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paris beaches council has just announced believe that kate is two hundred stuff meant this to you when you who will . she did minister of industry in new technologies us an easy case to present information on the growth of the gimmicks of basic industries implementation of sec two new programs in key measures to support business the presidency the number of specific commissions made a special emphasis on the moment of the second five year plan of the state accelerated in the straw in innovative program taken into account the innovative component with them and conquer the potential of who the president in the number specific commissions on for the development of industry energy special economic zones
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attraction of investors as well on the development of the second five year plan and the state excel renewed investor in any new program we reported on the implementation progress of industrialization map in on the region's produce a patient in the industrialization program the prime minister of kazakhstan give a commission to the ministry of oil and gas into the anti monopoly agency to prevent sharply to gas prices the cabinet considered amendments to the principles of the wholesale cost information for gas in the regions the relevant ministry is introducing a new pricing principle according to was up by accountability the proposed amendments will lead to the reduction of the cost of fuel for the national operator and waited for the final consumer according to the document the current crisis in the wholesale purchase of gas from some so users who are made to me first after that the national operator austrians gas contents to conclude new sales contracts with mining companies based on the price is approved by the ministry meanwhile as the head of the anti monopoly agency reported. mythology of natural gas costs decoration for the region's is almost of
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all. now according to motor spite of this measure will allow keeping prices within the limits approved by the council for economic policy he added that the prices will be strictly regulated within the inflation rates. seo process doesn't mean he's in a speech in misleading and one of the most important issues of course is to make and it is important to the subject of the match monopolies operators and utility services that the tears are fishing so we have to find this golden mean unsettling and care for it so that it will be affected and would not affect the population of our country i want to repeat we should prevent the sharp increase of gas tariffs may be because of a pc connected it to him and that alone will make use of pepper and a mechanism was proposed today that would determine the wholesale price for gas in the trees in separately and this mechanism is quite simple to bathe a lot of supplies in every region to sell gas on the wholesale prices in this mechanism allows setting a single price for each area is home to people doesn't approve of the boot of the muffled sound. uzbekistan has restricted the supply of
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natural gas to south bend region gas pressure in semi conditions of again sharply job because of this as the expos of the soft causes than regional energy and utility services upon explain this was caused by some technical problems at the neighboring country sector of the gas pipeline only one hundred and twenty thousand cubic meters of gas can spend the necessary form and twenty thousand cubic meters per hour are supplied to the region for today's measures have been taken to stabilize the situation in particular the supply of natural gas from the pipeline the new bows on shane kent has been increased. the gas comes from the polka dots key gas storage facilities located in saudi and us district cover the gas pressure in the homes of the two michael district is still below the norm. he did so stephanie and i will use all the necessary work to address these problems is underway with considering the possibility of reducing gas and chp free since there's reserve fuel to maintain that immature and with the help of this we went to increase gas pressure in these districts to the norm in the individual. he's the hit the law. smoking. and
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though he doesn't kick in soon. the chairperson of them in joe's committee for social and corporate development pentagon as a buyer but things that can extend should establish a single utility company to propose to consider the possibility of creating such a department head in a large meeting of the committee the issues of utility rates approval were high on the meeting's agenda according to the yarn as a viable base to operate in the sector to operate on the basis of private partnership mp noted that they're working on a utility companies in the country and all of them work independently all problems are being sought in different ways. at least that is to cut the cake tea and that the chances of that issue. of course this idea is quite challenging. they might seem revolutionary hour i think that given the experience of developed countries we can at least discuss the possibility of creating a single utility company on the basis of private partnerships in our country we need to move on to some great systematic work in the vocal and then off to a tee. the anti monopoly agency
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points out that all the changes in tears are made within the inflation quarter or semi the government which is one point two percent last year in total the agency received over one thousand requested for monopolies in two thousand thirteen three hundred and thirty six of them were rejected twenty nine tears were reduced over forty terrorists remain the same level in over a foreigner request for increasing in over one hundred and seventy request of new subjects were approved the reason for increasing tariffs is an increase in prices for fuel from its heroes and execution of investment programs at the same time the incomes of monopolies were decreased by one hundred and seventy five between seeing. hosted a meeting of the hostel in the recent economic commission in the national chamber of miller's the two agencies discuss ways to eliminate unfair competition and the common economic space representatives of the recent economic commission proposed to establish a working group to identify and control suspects but the customs union. thus the national chamber of all twenty was noted that conduct business when this is the size of unfair competition in trade and
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economic integration. for example import of cheap coalition meat and milk has increased by seven times over the past three years in kazakhstan. low cost is explained by the fact that the motion companies are subsidized by the state which is a violation of the competition law. mindful to keep the bnp. we know that notion companies have stayed only will these be received implicit subsidies including in the form of non performing loans. as for the company is devoid of that will appeal most to lose state based exceeds the real value of assets by many times this is subsidizing know how to and we come to the cause of market and did not allow producers to pay back those loans that they've taken for the organization of production. the bill but he didn't. by keeping keep the company intended to insult his last the research center of future energy will be open and cause extent and not survive university which will ensure that energy security of the country the main impetus for the development of this year according to minister of environment and water resources will be given by expo two thousand seventeen
