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now on dvd. low blow. you knew you the tree the daughters of somebody and gave them a fair chance the island. i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in the united states. two variants of your sons and daughters. twenty five million. in fact door or something. what is great about ireland. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents same irish heritage shows that the bond between our two of them. all ever. if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states today
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because not too soon. i am honored to represent detainees radiance of a faulty me another american school of irish roots. there are fifty palace undocumented irish meaning in the united states because of their status. they are on a boat returned to ireland to visit family friends and neighbors. immigration reform initiative in the us senate and u s house of representatives is a real opportunity to transform the start line. my great grandfather left here in time of stress. seeking to better himself and his family. so many irishmen and women from every walk of life played a role in creating the treatment of men. i'm certainly proud to be part of the great irish american tradition. o bond between our two countries runs deep and strong and i'm proud to be here. in recognition and celebration of our times. yes tommy for immigration reform and all of irish american
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hope that the laws and life with and who was living in the shadows to reach their potential on tension between the united states of america the british on speaking as an irishman summed up in approach to life other people he said see things in statewide. but i dream things that never were. can i say why not the bad quality. it is the quality of the irish the remarkable combination of for profit and an imagination. that is needed more than ever today moreover for. i write. he said. the trickster it is unique opportunity for people all over the war
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the division of english and spanish. but the former abroad. i wish people a people united church which puts him to those who have an affinity with that and we share in our price today that is me particular pleasure to speak to you is yourself to decide on this very special day for us. i don't know the united states enjoyed a wonderful relationship. because of political intrigue things will always be very important but there is a pretty good the woman for a person of friendship and bond also connections between all countries of the people monday. the recent and very welcome subconscious to tradition has become the greening of important international unlocks. he shows great affection for ireland and in america that for me this is illustrated by degrading the likes of the inquest a pity that the falls and of course other famous paintings in chicago on the status of sentences go. the photo that says for pyramids of giza
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the ancient city of petra in jordan. a unesco ordered a slice of local ingredients in a visit on tuesday go for the broadcast you enjoy on his arm and we continue to show you something of the essence of the personality of our country. i hope too that you miss sophie and inspired details of this. i knew i would be assured of the order famous cave in to foster a hundred thousand buckets. i'm not very gentle and what can we be matched by the majesty of the non skid. the vibrant culture and items which could teach. today i want to wish all a very enjoyable and distaste and topics that could be forcing us to sit on and the nothingness in opposing team. immediately when it's hard to conceal course the shell shock. shane heal some bikini set. how
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many people gather in the streets of dublin as the wearer to celebrate st patrick's day. ms johnston dublin with the murder of a woman the attempted merger offer torture. eye. i knew what's old girl kara sea to the south and far right nokia on the cake cake and the democrats tried to look over at the lack of the current cost exceeded ten plus costs in check. i just got the more fox end apartheid and top gun owner of the stephen roach team and the gamma shot not to unleash gosh get new let's make history in the more than
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three thousand performers thousand and nine to deal with an artistic flair and creativity to make and eat the snacks for us. i plan on on any non aids is the time being serious. they came from all over the wires into wednesday that the country's largest in state rates for loss and elsewhere synthetic paper it makes the anti santa baby. they brought up from the experts for the status of the year since nine o'clock this morning instead of the fronts i mean that these youth events was let's make history. included among those represented. the sign in an artistically thanks to three years and six said twenty four team rankings the past ten to fifteen were going to consider the present and twenty six team are asking the question. we aspired to be in the next hundred years
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russia this year was psyched to steep invokes the stairs going up the phone to lethbridge with the bunny hill that. when the indianapolis colts in the head. obama spoke of the conduct of the money of the speaker notes on the phone that didn't show it to some of the uk e the a l i e. the one what then does he say oprah million people are content to watch the events there are not yet doing enough and hinted on clematis gambler i the kids out to columbus to see if i did tamils. he could still cook authentic and dying sycamore addition seventy nine to the holding of discovery to conduct this late in the initial attack it but nice nonetheless. on the canary of dispute their five day instead of calling fingers released at the museum and to keep it in context of the needy and to dentist visit the occasion
