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tv   Arirang News  PBS  April 23, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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they eat. oh and cheese and truffle and thank you so much for joining us as we find out more about what exactly happened at the time of the acts again anger continues to grow among families of the victims ip and is thus in a studio to tell us by the end. that evening i just did a brief recap of what exactly happened during that time of the acid in the face of what the american police have said all fifteen crew members along with the captain had been hiding in the steel mill until the rescue team arrived in that room there were sixteen lifeboats but none of them and even cars. even the passengers in the room the pasta from the funeral was calling out for help and he rescued us and as a rescue boat to ride the crew were the first one to get online while the coast guard official caught on the sinking ship and went to meet the life flow of the basilica able to take a look alike with the embassy now along with the comments
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from the maritime police clean shot off the site of the acting confirm these reports but they are claiming otherwise the like. do we truly would continue to like books if you see we did try but it was so slow we know we can get there. so we're learning that eleven of the fifteen crew members have actually been arrested that's right the crew members including happen of course have been taken into custody. i would tell them possibly facing and negligent homicide charges. the charge carries a three year jail sentence and a thing if anna's place on those of left field to carry out rescue operation resulting in bad. i think the investigations continue with some of the crew will be showing signs of regret and many of their mistakes and some are receiving hostile treatment after counting feed your psychological distress. it seems like everyone is passing along the lane and that the families of the victims have been pointing fingers of
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the government for its own responses must remember is that during and after the accident and now the pit operator that spring is in many companies and if i had postponed the threat the prosecutor seem to think that they died because of the sinking of the ship us to do with its operator. earlier this week officials from the ministry of abortions in this respect the tongue engineering company was negligent recording safety checks on the ferry investigators are looking into the possibility that the practical own or use them on. it's me into getting out of the things that i am going to be thinking earlier today we hit from the offices and homes of you as well as the headquarters of the tongue is a marine company here in college. now there's another investigation taking place simultaneously ended the investigation team all began preparations for the lease and the take into account wind ocean currents like and modifications made to the shed in order to figure out the exact cause of
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the finance and announced that he will finish setting up a team of experts and will begin the process as early as tomorrow morning. and in time prosecution office has also carried a special inspection on the pitch anything or nothing to import including check up on the state equipment on emergency drill to help the emergency exit doors are at the picture continues to come together think in the us the report come and stay with the investigation into the fairy thinking another solid keith has been added to the puzzle of what may have cost the skeletal ferry to capsize abruptly only a few weeks ago crew of the sale of a fairy reported that the ship's steering unit was showing malfunction. option one has details on how to repair request fell on deaf ears. this is a mechanic wesfarmers the net and i took on a desk a little scary to ferry operator time engineering company and then two weeks before the tragic
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accident. if that's the spirit and europe announced that can carry with andy milne goldfish morning crew members that they have to respect the collar and rely on the honor board power supply. one dealer leading republicans are still like to request form and that the fundamental cause of the issue with umno. even the ferry operator to no action on the issue. korean broadcast of ite reported wednesday that a ship with the company. edward and the skill levels there in the force that it had not looked at the steering clear of the steal of a fairy any time he said. no i hadn't received any reply request about the steering year experts say the spirit of unity is key to fulfilling for sure that any problem and thus during the year increases the likelihood of an accident and the ship's steering system problems should be prevented from
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getting stale. winter time is hindering company appears to have continued to melt steel the detail of a ferry to operate on more than two weeks leading up to the accident last week. to love. i mean of me. korea southwestern coast search and rescue operations are at in its eighth day at correspondence that pain will come back roughly twenty km from where the ship capsized on sunday and you can build toward a slight now sunday dozens of bodies were retrieved an overnight search operations but still no word of a single survivor the entire eight am certain rescue operations but guess not a single survivor has been found yet but the official death toll continues to rise rapidly the number currently at one hundred and fifty seven out of most of the bodies retrieved today our high school students. we still have around one hundred and
