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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 4, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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time tonight for his overstock that global growth reflected in the markets asian markets include the cost the bungalow for about the war. families separated since the korean war. residing on different sides of the thirty eighth parallel. can't afford any more disappointments. the two koreas will talk tomorrow regarding family reunions many brace for the worst but hope for the best. choosing raising a family or preserving excellence in
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korea. but chasing both. it's often a great challenge for women killed in korea the government was to provide more options for women especially working mothers. for details of the stories and more to stay with us. while i'm typing this it's to save every fourth year in korea but from so you can pay them daniel chan thank you for joining us to begin this evening on the financial front. asian markets including korea's bench for cost the racing for heavy losses after stocks on wall street plunged more than two percent on monday. it was the biggest fall since june as worries over us and global growth continue to mount our duty on stretches up fresh concerns about the strength of the global economy on
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the back of weaker than expected he added the united states and china sent stocks tumbling on tuesday. taking a cue from overnight losses on wall street the korean cost the close below the nineteen hundred mark falling one point seven per cent to eighteen hundred eighty sixth japan's nikkei two hundred twenty five close at its lowest level in three months on by over four percent minus the ice broadest index of asia pacific shares outside of the piano fell one point four percent. us stocks suffered their worst drop since june on monday with the dow jones industrial average tumbling three hundred twenty six points or two point one per cent to fifteen thousand three hundred seventy two u s and p five hundred and ten aspects from sixteen point three nt point six per cent respectively. money sell off was sparked by t that the show the new warner bros in that us manufacturing sector in january plunged by them the list of thirty three years while spending on new
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construction projects and barely rose from december experts say the us economy has hit a soft patch. we do know for the latter part of a twenty thirteen businesses seem to ramp up their inventories. perhaps a little bit more than they wanted to sew a lot of people were expecting that production would slow a little bit stocks were also pressured by concern over china's economy which saw service sector growth in january stutter to a five year low and this is shaking the confidence of investors left their feet deep in us stocks. most investors have about eighteen percent increase in us equities. in those who have anywhere from sixty to eighty percent of total portfolio in stocks was four to concentrate. with the us federal reserve expected to further take breaks massive stimulus program over the coming months. they look to the market uncertainty is here to stay at least for the time being. he and i didn't use. the tutorials
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will hold working level talks tomorrow to set the date and location for a fresh round of the unions for families separated by the korean war the meeting will take place on the north korean side of the trees fill it up coming down at ten a m korea time the soccer ace education ministry said tuesday that the two sides have exchanged the list of their remember red cross delegation is there any inner korean pop line the talks come after north korea broke its week of silence on monday to propose that the koreans me for working level dialogue on either wednesday or thursday the soul had previously proposed holding to the unions from every seventeen to twenty seconds at north korea's mouth can come to soar. the foreign experts take on the upcoming inter korean talks over unions for families separated by the korean war era join in the studio by dr came to a chair professor at the university and former presidents of the korea institute for national education. thank you very much for joining us. without
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you we have of course notice of korea trying to claim claim to have tongue and talk less about the discussions for two weeks because for family reunions and finally i'm enjoying it responded the question is what took them so long i think of the formal most korea. they do maybe the ball from the tray and put it to coast trip to see the regions. most korea needed some time coolest a queen of equal and kate the separate to the families who are supposed to meet this style cream cone and also they have to prepare the sudden braking the bush failed to continue on this river is sixteen this thus it does of course and you true reasons but the four stroke engine include the reasons that they may be thinking about god god effect of the sky carrasco a warfare against the us house korea's you in all every last korea's has just written code with some aspects of my costume
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all creation. tomorrow we have tea at the talks going on soul is obviously hoping to reinstate plays happens every seventies the twenty second of our young and favors at a later date considering the fact that north korea of scrap the last planned reunion back in september very last minutes of when will we see the reunion take place sometime this month i'm hopeful this time. of course and we expect this from happening since i accuse you of who and what can evoke conferences. but between all latinos korea want todo this time they need to improve their relations with china before they get up over for the condolences visit to china the north's they want todo with the united states into one relaxation of international sanctions on them and pay or so one time in making contests from south korea. so that's why do we know that they are thinking how broken and the union of the union. this time i love
