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the ride itself the new. gu li. the us. i know. live from berlin and cj. we offer our thanks for joining us here's what's coming up in the next thirty minutes. a warm welcome in the last of her crying its leaders one to break away from ukraine and become part of russia. guilty of war from the international criminal court's verdict for congo militia leader. that is just as the mastermind behind the white house cat and he'll say no. we start with a
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volatile situation in ukraine where a tense standoff continues in crimea. i did the authorities didn't go with the authorities said they will hold a referendum to officially become part of russia ukraine interim prime minister says he's ready to talk with moscow. to me it's a milk says he is open to negotiations but only after russia withdraws its troops from crimea. ukrainian officials say thousands of russian troops have been deployed to the crimean peninsula and are showing no sign of leaving while meanwhile the speaker of russia's parliament said he would welcome any decision by crimea to join the russian federation crimean parliamentarians received a warm welcome from russian lawmakers in moscow in the crimean is came seeking official support for their decision to hold
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the referendum. and they found it. we adopted a resolution to join the russian federation and the ball is in your court. he will hold a referendum people will determine their position and you should eat em and doors. we will decide the historic destiny of crimea. a majority of residents in crimea play the holding a referendum. i feel i'm in favor of joining russia in the hope of a better life. i hope life will be better for a standard part of ukraine. in the ukrainian capital kiev where the crisis dusted. germany's economics ministers seek among gabriele surveyed the destruction on independence square. he's still the team's goals so far out of control. he says that the so far the most reasonable thing to do is to begin negotiations immediately with no preconditions. and then to discuss how to restore a sensible and intact ukraine school and on. the unicorn
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ukraine's interim prime minister says kiev will hold talks with moscow or if certain conditions them it's like to reiterate. we ate russian president the backcourt. not to support separatists and terrorists. real culprit in ukrainian government and to expand. the standoff continues at ukrainian ministry bases in crimea unidentified on trips are effectively holding ukrainian soldiers captive moment is from the oecd has been turned away from crimean port is as the crisis deepens. well let's go to a correspondent now mike adams who is in the crimean council's insurer off but i can get to see you soon just nine days to go before the controversial referendum takes place called the supervisor bowden is logistically possible to organize something like that at short notice. the regional
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government here has announced that next day the wheel and he accepts that the russian people and russian officials supervising. observing this semester ends and they said take on trust anyone else especially not people from the ukraine said this street is even more fears among those who think that this might be rigged to a referendum to pray since i'm really running high the weekend at the ballot cards are ready to print sets and back just in case twenty two per cent more and we'll be friends had any kids that also adds up to the sea of some people he ate at this one be a better friend and i'm liking this day we saw some tense situation is being played out there where you want between a pro ukrainian supporters and pro russian loyalist what's the weekend now where you are. here and that some fragile and standing in front of the poly and it's quite common now people are continuing to live
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their daily lives. that's not progress and they feel that they have already accomplished everything they want those two up critical base yarn shop of what's happening they say tried because they feel intimidated and just knew so neat seeing as that's the question is have a stove which is about seventy km from here. a russian troops. apparently sam taking over an anti may sound defence units a ukrainian that one that says it wants to become un didn't she thought that base is a report into ukrainian media leak on confetti that yes he's as bad today tipped over the gate with a truck and and our insides have but he confirms that the ukrainian troops went right back because they do one two a as have been for the escalation my right to it in reporting their service ensure a poll the creamy in the capital thank you so very much. now let's get a perspective ukrainian capital kiev where kenny logan is standing by to meet with the publicly
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staying at. yet resigned itself to the fact that the referendum will certainly take place and there's nothing they can do to stop it. not to toll the government he remains adamant that the referendum is not constitutional. it is not legal. and they say the wolves will not recognize its sales in item in the crimea pedal steel ukraine and without the proper procedures which according to the cooking the trading competition says that that must be a pro pack nationwide referendum if this country change is in tara trio for this with out a nationwide referendum they say they can be maintained if they asked the farm on this i think that feeling very confident because ace feel that they pull the international community on that site they feed into the stock picker not talking to kiev. throughout this week they've been basking in creating government's position so i think the government it is very confident about spending fat on this issue whether they can do anything in practical terms is of course none of
