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is. chu you you you will what will. to i knew. it is. my kids and has to be with us here's what's coming. it was the economy last year. we expect the price of the debate. we're anti government demonstrators will
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top four spot the city's center back doubles into an interesting thought. it looks like that might not be enough to hold a slight international. in the eurozone and continued commitment to the transatlantic alliance goals were two of the main promises from taps by the macbook as she laid out her new government program she also says it was time to noah the country's retirement age on to keep investing in infrastructure the defense behind him in time to deliver the government's bid to secure it and sitting down due to the effects of the recent skiing accident medical center coalition's agenda focuses on people most organizations. it includes transitioning into an economy pilot light mainly renewable energy by twenty fifty. she said this would take this with us in the burgeoning industry all households. i either find or comparable country and world
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just tried to change it to supply dramatically. william county chairman said the decision. investors. take me for the world is watching with interest and disbelief really wondering what of this transformation from sexy to be in a negative in review macro sharply criticized the nsa spying on us our lives. it's in the united states was paying a high price. and why. which means justify the ends. everything that is technically possible in stocks rebounded by late august. it says the seeds of suspicion. in the end there is a national security the opposition isn't lying in the nation. normally really talking to the us government achieves nothing why not order for an embassy employee source trying to lead germany. why are no
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investigation is being initiated by federal government prosecutors where fences have occurred on that the opposition doesn't have it easy. its share of quantum increase baking time is small the government is allowing itself to three days to put forth its policy agenda in this session of parliament our political correspondent terry martin has been following the story for us and joins us now in studio carry what would you say was the guiding theme behind speech. all this essential medical lining up putting on current government's policies for the coming legislative period for nearly four the next four years so she was talking in very sweeping strokes she covered lots of territory but there were three main aspects that she dealt with. up first on most importantly the economy economic stability the foundation for the country's future so she proposes a lot on that she did talk a lot about energy policy is based on the report there. but she talked about foreign affairs as well she talked about the importance of a of the transatlantic
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relations. she talked also about the need for germany to be involved in other parts of the world and to be a strong mature in europe only listen to the states it became clear that dan and she will certainly play a major role for the economy here in germany and the mac left he said that the nation will face a herculean task with ease and he does he mean by that. well she's right about that too in germany with its energy policies is going after something very ambitious she says no other country in the world is doing anything like it on this scale and the tears that germany is trying to come up with an energy mix that will be eighty percent renewable spot the year twenty fifty she says that if that works then germany by selling this technology to other countries germany being an export base economy. it could have something really good on its head. terri she had some strong words on the nsa spying affair as the head or put the opposition said the store empty words we think. chancellor who was very critical of the us
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spying program the national security agency the allegations that she said that this has eroded trust in germany in between germany and in the united states of the trust needed to be rebuilt but she also said that the internet and digital technology is an extremely important part of germany's future and that the country will continue to develop its infrastructure to assure of prosperity and growth in years to carry my things for joining us in studio. some other news now in ukraine the country's first post independence president has warned the nation is on the brink of civil war planning to cut steel can make a mask on him to miss the stop time and andy on wednesday and stood facing possible concessions to anti government demonstrators including and honesty from dozens of activists who've been arrested. this comes a day after president chen of coverage given to some of the opposition's demands. but the anti government movement that wants more of the jimmie johnson that has been talking to russian president lighting approaching. she hatched him
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to support dialogue in ukraine the debate team column and heat slowly as government and opposition lawmakers discussed the amnesty bill but it's done it's frequently still to confess because protesters to leave them in kampung kids independence square role might be a heel position once that provision croft. will the president when it comes to express held on the situation was. grace is busily it all the weldon only tease and ukraine acknowledges that the state is on the brink of civil war to be. there was more violence on the streets of kiev his time between moderate and radical demonstrate its protest movement is split between the ec support negotiations and those who want to increase your dates and dried president viktor yanukovich for all things. yet at the vet's meeting with foreign media agency leading eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton. he says he
