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tv   France 24 News  PBS  May 1, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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the us. now on dvd. low. i took history gets worse every day. cos breaking news complex. i teach. a dorset to play. the stock. good news. i
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read regularly is on maximum alert a strong russian separatists sees new government buildings and it eats this is the international monetary fund approved seventeen billion dollar aid package to care. tens of thousands of workers take to the streets of major cities across the world to mark labor day in istanbul police tear gas purchases to prevent them from reaching the site the biggest anti government demonstrations. and the champions league upset that led to the madrid surge cost chelsea yesterday three one final score in the return leg of the chat the semifinals to meet their local rivals rio madrid in the finals. sarah morris and spain as the trees dominate europe. ukrainian authorities are gradually losing control of the east of the country about a dozen towns are no partly controlled by pro russian troops on wednesday the armed separatists these government buildings that
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were lifted and assessed the government has put the army on maximum alert was unclear what if anything that might change that was her riches and in its key reports on the gradual takeover of strategic sites. you're witnessing be a gradual slipping away at the control of the of the end of the situation here at least two major regions of the east of ukraine and god's creature and i were i was yesterday and said that and yet speech where i am right now effectively what we see is the same scenario repeated itself in town after town as they fall into the hands except that it's a separate issue of ours taking control of strategic building sites local administration buildings tv tower is a police station is the right to the scene. usually i'm a teacher in a large crowd will gather in front of the building will start chatting to a russian slow danced till then have a smaller core group of armed men in the military fatigues and carrying out where it is
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assault rifles sometimes clash because they were very quietly and efficiently go about seizing the buildings we out with misty of the takeover yesterday of one building on your internet speed is the customs building when we arrived at the scene the of the military than just a ride once again wearing uniforms with no real cb and no markings to identify them is attached to any particular forest they enter the building up within a few minutes to see the employees filing out with us of what's going on on the alms man that is they say everything is calm. everything's normal it's under control in the version they usually tell you was only there to search for weapons where it is that they fear that pro ukrainian ultra nationalists from say the right sector group to come to see savannah their version is that there simply to take control of the building to protect it to search for weapons to protect the population. that's what they're doing is they are taking over strategic sites and are taking them over from the control of the police users who are the separatists many of
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the leading figures were unknown to residents into it to power by force recently kiev has portrayed them as agents of moscow. it really simple and small the self proclaimed mayor of the us enjoys speaking with journalists as long as he asked what he calls the right questions. he will be doing the right things to be in trouble. one question has left the mario doesn't like is whether he gets orders and assistance from russia you're going to be content with most of the moody told you several times. asking the new fiscal year that we don't need much. the two authorities in kiev. there is no doubt russia has sent men and weapons to police for the mario and other separatist leaders in power like some other pro russian leaders memory off admits he used to be part of the soviet army before running on small silk factory. another separatist leader still as member of russian military
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intelligence according to the eu and the ukrainian authorities. the horse drawn comp who used to live in the shadow now openly says he's behind operations in the separatist provinces of the next two months. only with which to visit with my presence here is a result of the work i did in crimea many comrades turned to me to ask to help bring about the crimean scenario in their native regions of donetsk and inconspicuous to begin each new age the ukraine separatist leaders were recently and known in the provinces they now control the new leader of the so called yes people's republic used to be a security guard sell candy and recently worked for a company known for its ponzi schemes know his name dennis schilling is on the eu sanctions list. working with the international intrigue fund has approved a seventeen billion dollar aid package to help prop up ukraine's ailing economy three million dollars released immediately. it
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would help to take its outstanding energy bills i retrieve the cash trumped ukraine. urgent action was necessary. that decisive matches. when taken by ukraine and decisive measures have just been taken by the imf. the international forty will paled seventeen billion dollars labor a two year period stopping with an immediate read any and all the fuss instalments. it also involves further aid to combat the eu and united states. and also as expected of the country's new interim government in return the bailout is dependent on economic reform in particular reducing the country's eight billion dollars budget deficit. the lamb at the school for a whole range of cost cutting measures including suspending sector wage and pension increases on slashing the number of sector workers. in addition kiev is to come down on tax