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them accept less exactly the case you are there any concerns about a possible military intervention by the russians in eastern ukraine. we've seen throughout the coffee day sarah said that even possible if the country to take the innocent in the next day they'd be fine tuned for control of the regional government building progress as an act for ukrainian protests is to be taking it at all throughout the week the situation has calmed somewhat today to look at them the key if the a's b's and russian army use that address as a pretext to bring treats for the full effect the calls that would inflate the price is still fat the logan reporting with the latest in ukrainian capital. thank you so very much. well russia's grip on crimea is dredging up painful memories for the region's ethnic hottie is a predominantly muslim people whose roots can be traced back to turkic and mongol tribes. after decades of forced in far flung corners
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of the soviet union many times and finally we settled back in the region they once ruled falling nineteen forty four under the pretext that they had in the nazis during world war two soviet dictator stalin deported hundreds of thousands of crimean partners to central asia. they are around three hundred thousand coal canyon home once again russia's incursion is seen as an acute correct the central mosque and simple. the crimean top cars meet him for a friday press mostly minority it feels especially transcends one brush inside iraq. we were to move the work you can imagine a limited his lanky a kids the rocking their parents whether they will be a war everyone is trying since you were here for more than that on. crying the entire time it begins to that history would repeat itself. in nineteen forty four percent
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the key to choose its time in order to the top times be deported on maps from the peninsula. the resettled in siberia and central asia many still top of his hatred for russia. following premise that on sunday day in crimea stomachs are essential but also addressed his people our oven. it is. he made an urgent calls for unity and calm. asking for a boycott of a planned referendum on independence of the region no too little to ease a member of the regional parliaments. he considers the awb's actions to be illegal rather than risk if the situation escalates in his hockey sense. more wood which was listed in the issue could lead to bloodshed. all ethnic groups in the crimean region we call on the un to take action and send peacekeepers to the region as quickly as possible you could
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approach the ports. it's exceptional and it shows the tension in the fear that the political leader of the tartare minority here in the region is talking to its people to ride inside the mosque after the prayers his main message is that the international community has to go into much more involved in the region to prevent the situation from getting even worse on to turkey now and prime minister richard time there no one has threatened to block access to facebook and youtube in the country because he says they're being misused by his political enemies. turkey's president of philip gould says social media can not be on the plot. they're the ones move comes after a number of recordings were posted anonymously on the internet allegedly exposing corruption by the prime minister. no one denies the allegations and accused as a political opponent a muslim teacher based in the us of being behind the products. turkey recently tightened government
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control of the internet actually wanted to push and privacy. now amid all the crises some positive news now from europe's largest economy. german industry output rose for a third consecutive month in january industry output climbed by zero point eight percent compared to the same period a year earlier beating analysts' expectations the figures show there was also the surge in construction up by four point four percent which is mainly due to the wild thing quite pleasant winter we've had this time around. on friday's market action and things not looking so hot on the markets european stocks nose dived at the end of the week losing their first weekly with their first weekly decline rather since january out for more on that is actually of the summary for frankfurt correspondent on a boat the upbeat economic data from jeremy didn't help with the sentiment beyond the technical note the concerns about the ukraine or russia prices
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kept a firm grip on the market yet. investors remain concerned that jimmy's economy in particular could be hit hard by a policy office and the argos and retaliation between russia and the west. one winner this friday was the euro its prized temporarily climbed above one donut thirty nine after the european central bank left interest rates unchanged on thursday. maybe this is now think that for an extended period of time interest rates in the eurozone will remain it's not very high and still a bit higher than in other places of the blood. conrad was a forest at the frankfurt stock exchange and we can stay there in frankfurt for a quick spin through friday's numbers. germany's dax it was down by a little over two percent finishing at nine thousand three hundred and fifty points. here starts tuesday. don't i will mourn one half percent finishing at three thousand ninety five cross the atlantic the new york at this hour. the dow pretty much trading flat at sixteen thousand four hundred
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and twenty six points and the euro still trading strongly against the greenback at this hour it's worse when us dollar thirty eight seventy three the germans as a guillotine go cuz he still refuses to a village in greece where german soldiers carried out a brutal massacre in bold words to express shame that the nineteen forty the atrocity at the cottage where a troops executed dozens of villagers including babies reprisal for a partisan attack. dokic was accompanied by greek resident rose couple years who was the resistance fighters teenager and grew up in a nearby town. the visit to the memorial marks the end of the three day state visit the combined political talks with efforts to bring closure to wounds from german wartime occupation of critics. that and can easily qian days has been transformed. seventy one years again forces had destroyed the vintage. i needed to attend school remains standing. german
