural outlet for good scholars the time the country league was extremely rich told
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the younger members of the family could obtain government position. the road their wealth and work it into into contact with the oval to enjoy a successful official career to his decision was in opposition to his family's wishes. you only have the support of his mother due moon. in the country. she was a very special person it's an interesting story about her family the a. in sixteen forty one. the troops captured the city of more young england hughes family members had to flee. i . when
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a menu and walk on. the dead man's land. the new song the one you still want to talk. told you to reduce the heat on him. a recent poll. doolittle was installed the zone. the fugitives. ay ay ay ay ay ay. the has a juice mother moved from place to place and eventually settled in donkey the two eighteen in the country. a
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cheater chew through me into a beautiful warm in the review to come from. she gave birth to son mean come on y'all. you wouldn't mr eastwood. she was sick and going to warm them going through this court is not going to utah. his political career and went into business who he is deeply influenced the family's attitude and philosophy towards the world of commerce and trade unbeknown to me became focused on business. don't forget soon he yelled for
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school. theology and she seemed. side. genuinely school class. but soon the driver's seat as the tylenol. for some juicy shot lead. in boom boom you the idea but its future direction. he wanted to get open water transportation. he made his decision based on policies that green transportation by water which is coming during emperor she's way will we. i r r r i am. she uses sports to three outstanding. he killed two americans. they were to help suppress few tory rebellions came chinese rivers and develop
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the transportation of grain by one holy innocents his tone was quite yet. we would have told him she said. he just gets home. to shoot remain neutral on to star in the morning. who he was chosen to use. when you know selena to work with. who can go home. today children who go to a solution. i. a. st chided him for cane she can perhaps be considered as the import value the idea of transporting green water most times. reaching down to around three hundred years ago the yellow river was constantly flooded. seriously affected the supply of grain to the camp. during the early
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years of his reign camper came she was refusing to return to. the supply of provisions in fawkner was fine too. water transport was a big political issue. and two hundred and forty thousand tonnes of grain was transported to the capital every year. guaranteeing the supply was highly important team boss when she can. what has caused some footage and she doesn't have my own home already. she can i i eouge iivualso evop the tnsrtatn queenslanwater reaching governmen decreed that the ship to carry three tusd red kilograms of milk. tax free there were six thousand ships engaged in transporting green by water every year then the duty free alone was twenty thousand talents. this policy stimulated the merchants enthusiasm for transporting grain by water
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little river. it's going to work to get to the yellow river by boat. this provided a great advantage for kong ipo. wetart to become interested in transporting grain by boat. i know i was a highly competitive area of business. according to historical records in the teaching times. there were over seven thousand dollars on a long river little jewel. i also saw some new sheets and softball hee hee. two male asian cultures one also this issue that ought to be on show the ndp lost soul in its willingness to do. tori had
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to stop. to all. and so on i'm not sure what also caught on the sunny sky on to win tomorrow. yes i do the eye. sure nice to send warships. the speedboat cc readers ships especially me i used to make the ships is taken from the towering forests next to the lower river. she was twenty to thirty meters long in over four meters one. each could carry about one hundred and ninety tonnes of grain i changed a campaign to stamp the juices to ten knots to continue to call ended. he
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was a kid i was in the room family groups and more cargo decks larger goods carrying capacity. they could meet the needs of ministry transportation much better than conventional additionally by their ancestors as well as congo young's was due to favorable relationship with the cover the new fleet gradually gained a foothold on the long river. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay i mean. you will you will ch. i know. moo moo moo me
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always wanted a wii. all we did. the little danielo didn't make it. external door documentary. speaking to throw. unexpected danger. one day has arrived. government is going to dig into the canalconsidering the grand canal from the yellow river. in the past boats and ships have been able to go through regular
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readers to the grand canal to transport goods all round shine. bikes used to separate good stencils would only be able to reach high school which was about one hundred km away. their business go with peace of your unit season to begin you can do now was a choice to have been forced on him. at that time the yellow river repeatedly first its critics were seriously affected the passage of ships. stalls this problem. james who oversaw the river the little canal dug in the area around shoe joe james to separate the grand canal from the yellow river. the idea was to prevent it from being affected by the constant influx of floodwater from the hillary. he has had a
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direct influence on the company's business in the tuning chicks. the it's the one to consumer alike are transported to lead he can she and the prophets are gone yay. because of the long distance no one wanted to take on the chair. then before i can just send them to use in the tv and listen to them. and who loses his sanity and health. it's huge she says. getting married so we're going to want to leave so i will keep them in total over one season he
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could come into the game tossing them. he comes in what was going to see. he is located southeast of here and on. it's close to the new river. the creepiest we're in shin dong province. the user connects to the limit. as many water which is only a dozen kilometers from the grand canal. tonight the transportation of goods on the heroes who was booming there were many warts along the river and newer ships like the trade alone. this provided fertile soil for the development of commercial tray. needy children the conclusion that the few times just use that you'll see. so i shouted it using simple to use and new testaments. she also could be executed soon cause them to seeing you on the nose to one thousand two hundred do you