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fifty people missing inside the sunken ship and any of that nearly ninety percent of them. our belief that the students at that time of high school. now the families of the missing camping out here at the time of the harbor are clinging onto their last shred of hope but they are growing restless and i heard that get a chance to sit down with the father of one of the exhibits guess when you've got a chance to talk to a father whose son was on to something so very he said that when he first received the news was on short bike hundred high school this summer was a lie he remains one of the missing. my son was very gentle. to see quite boring and never disobeyed us would listen to all the things he would say to him as parents it was great to listen and thoughtful. my son. i feel really sorry for the things i was unable to keep you
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although sometimes i scolded you. thus because i'm not so much. the beach i mean. it's heartbreaking to think of the harbor. you must have gone through. walker said he wanted the sun combat sold to be lifted to the surface as soon as possible so that he could see his eighteen year old son. last time. yes the domestic teams are focusing their search on the third and fourth floors of the vessel back to their expectations are and yet the disbelief that many of the passengers were generic added that the time he sits in it was about nine o'clock in the morning. i know this was backed up by a defender was on the skeletal very meticulous. i was a rescue party so i don't know the current situation. but based on what i saw there were students on the third and fourth floor where the cabins are. you are told to wait and that's why it
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became too late to rescue them. the first to be rescued but the ferry started to list but it was like stunned amazement thing and the sun instead. that's right fifty the ever saw were kids rotate this reduces barges to search the door on both floors of the bastille like he said fishing boats are used in hall for floodlights tell drivers operate in the dark of the nine hundred letters will be use to opted not to more than two hundred rescue ships thirty four aircraft up to ten to fifteen divers are continuing to rescue operations are fortunately hectic trolls like a remotely operated vehicle had not yielded any results. what's the week since the tragedy and messages of support are writing at this harbor across the nation. the message this week that we love you alot and that miracle will happen is us on sunday and to kill
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the party capital arbor. you guys. it's been a devastating week for the families of the missing many of those waiting for news had to do so with helplessness and agony in their hearts. the families have been staying in a candy he ended the accident site in kendal and tap the brink of exhaustion both physically and mentally. it was us live from the x men. as they are now fewer relatives here at this and a gymnasium as more bodies are being discovered and identified the families are leaving to attend to their loved ones that look on her perch into the hospital the others that remain yours are going back and forth from the chimneys into the harbor about two times a day. as soon as the family's confirmed that the recovered bodies are their children the brush out of the chimneys and looking very shaky and horrifying. he represented about the families said today that the bodies will be transferred from the panel
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kong harbor to hospitals by four military helicopters. he added that the will quicken the process of bodies being sent back and hope that cold here the families could also write along together ice. our families coping with the passing hours in power authorities making sure their say. while the sandy stairs like deer and bear it and you reach the end of their peace reigns as the unbearable reading goes on for an eight day doctors at the gymnasium st the families are in a state of panic which is resulting in headaches and exhaustion. the app that one now is the worst time for the families to mentally cope with the devastating situation. the symptoms of depression could still recur even after two or three times. yes here it is very heavy with many of the family says helplessly looking at a tv screen showing a list of descriptions of the new re discovered bodies. this has
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been busy reporting live from teaching village needs him. i think it today and will be back shortly i know i i i i i it is strenuous week of what is access for the family and friends of those that got him for that thank you daddy but the entire nation not reflecting on what distracted me. koreans are holding candlelight vigils making donations on and offline been trying to cope with this tragic incident together for ten g on its head one of the candlelight vigils that
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just recently ended. it is my new son standing in for a time tunnel in the mid wales called black culture has been set up so that the and he respects to the fallen. asked if he might meet portraits of forty eight on a high school students and teachers are displayed. more than eight thousand people have come today to see him last night in front of an immoral hall people of east coast in those letters to the fifteenth. i talked to one of them fifty nine year old approaching seek was born and raised in on friday and has lived there his whole life. like all the students are in a better place and i pray that their hopes and dreams that they had. here are fulfilled there are instead on having a kenyan sign that cannot be put into words. this is a temporary alto and local authorities are setting up