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soldiers executed eighty six residence here. most of them women children and the ultimate act of revenge the resistance members killed in officer will. many locals remain two essential ahead of the jam and cousins visit. alleviate the financial compensation from gemini is long winded to its north of the victims it's a matter of principle that the promoters of an onion president house was clean the mirrors during his visit to sarah manage to remember the atrocities he embraced creek residents cairo last couple years himself was a member of the resistance during the german occupation that's faster chain is about what happened was brutally injustice. with shame and sorrow by oz in the name of gemini will the forgiveness of the families of those who were wounded on the title mark down once again dismissed the possibility of financial compensation saying
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there was no longer legal foundation. a typical reality too except for the residents of the youngest. the only comeback record breaking a guilty verdict at the international criminal court. stick around. use. for the ears. it is. a nice weekend. its most blatant and popular sentiment. samuel's
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this post is going on. pics at a higher law. w ere it clinging to the cost critical. they wait for cutting edge commentary. dw radio. dw to see the slide the international criminal court in the hay has convicted a former congolese militia commander of work that was found guilty of involvement in two thousand and two massacre of more than two hundred civilians in a village in north eastern congo. he was convicted on charges of murder but cleared of sexual offences including and keeping women as slaves jim and contenders showed no signs of emotion as he listened to the international criminal court's ruling the former congolese warlord was found guilty of complicity in war crimes that killed two hundred people. in
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nineteen ninety nine. heavy fighting erupted in the congolese province of the tory between the local pay my ethnic group and then do and i gt ethnic groups at least sixty thousand people died in the civil war which hundreds of thousands left homeless. among the choices when any child soldiers. in two thousand and three the men do and one gt forces attacked the village of vocal row expecting to find him a fine says. the soldiers killed about two hundred people with machine guns rockets and machetes. women and children in the village were raped. many were abducted and held captive by the militia as slaves. many of the attack is with themselves children. it's on his trial in the hague last of four years. the court found him guilty of aiding forces that committed murder and plundering. he said to have supplied the militants with weapons. the court came
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to the conclusion that we felt was the atrocities could never happens. he was acquitted of charges of slavery and deploying child soldiers in the conflict to the court will decide the length of contenders prison sentence in a later hearing. it's only that the verdict handed down by the icc since its founding in two thousand and two the court has faced criticism for being slow and ineffective. while earlier we spoke to daniel held summer after the desk and we started out by asking him why the icc was unable to convict him of being directly involved in committing actual war crimes one of the court said it was actually convinced that these crimes were committed that women were raped and in women and girls for use as slaves by the f rpi militia. but the court could not prove that scott time though was the one who in fact oldest these crimes. the presiding judge even said that the chamber wasn't even able to confirm that time the was
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present at the palms in the fighting though the celebrations off to its the problem is in incomplete second one in eastern congo for this too. to take it the women is so into the slave for the attacks are issued by satellite phone all the rage of communication but joe hockey has written communication. so it's hard to find any kind of evidence and equipment to show around in the courtroom. neil what sentence can he expect and what is the message is being sent to people on the ground he could get a maximum sentence of up to thirty years but i would expect that he gets the lesser sentence than that. some of the bongos and other companies will when he was sentenced by the icc to fourteen years in two thousand twelve full constricting the title. so it's it's i think that this triad of smokes and a very good message. in fact because the problem is the prosecution accused of
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town golf having played the com on the road in the attacks and the court simply send simple complicity meaning that it provided weapons and logistical support to defy this would then carried on those atrocities. so the message basically that is that it's very very hard to prove that mortals the militia leaders like irresponsible for the actions of staff scientists on the grounds and we have a couple of crimes especially but eastern congo going on at the moment and it means that those rather he does not mix to get to quit to get away with relatively mild sentence this stale house and did a music contest in bonn think is so very much for your insights. while in a moment we'll take a look at them and behind the coin. but for some other news making headlines this hour. should i malaysian opposition leader anwar ibrahim has had the sentence for sodomy. we can put on more was acquitted of the charge two years ago today the courts typically gives judges were mis directed on what has been ordered to prison for five
