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tv   CCTV News  PBS  January 29, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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the chance to remedy that many courts close in age it's part of the country the eye. he knew knew who will the sea. re inventing straight line that separates who has transferred its a great buy. her voice sound
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early morning cleaning tack and the like. here's the islands. i sat and read a more white pants. it likes and accept christ into that kind of scary. whilst the devastated state. we're asked to write. these are preparing to pop in your lives. the answer to. he began santana been saying first up this hour the un special representative for dprk policy when davies has met with his south korean counterparts though cheney on tinsel. the talks were mainly focused on ways to resume multilateral talks aimed at the new rising the dprk and you are skinny and to take concrete measures to resume the law stops cox and also said the joint military drought would go ahead with it. that's what we're looking for is changed to come from but north korea. so far north korea has been a no show. on the nuclear issue
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we have one to keep reading and conducting oh two and the societies which are defensive in nature and should continue view of the davies is expected to brief the chow on the results of this trip today saying that their first leg at the very nation northeast asia trip. that means is that as part of the back to back a century it's my time drinking us foreign affairs officials deputy secretary of state william burns and assistant secretary of state on a show that there's daniel russell last week the dprk for press for uni and have korean families separated since the korean war six decades ago. but it is now uncertain whether it will keep the sport a hat. at the start of the trials in february and march of the dprk has demanded that sounds scary and that caused the trails colleen than the reverse oh four and innovation. lastly the country how the rare news conference the war and that the exercises to get out of control and plunged into an unmatched above disaster. you
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love the dprk as ambassador to china has repeated increase in demand by his country for south korea to cancel its forthcoming joint military exercises with the united states. the city the likud usual i go to for this we again propose immediately and unconditionally halting all military and hostile acts involving fellow countryman south koreans in collusion with outsiders the united states' request the south korean authorities take the crucial position of counseling he was old and full legal joint military exercises which declined to state funding and if every as long as the anti dprk policy by the us continues we cannot expect any resolution of the nuclear issue and the safety and security of the korean peninsula. every contentious between china and japan have been on the rise for the last few weeks but the latest episode coming as defendants demanded school history textbook. but the dowdy islands as japanese territory
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of the two countries have sent sixteen s drum better break and a spokeswoman for the chinese foreign ministry on tuesday once again urged japanese leaders to reflect on their history and correct their mistakes. she said that only by acknowledging mistakes and adopting a sincere attitude towards history collector can maintain friendly relations with its neighboring countries. let's not beat that. development of consciousness is not only a matter of his own but also of concern for all asian countries. we are to be a nice meters to the flat upon history and adopt the path of peaceful development. as for china's attitude towards meeting its nice to be there when we get very creamy many times. should not refuse to admit it why don't i know from other countries. by default. nine people critically claimed to be seeking dialogue with china we call on the dependence he dared not to play games
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anymore. lincolnshire in concrete actions to correct this mistake will now depend to maintain friendly relations with its asian neighbors. and in addition to the d ii listed transferred by teaching guidelines also claimed the doctor while its despite its dispute with south korea the south korean foreign ministry has a lodge an official complaint the spokesperson said japan is making false claims of the documents. south korea has summoned the japanese ambassador to condemn can do the only house on her and dr ok this first taxes to the south korean government this year. a clear sign that docked at a south korean territory by international law. i'm jittery first south korea released an online video clip in many languages on its sovereignty said counter actions by japan and south korean government also built a doctor but billy and that an investment of about two billion us dollars in its capital seoul. the aim is to raise awareness of the doctor issue. sure they
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were fondled it is after the event and no amount of cars that go to an end and i didn't know before but have set our mind to safeguard our cocoa and it's good to those of the speedometer to me but to me that he had made it to their statements are telling a lie that the ghost sounds pretty scary to read lonely too. and since taking up this japanese prime minister should sell out they has made its two am and the country's constitution and that the ban on its right to collective self defense. a us commentator on a separate civic issues says this could be dangerous and go against the will of the japanese people. i think what he's trying to do a show his political opponents that this process is inevitable. in other words that this is going to happen that he's committed to militarization too. we are only in japan and that they just have to go along with the program he has to change opinion but mostly he's trying to intimidate his political opponents. why then in japan in recent months and i can see that there's
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widespread sentiment against the policy of the ave government the japanese people when through world war two the government took them to work we have to make a distinction between the japanese people and the japanese government the japanese people say no collective security on means another possible war. we take a lot that they had dressed in tight now two people reported injured in the early morning grenade attack in bangkok. the blast also cause minor injuries to nearby president intends to build things. he came just hours before anti government protesters but teaches set out for a march through past at the capital. and reports say it has underlined the years that thailand's political crisis is entering a more violent face. on tuesday the government said it would press ahead with the sketch on general election this weekend against the wishes of the election commission. hats that there is too much potential for violence and destruction for the poll to be held safely now the main opposition party is boycotting