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control and a larger location as more bodies are expected to abide in the coming feast at his funeral will be held up on a recreational park so that the can see their last ten nights starting to see yes how volunteers stepped up to help with the memorial arrangements. i'm tired and volunteers from all over the country are coming here to lend a helping hand. we need this fet and medical supplies. to help support our community and this time of need we have made all of our medicine and resources available to download high school and will continue to do so until the alter its removal. and this cannot be impossible without the help
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of the commuting each day show stopping haneef come together in times of crisis and yet how about this dude it's interesting and survivors are they going to be of dogs. antonio the students are teams that didn't release later this week by some regarding incidents of the students need that be want this to nc state in the hospital due to concerns of mental trauma and but in high school i teach high school. counselors are on the ready so that they can provide regular counseling sessions and the teachings of tyranny. this was to jump by deporting light. einstein olympic memorial hall fourteen teachers from time when high school were on the ill fated trip to the resort island of tension when this to local ferry sank on the wednesday when
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the ferry capsized three teachers were rescued eleven were missing one of those teachers to apple for the knowledge that didn't make it was more concerned about her students about herself months of the very end. jiang is any kind because her story in the last desperate moments before the ship was gunned down i've done it as her mother mom. the ship is sinking in shock and confusion the mother called her daughter turns in on right away. open to people in the case with you. ma. she interrupted. and today seems to me the tournament but then the boyfriend to see on text and that they're not my fence i'm sorry. the boyfriend called her immediately. take a nap after twelve seconds on the line. deon thompson and fish need to call her
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students' parents to me today it was interesting to know though. twenty oh one that will last words to her boyfriend and the team and the team. it was seattle's second year as a homeroom teacher at ten one high school. as for the schools near the field trip. this twenty ten so island and atonement theory was her first program remains untouched. this day she left for the ill fated trip. by two remains part of me and christiane to return apparently her grandmother is also waiting for her grandad are to come home safely. running errands. they talked daddy into it. is it in the wind. but as much as their sense of loss and her mother is also proud of her daughter within the lines of
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her students. for her the evening news. the us anytime the president of south korea and china called the topic of new discovery i usually dominates the conversation. but the scale of ten disaster was foremost on the mind the president back in and she thinking when they placed over the phone. the key means he has the details the conversation wednesday present at the neckline chinese leadership campaign for its words of comfort to the victims of the ill fated to go to ferry disaster an express sadness aside chinese passengers were still among the missing. she said he was also deeply saddened by the fact that the majority of the missing indices for young students. he added that his thoughts are with their victims and their families the chinese president also
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said that beijing will provide search and rescue assistance to sell. the two leaders also talked about north korea president back hurts her chinese counterpart to dissuade him from carrying out a fourth nuclear test saying it would change the security paradigm in northeast asia. black said another nuclear test to start an arms race and creed a new player domino effect in the region. what curry and carried out nuclear test in two thousand and six two thousand and nine two thousand thirteen. added ten for a casket also the frustration this doll multinational talks aimed at the new horizon north korea she reassured that the nation share the same entrance to the kenyan rice north korea. he said that they didn't lead to expats to help maintain peace and stability on the korean peninsula. the chinese leader added that he would encourage dialogue between the related parties. also expressed support for the trust building process initiated by
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back for a peaceful reunification of the two curry as you'll see. i don't use. then sent the message of condolence for the victims of south korea sunken ferry vacation a ministry in seoul said the message was sent by the north korean red cross and west of the trip to the east economy and can now add to his village of coming down wednesday afternoon. it can now be expressed deep sorrow for those who lost their lives who are still missing from last week's been a disaster. the last time the notes and such a message was back in two thousand to me when a massive fire in the subway in the city of table resulting in some three hundred and seventy casualties. after a typhoon killed over one hundred people. well despite generous gesture of condolence north korea is fully prepared to conduct another nuclear test according to the south korean government with us president barack obama on his agent with this wednesday. there's been fresh speculation that
