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members of the house of parliament approved the draft law on reducing the funds have not been dispersed in the region symbol of the site introduced a package of amendments to the budget legislation to end piece to minister of economy and budget planning explained that the bill gives more freedom to local executive bodies in particular matters will be allowed to relocate finds an amount up to ten percent independently deputies also approved a draft law on trade unions in the first reading is designed to greatly enhance the role in the position of professional associations expanding the functions in defining the legal status
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imola. cbs rejected you previously there was no such specification which included a collective agreement and industrial agreement. not so as it is now but there are trade unions and prizes the painting which is not considered by an industrial republican union news as this in extended trade union movement brings together only thirty percent of all working people that is more than two point five million people of almost nine million now labor unions have more rights and freedoms. if the nazis. now another twenty six british trade unions if the unions on to become members of the twenty six trade unions their welcome if they do not want to they can go to french trade union themselves even ten people can unite in the local union investor association bob the right to create a republican association. if their existing units do not suit them. i chopped up at the summit director clearly determining the strap all i think the will of them to make decisions at all levels and in every sector that was not possible previously. they want to get our i e if it's
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not someone that he is the member of the merger was also critical of administrative offences in the second reading incentive to the senate. it is to humanize administrative law in particular reducing the size of many penalties another demo. obama loses its view of lessons although i knew if the citizen agrees with the feds to be a law that they can to preserve that enemy within seven days the court also provides a role that the court may reduce the amount of money to thirty percent taken into account the circumstances an awful lot of fun and just cherish effect on responsibilities for violations of their transportation roles and in the sphere of accra chairman was tight and now the articles of the code prescribes fixed amount of fines deputies believe that this will help to avoid corruption the representatives of cars extends business opens new opportunities in the markets of russia melrose at everything in the center communication service the representatives of the antitrust agency reported on the measures taken to establish a system of the eurasian economic union representatives of the antitrust agencies of three countries need to develop the legal framework which will suit the interest
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of all parties. there are differences in the system of care setting and context in a monopolistic must conduct a hearing to communicate with consumers. the legislation of russia motorist does not have such condition. this diminution in the government is to develop incentives to improve and other anti monopoly legislation the north end the monopoly relation almost identical news that may push the agenda could all work is carried out with an eurasian economic union framework even ordinary citizens will feel the changes in legislation also we were a gradual reduction of roaming terrace with in the eurasian union by analogy with the european union on the low due to reduced to a distance and the trade turnover grew by forty percent within abolishing the customs posts between kazakhstan and russia most homeless people with it you will develop the agriculture sector and processing industry in the region among the few with you. the freshness of the foundation a bit of a political tree experts say because extent has all the prerequisites for the success in the common
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economic space of less administrative barriers and simplified legislation the lord is the type with a pastor years occurred in the syrian city of homes the number of victims of the explosion and the subsequent rocket fire has reached at least one other people. another one hundred and sixteen people were injured. about eighty civilians are among those killed since two thousand and eleven fierce battles for homes became one of the bloodiest episodes of the war in syria as a result of the hostilities acts of terrorism and sabotage the city was almost destroyed the civil war has killed over one hundred and thirty thousand people the detachment of rebels belong to different armed groups including foreign mercenaries that stand against government troops the search for the missing girl is still underway reminded that oregon has been missing from april twenty fourth. a man kidnapped the girl while she was walking more more volunteers join the search is listed in any given them when you relocate the people by the district to conduct searches were both in touch with the military we keep constant contact the police story and the volunteers are
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coming from neighboring areas of mudgee hospital in russia the city police are expecting cars leaving the city which has continued to search every meter such talks are also involved in the surge is the lord pours but officers inspect the area of industrial zone. the solution dean on the domain. said she did get a little bubble blower. today we inspected the territory road in the city up to the board of patent office key district research the banks of kabul river garden areas in garages we are also searching in the water of kabul river. it was brave of you know there's a decade of the suspect then tear it apart an announcer enumeration of wanting to get reliable information about the girl. the first ever remote sensing satellite was launched into outer space castillo said one will be hit hard in order to seven hundred fifty kilometers above their twenty four engineers and twenty one offer readers have undertaken an internship in toll house would follow whats work in process information cost about ten zero the satellite was the first remote sensing satellite which has been constructed because extremity