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anasta not unlike a pot of dispel the myth that hosting the exhibition is on profitable. the ministry is currently considering the issues related to the use of expo facilities after the exhibition. this book some countries which hosted the exhibition spend a lot of money but did not get any social and economic benefits well we thought of everything in the exhibition will bring great benefits which we will be able to see as early as two thousand twenty three two thousand twenty five. what type of art that can go to the gym shortly before the works the members of the lower house of the parliament angeles will visit the region from six to the fifteenth of february to explain the president's address to the people. this was announced by the chairman of evangelists in the head of a faction of the neural card party. the monument to him during the meeting the officials will meet with the labor unions and representatives of small and medium businesses as most of its social facilities. amp's will talk about the main provisions of the president's address to the nation in the legislative work on legal support of the strategic
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document them on the michael and noted that every citizen of context and needs to make their contribution to the implementation of the document the chairman of them in jail as it focuses attention on the need to conduct explanatory work not only regional and district centers but also in the most remote villages in row areas again the regional hospitals have been provided with eleven in the ovary and wales the regional center will receive seven of them and the rest will be provided to the districts they will be used by the cartier resuscitation teams each one of these cars cost about thirteen million tinny these vehicles were purchased with the national budget funds their constable have good cross country capability and all the necessary equipment to provide emergency care for patients with diseases of blood circulation. a plethora of locals on the issue for or that he was going to be active. these vehicles are equipped with all necessary diagnostic and therapeutic opening such as emergency care and respiratory equipment cardiac monitors defibrillators a pulse ox a meter and other devices used in pre hospital emergency care with up to it though if
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it did it to fill with the newest mission is to view the view. in the journal was created some books for visually impaired people two thousand five hundred people with vision problems live in the region. the campaign called green together was organized in the support of the regional library for the blind and visually impaired where fighting completely destroyed the rail cars in the visual complex with special equipment for the blind volunteers will make their contributions to the restoration of the library. the journalist in the era constantly read books. a popular sites in class really should think isaac and russian languages in order to send them to the wire. all will be peaceful we should live without hope in the world is not without good people. i sink in i believe that will recreate our rich library to reconstruct from the ashes and we'll live on. we hope that people will help us well ultimately leads to police. communities to his testimony was just meant that the only thing that we can do in this situation as the journalist is to read
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these books which are so necessary for the blind initially impaired people in our campaign only begins we have already met a lot of people who want to help the blind a means of the country's full of kind people. this thing is that the channel. the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said. according to experts the students devoid of cars extent market of them like in the street but despite the six billion dollars at the same time according to preliminary estimates last year the output of the local toy industry enterprises was his fifty between tv. this is about eight percent of the market this year the index will rise to forty percent which means the share of locally produced goods stores will be eleven or twelve percent. i need to be banned from core weekend no we didn't know. lying on
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the issue will open a can of coke i was in the first goal in his last address to the nation the president paid much attention to the light industry. we hope that the industry will be revised in kids and i passed the country producing great fabrics and he will be great if we resume such production because we have all the necessary resources for because the renewal of irony the fifth floor of a sudden i hit the coast on the committee if he forced into it. approximately forty point five percent of the total production in the light industry is fabrics and production of clothing is twenty two point five billion stinky forty two percent above ten percent of covered production is whether items for family last weekend about that. last sunday. if the problem of preaching of the episcopate in the thick of the philippines dr countries very rich. we have a well developed a cough a sector which means we have no plummeted to just do not have it in death by the big money and why i think we have all the kids to succeed. our young country as a great future. we gained independence not so long ago but over the history of
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the key to long life will continue down that he may have an established and although mostly feel numb. mr produce clothing is a high quality product that is capable to compete with well known brands but you hardly find the label mates think of that stand in the big shopping mall. the fact this tuesday the major domestic market belongs to small and medium sized businesses small production always means high cost of goods. the head of the commercial promotion to the capital of north anglicans in the porch everything is reduced in our country what more can we have an impact on the cost of goods. our products are competitive. and if the style is definitely for the film not seen again and i she needs him to accompany it with a full menu we changed it for today the majority of clothing and footwear enterprises located in the two cds or monthly cost about twelve south and west african region. in the fourth quarter two thousand thirteenth net profit of the world's largest social network facebook incorporated increased by eight times and an inner rate from sixty four million three cents per share to five hundred and twenty
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three million twenty cents per share are the two ports facebook's revenue in the last quarter of last year an increase of sixty three percent to two point five billion exceeding the forecast of wall street in the list. the company explains the revenue growth by increasing the sales of advertising designed for mobile devices. the was the largest social network announced that the number of registered accounts reached one point two three billion with nine hundred and forty five million people using facebook services or tablet or smartphone. he was better reserve system announced for the reduction of the quantity of easing programme redemption upon to be reduced by ten billion. the fed will buy bonds with sixty five billion dollars a month. in particular the purchase of treasury bonds will be reduced from forty to thirty five billion dollars a month and the purchase of mortgage bonds will be reduced from thirty five to thirty billion dollars a month. such a decision was explained by the fact that during the last quarter's that economic growth accelerated in the labor market indicators despite not being deaf really