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tongue and may attempt to make a statement while he's in the region. since then it has more on whether that expression will take the form of a fourth nuclear test south korea's defense ministry said north korea is ready to conduct a nuclear test at any time. in a press briefing wednesday. a ministry of national defense officials said it was a nuclear test site appears to be on standby with an open ticket in hand. this would run counter to what he really can report by the us based north korea analysis site thirty eight north to just a fad that unlikely that the regime will carry out before the nuclear test while us president rob obama is visiting the region over the next week. the report cited analysis of satellite imagery which indicates everything activities at the new plebiscite differ from those leading up to past tense. but a korean official said the dl on the thirty eight north website is different from what
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the government act. the new life as it is keeping close watch on movements in the north. amid speculation that it may be carried out before a nuclear test speaking to reporters on air force one white house spokesman jay carney said the us is monitoring the movements at the north with a nuclear test site the us state department a good party sentiment and urged north korea to exercise restraint koreans refrain from actions that threaten regional peace and security and to comply with the international obligations and one. seasoning. i don't use. chin chin to continue to
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be moderate but things may take a turn over the weekend funny how i can go down that joins us here in the studio or down phyllis and one the eyes of all efforts must be put in to rescue operations through friday as its showers and strong winds on the way this weekend at the moment there is some relief now that when sbs dropped to about two point five meters per second. this is about one fifth of this field we got yesterday at this time of the day. waves continued to main com had zero point six meters title cars are moving at an average grade of about one point six meters per second. however that's a further drop to half a meter per second four times tomorrow at three seventeen am ten seventeen am four thirty by ap and that is and at nine fifty two pm. so what progress can be made at those times. i know what the weather i din go for
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tomorrow looks to be petted and today sunny skies are forecast with calm waves and breezy winds. that's all for now and i'll be back with the latest after midnight thank you both young and those are the stories are falling at this i want you sign in styling job and stay tuned for the latest on the ongoing sunken ferry rescue operation find this online i found etsy and got a season. ch. thus the natural
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resources. digital. he started racing. middle class one problem. he's changed sunday at eleven pm on the world. phuket big big island. twenty or thirty miles wide. the course of our noble origin or formal the hotel is and don't fall for tourists. and when you go
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inside the attitude among times and is the job in the jungle. siegel said. we need. the confetti to fifty thousand dollars of that. i was there like how they want to grow. soon as you can pass on the plane. my eye goes to st to see when you don't think it's you know this is what i was so happy to see in them. the team. all posted on my way to the hotel. so i go back to shop doesn't have to know. the main goal is to couple up for me to the capital to know people's houses it was a stray don't really do love to somebody. i love how it is. this is a challenge everyday. john daly or on their sats. there are more upset based on happy days. don't you go wild really really. sometimes humans. you don't understand why. without him. sometimes
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people get fired. just yesterday we find on the day was me. we saved he said the stock to be installed she is talking to doctors we have built the church they go out and catch the ultimate result from st we have a clinic and i were no shows. we. i was there for ten days and everyday usage please help me in all four people to gain access on the road for five minutes away. we did a cartwheel or is it all. we also have. it teaches lessons i mean we dropped calls. went to the right to vote difference in the arsenal into all sorts of course you would need to understand that coming. in each other's fantasies the death of his life coming into the top we could be your best. there's a really tough on the floor. remember this
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and more rewarding because many considered the almost nine months later. though stocks in china. i know your dog my dog. they are really really tough not mean they can sort by revamping this time next day the super happy and i'm sure it to be busted how we given a chance to contest the junior was about to give it a good fit for humans because you get to the shelter you open you know those grounds but we kept ringing bells. because of a gazelle. i'm so happy to sing religious one. it is pretty rewarding when you get there and as the dogs. i'm doing what to do it since it is really good points. a stock market through what do you have them. we will be
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the stroke has brought you by from norway's main stream whose works was heard exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastal the report include characters and access to wilkinson


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