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tv   Arirang News  PBS  February 12, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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and abroad as the two koreas hold their first high level talks in seven years as questions loom over next week's review means family separated by the korean war lawmakers had korea's future which it can on their minds as they spoke with the former prime minister behind the landmark story of a statement. a few clicks to its gold medal streak episode she wear a lab x maybe i will be on the list above one thousand meters later this evening. it begins. a prime
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time news that's what is safe every twelfth year in korea one from seoul and you feed them sean limping so much for joining us. we begin this evening with a fresh round of inter korean talks for the first time in seven years senior officials from south and north korea are locked in high level engagement at the border truce village of punjab. the meeting comes about a week ahead of the much anticipated reading is for families separated since the korean war the more we can apply for a correspondent on the funky at the unification ministry the sunny was the latest out of the time. meaning that i sowed the seeds valley is indiana's and or guardian ton of cards one deli and had just completed their second round of discussions about
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twenty minutes ago and it looks like they are still trying to narrow down their different is that in about ten am this morning that if i step out of his actions at the opening session in the morning and afternoon session and to round up separate discussions between the teachings of delegates at the talks and definitely getting much longer than expected and this could be because the teacher vs theme to the top smith at best friend enters the mind and that's according to an official at the beatification ministry. i could say that three s may not be able to reach an agreement at all today but rather a set date for additional talks down the road nights. and we hear that they're keeping a tight lid on what's happening since the talks are having been behind closed doors against its all up to speculation at this point on what topics are being discussed. but what would likely be on the table shot it's very rare to see that seat for me as i hold talks about setting a fixed agenda. however south korea's chief delegate told reporters
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as he was bleeding for the talks this morning that south korea will focus on ensuring that the family the unions take place as planned. add the leeks money and get one effect now however that maybe unions want the north koreans top priority. the cunning to the meeting. now north korea at. experts say can and will be seeking to stop the joint military exercises between seoul and washington which is scheduled to begin at the end of this month south korea and the usa the drills are defensive in nature but the north used them as i practiced for work. north korea had earlier threatened to reconsider its agreement to pull that maybe guineans should be joint military exercises take place as planned. i even speculating that the officials may be discussing a possible winner for me and some extent the talks are taking so long so really it's up to anybody's guess for now guys right as art education ministry for spot and also he with the latest on the inner
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korean talks. us secretary of state john kerry is due to arrive in seoul on thursday for a two day visit the presidential office of titus as president talk in the hand kerry will meet on thursday afternoon for discussion about matters of mutual concern including north korea and the recent tensions with japan carry strip comes a couple of months before us president barack obama is special to visit every day the possibility of obama making a stop in korea is also expected to be discussed the kerry is expected to hold a joint press conference tomorrow alongside his suffering counterpart hugo said before departing for china on friday. visiting former japanese prime minister well known for his apology to victims of japan's wartime atrocities in nineteen eighty five spoke of wednesday on relations between korea and japan which if it dropped on an increase in months to meet jean marie on the shirt that prime minister on they would honor the nineteen ninety five
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apology came in she has more on his comments at seoul's national assembly. three lawmakers welcomed former japanese prime minister told me t worry i'm on to the national assembly on wednesday. and people leave presents a great word to korea japan relations. mari ahmad took office in nineteen ninety four as the first socialist prime minister in nearly fifty years. when all this fiftieth nineteen ninety five marking the fiftieth anniversary of the end of world war two. maryam up publicly acknowledge that it can cause tremendous suffering to the people of many countries especially in asia during times of war expressed deep remorse for the victims of this country's past actions. speaking to korea lawmakers wednesday with more emi said the spirit of the landmark statement made to the korea japan joint declaration of nineteen ninety eight which all of the two countries to forge
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friendly and wild card information. entering the twenty first century. say that this framework record for any bilateral exchanges of people and culture. more yellow urge to purge of the administration to respect the spirit of the mori am a statement. you are not from a determined that the liberal democratic party came to power. all ldp administration is going to zoom around the statement of his first cabinet also did. taking office for the second time bobby told parliament he was on the statement although there have been using them maryam on also acknowledge that you can see is a plan and as a military slaves during wartime damage the dignity of winning the japanese prime minister mari on also said the government of korea and japan should begin discussing how to settle historical issues including the composition of korean victims forced into sexual slavery by the seventy military during world war two he stressed that the spirit of them are ye must be made
