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tv   RT News  PBS  January 30, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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preserve a key platform for the talent and creativity of europe's rich cultural mosaic we're also on the way the one. i know. as a syrian government offices are some signs of progress in talks to you last sunday has a new chapter of scaremongering saying damascus is the haven of peace in my life for weapons. they need a way to balance against jamie but they need to find a way to continue to demonize is on government together with ultimate goal is to get rid of a sudden. nic is a phrase so far in town to get the reaction in not so wee early morning attack by simon spectacles that houses
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the space and peace. thus ensued. one thing to handle the needs you. the result of this and writes as if it's true that case has seized the building without preconditions with how the scene for what but the government in a bid to alleviate the crisis. in the season. and he's yet to save the day skipper had been sleeping through the bible in a few days down in the dumps to get back on the peaks. internationally with me. it's good to have good company with us too. the result chemical weapons was top of his meeting people said the drive to eliminate serious toxic non snow. evil
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can get them in the us national intelligence chief kick started a new wave of scaremongering saying that the house and got it and remains capable of producing biological arms. i tease my template and has a detox the us and director of national intelligence claims that syria has not successfully what the knights biological agents in effective delivery system but he says that guided the government possesses conventional weapons systems that could be used to launch a biological what is now speaking to the senate intelligence committee by james copper said that america's spy agencies believe that some elements of serious biological warfare program might have advanced beyond the research and development stage and might be capable of limited agent production fell at the time you heard these comments are quite interesting you have to either stand them in context mr cropper is making these allegations as damascus has been successfully complying with the russian u s brokered
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deal to remove and destroy its arsenal of chemical weapons the agreement was brokered as a way to avert a us missile strikes that president obama was reading in september to carry out now it looks as though the us administration may have a new reason to revisit the military playbook. mr cropper is warning that serena militant groups tied to how he doubts it is the alice her freinds that is aspiring to add to the united states he told the senate intelligence committee on wednesday that extremist groups in syria are conducting training camps to train people to go back to their countries and conduct more acts copper said that some twenty six thousand rebel fighters battling high the government of which are all assad in syria are extremists and he also asked me to add seven thousand of them are from fifteen different countries including europe we've been reporting for months about how i'd influx of extremist groups in syria as from the war torn country into a screening center now the us is
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currently feed the soup. what a conundrum because the upright and members fighting with the rebels may pose a greater threat to american interests in history because in washington wants from them. and to want to miss a brine back a thing for washington's law made since the new push to drive out of such governments. it's a clear indication that the obama administration is looking for other rationales of their pretax to keep the pressure on the assad government in when i say pressure that any of them is that what they're really doing. of course has created a great international crime by funneling arms and weapons and money onto an armed struggle in other words form and hints of a war so that they can destroy a in independent nationalist government in this region of the world when gone through this clip before we sought in iraq. we sought in libya were seen it in syria united states government is carrying out an armed struggle policy a civil war policy and they need to keep the rationales
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also they need a way to balance against cheney but they need to find a way to continue to demonize is on government because our ultimate goal is to give riverside not for a negotiated settlement. sarah is suffering town on track has been in the hands of islamist rebels for more than a month now. he snuck in to see that you may need to send a small stone catching the army of god. they let the mass that conveys soldiers and civilians but that this things happen impossible to verify all of the thousands have been displaced as the company continues its beach. it is a tv crew was the phrase florida team to get to the area. maria finance reports. he's just twenty minute drive from damascus that the honey we're honest when elliot firmly under rebel control. so instead we take in the league three times and running through high mounds of sand and piles of old tires. gianni exists
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thus from attacks. the sea the light of the twenty first foray into the tree to get the supplies to arjun after the siege began an on again. it's still not clear exactly what happened in these industrial seat in last december. back then be false image of the most chilling symphonic soft on to was attacked by a minute is looking to the qaeda linked groups. and if we see rain on me. in the storm into the city in the camp the civilians in their buildings using them as human shields which made her audition very difficult. this is why it takes so long we want to avoid civilian losses a typical to delegations that dozens of civilians had been executed that people are behind it and bury it in advance and one claimed that doctors and patients were killed in the clinic. which of the tundra hoping to verify these reports. there is still in no way of getting to the besieged areas of the town to confirm if i knew if that actually happened. we