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earbuds defence and space company the project has been in the works for five years in addition spacecraft will be manufactured in kazakhstan within the framework of an agreement on a strategic partnership between kazakhstan and friends the chance the weekend too but he was arrested. this is about a very good portrait of extend because we launched the first remote sense that i like it will cost you in sixteen o years to create the first ground based facility to control the satellite and ground based complex transformation moreover we have obtained technologies to produce spacecraft into the top of that appeal more available to them. christmas is upon us the russian capital mark the holiday unity spring in labor costs goes to the event devoted to the friendship of the peoples of kazakhstan and russia all on the subway is one of the symbols of friendship among peoples the section of the moscow metro was lodged last year the station was named in honor of the heroic feat of asic's to the soldiers who defeated moscow the house of poetry which is located a few steps from the subway often holds events people the two countries have established friendly relations between
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each other. russian women living in moscow reviving causing national craft of pop stars of the capital city are singing the song has a claim which new. why would you pick us to present it to make first is the very bluntly told it is the quality of peace friendship and solidarity between our peoples and nations. i hope that our generation children grandchildren are also constantly celebrate this holiday is considered a somewhat low. the most important is friendship that was established by grandfathers and fathers. it should continue. we should preserve it for the future for those of the concert of creative teams coach for the evening of the friendship of peoples a year later representatives of different nationalities will come together again to celebrate the holiday peace and harmony the salt of the device biography was published in hungarian. the presentation of a common custom vehicle spoke about because the president was held in budapest the book has been published in russian english and arabic. the book traced
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the path the president has altered that survive from simple rule is due to the national leader for the first time the book was published two years ago the book has copies of personal doctor is the president. the emphasis is on the political biography of the present information given in the light of the dramatic and controversial events which happened the tension between twenty and twenty percent raise. stan's away is a special way which is chosen by the catholic president of sultan as a buyer and that other people europe sees all the achievements that can guarantee of our relatives we can learn alot from you critics to introduce reforms and economic development in a comprehensive program for the moment of whole society the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said the research and consulting market were to meet growth and low for thirty forty percent of the voice of
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the sickness of the coveted eighteen to forty million visitors and customers are willing to pay significant sums to the company providing consulting services to medium and large businesses according to local experts a highly specialized analysis for the benefit of major suppliers of consumer electronics mobile communications and digital content from any market research in the field of digital marketing takes in fourth place two cups of pumpkin awaits also more countries are mopping is in malden cut mother and fifty we have a lot of digital screen frames is comparable to many over western european countries. which brings is good pr operative pricing is to make some for a few off major developments and methods which is in the elements which gets me and people to do good to melt away no replies. among the latest trends expert noted that his role for the research trip for us all one word to my existence over the growing number of small consulting company invests all the specific research problems or focus on
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particular sectors of economy also attracted great attention to major customers take an interest in such company. the state information center published a forecast according to a tiger's gdp growth was given seven point four percent in the second quarter of this year. in addition the tendency of slow economic growth in financial risk will take place. the study notes that peeping over twenty seven of economic structure is caused by china's economic slowdown. the first quarter of economic growth people to seven point four percent which in turn has the lowest quarterly increase since the third quarter of two thousand. well the state information center predicts that in the second quarter china will retain the previous trend of economic development with its like all the experts also recommended the chinese government to conduct a bout with monetary policy if necessary china should reduce the rate of contributions to the reserve squad would think of. retail sales in china rose by six point three percent in march compared to the previous month. what in
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your terms as the kid increased by eleven percent the most rapid growth of the speaker of the past seventy years resulted from grief advance notice before the introduction of new sales tax on people first consumers have purchased electronics clothing and other goods are three tax increase. in order to avoid pain. according to the lowest consumer spending would decrease in the pool given introduced a measure of the government program they will rise again. thus the economy of japan will continue to recover. one of greece's reducing slower than expected according to the european commission the greek debt now stands hundred seventy seven percent of the country's gdp. but what the crease two hundred and twenty five percent by two thousand forty two thousand and twelve percent by two thousand and two according to interfax news agency previously was expected that the national debt free for about two hundred and twenty four percent of gdp by two thousand twenty and fall significantly below a hundred forty percent of the gdp by two thousand twenty two the recession continues in greece for six consecutive years since the beginning of last year many countries of