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to own conclusions. so use the situation when a cousin of the hall for this time hope beyond hope of course for south korea but of course north korea has been responding quite negative negatively to what's up the two in the tree exercise but the us. if we choose to go ahead and not listen to north korea's please. would that effect to our decision or trios decision for the re unification on ice for space cutting it okay. because this time of the new united states government and south korea or so giving some consideration to most korea. but this time nuclear arms of them the aircraft carriers or of the book yet counted amongst its promise of wood out to speaking in houston texas ice this time. this is chris bridge and north korea. if something happens to read the beatitudes tweed period i mean got a really intensify the abuse to him not to condemn nations. so tonight then tending
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the meeting committed to the head of the reunion of feminists may be soaked in all precarious but the that i hoped it would be ok. i also started this year north korea has expressed is the willingness to reduce tensions to allow staff to reconciliation and even essential identification have you seen any sincerity in the part of north melbourne was not intentional on north korea has one too many cute. how blind policies and peaceful just applaud those of south korea and that there are huge keeps full bottle while his food all friends and has nothing to do with the barest copy of minutes with a belt and nuclear weapons development or any meaningful in that changes into a system so we all did a very weird. i am or so most korea is strike. that the photo. who wants this to this the fourth pushy or she needs to be the culmination of a great job with the internet for some time before covering credibility so that's why the us top
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goalscorer in the huge bowl of commission off of before could it be listed soon from now on. so i like is said that they're on the bench not miss from the always dependable of it in full before and b if the judge to dismiss their offer for peace in the pink and maybe we should've taken in on the road toward this is just a cricket coach which seek to live how you know what they are talking about then do it but that they started speaking we have two publicists and alamo square palaces. what is the pure sport management of the season and that is also necessary but another object of his change of north korea has or has a weekend that we must use case we cannot abandon the subject. that's why we have to go bald something most korean coffee and want something most pre doesn't want something oscar and one of cost of getting up systems in the reclusive nation's sovereignty. but this does not mean everything will fall most grip on us if we or so goes something cool
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and force changes in most koreans. so that's why even though i know what they are talking about. i trust between one half of the outcome. thank you very much for joining us this evening. ok thank you. for your dna. and another begins get the latest online soul any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the covert its local network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. four months from today on june for koreans will head to the polls to elect the new heads of local governments to us the spectators it may seem months away. above rival parties committee have stepped out of the starting point and of course is going
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to get a face to the finish line. mackenzie reports. that really just ration of candidates for the chance for local elections began on tuesday and will run until the fourteenth. the lectures covers seventeen provincial governor in the oral seats as well as positions for education superintendent and local assembly members. those who choose to register during this period can carry out certain kind of campaign activities allowing voters to gain an early understanding of the candidates running in their region ahead of me. if registration period in mid may. officially contacted. he waits for the upcoming elections the ruling party strike a deep like the opposition's attempts to paint elections as an early term the valuation of the packet administration the party forty character to come. i had stressed to the will the elections are about picking the best leaders local governments and not about passing judgment
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and how the pa administration has done thus far. the main opposite democratic party leadership as a shady political reform plan an apparent bid to get the upper hand in its competition against the dark course of the opposition. independent lawmaker and tourists do. we generated excitement among voters with his plan st for politics in twenty twelve the democratic party's political reform proposals centers around scrapping the privileges of lawmakers and includes having all of the first report to an independent ethics committee their plans for overseas travel and commemoration ceremonies for the publication of their bugs i miss eating two launches a one party by march and field candidates for all seventeen provincial governor and made your own seats. with the addition of august party that your local elections are expected to be a three way race for the first time in sixteen years. the democratic party meeting room for
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cooperation with ethan's party saying the once the liberal opposition bloc the united. and when they do local elections to ring the bell and the conservative cause in east region. but since it's not clear whether on reciprocate a major reshuffle of the opposition bloc seems inevitable. can see the tennis. according to the chinese noting this is to give the force not cut the year before spa shoe in a new year of bipartisan harmony within the halls of the national assembly. sounds unlikely but perhaps it is the chief of the movies in the party reached out the opposition on tuesday calling for population across party lines to do with the problems facing the nation attuned to the school at the beginning of this month extra parliamentary session on tuesday police had a party terminal will call for bipartisan efforts to tackle the country's pending issues the demand that we need to