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evasion and increased gt on alcohol and tobacco use the energy sector described as inefficient and taipei is expected to face the biggest day of the hole. ukraine has one of the highest consumption levels in your late hour of spring subsidies car in the run around seven point five percent of gdp. we believe that ukraine. as an opportunity to seize the moment. to break away from previous practices. both promise to school. from a monetary and from the government's point of view. the conditions are likely to its households haunt pounds could strain the fledgling government's tenure its grip on power ukraine's previously bailouts progress was suspended for up to the government failed to make it out. it is contingent on economic reform in the country most noticeably the central government will have to cut back on certain subsidies being ukrainians will soon have to pay twice as much to their deaths
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moving on them to northern ireland were gerry adams is being questioned by the police in connection with the murder of jean luc on bill fourteen years ago the ira killed her during northern ireland's troubles on suspicions that she was an informer for the british army adams the leader of sinn fein the political wing of the ira denies any info kidnapped shorts and buried in secret northern irish mother of ten team mcallen bill was dissipated by the irish republican army just before christmas in nineteen seventy two. the ira admitted the killing in nineteen ninety nine and cody was discovered buried on that this speech in two thousand and three. the mother has told gerry adams the leader of the irish republican greek shinn fein for decades. taryn loves the dog who was killed this is a dog like this
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shows them the support. so big for it people were injured. while the cats it's not just by acting as the head of the ira's political wing. adams has always denied he was amanda that didn't stop him from becoming the infamous face admit it's an irish nationalism across the uk during the ira's nineteen eighties building campaigns three decades of fun and it's green cap. the greeks like the ira who wants to be unified on and protestants he defended the country's union with britain formally ended with a peace deal in nineteen ninety eight. sinn fein is called gerry adams the rest of the tt motivated to get some clear how it will affect note the power sharing government in which the new fame in the months and that guinness is that chief minister. me first says international workers day across the world tens of thousands of demonstrators marching with varying demands depending on the local political context. in turkey
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police clashed with protesters in istanbul preventing them from reaching texans square site of violent anti government demonstrations last year prime minister which applied for one has again been the center of controversy recently she's been battling corruption scandal the last few months. and french trade unions gather every year on labor day pressing for better working conditions a tradition that is actually rooted in american labor protests during the nineteenth century. as workers died demanding that the workday be reduced to eight hours. e verify has the historical rica. iii the demand for time and in a ten hour working day it to the first ever in the first protest the year was eighteen eighty six hundreds of thousands took to the streets across the united states which attack the scene of the biggest turn next. then at three day general strike turned deadly. police killed a number of demonstrations and arrested others. it was a tragedy that inspired movements around the world
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the other. a good activity three its nature an international group of socialist and labor parties which had been sent a curling team together in france they formed a united front and declared him a first internation workers day today to protest for that the labor. at that time twelve hoursnd oras was wkin france a two almost a t years to attain. in nineteen ninety nine deal was signed in the state had made threats to holiday. despite the win his first remained a day of protest workers now calls for pt and better wages in nineteen thirty six french workers won the right to their holays two weeks with a year. in the decades that followed i knew would be decreased and the working week continued to catch orchard. today made in france still brings trade unionists out in force demanding in
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general betr paid and more jobs. in twenty three team the union's mark separately divided over how the government to postpone two was addressing workers rights. he's been with corneal people to come out to my interesting thoughts on all of his responsibilities his promises. so politicians no toaster to guns or twenty to thirty two. france's recent adam had to cut its national budget by fifty billion euros with no dad take to the days of money this year. the spores know anyone watching the beginning of the chickens the semi finals last night could have been forgiven for thinking that chelsea would move on to the finals of the scoring first goal but that was not to be a political madrid surged and won the game three one the club moves on to the finals for the first time in fourteen years the limited. believing the best training routine