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the election. and i was caretaker prime minister has decided the election will go ahead. or they are crisp and to see the cha street protest the election will be a very long process and is very likely to bring more chaos to the city. the decision to go ahead with it every second election will hang the mount pressure on the caretaker government because he could provide ammunition to add to the protest is to keep on going after protests oh gosh i guess today protest leaders of raising the stakes once again. protest leaders attempted to buy announced on the main valley states based on what is in every province to be prepared and to not let the election on every second to be able to proceed at merrimack so wats scientifically about is polling at bats for a team with eighteen vacation while we can expect it is sunday it will likely be chaotic polling stations will be blocked by protests as election officials will be have restricted access many babies at some of the sites i would like declines due to violence and in some high in
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most of the bangkok in the southern provinces you all should be impossible to form a new government as comments may push on to the constitutional requirement that ninety five percent of seats the failed senate house would not be able to stay for three to four months. i don't think twenty eight constituencies were actually in the south which black candidates to contest the ballot that would take another two to three months of racing in the twenty eight at constituencies. i've to proceed with our complete results the election commission cannot calculate the number of high ceilings and peace and that would take another four to six months to get some action that will be a very long recess meetings taking place at a very turbulent time. breaking news at least thirty people had been injured in a bus carrying into the mine in thailand now the accident occurred when one sightseeing bus carrying european tourists collided with another one carrying tiny easter is that the injured had been sent to nearby hospital. we'll bring you more information on that as
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soon as we can. i didn't take us or break your onions that dates would be back after this. fan. six season. steve
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the iron. that denny's and dates in an effort to calm the street violence in ukraine the country's president has accepted the resignation of prime minister mccullough has dropped an overturned on thai protests last of our push through parliament just twelve days ago. it is the first concrete concessions made since the crisis that prompted two months ago but it still hasn't made enough to settle matters at the meeting or independence square in kiev where protesters remained cctv slip out by the bay as one he became an even lower yet between the police barricade and coaches to barricade the priest prays the prayer of stability for
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ukraine a prayer in hopes that a peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis can be found by the qatari government. and according to statements with that intention in mind. ukrainian prime minister to call our cars are resigned to present the tree and call beach on tuesday. the move came as parliament held an emergency session in that resolving some of the issues keeping the nation in the state of crisis. thousands of protesters in the streets regardless of the freezing temperatures. parliament members voted to repeal most of the anti protest legislation passed in january sixteen. the scrapping of these laws was one of the major demands of protesters many saying the ban on virtually all forms of protest was in violation of their basic human rights. yet key issues remain unresolved. opposition leaders and anti government protesters one president in a cottage garden. he remains in
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power and nothing worked long into the house to complete the then everything will be normal. meanwhile members of the iconic just party of the regions and its allies the vienna cottage his resignation is not an option and besides that ukraine is a democracy. most readers would know but it gets all of the christian call to the local christian next year we have connections to people decide who's right. whether to applaud the president's pale malt it aloft the people another issue opposition lawmakers will press for his honesty for activists commercial law especially for the over two hundred protesters jail since the protests first began in november of last year. yes the government has made some concessions. yes the prime minister has resigned and they have appealed some of the anti protest laws. i wonder will this be enough for now it seems to know the protest is behind me are building a new observer teller. so for now it seems that point it does go on the trot by the beach. cctv kiev. russia's president that
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a lot new going has meant but key eu officials in brussels in a bid to ease the escalating diplomatic tensions over ukraine relations nosedive slightly last year when the ukrainian president earned a spot on the trade and political association deal with the eu in favor of closer ties with russia. cctv stefan has this report from the summit in brussels. souls. russia's president of the new fridge and found his usual formal dinner of beans sliced on the agenda. as of today eu russia summit was come back to less than three alice all frosty talks focusing primarily on you cry eu officials once again stressed that until mikey and towards the eu would not harm russia's interests. we knew katie and i again it's the mentality of law against block. that's exactly how president clinton then accused the eu was amazing the bloc's foreign policy chief catherine ashton