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won't step down. it's too late to voice these concern over the continuing violence between security forces and protesters. i had a very tall but the reports that many in this situation. of course one of the most important aspects that we need to address these the prevention of violence and intimidation. very worried about people that he's been missing. as my school when you discuss this with many people about the concept of people almost been taken hostage the opposition is calling for more concessions. we were in hunan show we can find something we can offer to people that's enough to make them go home. these are only just taking back the accusations and grunting amnesty is not enough. you need to do. for now that the debate in parliament continues as to the president seemed kiev and another sizzix on. time to pull into our correspondent ik on the line from kiev. i got
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what's the latest on that debate on amnesty wisest decision taken so long ithink i made a question about the book thinking it would be an ipod yet we can't wait to get up. i haven't taken any the man of the barricade that they've built and owned company of the opinion that building that they have seen in the occupied the ppp a production company stood at the dentist. i got with the outbreak. i would think that we don't even know if it'll get even a satellite that could be deemed to be meeting at which a while ago we had. the party of it because then you react with the kind that it's really cute really cute. but the plan to carry a bucket of fish and speculate that he wants to make sure that no matter that the pea pod keep
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working in and agreed with at least without preconditions but that has the effect of speculation now. it doesn't prove an amnesty would that be enough teasing for demonstrators to back down. i don't think there are at the moment it's all about to be carried out his backing down that what they think that being a bit cold for all that she might have an anti everything else is not enough for them. it's time to write a few things for joining us from cs. serbia's president of commons last week on each has called fresh parliamentary elections hamas sixteen. opinion polls suggest that new elections would bolster support for the governing center right serbian progressive party which is pushing for pro european reform said the move comes a recount of the great began the new membership talks with brussels. if president thomas kept me cool it's already paved the way for general elections by dissolving parliament on wednesday speaking live on tv he warned that whatever government the people elect they would have to tighten their belts in the future he's losing the northernmost of work ahead of this painful and difficult reforms which would improve the lives of us
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isn't me to conditions set by the european union for women candidates who was who was a bit slow. this is the man who wants to translate as sms posses grinding approval ratings continue to step up the next government. once an ultra nationalist out the rest of the great is that the ideology deputy prime minister added some vivid seats has re branded himself as the scent of my pro eu reform act. but some remain skeptical that the texans will trudy off at a fast track to europe. youth today but we're going to healing agents could actually calls the loss of momentum which can be achieved by accelerates its assigned school studies and political reforms seen in the process of accession talks with the european union for a report that both of them are preferred. with more than one in four seconds out of whack the new government one half months convincing to do that more tough reforms are needed to secure with eu membership and that is not expected to take place until twenty
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twenty. turning to the us now where president crackle bomb i chose not to mention the nsa spying scandal in his annual state of the union address last night. betis and focused on the economy obama said that finding income inequality will the epicenter of this coming year in office he also vowed to push through his age and that even if congress isn't on this facing the polarized congress president barack obama is ready to bypass it in his annual state of the union address the president threw down the gauntlet of lawmakers he says are obstructing reforms to lift more americans out of poverty. america does not stand still and neither will i sold wherever and whenever i can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more american families. that's longer than that the books he appealed to members of congress to support his initiatives to
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improve working conditions for sector workers. in the coming weeks i will issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their federally funded employees a fair wage of at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour because if you caught the two females. wash the dishes. you should not have to live in poverty kudos to reach millions more congress does need to get on board the obama second term has become bogged down in battles within congress to the paralyzed legislation meanwhile the president has watched his approval ratings nosedive after initiatives like health care reform were mishandled. he talked about smaller programs. he wasn't talking about huge overhaul says federal policy and this is barack obama the realistic it's no longer barack obama the i t list and whether voters approve of obama as new approach will become clear in november when congressional elections are
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kept. the eu has announced a major reforms aimed at preventing another crash of the banking sector commission and the shared balcony is as alien should taxpayers don't end up paying for banks mistakes of the night include a ban on so called proprietary trading where banks speculates with its own money. the rule would apply to the blocks thirty biggest institutions they still need approval from individual governments and the eu parliament and are expected to begin before twenty seventeen. well if it hit the northern part of the us and probably wouldn't be a big deal but a big winter storm has all but paralyzed the deep south from georgia awful way to texas and frigid temperatures along with snow when i sent the kids chaos on the merits of hundreds of comics. many students latest on this at this school because his was able to navigate the slippery streets take a look. dunno what got to the coldest conditions for a decade on wednesday the southern cold snap