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good showed an improvement in the employment situation in the country. and the red eye eye to eye. ben. in this. it
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the i do the air the euro
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all. title of your team green cap of twenty eleven next year with its strong commitment to sustainability hamburg is among the world's leading cities environment and climate protection. it
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includes done by people like this in a team based in october seventeen sixty three is doesn't have to be the largest christian creed out in the city. it houses the graves of boy was eighteen but disgust or died by fighting against the county of new cars and in a mob of england the eighteenth century. so why do i hear the jokes often this question may be on and keeps it clean. ec is doing so good to be as the player was lovely but didn't pardon the pun to see a good way you know what the baby is sick of looking. the ap tamil afghanis who the up in our mind. it's a bloody mess up you have all the giddy and nineteen the photography are my seniors also showcases his
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belief in each of the economy i'm kind of work. many christians have appreciated his efforts. talking to a sub i was. all of this i kept a hanky what you had. i like the one whom i love heidi. i let alone closer. you can probably do have one. he is the simplest of them don't believe the touchy about vicki said and go on that cannot be beat. black is da da come. but somehow above what. it's not taking get off the tv onto his is keeping an eye that could see nothing in common in india. that is one of the team concept the old says stacked against them that the stale back to class and getting back into the rhythm of school. just a few weeks self to be resettled in this remote parts of eastern sri lanka the ten year old said she was displaced along with
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the rest of the community bike on conflict and is no being in the classroom since two thousand and six. when we heard this lady my mother and that i went to ireland. i would have to look after my brothers at the far end of this open building out of ideas to get tougher as the almost impossible to cost of conducting the costs of different races and different levels. grade four students in grade five. a two minute when it's the same subject when substitute different that is what it is hard this school building still has the scars of war. to wit the east and north of sri lanka in areas where fighting raged for twenty five years destruction is everyone are there any other supplies made the commitment of teachers staying with pupils that displacement and am helping them resettle be seen as fun education plays a key role
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in bringing the communities of this country back to where they work. it brings peace to bring stability and communities. children take messages home so it's not just education and learning in the classroom. it's hygiene and health information and protection knowledge went back to the home environment. well it seems like. but sisters in the new bolt the new shia and devotion it just a school bus stability in an otherwise precarious existence. then mother was raped and killed in the conflict leaving them to fend for themselves within the limited help from family and neighbors. remarkably within reach of the support they have learned to come or so. we come home to get water to make for lunch and then start doing our homework. my sister does everything for me she washes my clothes. i had
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to watch. overcoming excluding the locals often takes extraordinary efforts on the pasta families and communities to support the local schools. the pride of this school is its display team which has been winning competitions of local and national level. the tomato tart but it will go to neighboring schools teach me these days think we're back with me when he heard our school name. now we've shown that children feel they can so to all students who were just there for traditional medicines sold in china. but in the traditional techniques last year. the hospital with five branches stripped an average of sixteen thousand
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patients per day. five point four million. i was working with the hospital to help improve into the clinic medical records knowledge management and research together our capabilities and data gathering data management we call it smarter the heel. it is crucial the win. hospitals called vice president cheney wants to know to make it possible to get the knowledge of the hospital's top position so can be turned into a standardized procedures and best practices. he expects ability to analyze here and can be improved effectiveness the collaboration good thing i am. and the bongo potato counties. madison asked about the university. it said major stuff. words are to be. when you stop by. the budget. i'm
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married to the east the research of traditional chinese medicine. trainees medicine goes for two thousand years. this view is that the system treats the whole person body and mind. using a wide for the techniques and herbal medicine. the size. zeus or two. this isn't in guangdong hospital totally traditional medicine can stand alone. we believe it's a vital cog in the last time. she will our moms and dads grandparents and children who received the house. reaching one dollars and will heal your sister's home. a relationship that i work with
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the guangdong hospital. i think some of the keys research. contributions have gone around technology that enables integration and patient centered has to be at the forefront of that. i know where the hospital and integration using international standards and support the integration of technology that may be that reserve position experience won't be able to get it the collection plate the helmet. the kids. cru to go here. so this was the most important pieces from the collaboration summit this is to take the inscriptions of the patient's care. you can search twitter using natural language. i resort to throw
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at the hospital were also studied chronic kidney disease. traditional chinese medicine has proved effective over the years heading off for dialysis. this morning the disease. we're supposed to use buttons. this year hospital the seventy seven years old the facilities and a white marker. especially the itt. for instance patients can sport the id card ikea to get your lab results. the former c hurdles for medicines. worms with persistent switch more somethings never change. he
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still seems like it the gates co chair of the bill when the gates foundation joined representatives of the governments of the united states canada spain and south korea to launch a local trust fund to help the world's worst farmers grow more and earn more. so they can lift themselves and their country out of hunger and poverty. i did a while. also when daddy daddy daddy the works the unit. yours. chu new
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wing will little little little . what was i were going to take a look at the prospects for such a garment is real. the designer kids to our defeat


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