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need to realize that if you can find his vision to the wall river region. he would be trapped by his limited view there would be unable to achieve greater success. so he decided to expand its market to stand on i know. we are assessing the nature of the place. you see the glint in the cargo could be transported to begin shooting in the north and human self. his business became more scary than the warehouses became like modern french. eight the foundation for the family does and become the first man to go beyond his home to start a business elsewhere the eye. i. the screw new
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problems emerged we being caged in river transportation no more river he only had three ships. the only sealed in the area around don't be so cool and could manage than himself. the expansion of the reason is simple and i couldn't even see the business anymore the ncaa. sydney a week and has a new study. you just tuning in to my day with emma told me of the communion this is seasonal. food has been chasing him. do you want to use in book soon going to sell the pyramid shape
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management mechanism. this was the unique system made up of warehouses and managers santos is gambling use the spoon. it is homeless who was he when to stay. it seems. usually the country and rebuilt a few treats his friends when she and all. so the commodity spooky loaded and unloaded. later ones business troll be conditioned on. so the sin that grace is there too. these creases consisted of three houses counting ounces and guest rooms to accommodate people who are going there to do business with this company the expansion of the business and families warehouse has increased in number the inside. two way it's true. ford says. we
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also. shorty i wish there whining for me. mind you for the soul. it was huge. auto shutdown the trees the moment. no shows. salim the seashell. the enzyme or less tool shows us the tools i was. dan air. he broke the traditional family enterprise management the silica talented man from the ranks of society appointed as manager. one family were versatile and similar to today's professional management thinking. defining the three greats. you can manage the descendants of comfort
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streaks. the preschool when you choose. you mean and tony hall to continue. i feel the need to deeply teaching twenty oh two he only changing the hall and tell you which although she nuclear medical school she was told what she saw someone holding its long haul. all the time the two countries to those who should be sold here in new york was sent on loan to school to tell me that to you . due to pollution. decision making tool to control the power of appointment can move as well as students. the managers were responsible for day to day operations. managers of
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different grades formed a pyramid shaped management system similar to today's professional management system. it's huge. i salute you. it's awful. just didn't come down to impose a solution. thank you heidi don't clean. some hideous so. the yes toast. i'm sure that the story as it seems to me he would teach me for awhile and never will. all edible. i used to do will tease you. yes yes. call. it seems to be decent. down into a shield. jill holocaust
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cleveland oh. i use unique system fully harnessed managers potential to create a new family enterprise management. this innovative management. kong was able to control events that were going on. thousands of miles away. extremely well. i i i i ay ay ay. every spring to winter ice melts only on the rear for this temple becomes busy i'm going through each room would offer sacrifices to the river guide before setting up attracting many people to join uniform too. it was rumored that
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every time. it's the million tonnes of silver from santa i am. come on. she has a comment on it. initial knowledge and common the jealousy and tongue you need to use torture the only ones who died for you. and soon knew he would decide the family's future hang on. been in. two thirty two kg over the business code named k gold and two. it was
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a big challenge for. no excuses. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay the issue of the country the rumor of. the i am
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assists. we're showcasing what this study used an entire width of the mixture of eastern cuts with western influence is a lot of embroidery patterns and textiles your on here so having known. the phase out and with the designers that were showcased in a fabulous cards yet but your boss and venomous. gave it to be like yet. he loved the pretty shiny colorful debate. i get like a campaign that thing with me. that's how i should
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be. it added that out. as a creative ad when a bomb the word baby. all is bitter passion for country. it's just that for the last year to the tranquillity and reinforce and send that message out to the west. but the one society there is always pretty big fashion forward. we've seen a lot more of a word that generation giving up the fashion industry. and so yes now with their duties with a comparable to the western side. i've read my color theory right now with the fabric is very low key it is of extreme heat but
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rather through the desert. he sees it. this is something that can easily be going into a cocktail party. what a wonderful summer create a given. some amazing statistic that says it expects higher when you see it don't know where to find lightly culture and the remembering our dead at speed over the years. i can. i think just because you have more access now. i think it is one of the most profitable business in terms of action to aid in action
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springboks and use it use materials to use it to match the standards of books mentioned it and it is a piece he did not really but the study notes that indians and leaves the americans as you see the collection to be but just to be seen in many concerts. stay but i get to know what they liked most about. the rest of the two of the singing of this again to get everybody's attention i'm wanting. the print. i think the tuxedos. it looks great it is much to see it here. the boy have i been in ages but i feel as if you want. cb. somebody you're
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still talking with mixed with iodine far i've been to three years event and build it can still be seen. that's why we have new elections which featured new fabrics and that gives the entire season. he's the guy sang carols. hawking said that this is the seventeenth of august at the ticket is outstanding the owner. yours. unity
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brazilians will catch the football world cup finals and the whole world will join him for israel's national cap said. or will be coming ten terrorists in america. and this is how many brazilians need a house in their free time. today we ask how they'd feel about posting the welsh cup and whether they think it will be one of the country's heavy investments. welcome to go with three thousand in his will to have coming up pizza day


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