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covered many roads in ice unlike the police in north carolina. many people what having no wet costs. what is or what. that is. other than mine. the studio. malthouse is more to the right to make him dangerous as the arctic front reaches deep into the southern united states officials warn that this will be attached to the medical infrastructure. we gotta be honest that we um. i don't have the storms very often so of the equipment needed for the equipment the level of capacity isn't as great as comparisons the new yorker connecticut or new hampshire that travelers are also feeding the kids with thousands of flights canceled across the region. but that is not trying to get anywhere like these tourists in wisconsin can appreciate that even such treacherous conditions can have
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the beautiful side. it's a holiday to show one minute break still to come. he's battling capital flight in a currency plus with high interest rates the wheel again that work. it will be going to try and see what people than making of the couch and watched the show. for. the she too
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can reach. this can turn to grow into new communities school the fight for what is so potent it passes effortlessly another child from generation to generation what thoughts brilliant mind and she confused with denman nixed that idea seem like that. hunger the day the site. through. we begin in the middle east when palestinian prisoners with us as he accept a temple remy is where the manatee prisoners in a future palestinian state that would be a palestinian concession in ongoing peace talks with the israelis in an interview with the palestinian news agency abbas said israeli troops could stay on palestinian territory for a transitional period of up to two years abbas also said that nato or other international organizations could take over security along the israeli palestinian border in the jordan valley. israel has controlled that order since
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nineteen sixty seven meanwhile israel's two supreme court is hearing arguments over plans to build a separation barrier in the palestinian west bank that would cut off an ancient village from its water supply the high court is considering the face of the unit off the tee and we testing center for the costs four thousand years people there say that the paint on a romanian recommendation system towards the midfield they say the separation fence would destroy that system possibly two nights on these rainy carry trade. now israel's military insists that the security barrier which has been under construction since the palestinian uprising in two thousand to is essential for israel's security the new religion but here lies in the west bank countryside near bethlehem these terraces have been called the generations. of course someone to walk to his fields. lots of the irrigation system dates back to roman the network of
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canals branches out from the screen to the villages fields. each cleanliness what does it cost the same time every day. some in the morning. some in the evening. this kid can't force it better and cons tomatoes and zucchini is here everything you need to come down here take what to write them into a home. wishing i'd never get to the markets but russell said that. until now than it does he'll also cultivated fields on the other side of the railway tracks. israel is planning to extend its crunchy and that it's really a separate fields from the village. locals have been backing the decision in court for years the above is a five thousand year old civilization and alimony or year is going to be built there. that will destroy everything in a matter of
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hours. this will destroy a piece of world cultural heritage. the opium that if the da other than that of autonomy. israel says its security barriers designed to prevent attacks. the army to dw to take religious concerns into account the box here establishment has been particularly careful not to damage the fabric a flight of the villages. not to bomb the special landscaped terraces. it's still unclear what form of diary he will take. michael buble posts on any kind of narnia is a problem. oed. i feel as though they're cutting off the cause of my monday. just me and my hand into my day this time is my life. taking my memories away day of my
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fathers and grandfathers. get the red to deep. also someone is that soon he may need special permission even to set foot on the lands beyond the railway tracks. the two sides and the syria peace talks in geneva of both say they made progress in moving on to the issues that the multitude am an advisor to the president said the opposition seem more willing to talk about terrorism while opposition spokesman lloyd southeast and the idea of a transitional government had been discussed for the first time. the talks in switzerland and cute and on friday but the chief mediator whatever he says he doesn't expect anything substantial to be achieved over the next two days. to some business news now emerging economies are facing more turbulence on currency markets capital has been pouring out of countries like argentina brazil south africa india and turkey and investors are concerned that the former darlings of the financial world that i'm now too risky. well some of those countries on raising the interest rates to keep
