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tv   South Asia Newsline  PBS  January 29, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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gonna give it up stories the talking for you one penn state twenty nine come to me that reaction against the god of the hotel stay is
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now my city. it's a good thing is this all out earlier so let us peek into any. i was just the last race in south west aka sunspots protests. all the details off the days of boston but not on city government on ben's face says it is making another attempt to negotiate for the pockets come. i live on the tenuous and fats to buy peace comes at the time that the insurgents have stepped up attacks on the country's armed forces. the bots in the eyes on the sin of all men that i had to put folks that live on and then that the snp and yet the team bonding. and um when the price was up to that he does to me. stock market in the shoot today. when you see
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if i skipped ahead. may be combined. when you see why skip that. but that it was up the key. but the jetty. you never speak of him and hardship is still on his idiot. this instrument the job of making the ticket counter in uncooked own. i studied it feels to set a timeframe on the beach at five. to sum it all. get the money was paid. these crimes committed in the gut at the dawn of hope when this was the awesomeness was naked again. about one pm the topeka was to pick up ice cream too but he was fifteen. this is a college audience mundane subjects come sunday. beckett's call it the kid in separate attacks in the country's biggest city cut outs. a suicide bomber with no set up outside the clutches of
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nd a atom energy but he's private guide. at the idea of any attack on an atom energy many in the mumbai the twenty ten and seven. it's ten minutes late and at the menu by it at all is not the least the thoughts of the magnitude of the nation and the minute they stumble into the doctor was at this time. this tiny jets had bonded than honest i've been eating and aspires to see the cutbacks countries on fox's i get this money. does this have bpa in the inner strengths. by the minute he has gained only manage it without it. no could shed seventy seven is happening knox was that this gun fearing an imminent need to up the beach. opposition parties joint trade unions our society optimistic with the massive protest against st on the government are incredible. on tuesday cars and monster the streets of global existing ideas come into operation on its nest and plotting for installation of people's rights in the country. the trade unions
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media groups and right up to ninety students had had to make lunches before joining together for a massive rally organized by the needle position on team captain this is chanted slogans against the national media she didn't and imprisonment and an ice box easily. many hindu saint five years and getting office on top nothing too and outspoken she doesn't use it but ended up was steered into cars and nine. this uncle was built in one package of many politicians or in cases of corruption. you get the baby as it is a human the beauty of the desperate bid to monday's continue to be quite biased bodies the jaunty on him and find a picture with them and set the kids dressed in matching the dots but she has been accused of getting our own pain. he has crafted work done in the pope is in season and has ousted
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the country close to maintain justice and he's hoping this would eat. the un human rights chief navi p who visited the island nation last year has stated that she was shifting to a aaa team in some kind of changes to the sheet up and prosecution by the king takes the imbalance is one hot spots easily. the event as a pocket size missing ppl it's about ten knots in the seeking a probe into the discovery of moscow needs to become the southwestern province of men that despite this report. anyone speak as much to the kalashnikov trying to find the un when glad about the last two days in beirut. i mean. on one. on the tape i find you. woohoo want to do the heart of what is happening. but teaching me
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maths. knead into a smaller town some two hundred and fifty miles of the insurgency hit by a note to stein's coming soon after to quit now guides activist communities of the bodies of the group what do you think of biting into a dainty foot and dedication. the bodies of seven peacekeepers have been found dumped into the mortgage as a budget of one foot in and the dmv was testament to sign the wife suddenly looks missing person's eye on the longmont across pakistan. a big thanks to the next. i don't know hundred and eighty one having become like still shot from last week's email to sign his name. i mean that meaning. i made a last minute made up ones who made the obvious and yet sad
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foolish one in one entity that appearances which was a baptist on into cars and commanded the light on the government to end this tightening of impunity and had caused the government to make its security forces more on tv on some of the developments now preferred settings of cylinders in tennis the last heist in death rates because of chronic crispy treat diseases of the minds of the blessed in the open on to the country. jenny has seemed to quote the use of letters in the indian capital. even worse than the much talked about the gpu sian evans the defense team beats of the sea on the tuesday meeting of trying to get it back to the totality of a doubt about the new delhi the score seventy t like the scene reported. this could cost at two point seven daily ski team find particularly the notion of those fourteen focused entire dc on. then they would not steal. the disheartening week's news in the city. get the shot williams and david dunstan go back to the hometown in the northern indian province of push me say that it is tina. not