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got as close as the army can picture me to the entrees the old town and had been dyed and ortiz house in conflicts need by germany in now besieged. when abc maintenance here to separate out our boat out and out to maria and to prevent the militants tonight these koi door is still all around the deceased sixties would be on the walk to the area. day and night. this is one of the chat holiness of the syrian army behind baseball. he's had three held by many a times and the school has energy and initiative right now it just did. once the sand and should be if they see the enemy approaching. and this is actually full of the continued need to ration can thrive in the minds of those whom the hostage and with no access inside. it's impossible to tell just how
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many pr. kelly mentioned in residence minutes to skate on track. when the sun within two kilometers away. chilton round cookies to be an onsen and actually bought me this tells me he doesn't go to school anymore. because terrorists detained as he can head to ski. i can't guarantee the roads are blocked. he says his father is a government employee this is why it's dangerous for his family to stay. we asked c on the way they need now. diaz martin pierre from the darkness of the room than the time when the tears in the side. everything was happening is wrong. there was no need for new things see where we and them what degree we had three snow. it's a question that many he and ross came up with them. these children haven't seen their mother for a month already seriously ill she couldn't get in the vicinity of the stage. with the condition
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deteriorates dangerous and hostile fire from heaven we were living in peace. and now where are we. i wish peace would come back to old syria months later it's still not create something which happened in niger. most of the nice we talked to he a scam. but before that an interesting ride. that occasionally meet some who didn't escape said quickly and the yes they were looking for any body serving in the syrian army house uninvited to the series so it is the head. the series. we were in the group of about twenty people. to wit the last week that i am kidding us. so with my own nice people stoned. i still see them in my nightmares. i was done and i'm not the content you want and they prevented the bakery from waking thoughts and young children are about to die from the lack of want to. and they threatened us with machine guns. joe once an important industrial and peaceful cd has become his
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end of the scene in battleground for relief forces whose be a long confrontation has left one excess of one hundred thousand dead and millions displaced. and yes it's another place when you decide to go to wean. and it's the ordinary syrian people left paying the price. refuel county from and write in sydney. the mind processes in ukraine on lolling to save lives and to amend the president's resignation refusing to accept the contention for the honesty. the bill caused by parliament in a late night emergency session says the protests as one be prosecuted if they beat the two dozen administrative buildings they seized on the eve of the country. i like css getting calls from tx. last night on wednesday the bottom and stayed almost until midnight to find a solution that matters to class and that manhattan is still always provided those conditions but the opposition
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says they're not willing to take these to meet his demands. they're not willing to make concessions although on the opposition. once all those detained in the protests to be released from prisons and the criminalized the government the ruling party says they're ready for it only on one condition that the protest as the gop by all the ministers of buildings they've captured over the pa several weeks and dismantle the barricade in the governmental quarter in kiev and this is the sticking point right now here is what leaders of the opposition said regarding the new amnesty law. i unfortunately did all that to be a witch and all of you is not the best solution to the prices of some of the country to further deteriorate edition the heats up tensions in society. this is also a bit tricky. how can we discuss negotiations today they're pursuing their own goals and pay no attention to the people they ignore the people's representatives in parliament. they decided to go their own way. we'll
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see where it leads. so it seems that i called brumbies which everyone thought was almost reached between the opposition and ruling party has them being that she has protected from the side of the opposition which is not willing to make any concessions. the president last night warned that if a compromise is not reached between the sides of the parliament that the problem and maybe just sold some attention is now in the political sphere but it's pretty hard to say where this will all go. the claims of cousin megan number of concessions on to meet with opposition d this area. that sent the anti wedding knowles said inmates. the protests to still be up to that. except that then as a nation of the countries of prime minister and dismissed the cabinets and now i'll be happy to see bill which is the opposition says is not good enough because into a client's be the central kiev in the latest twist ukraine's president is now on sick leave oakland to the officials make the piano
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called it says that medical adviser says he is of course added the hi fi them. he still faces the tough task of getting the final print on the country according to the stage at this beach is the foreign affairs and atop the chronicle magazine unocal which finds himself being the tricky position because we know from experience that the regime in kabul which thus making you any electoral concessions actually does not strengthen its position but we can see it because it displays. i'm sure this stuff up. which of your position and then invariably use is to strengthen its intransigence and its maxine was the muffins. reasonably the next affordable coverage would have to be to reassert the ability to field the state and the rule of law because let's face it the scenes that we're witnessing wittgenstein kiev over the last few weeks would never have been allowed in