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waving flags and wearing t shirts and greedy coming from all over the words penetrate this pic taken any steps to take the event is of course now aligned to that inhabit the best in music and events happening around the city presented here behind me i picked up a ruling until penthouse of their solo performances happening. those tickets are so tense that there was jack to sleep the other musical events happening in and the cc this evening as the festival draws to coast. thank you thank you he has taken time to sink her cheek state new york city parade saying he was prone to do so despite ongoing controversy over equality rights. it was the first fernandez of the psni to march alongside their counterparts in regard to steal from us our washington correspondent jim carrey is a new york. it's been a ban on the bbc policy that is that it's great for twenty years still i think reads this here but the withdrawal of support by a number of corporate bonds is the refusal to much like a
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cds man in the backfield the ship and the mayor had breakfast this morning and head of the greats the atmosphere was pleasant with them and exchanging gifts. despite the controversy that peaches gunners. the system keeps the seventeenth of march for the fourteen hundred and eighty thousand people with much of new york today. many of those i kp. and in much protein in the scent of cypriot say to myself. some key dates in step with the new york ca celebrating its one hundredth anniversary and as of the psni much for the first time soon so hard to see it going it's a historic day and because we ate we are showing what that what we are to leave the shop window for that the sense of smell and ireland it was a small number of protesters on the parade routes. we are here to protest the homophobia of the train it may be legal but it's not morally right. to teach
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humans can share it with the merger of mary duncan and the intent to return to georgia and thompson today james read and the contraction cannot next decent hour. php four cup and district courts mary darkens family and friends leaving court dr james wright commander was charged with her merger. there was screaming and tackling when he was led into court room number two this morning with a bandage on his head. he was close to the court of criminal justice after being charged and tell a garda station yesterday afternoon garda connor fanning told the judge he left it to fifty eight euro does have passed court and charged him with the merger of married i can he said to mr redmond made no reply a week charged with a merger or a second charge of the attempted murder of mary kay i can still share kareena sixty six year old married i can die down skipping church in the head in there and think and i did in town centers the afternoon
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kareena dark and was also shocked but her injuries are unknown to life threatening some members of the darkened from anywhere in motion in court and had to leave during the brief hearing james redmond was remanded in custody to appear before ko for him district court on friday next the twenty first of march judge john cochran or tears as he undergo a psychiatric assessment. while in custody. diane connor or she means the club and district courts. a woman just last night with the investigation detective two men and fire departments in island county court last week. the woman in her twenties was arrested in cork city. ryanair has canceled twenty six flights to and from friends. silks and canceled our return flights between dublin and paris because of the french air traffic controllers strike tomorrow. passengers are advised to check the status is often placed before tumbling to the airports you
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can see my boss would actually not cut their pay at a bar i just got her car key on ten twenty two english asking me that the number one comes through the wash at the spectacle was that spike milligan the dems themselves only corcoran my kentucky maybe he's still with me and mentioned that it snowed in court for today's parade if you look good on him. over sixty thousand people turned out to watch before he becomes the promised would be made to create and give them to expectations at two hundred celebration of proteins to go. who better to leave it but anything that consist of an attempted car that might affect the hot footed it to be here typing at the free loan to us today with three thousand people took time from the dump and dancers from crafty kids welcome to overseas visitors
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to my nine years. all in all two and still forbade . its first trade five years ago when it's gone from strength to strength. some tuna thousand people took i took the magic and ten cents at the stamp room and read some exotic streets. what is now one of the tissues in the county where it for twelve thousand people were treated to a showcase of all that is great. the nice here is it some but that's its broad color and resolute as to the bow mcnulty told today as over fifty troops to protect the endless parade the team of the parade here was the likes of roy in working with files and use since the death of the last high king of ireland brian ballroom of the estimated ten thousand people lined the streets of and this is to soak up the atmosphere of long fought through it. she is not too hard and she's showing that the story of a thing of the great entry into company celebrates the contribution of perry group of ten pencils to the communities that the grand marshal of the parade in treaty with
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the kerry group chairman dennis puppy to mark the contribution which the company has made to the town the theme of the parade was community spirit and thus extended to some of the town's younger citizens marched with local organizations and sporting come. the parade in killarney marked one hundred and fifteen years of the town council there comes this gem to be abolished in me and many entrants lamented the passing st patrick's day marks the start of the tourist season and an arnie the remaining foreign visitors in town and they were treated to dancing on the streets. even the dogs got the dl. as an ally in concession or write something good and i see a three course a litle boy sat on the feast of the school and thank you for the minor cuts and co ownership and caught the ball on to hope in the comments in