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phone in old town of beit qantas and connie and we know that in them an effective state honest it's in the future. we can set up a nomination in the national assembly to promote your own leash and you go. the ruling party chief also spoke out on two issues of domestic harmony and north korea. he fell to four for the opposition to implementing your economic innovation fund announced by president of the event last month. the focus will be fostering the creative economy and balancing the economy as awful. by extending the focus be on to foreign exports to stimulating domestic demand he also stressed that create nice to strengthen the competitiveness of the small firms. and the government needs to practice and told cory is small and midsize farms. then they can grow light korea's nature cooperates i have a strong presence in global markets. he also urged rival parties to pass the long pending bill on north korea's human rights situation and to
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encourage more culture exchanges between south korea and north korea. he said national integration was of course that will be poured into korean unification sangat. add onions moving on to a devastating oil spill in the southern port city of me also. it's been five days since more than one hundred sixty tonnes of oil gushed down into the ocean after a tanker collided into pipeline screen of operations or while on the whale as are the questions about who was culpable in the accident happens a lot has to be tips clean up the yard so what else will be harder than initially expected. while volunteers and authorities are doing all they can to bring use damage of the lunar new year's day accidents tidal currents and winds are making things worse. in addition to waters off the southern port city of dallas with twenty one of the province. the owner must
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read nor its south and east of the originals. the site to nominate one county towns on the move the province. read i'll sneak measuring roughly thirty km h and die in the air has four. aside from the cleanup efforts questions are being raised about the accident itself to helping us in maritime police department said monday that a one hundred sixty four tonnes were spilled. but just two hundred times greater than the first estimates by the company said to be responsible for the accident gs caltex. the spill happened after a singapore registered or aunt and her hit the landing bridge causing three underwater pipeline to operate ideas context to rupture. made us a postcard please. the panthers rights for exceeding the recommended speed on the prelates and gs caltex for not reporting this bill until thirty minutes after it occurred. residents affected by this build a bear run reached a conclusion can be to health problems and impact facing a primary source of income for many in the area
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when i first saw the news they said they wanted me to get out of oil that spilled on the slide didn't think it would spread this far to wear at work. officials say it is not difficult to get rid of the aisle still in the water the bigger problem lies on the seashore with the cleanup process can take weeks. in the meantime the ministry of pollution and fisheries said tuesday that gs caltex to compensate those affected to the ministry company and related the parties are scheduled to hold a meeting on the issues surrounding expo on thursday. a lot. ibm news. sales of hybrid cars in the nation shopped last month as consumers are provided with more options to choose from. if the mickey out of the creeps as he sold a combined twenty three hundred units of their hybrid models in january which marks the morning thirty four percent increase on the air and nearly one hundred sixty percent jump from
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the previous month. it cited the upward trend the release of their hybrid grand jury in case of the models late last year and the nt are currently offering total of seven hybrid models. it's like redecorate and dry in time song electronics and will be pulling back the curtain honestly this galaxy as smartphones leader this month the world's top star filmmaker second invitation to press they would like to introduce a new device the first day at the world mobile congress in barcelona spain on every twenty four the invitation did not include details about what the device might be but it had never find in the upper right hand corner suggesting that it can beat the highly anticipated kelsey and spite can you tell us a model is expected to have a thirteen point two centimeter it's the screen but the latest identification features such as fingerprints korean war ii protection. a balance in full time work as a mother is a tough juggling acts it to
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life than working mothers lap the support they need until now much needed help is on the way things have a new series of government measures against those who can tell so small. thirty one year old tennessee he quit her job ads and video legged or seven months ago when she gave birth to or cite any kind says it was impossible to release her new born and hold a full time job in it. i didn't wanna quit my job but i had no choice. there was no one to help me embrace that btn a fun and easy about putting in an antique chair said it was time. it's not allow working moms in korea faced numerous obstacles that were at force many to wait to be a criminal lack of childcare service as a maid and male dominated business culture and to tackle than the government unveiled a comprehensive plan on tuesday aimed at making the nation's female workforce and new growth engine we are the best