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will be keen to forge in friendly relations between the two countries. kinsey imus. after anna brought me for a leadership change for step up in a nominated sanity party lawmaker he too young and senior minister of oceans and fisheries ef four time lawmaker has served as chairman of the national assembly policy committee is currently heading the ruling party's non ego institute despite his limited experience with maritime and fisheries issues the presidential office said e has been tapped things to his knowledge of the overall state affairs. the nomination comes less than a week after the former minister udinese who was sacked for making inappropriate comments about a recent oil spill in waters off south korea's southern halves. and that signals out of the nation's labor market korea's unemployment rate inched up last month but dot creations sped up. this comes as more people ventured out into the job market amid signs of an economic recovery
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on ga has details on what this means for the domestic economy. hi airing in korea seems to be picking up amid signs that the domestic economic recovery is gaining momentum. statistics korea said wednesday that the real economy added more than seven hundred thousand jobs last month the fastest pace of expansion and twelve years that is also much larger than the gain of five hundred sixty thousand in december last year and roughly five hundred ninety thousand in november. the number of employed people in january stood at twenty four point seven million jobless rate however also inched up zero point one percentage points last month from the previous year tick to read and a half percent. the statistics agency attributes last month's rise in both top depletion and the unemployment rate to a decline and the number of people who gave up looking for a job. and one on to say that more people were out
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searching for work amid stronger signs of an economic recovery. the domestic economy grew two point eight percent in two thousand thirteen from the previous year which represented a reversal of that to hear slow down and two percent growth in two thousand golf. korea's youth unemployment rate for people between the ages of fifteen and twenty nine meanwhile rose one point two percentage points last month from a year earlier to eight point seven percent. did i tell you. for korea's auto industry two thousand thirteen was a very good year the sector enjoyed a record high of three surplus last year and the coming year looks to be just as bright eyed beauty and explains why the domestic auto industry was korea still not clear and export more it did last year korea's trade ministry said wednesday that the sector's trade surplus hit a record high of sixty three billion us dollars in twenty thirteen that too was the highest
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replace them on all the country's export categories and wasn't even close. the shipbuilding sector eighteen in a distant second last year at thirty four billion us dollars. ever since nineteen eighty four with eighty two began to break away from its heavy dependence on imports of auto parts the trade surplus has grown in by an average of thirty four per cent each year. the ministry attributed last year's record to a rise in quality competitiveness and enhance brand value of the increased popularity overseas as curry is unmarked cars and recreational vehicles. the auto industry is expected to be doing even better year in twenty fourteen on improving demand in and out of the country the sector started off the year of the high notes with domestic sales of korean automobiles in january and eating per cent on year. i'll plunge it is however plunged by nearly ten per cent last month due to selling global set of interview with a due west. he predicts
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quantitative easing. looking at the four year ahead the treatments expects korea to post record high in exports and an upturn in global demand from europe and emerging countries like china and russia. as he begins to recover from their economic slumps. you yet. i didn't use korea's finance minister is reaching out to foreign companies and asking them to invest more in the nation the attorneys promising to trade one of the world's most investment friendly environments. finance minister tom scott's comments came on wednesday in a meeting with foreign business leaders in central seoul. he plans to improve transparency of laws and policies as a means to tear down the barriers that foreigners face of doing business in korea. short of the domestic economy is showing signs of recovery and said korea has differentiated itself from other emerging economies things to sizeable foreign reserves and a strong current account surplus. and over and
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the united states the new head of the us central bank can a gal and has now not to make any abrupt changes to u s monetary policy and the sizing continue continue to be with the approach taken by her predecessor been burning the news sent shares up to ten gill has this report. in their first appearance as federal reserve board chair on tuesday danielle and told congress that while the legal market recovery still has a weeks ago despite the drop in unemployment. the fed will continue to beat use the support is providing the us economy through monthly bond purchases. every country in the labor market is far from complete purchases are not only appreciate chorus. in the committee's decisions about your peace will remain contingent on its outlook for the labor market and inflation. as well as its assessment of the likely