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the least i can. i have filled out all my scenes and that's it i've wanted one because i feel as if i forget still. we want the atheists of reference. sure that those bid yesterday to problems that thousands of daily at a recent study showed that in the words the good students that is toughened up with people getting treatment for chest infections especially in the winter months when smoke gets captured the funky with the conditions got a lot of state. when i have to say but i am dial baby that that tough to guess it's a thief the present day job is guessed it impeded in the nba caught in a medical problem got a model citizen any planting. that's solely of pet dog and a mobile in causes and uncle from them and this is transported in time in the midst of daily son of god that she acted
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when he asked him about emo for you to engaging in the affirmative. yu shin is not one of the tall guy on of today need of a even though the new chief minister of the indian capital. i'm thinking she was concerned suffers from acute bronchitis in fact he was hospitalized this month. an informant makes islam deposits on government was talking to oneself and white bits and bytes identification activists mind i'll use that side. is it folks. the book by the time i dunno what's to be launched at the shopping it was sticky but they even have to be canceled funding the show from the height of the garment. the provincial government. i actually did it and fornication. imran khan's focused on taking self are pti made it impossible for them will communities. and they wished us and visited the border you people just keep it to strike the city the job of sitcom on
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the academy on the money due to the moon that this week they call it a good and sunny be a tool that when they left though you keep up to the heartbeat. it will come across. i didn't order any kind to the exit of hunting double d didn't smile of us life and a condom onto its top twenty in two thousand said and many screws and focused on how wonderful seeing the canteen and keep up the sun and anti islamic banking. in a two week imran khan said he spotted the teams in the pmo fixation and he did not know why it's the pti common goal of going to the need to let out a shocking scene but standing up looking so focused on kind of on the tenth and birds education. she was shocked on the head by the time to bond funded killing comes with two moments back nine in october two thousand fans the lesbian gay bisexual and constant delight in cbt community in antioch on stealing their protest against the supreme court's refuses to feel it still a
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deadly criminalizing gay as abt activists hasn't come to light but sit in the southern city of montreal the participants called for legislation legalizing gay that shot this happened tuesday rejected the petition seeking a peel off its ideal attack in december. a couple of times over with the delhi high court or tell that to be the iced tea sets. the tata said it was up to the government to amend the bill. if it takes to it to dangle the sa stop for tea and sit just not get enough of the phoenix islands one of little pleasant topics beat this i take a look. aunty. he who enters the game and get it done. you cannot see the floats even on the units one of hollywood's biggest on speed dial this email but it was dying and going up again. what it would be wise not to think i enjoy the job adapting to have no qualms about the need is coming out to eat. the jewel was on pace for each end up getting
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the music launch of danielson an entertaining encounter to light. pretty set on a bus to not get it done and i can show me think i'm going out the bus in which khan also joined in that huge piece of gum thief was wonderful appeasement conference and some scenes around him. and you know it's one of many simple i need to get something else and then begin to occur. nina said before most of the ground. honestly i just enjoy it with you. i get to work with him the theme song when i began talking and having to do that it's just him inside his fight to the social injustice in between countries of central india. getting green and white top of it being from booking the chicken i'd
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create stunning preceding years. she single week for the right script the firm then they can neither make it sound. and the sunnis need to get the offending parent group either make the money that is an illegal mines many sentimental isn't that bad man if in its twenty two pm at the tt. a cousin said that the script. could my waiting in that big. amazingly me back together. my dad time and as you it's a story about approval from an activist who break the shackles of social creation. i will get seventy outlets at a ph history their faces to win the job the need to adjust to the ten eighty eight on the collar. too much. he said can see so much. so much
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they loved and which ones on the eve of the action commenced eating much. also scott and said that he is the identity and ten the consolidation out this evening before we can do it but not so nice once again that reaction against god in the november went on to say is not sitting it's a disease this allows you to leverage speaks in bed. i was just the three of last place in south west block of sunspots cents. the internet's addition to the same time tomorrow i can. i know. etsy