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the peach jam. six o'clock in the morning indeed the sound here comes part and stirred is great. this is a horse and cart year old tradition stretching back to the war but his heart he's got a purchase of st park sixty between sunrise and sunset least seventy cents the taste is turning to the center of limerick city to see this year's sink fixed a great deal of our home is khan has called to a mini show. shirts and artistic spectacle and scorched were in abundance in every city parades to show off its two year city of culture the most in team especially begins with the vip treatment for the grand marshals as the city hosts especially big gains in june. one of the creeks or two occasions this year. marcus was there with the giant bear and
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the lioness added a special plea to have the widest bees from the day returning home but step back in time to pack it starts to get the doubt be hoping his day in advance of a major festival recalling delivered speeches of the sixteen nineties in the summer. for something completely different and alcohol free the st patrick's day on luck to them. a special family day and every quilt market with music from the lives of our brothers and in a mixing as with strings school choirs been trained by the irish chamber orchestra. an alternative way to spend st patrick's day. the talented young irish dancers were out in force at the parade in tipperary town when it meets the young people in the region were some neat features. this fern and nationals who battles now ninety one strong and fourteen years old standing as one of the biggest and best marching in parades. i'm for something unique
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the champion turner is giving notice of the ot are that turn racing championships at tipperary in july. can you call on the auction of all the chicken and lamb last season for sure what to talk her into the initiate an offshoot of the world to condemn in the hands of the action. yet with the creation of this country hundred people. this impacted day parade in the speech area add the leeks is a real community affair. this parade was started by the brownie guides on the tree years ago this year's theme was a taste of times past with the rocking vintage group practically every association ends up in the area. i marched from the school hall the band's profile in the parades across the river shannon and featured a dramatic display by the fire services in front of five thousand people whistleblowers were popular winners in the parades that
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featured hundreds of children and ten miles away. rfu president pat fitzgerald showing off the six nations of the wearer. home parades it's no sin. jake stayed for a good must come in town so exposed to as finn to fly the flag every year. it's consistently one of the best ombudsman's office featured prominently this year integrated with over thirty films and feature the rescue but the fire services the rocky point for us entertained the match no the streets of moles were transformed into a scene from the wednesday evening at the dance on stage crew provided one of the top highlights of the parades three bands took part in the celebration. the nominal than music director john julian for his contribution to the mall trying to grow and there were more than turkey holds in the parades traditional musician sean norman was honored as brown's
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show the parade meat and dairy. to mark the contribution made by his music town the projections coat and some new rich muslim affordable home in the parade featured the sporting exploits of the next generation. and in an exhibition of bicycle skills to a huge and appreciative crowds. as we tease that the nation. she posted the biggest parade in the country in county dublin yesterday went to the tune of sorts the twenty ten season. so it was going on alfred st kitts day parade that is going to speed on the eighth on the streets. on the economics and to ruffle a
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few things along the way. win tickets to each of the outbreak in the state to take one or reinstall the french warned don't want the real star of the senate proceedings on your way shapes as well as stalinist took part in it. please pray that the music and dance can improve content and nineteen and organized in saipan sticky seeds we screamed and i don't mind the ferry for his time the savings generated music heroes as their theme. grant auction actor george mom so much back then and she's performing arts academy. our team at the local costume hire company continued to surprise and delight followed by the molds dance academy said ridge ga tech scored since i don't have come in the youth and add more music the favor. scott's favorite was this character turned heads. i got a great love for their efforts. jurors if he were to coax him with a snake that almost got away transporting the offender dine restrooms me in st human old to mike for
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the spectacle. entertained by the cornell memorial to pay phones. children often do you do they go. this in the state commissions paid tributes to our patron saint. please pray for the highpoint of the weekend off and statistics. today's kilkenny for me. many times present and future. it's a desert a wealthy philanthropist remembered for the contribution she made to them on cd. attendees can tune in next st patrick's transplant on the ring from high school choir from arizona. all marched to the king kenny lofton has pearls on her nose due to fly to spain the iranian and two teams in the vinegar hill one of the highlights of this year's in store for me organizers chose the members of the town council to defer needing to find him in office