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efficacy and cost of such purchases. i know it's a yell is testimony singles the continuation of the policies started under her predecessor and cranky whenever dang keep the fed bought trillions of dollars worth of bonds to drive long term borrowing costs lower in december of last year it started to scale back its stimulus program. the new fed chief also noted the recent herbal and sandoval financial markets. we have been watching closely the recent volatility in global financial markets. every since he is fit to eat it this stage. these developments do not pose a substantial risk to the us economic outlook. guillen also in short investors by saying interest rates would remain very low. us markets reacted positively to our comments with all three major indexes closed over one percent higher after her
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remarks. the dow jones industrial average closed up almost two hundred points as investors welcomed to yell and say veto. snow again. i can use. during government has been trying to boost the nation's low birthrate through various measures for years now but they're still waiting on the fruits of their labor. the health ministry said tuesday that the birth rate for two thousand thirteen is estimated to come in at one point one eight which would represent a drop from one point three the previous year the oecd average is one point seven four children born to women over her lifetime. since two thousand five the government has been investing in average of about nine and a half billion us dollars annually to bruce the fertility rate he efforts have ranged from lincoln a nursery school hours and introducing measures to lower the financial burden of raising children. some welcome news from the antarctic on korea's second research station there
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officially opened on wednesday making it the tenth country in the world to run to her more permanent stations on the continent and yet reports on the extended polar exploration korea is preparing for a new period of polar exploration the completion of accepting the six ha in antarctica the ceremony was held for the turnbull was featured on wednesday at terra nova p in northern victoria in the end of the new base will be able to accommodate up to sixty people. the sixteen buildings spread across the four and half square kilometer three and the new station will be our home base were geographically search including the study of media i think last year's victory government says the wet down there to help promote scientific research at home last week a top team. qpr baloch. hey i can take a teeny they can to come
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taylor had to call it a shot that down. alan bought a nike telling him he had to tell him that we'll have it she'll eat he can he do that antarctic ice silly to be doing with your mankind's most important natural resources including oil metals and copper for that reason the frozen continent is in the back for exploration by nato countries for now my knee and territorial claims are prohibited on the continent and in antarctic treaty of nineteen fifty nine. that will be up for review in the year twenty forty which is why some countries may try to angle for a piece of antarctic night before then korea's first each and they can schedule was built in the western part of the konkani in nineteen eighty. meanwhile conducting research on learning eco systems. the next piece was first established a station on the continent in two thousand and china has forced the kids in total but that is planned for next year. you
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see on the evening. the sting korea's first medal in sochi and a new olympic record touring speed skater reasonable height has rewritten history in the winter games picking her crown as the world's fastest in the women's five hundred meters for more on her big win and the latest episode tr olympics correspondence from the sun joins us now in the studio. so two sundays i like to live for. right at this a few days for bath christ now from a return to range can be and annie did not disappointed with the cerberus tries making history. he was the fastest in both arms races in a time in thirty seven point two eight seconds in a second rate reset bill unbeaten record. the combined time of seventy four point seven sec and is also a new olympic record. but says all
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the faculty of law and silver portent of a second behind me and as peter martin ford finished third. with her when he has a surname ask the first ate this piece today to win two consecutive gold medals right she's serving bowls a number of titles under her belt it seems she's only getting stronger by her rival for august supplements of march jackson said he is just as strong as you seen bolt. now remember that none of the west actually standing out from nas and kelis peter and tina raining now and also that she was the shortest and hike along the three merits on the pony and pushed over teams after an intense training. and of course our big kid medal favourite kenyan i left for sochi and apparently there was a big send off at the airport that's exactly korea's rainy windy chen thinking a knock down the pot on the plane down for such test this afternoon i was asking to care for early end to check up on this team match and take a listen to mars before heading out to her second
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olympics. for years have already passed and my second olympics this year. i'm not trying to think of the tasman last competition more as just another competition. i'm trying not to be nervous there are many factors that leads to victory in figure skating and all the skater can do is focus on their program and give it their backs. now most people were curious about his thoughts on why some russians die he led his country and taking breaking away that she can be concerned with how well the other students fare tollywood with making the most out of her own program. kristina is his so young and keen edge and also flew on the same plane with him for their first olympics the search for them for ladies singles and stuff for next wednesday evening in switching. it is on the score still love the games is all about unexpected surprises and that surfing was the case for one of the american athletes were favored to win and snowboarding weapons that can happen for defending champion shaun why start i