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the eurozone started to show signs of recovery from recession but received gdp decline faster compared to many of the country's international financial system was provided to the country where the conditions of deficit reduction in salt or four of the sector of the economy. i present the country's disparate regions of eurozone countries amounted to one of the euro and the international monetary fund. i have about forty billion euro aye aye aye aye
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in them. and. and. these
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the in nineteen ninety see on this day any team you know auntie president of catholics under sultan us are five things might take some time in his tent city monday and i'll sign the agreement and the promotion and protection of investments ever leads to submit to countries also signed a number of agreements and play earned him some populations in melton spirit having a stint at the crowds cheer leading you into movies and development of small and medium enterprises painted in sentencing comprehensive population predicted states since nineteen ninety six the first day of may to celebrate this line of the most important of
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the comedy that can expand into any of the proceeds of the day was introduced in nineteen ninety five by the secret of the kazakh president and her symptoms are behind on this day celebrations and festivals are held throughout the country involving people of the instructors enacting backgrounds. accent is home to more than one hundred thirty nationalities that's based on the town going into and the timing and tolerance difficulties. fourteen years and counting the one seems to be fierce festival thanks to the tdp to look and sound different on ten census including the teams participated in the first to tenth place and the team the traditional annual pace of uncounted don't think you can count to ten. bj's. was
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super historical network of you making trade routes across for eurasian the masses that connect east south and western asia with them and it remained in the european world as well as the parts of north east africa tour and fifty km of one of the routes lay across the house to meet kingdom of jordan. majid khan and has worked in tourism and jordan for more than twenty years he knows the history of this meeting went very well that is why his pleas to guide the toys in the two cities are places where caravans of the great silk road past the follow up on the top of the more job now so promotions from jordan palestine syria and lebanon passion to josh and jordan to picture city and enter i think about the show by the red sea to teach it in other countries the silk road was also a main route to central asia for jordanians among people on the panel with the club. the problem. i
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do. great silk route includes an extensive network of routes between second century before christ in sixteenth century. the term silk road with scorn by german scientists from the dead one ripped open debate seven expeditions to china from eighteen sixty eight to eighteen seventy two. chinese silk was one of the most popular trading goods and the caravan to travel from china to the middle east into northeast africa. according to majid khan is the redheaded different name than words. the growers and politicians of the middle east travel to foreign countries in order to establish a really friendly relations with other dynasties monarchies the monarchs were the messengers with the care bears with necessary gets me of gold silver precious and semi precious stones that is why the famous caravan route was called the king's road in east germany. i am. then i
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found. the silk route served as a rock to import chinese silk to the west country's ports of the turkic i got injected to ensure its safety of the trade caravans which passed through situation according to stuart diver reached or take our guns bought most of the goods coming from china. that is why the route connecting china would get the soup and some context and blossom between sixth and seventh centuries. extend aid to cities such as snow down to get our junk and said i should do this. according to the professor of history among them most of any of the silk road has dropped the connected with cars extend with european routes linking south context in which countries the middle east. after all. on top. i still don't. asic says three thousand kilometers in length
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thus the total length and also routes the past to present and we have amounted to five thousand kilometers i'm sure that archaeological excavations in research will reveal many more interesting facts about the famous among all the sock many to come up with all the stuff i mean the school didn't make it into liquid. discovery was the rough year for tunisia in the late fifteenth century the blog images below to the silk road trade again besides the two regions have mastered the art center college and the importance of the east was reduced. however the friendly relations established between countries of the silk road is still preserved to this day. for example presently jordan cause expanse tried to maintain friendly relations and develop wisdom between the two countries. the direct flight between the two countries is currently in discussion. in the grand narrative in iraq is one of the parties of the country's development. the president of context and mentioned about the need to revive the great silk road and the program called away to europe. joel
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my proposal is the last one was fun. as all claimed last night untill one of the pool les mis and it will still change will mean the return of the bike. construction of road connecting st petersburg with which china has been issued for president the idea of founding the eurasian union has a resemblance with the concept of the ancient greeks improve that is why we should support this initiative because the development of our country is directly dependent on the relations established in other countries he merely using the wool has the best decision of the shots of the austrian empire couple months. to show it today. you