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policy alternatives when word reached a low of the population is ageing is higher female participation in the lead before it's an oecd report also shows the korea had one percentage point to growth annually. it should have equal to the claimants up programs to support female workers were drawn up in line with when it's light cycles include increasing subsidies for parents on child care leave encouraging flexible working hours expanding the number of nurseries and improving the facial treatments made it easier for when they returned to their current three years the government also plans to operate and support a pool of substitute workers second filling gaps at companies created by a worker is going to operate on me. however for their support for small and medium sized businesses is needed. companies will be able to honor the government
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lands. sydney with small workforce it will face difficulties in finding new workers in north korea's female employment rate sits at just fifty four percent much lower than the oecd average of sixty five percent the government believes that received the e mail and when everything is a crucial factor in achieving its ambitious goal of racing the overall economy to seventy percent. honestly i dun years. read more days to go until the sauce you went for a one x but don't expect to see any north korean athletes competing in the game. that's when they'll be sitting up for the first time since two thousand to now for more we turn things over to our steven check the sports center below their stephen. hey guys and ioc official installer has confirmed that no north korean athletes qualified for
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the international competition but dun dunn says they'll still be sending their ceremonial head of state to the opening ceremony. now what the other hand south korea is sending seventy one athletes and of those athletes a speedskating team held its first training session at adler reno in sochi. there the skaters and their coach noticed something funny about the ice. ladies five hundred meter gold medalist someone said it was hard. well that time would be in the huge upset that it felt soft today. well whichever way the ice slides the competition and heather opens on saturday. now staying with the olympics korea seoul in kenya not the queen of the ic is one of the three ladies tasked with making the sochi games an event to remember. now that's according to the afp news agency who in the hunter along with japanese ski jumpers several top and i see an american alpine skier mikayla share for him as the top draws of the gates now kim is aiming to become the third woman to win back
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to back gold sticker stating in her final olympics. and moving all the modern era of call centers this some huge stars tiger woods and phil mickelson among others while in korea the biggest babies take him to better known as k j choi. he placed the seventieth of the one hundred best modern offers compiled by golf digest which was the best golfers after nineteen eighty. meanwhile tiger woods came in at number one. chen has twenty one pro wins including the pga tour victories making it the most decorated player from asia and leaving all of that they are let's get to tuesday's cup matches starting in the k b l e e t when the elephants to the road trip two times here to take on these kinds of others. now there's the home court advantage here as the team and it's a twenty
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one point cushion at the end of the first half household size two needles that to you as he went to bed. it's four players hit double figures in scoring. he led the two of them broke ninety one to fifty eight. no time for some tea rejection cap will host its home some hard day at home. insulin. now the first set goals that this is false pro thirty one twenty nine then thomas uncles on fire taking the next three and dominating fashion. the old martinez puts up a game high forty four points and some song wins three cents to one and that does for me here to sportscenter this has been stated to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. eye. or
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ch well today his teacher liner which is one of the twenty four indicators on the lunar calendar is marking the beginning of spring. but the weather certainly didn't feel like spring. that's right for more let's turn things over a cartoon but down at the weather is center of young fellas and beating the guys well as tried to hang in there for a bit because we will get back to how its season average temperatures starting tomorrow afternoon. while coldplay the advisories are still in effect in some hives of the country including the one doing the bill on his visit and come up with more dry weather is back in some height of the central and east coast region since the war and the sheriff makes it that day by taking a lead that they carried the day since we are under the influence of the fourth
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high pressure system which is why waste it absolutely clear skies across that. well reading say about it. micah six eight trees here it is well above the waves of beacon hill eight minus ten and after this round of frigid weather showers are forecast at the southern region on thursday and friday also keep in mind that there is a possibility that we'll be all set for the do over the weekend. it's not like that tomorrow's greetings solve the top the day at times and reached the height minus one the blockade when do kids still holding on sale at every didn't say it increases or decreases while ago and by the sea at two minus two and when it's ninety degrees respectively well that's all i have read this at least a war but the whole and healthy again after broadcast on this tuesday night entertained so this has been then you change common with that truly belongs and who wants to have a great night. it was. little
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it is. little. it is. low
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it does. chu you you you will. in the eye. officials raise the alarm over corruption underworld sucking one hundred and twenty billion euro to hear from the european economy roughly the size of the eu is total budget. and what's worse the report warns this may be just the tip of the iceberg he was reportedly plans to back up this year in diplomacy with more weapons for the rebels and rt through travels to damascus goal for the children refuse to be victims of conflict the winter olympics just days away


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