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was simply not the chop from eric invited him to tell the champion things to get out the middle with his two bikes walk and not enough for a podium place. swiss my hair you make the lexicon cleaning my heart aches. it's the double cork. what to say for a full ice pack inside of two flights. that sealed the deal entering the fourth with no other stoop with the high cost right. the debt is to my tears i deal with piano and top with no practical silver and bronze respectively. now that forced a sometimes snowboarders in the event. and in another snow event apparently there were two gold medallists right not just a few hours ago that the men's downhill skiing wrapped up and let the snow settled slovenia scheme the maze and swiveling dominate gibson had i been cooked minus ten meters high is the second and one minute and forty one point five seconds against them both were named gold medalist said that the ten golds affect
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the medal stand. in fact it did of gold and bronze from that event actually lifted tennis was a land into fifth place. non norway stays on the top which can generate real english for gold nails each. with the vacuum the dust on the sky was gold medal. i passed up the dusty happened on the dusty skating again. and moving on we have a medal contender for a team korea tonight. hello what the band came to the golden streets after he's held high osama malik from bank for in the men's one thousand meter is back. and to remain in power to seize korea can add another bowl crumble. i am fine if the new lead in the snowboard halfpipe. semis and finals of the late at night. and it's the end of this place at ascot. after that. it's so so morally night cheering thinking so much too soon for all those updates the time. right now moving on to others sports ladies professional golf has
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exploded onto the global landscape in recent years to reach a joint this in the sports center with the details below that. hey guys in the little old for a decade the lpga since a national presence has grown tremendously and is now there's more talents more recognition and more money well back in the early nineteen nineties the door flew open for the national coffers and by that twenty per cent treat non americans like annika sorenstam marino toll and a bunch of koreans started dominating the sport now with hornets held in the americas europe asia and oceania. sponsorship support in raising the money states as well. and with the two were growing in her speech a lot is riding the next generation of golfers led by libyan go to continue to try and heading to the hardcore tea and the ace most valuable player and miami heat star lebron james has never lacked confidence on or off the court. and that's why
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espn today is mount rushmore of basketball. he chose michael jordan larry bird magic johnson and oscar rabin city as his top four. twice in the tent then confidently proclaimed that he too would one day team for the top four players in history. whatever needs to be seen but he certainly build a large pays for itself so far. and reading all of that there is wednesday stopped epl match up sparse pay tv time and are scum some rather seventy five to sixty eight but now let's get to the game of the night it's the mold is steve is going head to head with the tcc he just felt either one per cent of the pace as the cc takes the seven point lead at the half but molded smell to combat the hype about dancing and gets twenty one of his twenty four in the second half and a comeback to win ninety two eighty five. from year to sportscenter this has been stated sent to baghdad denied for the latest in the world
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of sports. each. the lending in the east coast regions must be wondering if it will ever stop snowing after seven straight days of snow but by that if relief is on the way by turning things over trike and bow down at the weather center. a pod of humpback it sits in the east. the guys currently it's snowing than debt free heavy snow fly buys three has been a sit in the car window and both times
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in the province is more snow will fall through friday morning on the east coast and in the mountains of taste you will get a break from all the snow all over the weekend however nice and light snow away test next tuesday taking a leg at the current conditions. as you can see cause i aggressively moving in the east coast region's leading to no plot at two fifteen centimeters of snow made by coming to an end in oregon. through friday the rest of the nation would get to enjoy and other mild winters day. in fact states have hives will see from between two to nine degrees making it feel more like early spring. the thing that's it tomorrow's ratings so and it will make it to six degrees. meanwhile snow showers are forecast in the center where the daytime high twelve hits set in. as for their b days and haven't said it will peak at six and nine degrees respectively team of four tops out at two what i thought i have read it out but i'll be back with my updates to the men. if
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that are broadcast on this wednesday nights and it became so charming thanks for watching all season. i was. the ending. eye i did it is. i am. i am the head
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the years. cz the new new new new lulu . hungry for gold rush and friends and their hopes on the country's record breaking bigger states in the low and in the men's one thousand meter dash that's amid warnings that the weather may be getting in the winter olympic games the nice lady did honey in the goldeneye ccc still a dance with the head a shake you did and despite the fine weather and rising temperatures. ukrainian judge who ruled against lights are simple than the storming of government buildings shot dead by unknown assailants police say the murder was most likely


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