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that made it to the final of euro. i love teaching the city's history friend who was in. this time it's not something safety. still for the champions league trophy did you go to madrid. it's important to know that i walked up to you. rio bid to stop worrying. not that they are getting nervous. to find an idol. i'd seen and the fells to much joy in my life where a new european final. up to forty years everything's perfect. no would be surprised to see velvet drapes and weeks of the attack. it is a good night the custom of sending thank you and your faith in the case concluded that it acted to cope with this debate at the empty tomb this may keep the two teams will likely lose real boss may help explain so individualistic it's a single
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units. being part of the mexican mr it is something to be proud of the many newborn haven't seen you cannot get up and waited this is what happens in this pretty tacky and sneak into a baboon with the stunned fans that time. the technique of the three games together sydney the eighth pole still to be the peaks and his team boss and a nap and ramage me sarah morris was the plague filming the report she's up early to tell us a little bit more about the rivalry between eclectic a madrid and that is of a clever reality the more glamorous of the two clubs. a series of phone line from the spanish capital it's there until it's a little bit more about the rivalry between eclectic go and re al the two clubs have very different personalities. i know i wanna hold you again the key
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the chili. it's much cooler comes from mentioning at me the gmo graham mackay in the evening we reached the try it out. they teach me to come. people can make with it. i'm living. i conclude that great. being human. page fourteen i'm going to take the lead. i caught a huge shindig at the picture i truly need shark being in the final of the junk you. sarah morris live from madrid. thank you very much will be getting more from sir through the day thanks love the stitching to
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pose and get more news coming up next. it is. the rulers you benson welcome to serie b is healed false breakouts when joined by him i see more data than not was recently published. it's not just about the euro a book whether former italian prime minister shares his vision for
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the european union story from his experience as a center left politician. as anti eu in nc stoppers from coffee supposed to make big gains in the upcoming european elections. don and i called on european leaders to re invents a new model that the european union. but how can you to reconnect with its citizens. some of the niu will tell us how you think that can happen. so as i sit euro for money time and time is the form of foreign affairs minister as well a new comedy such as the presence of the foundation for european progressive studies. now you write the new opel that the eu is now facing only a social and economic crisis but also a cruise to call mom he described the us techno critique and distance from its citizens i think that's a lot of us will agree with you on that long. the lady asked you. how do you change that perception. yes this is
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exactly the hour ago. must change the perception that in order to achieve. these changes we must change in politics and taught his students. though. it takes because i think we made a more democratic europe. more democrats who you are in and see your good ole by a european continent turn. in the european commission. and there i am a junior pm to meet chun was there we as a truly european garment the east. on the parliamentary majority team. and the why of course annual puts it all is that you can count so bad today you a cookie not being already. three legged whiny dimension down soon s when describing a book we see that as a result of the crises
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the so called interim moment so and that is being used way too much you need is a doubt the ring behind closed doors sometimes through the night in making decisions that often open though with europeans will add that to me you know who won the european council. the skies. there are always winners and losers and. the on one side the usually do when the ease that did that did the most powerful company needed to go in germany and many other counties do. and in that situation. he is. marine shooting. upn nationalities she's the main threats for europe a bikini we consider european history than nationalism in europe aware the rules for total war
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lower. and the european project it was. the whereas the deposed by the father is exactly in order to afford to and to upn mentioned these pseudo boy as well he described a german media as a sort of ballerina leaving the dolls but isn't there to buy him any time in this we need a strong european publicly dissed phone connection we need a federal europe and at the same time you write. i'm convinced that invoking mall strength of the european union would be only a message that risks scaring the links to how your goal is to make one more year of not less than i ever needed you the same ordeal it's been a week we read through the courts have to stress we want a different user. and c thirty different parties is that i believe that who we are presented. of
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these the ideology of the coast every four years terry team. and. the i don't see. to know that you know burritos strong strategy for the role. i think. let me the committee stressed that the united states. united states today whether he'd be the color of the crisis in the mail responsible for the exits with a friend asher days back to td united states on a growling. thanks to the investment policies. now i don't see your unneeded that it's in the country that was long regarded as one of the most beautiful and a member states in the union. a recent e what we've seen is such a support so that the gringos yours you're a skeptic and euro arab and anti style two storey five star movement that his