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heading straight from the summit to kiev. to which i can imagine what the reaction of our european partners would be if in the midst of a crises in greece or any other country the foreign minister arrived at an anti european riley and urged people to do something you are too precious to me to the zoo. observation that did not sit well with the european council president young looking to feeling a little in their decisions. all made a nice avoiding finance and provide the stability in a democratic athens. the need to avoid violence and seek a political solution was something about it cause he's at the summit big reveal. the book more shares on the agenda that you cry. there was a pigeon forge a new partnership agreement along with disagreements of assyria and trying but it was you crying but domination that all. the meeting drew to
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a close as it had begun with the sure all moms side of the eu on the other hand you crying in the middle tries to bite. jack ross and cctv process chinese forgave the end john has successfully escorted a convoy at the national asian cargo ships to sirius left the camp large to begin loading another round of the country's chemical weapons stockpile. the ships are carrying nine cargo containers for chemical storage. aztec ships from china russia and denmark and norway are standing by to begin the next leg of the disarmament. a un report says the current asylum in operation is behind schedule the deadline for the first after admission to bring the seriousness dangerous chemical weapons was obviously set for december thirty first but was not carried out until january seven. those weapons are now scheduled to be destroyed offshore on the us ship by march thirty first and address the serious chemical materials are deemed to be transferred out of
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the country by frederick fifth and destroyed by june thirty. the daily press conference at the geneva peace shots united nations mediator law cover steamy said negotiations and get to achieve a breakthrough but despite difficulties he said both sides are committed to continue. his outlook is in negotiations and that there haven't been using today if you haven't been using his postgame news. there were probably not be easy to become anchored days. i am i'm glad that you have b. my d to talk to a science. they intend to stand up to. these discussions until friday cause origin. so nobody's looking out. would these are mingling. the man. in
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the hall. goosen. mm mm. many and. best was just around the corner here in china and millions of people are making their way back home for the twenty ten as friends but authorities say over six million railway journeys are estimated to be made on wednesday. the railway sector has added more than five hundred and twenty ten for a passenger trains over the past three days more than seven million railway journeys have been the day and fight to stay more than eighty five million journeys happening during the spring fast but trouble us that this sixteen percent up from the state period of last year the number of people traveling in big cities like beijing shanghai she and andrew hunt is nearly double the average day and engaging thirty two pairs of temporary
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trains come in packets. only linear seat bases capital international airport is expected to see nearly two hundred and forty thousand people taking to disguise since tearing the twenty second of the average daily number of passengers has reached that figure to prepare for the new year's eve p extra checking cameras and self service check in counters have been made available and all self service check in counters can also offer refunds time changes and ticket observations. today marks the last passenger transferred peak before the lunar new year. with just two days to go until the start of the year at the forensic chinese people are making a variety of separate preparations and center of the nam province the family is in both urban and remote areas have been busy making their spring fest bulk up lets the cockles are generally britain on that paper and feature which is fine auspicious new year steamed bun. sometimes in balance with chinese pizza and flowers are also popular ways of expressing good
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wishes for fortune and happiness. in the eastern province of the way people will welcome the new year with sons advances into this nonsensical and turns in their performances to pray for the block in the coming year and south. when joe city tens of thousands of people have been attracted to scream fest the flower markets local authority say our markets will be open for eighteen days and close on every fourteenth and there will be thirteen flower fairies house in ten districts and two county level cities making it the largest ring fence the flower markets in the country the first time china's weather authority will issue a fire work in sacks for the entire country during the upcoming spring festival and is part of an effort to encourage the proper and conscientious use of fireworks by the although it's a tradition in china to set up by working in the spring festival holiday the explosions create dust and sulfur dioxide resulting in serious air pollution
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the weather authorities for foreign level of natural as plain facts. the first grade it means the weather is suitable for fireworks and a fourth grade remind people not setting off fireworks experts said. the index took into account the safety of setting off fireworks that if you didn't have contaminants the weather condition of the twins humidity and precipitation and publish states will start from today to fabric fourteen. according to the index in the coming twenty four hours the weather in north and south china would not be suitable for firework displays of fireworks had always been an essential part of chinese new year but that should this in and changing as the bottom until when it threatens people's enthusiasm for the festive sights and sounds seem to have waned. cctv is for but i am buying some more the nilai supremacy and six rules. this means while its potential environmental concerns nice stainless the phone. shauna visa
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requirements. the release of the fireworks on new years eve because of pollution pretty bad and it's better we use less fireworks. to this police in basin has allocated school is safe to release company's profile acts with her and this old i haven't hunted in the capital. after twelve percent drop from the get the phone. and so people going so far as to what it was final acts together. do you get home are there ways to make new year's day fast. we used to have lots of them just now we should focus on environmental protection no fireworks for a few days isn't going to change much but is still better to have organized fireworks spots computer doing everywhere and they seem romantic yen two point five level as subs to an acceptable time to rethink the hatch and the foundation growing more and it isn't up for cruising up and highlights. i was suddenly cannot compare with other