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years he will also lose his seat in parliament. on day five of the murder trial of athlete oscar the story is a former girlfriend has told the court that she had seen the stories using weapons carelessly. she sat on one occasion he shot his pistol in the air while angry the stories of me shooting dead his girlfriend resisting camp that says it was an accident. soldier and motorcyclists have been killed during protests in venezuela. officials say they died in a confused delay caused by the opposition's barricaded in caracas street protests against leftist president nicholas mind to and his policies have been going on for weeks. twenty people have died in the national fire. well after that we'll break from the top tear into politics and veteran politician duncan and younger is making a comeback the european people's party has chosen you as its
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candidate to run for european commission president. he received backing from german chancellor on the miracle is well on the center right ppp is now the largest force in european politics. the second largest group of socialists and democrats have selected the current president of the european parliament jeremy martin show. the day well whichever group games the largest bloc of seats after the european parliament elections in may is expected to get the presidency shaun cody own kind is back in the political limelight the self described it true european is known as a korean politician with an easygoing charm. now he wants to conquer europe's biggest political stage the conservative european people's party picked to venture into the eu deal make a stand a candidate to head the european commission. you could tell conservatives they need to stay the course of the pasta is as many countries are still recovering from the financial crisis. it was a little slow going until we miss
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strengthen our focus on social issues. the same time we come just float it on it what we've done to combat the crisis has been fundamentally correct. it's something is gloomy sky lightened up we got the fundamentals rise up to it. the former prime minister of luxembourg has been a fixture of european politics of its three decades. q do you know makers have as much experience as he dons. he helped shape the union including the launch of the single currency and the subsequent year is in crisis he proved to be a gifted children to. the fifty nine euro is a monster of political theater. the party congress in dublin. you can make an effort to show you ninety trucks bringing his friend dr holmes said bonnie a quiz him on stage the oromo shown cool congratulations you can count on was the polls the uk is expected to play a leading role as mediator when the going gets tough he's a strong believer in the european project he
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combined the listening to these division of europe into north and self begins mole strong and weak. i want to build bridges bring us together create a consensus will update. conservatives have made a choice clear they had europeans will follow their lead in the may twenty fifth and actions well for more on that let's hear from our correspondent chris of hustle by who's been following the day's developments in dublin. don't go to guy has easily won the contest of the european people's party to be the frontrunner in the european elections. he has a lot of experience. he is multi link you only speaks french german and english fluently and perhaps crucially he has the support of the gem and sean slept on the mac and now he will be his party into the european elections. he's saying that he wants to make europe into
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fair of face he wants the sad division of the good news all for the crisis nt saying social policy shouldn't be left of the socialists unknown. and at least theoretically if his party wins the election. then mr young will become the next commission president. however it could well be that the european heads of state and governments would choose to completely different. as soon as commission president that would depend upon them and enormously. but it will show once again that the real power in the european union allies with adjustments what's worse there is a double. now the reclusive japanese american named as the inventor has been calling denied any involvement with and to digital currency and she has to talk about the scandal and the corcoran said. well the alleged to be the cover story of newsweek
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magazine which has just relaunched its print edition investigative journalists that he tracked down the secretive inventor and his humble california home by tracing into one of his big hobbies collecting toys trains. they've been going for. this japanese american mine is called orient and snuck a moto. but his heels was approaching the komodo the money gave birth to decline. birds were granted a newsweek magazine says he is and run a story on thursday on my asking him as the inventor of the digital currency. when the story broke. dozens of reporters to see it's not hopeless cause in temple city california even see a marriage then drove off with the news agency reporter to get us to buy them lunch. it too darn interview was sushi not komodo denied having anything to do with declined saying he had never even had the currency until three weeks ago but still. on the same guy on the beam ball with that we like to find
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somebody who came up with this they know. it's most likely it's a fictitious name eight cohen has a digital currency. unlike conventional money that is bought and sold the peer to peer networks the central control advocates believe that will make noble financial transaction smoothies are as well as independent of pints and governments. but the recent collapse of one colts one of the largest decline exchanges and the torture of canadian decline in the next coin has shaken confidence in the digital currency opponents criticize it as a risky on regulated investment mr was more successful he might admit to being the inventor. thanks so much for joining me and steve for news of the stuff the air. he
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