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described as the dcu state of the year in the town the record might be broken when filming of the column to be able to begin a sentence or the anti much. my years of its funds he pounced founded by the vikings and nine fourteen this year the city the oldest in the country celebrates its lesson hundredth birthday. kristen children's tv presenter making the city was chosen as planned. marshall. all of that search and rescue teams were also well represented story the st theater company and members of the waterford most are psyched up and under certain crimes. if you wanted to attend the same patrick's day parade in carnal today you crossed over the bridge into great column on each side of town for the convention conference celebrating its fiftieth anniversary the condo for the one hand yesterday to facilitate the thousands of kano beans who travels to croke park today to support the mind tends to rangers
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polish and minister for tourism and kill morris held talks in paris with the french president francois long. gilmore said the issue violent legacy bank debt the interviews all found that france's support all this has been consistent. the morning the team in pvc pants that were stuck in the french president. along the silk says groupie in europe they're focusing on tackling unemployment and both are facing the chairman of protest. not surprising then that the upcoming european elections and economic matters. the gdr and they can see that desk telling me to teach and dan hynes and stories. we still need to trust god to show results. we hope lunch. european union when protests the nineteen year olds. very quickly so we can achieve with the legacy the shoes. when arrested at the french and irish governments differing approaches to tackling their economic issues that bush has
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said they had different starting points. he wants to concentrate on what they have in common their support for martin shelters tennessee pressed into the european commission. he was a friend to us. we didn't have many friends there. the tories to quickly we've done from the grand cherokee in the state has to be mechanics of a massey ferguson tractor add cocoa and gold eight is france's largest tractor production sites. it produces seventy two massey ferguson said a seventeen cousin to the year. the irish delegation and enterprise aren't interested in that three hundred and ninety million euro at your expense sourcing parts. indeed his own to me to pick up each was made in earnings. and if you really want to make afraid to success the pitch. we have to get fully on board. martinez just turned fourteen these parents. that underneath this evening the central bank is recommend to catch one wants to send cooling should be taken to checking nation. hi
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this program and wexford for shops and businesses around wounded heroes in the next night . she spent days could be no different. one ninety cents going to become the king of the times that the government decides to face the axe following a successful trial run and lake streets. all of the kindest and most customize who took time to time as profound as awesome. shakespeare said px and dates. yes you read if the coins with me constantly hear that the straight days until christmas treats. we got back seats at them because it's so much clutter in my pants in the morning i'd say baby up for the next time consuming and setting up camp and now we don't open up this month. the new role cheese crispy with the fallen tree. customize and dennis green to ground their parents to the nearest one cents. i think generally when the chains like this
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they taken as an excuse to ramp things up but suppose that that i'm awesome possum fortune and the small claims that the acts the way they lost the sense that effect mason quickly as people have the tendency to stockpile them. we've actually you could use for every household in the country when one of thousands of these women to cyclones over the last seven or twelve years since the un as sixteen euro cents jeans so that it is something that consumers aren't using them i told him he said that the minister for finance and the cycling team points if the team said the extent that the slightly. sam got me want to use them. friday chicks one was from activity on the team. i can't buy for. to about sixty of its unique opportunity for people all over the war. the division of english and spanish. but the home or abroad. i wish people a people of the irish heritage. a question to those who have an affinity with that and we share in our
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price today. should kids be particular pleasure to speak to you is yourself to decide on this very special day for us. i'm in the united states enjoyed a wonderful relationship. because of political intrigue things will always be very important but there is a particularly warm and very personal friendship and bond also connections between all countries of the people monday. the recent and very welcome subconscious to tradition has become the greening of important introduction of us. it shows great affection for ireland and in america that for me this is illustrated by the greed and the likes of the inquest a pity that the flaws and of course other famous paintings in chicago on the status of sentences go. the photo that as her present keys to the ancient city of petra in jordan. a unesco award for his sights on local ingredients in a bid to cut to stay go for the broadcasts to enjoy on his arm and we continue to show you
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something of the essence of the personality of our country. i hope to the gym is soon to aspire to fail says i knew i would be assured of the order famous cave in to foster a hundred thousand by compass. i'm not very gentle and what can we be matched by the majesty of the non skid the vibrant culture and items which her teach. today i want to wish all a very enjoyable and distaste and topics that could be forcing us to sit on and the nothingness that opposing teams going. a sire. xd or spoken to her i was minding his business records for programs and entertainment
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day three pm. late lunch line. i would answer for us i do here. she knew this six pm. today i went on to make steam wand digital channel thirty point one. mm mm. you know. and. in june. in it you knew. i do i. new line
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of art and rub a dub store to get back in for monday the seventeenth of march then just continue all the hindu


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