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washington d c in london or in brussels courting many democratic european union capital. i stamped the events in ukraine twenty four seven on the website i've seen so calmly you'll find it on tonight with engines from kiev. as one of the latest reports from our correspondents. something a little lights and now it's not a battle its way know if it had that and he's yet to get the names and as apple nifty tool in his last will be at a meeting at the spa from. he corrects this art is pretty bleak and applause from the jenin camp until his mediation is up up and away his muscles and found that she has been a fix today
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eight c ahead at the time like the soup a year and enhancing his superpower has accidentally off to savoring scientist i did pm. normally you'd like to land or water and then they are going very very rich playboy as rescue of the world in all its own daughter from beyond the prone to rescue his brother which is called the city because obama is very attractive for people with the world. because it's so cool rocks or opinions idiot box because of his shed and charm. so it's a lot to go to the glorious new role for him and so on. cia to have this creation says the idea was stolen while watching a ham this and trying and failing to sell and use paypal an abandoned train. says so fun went to the stocks and nice paper which is sold by the heaviness an unemployed and also to norwich to carry tea supplements in order to the state's sales for tourism
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and the potent political incorrect. but this is the only way to get the more people that can cause the subtext homelessness and so we decided to do it. as this can be fed three kiosks thought to have won a significant and often come out and buying copies to sixty cents apiece. they then settle in for one year and fifteen are able to make a profit. in this kind of weepy knew several people have come up trying to find more copies and that seemed to have a supplement that has been sending say well see how it pays breath stinks. he trains at the ocean is a piano and get the heaviest band says don't take offense. he is a very good i liked it the issue to be filled so the idea. the comb and some women makes it heavier on the contrary as many copies as bad you just in carry on and now the customers are asking for this comic. or we could dance to provoke or two the document publication an
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instant point in the fortunes of its center as the seed cakes and then that it is a disease states and has an increasing number of hungry mouths to feed the prizes though the is doing indoor arenas bringing the rematch more people than to live up to the concentrations some of the four announce the usual four oz bottle to come the boat up telling them joey has a rich country and and and please comment. you will have to put life. but in fact it's very difficult to get jokes here and it's very difficult to get the flats i'm thinking them through the number awful for his people and felony in them especially in the body isn't freezing them an excuse. well mostly. they strained to see the paper is daddy say the comic strip as at the very least i did that little bit of comic relief when a boy chaos the pen name chris and i want to get serious about two minutes the intros to get that
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nothing oop ending this on limited resources to produce the planes but questions remain dead but just how they have to avoid civilian casualties. this coming. at its wa book the tix excellence the lens i can easily contented and begun to think of the succulent park opposite the breakage has gone on facebook that seems too complex too many the eye to noon. you can. rules are
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to come to jump in anytime you are. i don't i. i was the new. the with as britain and for some of you to join forces and invest in building the joints to get them the government's i expected to sign an agreement that
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will pay family for two yes of joint research into building the un manned space activism political and is crisp and rabies. whitney was kerry's military is you can and has shown today as well the american school of the british and french need to fold because it was in french for ascension and i can type films in europe with only two european follows that the house in ot capability americans can sometimes use to the americans are investing introduced inevitably britain and france ol' skool into the same. britain is more open about it it fronts is more a hopscotch about five am last night it snowed two lines the states but never put it going to guide cool email. i think it's all worn the icing saves tons of europe is drawn so not to simply attack weapons they're also surveillance weapons as we know. i mean i think it also highlights the fact that is a new era of potential instability. either those two and could well be used as
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the villains in the east south of amazing grace now more than a thousand people have the file to catch the action also thank you for companies that manufactured in japan for the show i'm in kepong. then came the thousands to take financial responsibility for the facility's twenty eleven meltdown caused by a massive as quake and tsunami the accident as one of the words nuclear disasters in history. a contract that said it may take decades to finish cleaning up operations are on the crippled the city which is still spewing radiation. a wave of shootings and bombings have stake in iraq's capital baghdad. amy has twenty ninth no drinks have paint responsibility for the attacks although i'll cry giving my kids have mounted center that sells in the cost meanwhile six suicide bombers tomes and iraqi ministry building killing of these eighteen people before security forces regained control the thinking this may
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have akshay stopping bad news but they also bought making competitors from all over the world see that many of his full squad that went to the act it's better this way everything is set to provide a warm welcome to the cold when taking us. well the point made is one of the three athletes village is stuck between them can house up to seven thousand compared to just isn't the one in the coastal cluster bomb for the next few weeks is getting higher to three thousand to texas. it's where they cannot eat sleep train and of course socialize of the neat thing about these cars to plug stuff is that the athletes all of them are to be within walking distance of revenues leading to a real sense of community spirit that there are two of the olympic village is like a thousand meters above sea level they're up in the mountains in this household the complex is in outdoor events. of course any event the games it's really just another sport is just about the athletes come with