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morning mike. just one touch b having achieved that makes more sense that two th. yes he is in charge of the section. it is not down the money. each year for which this year perception that a free standing monitoring computer counting and after the kiddos. most any. was it. he was a mutual trust it's true but it's the day a week of particular genes into our jobs are with us. each of the ski jump. my cousin h the prestigious twelve. just hiding spots
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the joke even if it's just that and the one thousand sneak onto his tummy. on top at least that the project will continue and that he could increase our financial stability. we want to go upstairs and ventures into buying them. what a headache due to the destruction of the new nation. the six geese a female patient. we welcome this program. sunny in yemeni destruction. the book is responsible for the body when action is carried out or they don't the horrifying events that don't live in
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the mean. so i went to the east to check the characteristics of tnt and only sold so well with kidney disease process. we also split the game at the melbourne buyer none of it. dangerous situation eight weeks rest. but then very careful and take all steps. oh god what's a book on tape. the above another to give its economic situation the animation stars to sixty almost late bono or two she's just let this one it's possible to employ a new dangers to aids victims states to the nature of the projects. six based order to what i'm saying. three hundred and sixty six thousand small arms and light weapons can be destroyed number seventy six thousand
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tonnes of the nation including the many an anti personnel landmines. i'm saying. many people smiling as he instantly. so you kill me lol. if you give me the day. but when life hits you harder. my children and i hope that life will continue to be calm and peace. when you see are exploding ammunition return store. i want peace and to be caught in a few questions. haha was a chain of us will ever get to the shop. the dam. this program is very important to our seats were chosen for our grandchildren. because it's very hard to live without you
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ninety three. e doar project in me and aims to strengthen the local response to hiv and includes access to hiv prevention and treatment services among at risk populations including migrant workers. at a news conference the adb vice presidenth day stephen crowe said curling cross border movement of people in coolidge has increased health risks including hiv and malaria in me in. the spread of hiv is linked to gender inequality poverty. stigma discrimination and is einford by mrs. in the project will support the scaling up of local response to improve access to hiv prevention services for the affected populations such as michael workers and will strengthen monitoring systems to check in hiv across borders. the markets back to the high burden of being in asia. at an estimated eleven sixteen thousand people live with hiv roughly a third
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two major economic corridor was thinking the merritt island and the people's republic of china will be the focus of the project. hiv remains a serious health risk across much of the eastern pacific. in two thousand and eleven five million people in the region were living with hiv and its. me and the project is supported by a one million dollars technical assistance grant from the cooperation from the fighting hiv aids in asia and the pacific. pundits by the government of sweden brainstorming ideas to stunts of ryas preschool to community college device the project that became known as the roos were a money saving tax cuts in coaching of the students to save them money through a store on etsy of methods that can reset it is less about to reveal the date of accession to
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the opening of the science lesson was on school nights eleven fifty a statement they have dedicated their time and commitment towards the project and require minimal input from their teachers and students that she will take these projects to themselves and it seems that i did this i mean the only things i constantly keep having to maybe if i'm the least expected reading this and the same intensity actual content i mean they actually did everything themselves. the drop in sessions to a successful behind. botany department thursday sessions a day to go out and bought it. i would give my finance advice and things that you've changed many people's perceptions of personal finance kind of open their eyes to many ways to save them money. simple ideas which have helped them to think about the future. it helps to visit with old age of the guys will like. we need to wait for like a set of light and fast paced interface us policy in the world that just opened the door. like they asked about the delivery of the show today at the cinema
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the roos bring money saving expensive achieve great things at the college and are already thinking about how they will continue to accept that help us because next day but i did this this is a level so that appropriate and one. and does the system and creative. he can go a long wait. bbc's to the south today to watch this space the past ten years in need of some considerable economic growth. pockets of vulnerability and deprivation with me. the country's new suit and got two more properties and teaching for short has the fourth highest under five mortality ratio and one of the worst poverty rates in the country the province also has two for sanitation coverage resulting in higher incidence of diarrhoea disease pneumonia and diarrhoea the teen killers of children under age five disproportionately affecting children in the port's most disadvantaged areas increasing knowledge of simple preventive measures and good hygiene is essential community based approach to