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policies is trying to weave them all in ruins. during the european election campaign holly wreaths in its that the video has become such a blessing i think of it again. he is not. the yes that he's a d d d d taman produced in thailand. this key areas of the properties and then backed up what is in atheism unanswered affected and all tony eat any but the main european counties and that you can return this to me because of it. we can understand the reason why people will want to protest against euro. he's going to support two d and to the pm moments. and there i am trying to to say to the progress into the soul so nice that we cannot be part of the european establishment
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that he cannot present the loss of color. as the defenders of the order of the season we had to say we want to change you an epoch when we had a really steep road trip to. institutional and noted that the eight an ami and soul show lol. we have. we are the respondents to the molly is that companies into is that this is a is a scene from god and he asked about their possible this post is he has a new prime minister. he's young charismatic ambitious multi opening scene. easy you that the right none. fixing. when i saw zola. nancy hughes and his holy name that the nafta he is able to he knew it sounds and there is not to look at the last days is something new. the longest of
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the pasta. no let's use the new face of a walker or scissors and let me see policies. i will be a . all that and that's that. and that is not only an eight seed because of the hat the youngest government senior open. our foreign minister to his chisel a the four ps oh and the one had a thirty six in use on the eighth inning. kennedy so for and see who is the sound and he is the key they are. it's at. he's changing the kind of party takes the cake. you mentioned joining you on foreign affairs ms dynamite and use it you'll so sad is that the foreign minister in york in eighteen eighteen on the euro is confronted with an unprecedented crisis in ukraine as you know all moms
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eight european union agreed to impose asset freezes and visa bans on fifteen more russians and ukrainians although hold that the eu has been softer than the united states but the real test will come when and if europe will have to agree on new economic sanctions and that we're being told that's silly squat reluctance is it true that its duty is unwilling to punish medical team. wife automatic cassidy's it easy to talk about the turnout this time trials he calls a practice that would be paid by the order of the all mighty americans and the effects of course then we must contain the sark even nationalities in the boat team. at the same time i think we must protect the interests of european citizens in sum the sun was setting is that economic sanctions would be buried. a very dangerous the isu and
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gets the nano was we we have already decided some sanctions. and that the tuning prospect is a pretty good pressure. in all of those too. she didn't put any given time. including the integrity t mobile crane at noon. the cbt for ukraine to scottish the pan. a free trade agreement to review them. i'm the european union he's cranky to support it or not i spoke to the ukraine ukraine ambassador to the eu last week he told me that's economic sanctions would be the only way a fee of up to the huts. in the crimean he says that said these events are like a mosque and two flights the flu vaccine if when you believe that's the tragedy the lucky enough
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so i think we need then you'll start to the doctor took on occasion. there are some color in page you an example. the eta if she sets in time and that economic initiative and the putting teeth and one s and the sheila peace finally your opinion and decide this tool. interconnect. the eu the gas meant for me at the national league as mentors. but beyond ten in european gas network. i seem to be too would be possible in school were a jesus that tracks the cost of gas for enterprises and for families and to reuse the eu import gas from russia of trains percent. and that the is is the same time a good
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investment. in order to support. oh and cry and it can be done or take the initiative and they in my viola who took a move would be easy. more time. after that make you very much christine more than enough talking to us reminded viewers that the use of as italian prime minister has just published a book called it's not just about the euro deal folds. only at the future of the european union. thank you for what she does this in all these he'll comment that he's staying with us for more news on the channel the eye. i loosened them lou. and all
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this is. i do. i am. eye
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members of the house of parliament approved the draft law on reducing the funds have not been dispersed in the region symbol of the site introduced a package of amendments to the budget legislation to end piece to minister of economy and budget planning explained that the bill gives more freedom to local executive bodies in particular matters will be allowed to relocate finds an amount up to ten percent independently deputies also approved a draft law on trade unions in the first reading is designed to greatly enhance the role in the position of professional associations expanding the functions in defining the legal status


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