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solutions to discourage old it tends to change a firm pt get out of the day on how much that this is the dh spot i let him eat anything yet but they didn't ask what is he getting noticed. meanwhile at the end of the two that's right the blanket is likely within that i liked it and it's been that long. cctv a day. the airport is coming and horse riding is becoming popular in china following publicity at the beijing and london olympics. cctv it's un seen as more from one course fighting but didn't the school preparations tiny viennese ponder and now we're ready to go. with beer experience of course writing is easy for them to complete the job. most that he fell in love with nineteen when he was done and be with the chorus is on the fm or next to a strong desire and effort he opened a sports club in two thousand for two one two years so few left but we now have about eighteen
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minutes and my horses we knew was his gemini route or the cia. we have also noticed in recent years that more and more young people have torn this post. the class three and it's raining. the five euro is in a long time love with his time. my son started to learn to ride half a year ago. the thing course writing can train him both physically and mentally. it's a sport that needs cooperation between the writer and the forced selling think it's good to form his personality it would take more than forty trained licensed for him to roam freely with his voice the ira novice or a dance writer horseback riding this boy to the people of any age can participate in and fell in love with the nine zero am friday stable is a different star. taking care of course is the quietest extract gold from early morning two weeks from fresh and to trim
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the intriguing fodder on each crate can throw a hissy growing number of homes quite toxic enough to try to use the seniors. but this fuel cap with four huge props for each sample. we left calls professionally quite him with the green aliens and hospitals would be gracing the mall forces command the school in boston. that is what family is getting bigger he's great affection for and passed responsibility. with his passion he believes his team down a lot further in the feature. trains and cctv shana. on saturday the first time a less celebrated seminary new year and marked the year at the port is on the chinese study act. it's been a surge in popularity of course especially for miniature ones that are often less than a meter high at the withers which are found at the last terraces of course maine. the chinese are booking many courses for everything from riding lessons stick with the events from a singer chris brown reports. and then lisa look
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like tiny babies many horses cough any command to that end is it seems that good things come in small packages here's the fullest is casing of the anthony wallace a young kid sponsored ride and adults just one minute rounds then added to mr jiang that says this particular school post is in big two months. to what legal. how do we have many small forest bookings for company opened its businesses launcher people get married boss or cobb was often one is worst. elsewhere in china small losses have increased shopping mormon names the ten year old mini bus from crime scene. that being fastened up for the win set so that they can brave the cold because of the next few weeks small losses like this going to be especially busy because of the baby yet and this ea. it will welcome many years the fullest which
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is especially lucky and means that i'll be in even if they kept amongst the new show. a sister named symbols of strength in china. even the little ones. but i love i'm going on or my dog and the horses are always in demand. but we are expecting even greater demand in twenty fourteen the year up four c to twenty booking a month forces are strong in a powerful chinese people really like them. on yet. any entertain had eaten the format is kind. the fresh as the spotlights can be intense. jones says preparation is key to keeping these tiny closest con so they can concentrate on calling card on time. i so we teach them how to lie down and stand on their back legs the going gets weird the practice of people working with horses are very clever. if you treat them well they treat you well know it. as incomes decline in
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china more cards like down as fattening up for a prosperous grind. during spring festival and the years to come. they spend cctv beijing. and that's a wrap for this hour it's nice that day. thank you so much that any end the cheetahs life changes. this is just a split asserts that swan or if it's the longest time. a win and two. as this level is rising soon. the articulate response elevation extortion and water borne diseases. when he was nineteen at the ticket has two c to eighteen. i got out we understand. he didn't have
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to wake her up to sundance and washing all seeing eye out. only serves to it soon becomes difficult to actually get to you. chance and support to the department head who is leading the kids to wear it today it's different when it stood leaning on the see kai eighteen and the importance of communication in government support against tampa education sections of being conducted the key to the masses to study teaching them to sanitation vaccinations and gooey and coarsely to get pregnant women and child protection conducting health surveillance and early detection of infectious diseases in half and teaching them to practice basic hygiene and advocating for immunization. many of them i know making sure that their children vaccinated in the domestic politics. almost thirteen pounds and the truth is they have reached approximately four hundred and fourteen thousand affected living in sin. that number is unknown to only sufficient to meet the press she did months ahead. this situation is still critical for many and unicef as is
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the belief that this must be stepped up and sustained in order to reach out to the millions affected and nm moving more the eye. we welcome a crockpot for all things considered i'm peter labelle. how should we characterize events playing out in ukraine a legitimate democratic movement or a small number of highly motivated radicals forcing violent regime change. this is still quite as peaceful as western media claims and is


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