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sanitation. hand washing to water treatment and environmental improvements can save lives and teaching the session starts at the dentist. and when he's done health investors take directions home. it's clear that the community based approach is having an impact i didn't have the habit of washing my hands after taking my dog. just letting the importance of hygiene every time it isn't my job i'd never forget to wash my hands. against many odds that local government and communities in tt has come together to tackle the underlying causes of court child health in the province. maintaining this multi layered approach but the key to preventing disease in saving many children sign. new new new new new. it takes the industry is one of
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the need to say it is up in any quantity. we didn't win at the top fifty. the comment thingy she existed at that except fox can provide financial aid. india has the potential to impede its textile and fashion it into what it did. it's never the fault when i can stand to eat the sand and beach. even in us god is at the end of the acting chief thinking. i felt that you actually do for us in getting the toxic speaking. don't want you to use default less than top notch two dollars domestic product and then find sixty percent of country's export on. it alleged that the employment of four with twenty five million people in the most often a good guide to say. in the world. also on the wet and i made the network's dot org. and i
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see the yankees. one of the areas of school took the time it was a great easter tennis court. his claim to fame is contradiction with the history of the one hundred gifts. secondary time soon or contests. reduced it illegal to monstrous century or more. these are magnificent pieces of furniture. good to bring out the youtube which grade elaborately decorated with mental fatigue. the jena six and our attempts to blame tests made in the late nineteenth century political summer scientists told a soul those skills are being passed on through generations of signing onto some time. i only use these chicks comes from a character trait. which is very hard to resist into one. to dry for ten years only the finest pieces of
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timber awesome. i mean. its most famous for the beauty of the brain centers the studio descendants and twenty fifteen with six kids together makes things just extremely strong. once assembled. the next task is to bring out the actual youtube. this is done using the natural products made from tree roots i did projects which are many kinds of decay. the doctor who needs to be huge. since the system is broken to pieces it's time to remove excess i start to make a special kind of wood is used to force the markett deep into
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the car. she's done with charcoal smooth. and what to make them stop. in the final polishing crushed give one hundred was run over two pounds so the art design contest feel the smoothness and achieve the most relieved no more repetitions of the smattering of polishing process sees the beauty of the grain themes through translucent. i know. i choose to speed i could do to keep going with kitchens reply she kind of cheesy called it an easy use this one. these two schools and maybe hundreds of detention. his entry makes the room. his response to create a shaped
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thingy. eye. and skill lies in producing complex designs and she too may be reduced to simple tools. how much cheese using different shapes into schools wonderfully varied effects can be achieved. i like many other artisans teach you to unite against the auntie on the recent designs. two souls were rusty the only one seat will soon doherty was taken she said to be remaking his tools from scratch. this causes them is not about to abandon the tradition is to scrap. i love this work of one. cos i'm proud to be the new series of traditional skills passed from generation to generation. i'm also proud to
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be able to spray that anyone looking at my work can tell that it was done by me. we think this is the true meaning of church. something new today. we can adapt to changing topics. the it's interesting to watch is issued its approach. while respecting tradition by adapted to present the news which rumbled a small test is designed as an extension and scientific opinion. this new style of time sitting through two feet at noon. days like these to create a new place for traditional furniture in our homes and one. den. its stone. much love to work in prostitution. that is made of vigorous recovery from
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the region's recent years. or and new and moving more and more eye. khan. welcome back to watching false and just for ukraine's parliament the heated debate over an amnesty bill for ancestors part of its great to once crisis there. syrian peace negotiators in geneva agree to talk about transitional government. in the same room though. among the other issues on the table opening a un court of the deceased for city of palms. egypt is to try westerners including three journalists from that artist international news shout out to zero


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