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investors on board. techie funny sometimes doubled its base rate to twelve percent of the seeing its currency plunged in value against the dollar the euro. it was the most you going to the central bank. i mean the face of a collapsing tenancy. and against the wishes of the prime minister. the banks had announced a massive great time. you see on the piano in france since two thousand and two it has been on crime remission to the success we achieved in the struggle against inflation. with all that to this and that nobody should doubt that the central bank would use effectively no instruments at its disposal in control inflation and detained five percent inflation on its agenda tuesday to face it folks the euro has been shedding menu since early last year in december it went into freefall. it's a problem shared by many developing countries. india has also
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just raised its benchmark rate. aikido here as in turkey is to keep foreign investors from putting on the capital. the counties of south africa argentina and indonesia are also under pressure to adopt the values depend on us monthly policy that said the reserve has begun the winding down stimulus measures. signs of an improving outlook in the us economy. that's attracting investors to pull the money to developing markets. the ethos of the ten percent a bank's decision to double its benchmark interest rate was a nice short lists on corresponded with content is the support of the day's trading. at times the market was really under pressure the share prices tumbled and the people here were shaking their heads. they're asking themselves where will all this lead to turn turkey increased its interest rates drastically nobody had reckoned with such a decisive step. but it only helped the turkish lira for short
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time it only helps equities here for a short time. people are asking themselves what kind of other homework the emerging market countries turkey and others have to do in order to get back on the solid economic footing the realization is that to the emerging market countries have lives too long too much from the cheap money provided by central banks especially from the fed. so in light of the fed meeting the last with abandon a key is the chairman that added to the nervousness the waiting for the decision on the tapering of the support for the general economy there. but sometimes as in music we can get the numbers for you now jenny stocks ended the day at nine thousand three hundred and six touchdowns three courses of the present your sons your stocks fifty lost almost nine ten the protests across the atlantic the dow jones industrials corinthians fifteen seventeen and fifteen thousandseven hundred and twenty four and the u s trading for one used on
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the thirty six fifty eight and to just enjoy the scent of that report news of that decision by the us patronage that has come in the dead we'll carry on cutting down its stimulus program reducing its most people buying from seventy five to sixty five billion dollars that means there will be pumping ten billion dollars less into the economy every month but it also says it will keep short a shirt card interest rates at a record low levels but could be a major breakthrough in the world of medicine scientists in japan and the us have found a simple way of producing stem cells trails with the potential to regenerate the auntie to tell now they've been difficult to come back but this research shows they can be made by keeping blood cells into acid the technique worked with myself now scientists are going to test whether it can work for human cells too. and finally an extremely bright idea in prague that could catch on in other cities to undertake so proud of and rich musical tradition and one of them decided that it was time to take the piano was out of the living room
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also told the cafes and put them out onto the streets in what began as a bit of a joke as one immensely popular he'll find candles alan some of the most unlikely places you know photons and passengers have time to heal one way of easing the ways his music. in front of passengers to make music themselves. canada stands in one corner of the lounge and anyone can tickle the eye rings. national's to complete novices like chalk from brussels in him. you know we're stuck here at the airport it for seven hours to entertain each other it's a great thing that the candidate should let him do something so. row row row row row. it's so easy beach access the habit of writing and to wear it too early so there's enough time for something like this. all you have to do a sit down and start playing. the hometown
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of the famous compares the cement and has a rich musical heritage and it lives on. six pm has been set up across the city and an invitation to ross's time the main rail station and listen. on this is news. i do these austrian students have just arrived in time to make themselves and if the option to blind pianist peacekeeping impromptu concert. music for anyone anywhere. it was the idea that inspired ten pm on tuesday cause. he's the driving force behind the initiative that she herself doesn't play piano or so that it was a bit spaces in prague so amorphous role without design. people just recently to be content of the chunks to take time out and really feel the seasons
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here and now all in the midst of the mafia. the project one last chance thanks to this idea. tourists can to police an intentional way. even the officers visited the news the key. so if you are nineteen times. egypt and the streets in line and the sound of music. they are much like i don't mind some lovely against the glass on a bit too cold right now in traffic. i would be very nicely kept time just to quickly recap the latest silly kiddos in which is the us federal reserve decided to carry on cutting down its thing. the weather
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however it will all walk with god. it's like. holds up defence sources said. i knew i am. you can go to school
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the baby yesterday the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. dvds the watch in hd world you were ever you go to a maid she asks for your own tablet to access program schedules on demand video. hello my name is pete over by a ball i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research
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