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the fuzz complex is beginning to ripen so cheap. excitement is on the increase but the games now just a little over a week away. reading is one of the maze curious and i had to winter sports in the end of the program is a role in stephanie's at the end of the title of tests on nights and i found myself at the school to win ten intake they'd have a sense of the ambani b b b the end. i informed people in the game at the cutting and at the stadium. he's been perfecting this meeting friday until maybe the price of gold. the ice cube curling ascent i think three thousand to multi purpose arena it was small my sentence he accepted the end in peacock it will be tasting the wheel take reading competition to come the paralympic games. now it's quiet a specialist a small santa and of those with
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disabilities will be able to enjoy in this anti science what is going the one point has been this warm this winter dress. the sun it looks like a sleepy. not that small and that physics and stressing the role. yes it was the stand for one and two nights to love than eighty percent of the house which looks like a bull's eye. it's all just want to come with us we can begin. with what looks like a mop and our heater instead of melting the ice crystals like what the french team often sleepy. this is not to make the wapo font that you can straighten up that was traveling on. now that seemed like the rough close to two percent of the bats enough to hold him for his dream indeed the opposition's tuesday is out of the house of blocking
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it. i keep on the day. this involves intense strategy session. this is when curling really study and teach us on nine. now you know it. so curl up at win stadium. this means an mp. bob would say such antics on either. will continue to watch this video and click on select the series of reports on so she can then use yet. i seem to max. like the men of the offset the bank next time said dives into them he wanted the financial what holds the sidelines of reports on with the world you see the sangh
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the breakup. nineteen teacher book opens in october to democracy. i teach english and spanish. the group and only national support of the region's integration in the european union. celtic cartridge on the issue. he calculates an open with europe. the year and bosnia the man craig share. surely you can shop for because my kenyan coach of the money to make room and said the outdoor ones tasted economic and commercial shipping them constitute the eu. in many cases tell if the animals that eat eat eat your greens and will extend obstacle to regional cooperation. from the european continent and expected. coach rich countries and regions to say that it reduced or on minority rights and fight against corruption and organized crime. the outta here. when cutting them to
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express our aid in itsormal homework only by riots. but by a concrete situations company protests. and i think that is important that ppp it was always the force behind the enlargement process and he wants to continue. the use of cleaning he's organizing school finance. we must to him. a good dent into reach. with lesser god. photo four bit pc nero. top ten stocks process we must to be taking a boat to be too sure of the problem of business. it's impossible to have that jesus became our fallacious. even criteria to task during nineteen ninety three european council and denmark to find other countries eligible to join the eu. the criteria required to state estimates that you choose to present democratic governance and human rights
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functioning market economy and that's not the case concerning the eu. many reforms to me it sounded too quiet. he's going well but it could be better. we expect only eu member states to respect the conclusions of the european council and two most of the dates for setting up for opening the accession negotiations before the end of the irish presidency that was a commitment to the eu twenty seven so i don't have any reason to doubt that the eu member states will stick to their commitments. my maker and iceland's. techie. former yugoslav republic of macedonia of the scams that country's strict sense the people who criticize future announcement saying the eu is in danger of becoming a victim of a success. on the noggin and neighborhood puts me in a bookmark disagree. some people thought that maybe worms six was enough. when
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mary and twelve. what we're seeing is that you can units become better and better. i don't agree with those who ascended to heaven and often succeed. because in that sense because of the market driven more by the dynamic period. we had otherwise the problems we have today almost coming from announcements are coming from the reforms in very many of those member states geographically the toxicity of the western balkans in the region that it can import into the eu the exception to the eu and you won't charge you nine. the country in the region the eu. anyone who comply. it's true. which will be the next eu and the day knowing you can find more information. how much i e ppl group don't eat until next time thank you for watching
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you you know you. when will . . the news israel's military chief has said that some of the ultimatum militants going to fight and syria have bases in neighboring turkey major general on the child he told a security conference that out. nato fighters from around the world enter syria consummate but did not remain there. his map showed that three al qaeda bases inside turkey. a spokesman for the turkish foreign ministry had no immediate comment but prime minister tony blair


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