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really that though the thought of you. details of the city's sea turtle rescue center. nineteen of the very center is part of the serenity to accept that he was an extraordinary program for the preservation of the sea turtles up and ready to eat. volunteers from all over the world the green lane major research into two groups of visitors. that echoed by the deadline. need to tend to have that distinction annually hosts all because of fishing gear regime to accept and voters can tell was found floating in the neighbors think spider man's dehydration and starvation. calls were placed on his show to make it possible for her to sink a little and get food. he recently made history when for the first time to perfect as it remains such as broken bone with a metal plate and screws inserted the only plan to encourage the bidding process. but a lot of that
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and. the secretary general in this poll rasmussen has appointed norwegian diplomat miss mary score as the special representative for women peace and security it's important to have the special representative for women peace and security because we men play an important road in family and open green issues and so they can contribute to nevada better way to post the prevention and suppression notion of conflicts between the not very often keep the hottest and five. conflicts and we have in opposition to abortion. the source. very often the untapped resource that needs to get him to call the convention investigation we do so with my students so it's simply just spoke to us
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innovate to the baggage of extended getting dusty hundreds of unemployed he works from different parts of the north east are being trained in to put on to me to get the goods. this day gardening is painted them into a constituent of the non team so that he can on toast i'd been born businessman says the program and shows that the students get us on a foundation in his signing of them would stay with their backs and comments. most of the artisans and then on to that point and minority communities and it's a nice head and become economically he said tonight. i tend to think that makes the crucial difference in the company spent two weeks use the number of accidents in black with a comprehensive safety campaign at twenty five percent increment it states the basic script can see already that it's possible to change employees be headed to best buy and use the number of accidents at the group's actions. it is for the group's recent peak
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of its corporate responsibility report showed that the knicks clear whether to cut the number of industrial accidents. i'm on weight and stop by thirty seven percent. around seven hundred million dollars worth of marble stone lies atop the cost to start. according to my next words of the marvelous bean often compared to the first class italian white marble. but of course the people of the eastern province of harrods a post in the marble industry could be a solution to high local employment the things in the world. also on the web and needs the networks the north i am east africa has always been about reviewing the region's great. shelly was like gp age the cradle of humanity. john bolton is like this one the men in my crate and some chicken and rearrange trilogy the flora and fauna that the few hundred units. when
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you and rejuvenation occurred again in east africa this time through technology. some say the internet revolution is underway in africa as its coal is a broadband internet them centered on kenya. i know. the places that hubbard east africa's world beyond them. it's indian ocean port city of mombasa is linked to the various submarine internet cables that connect africa to europe and asia move. the johannesburg based development bank of southern africa specializes in financing africa's information communications technology sector. memphis old as the ict sector the cables and does dishes and devices that connect people to the internet and tv
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that the us we are both experienced and mission of the k x six. one hopes that the underwater scene cable is the sequel money to the uk the east coast of africa. and he envisaged the continental cable. she makes is that exists for the occasional of ict products the bed as it is also the set of gorgeous the cables and the andean set to rights arguments and if they meet the cats in the next two years the african continent will change. change is already underway in kenya where it tries to establish the government is moving whole sectors of national administration online the boss his boss the hobo opal investment and the government but that was going on in prescott. we are well a video box in front of a mile. we didn't ever do without working with local
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men on the one which is a total confusion. i was told that the news. then we have done. a must buy bubble tea which links to this form of a calm peace. it's just the beginning. kenyans could soon skip a whole generation of standing in line filling in forms and mailing in checks. kenya is aiming to kill them one mobile phone what's weird is doing well he said to the states or the distance with the makeup and the muscle to stick with smuggling of goods. we wants the kitchen's mostly from when the mall went for the course teaches you to get tips that will have to wait yet to support within the comp. as governments use the continent's whitening internet access to increase efficiency. so does call us which was tossed forces studying how to harness roll bands to business. yes how
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did he promised the crisis using it. using accidentally phones. we have been there and clean this up. this program. transfers are next to the will of its well established in east africa's fishing came in. it's been such is providing up to date global real time. this crisis should be shown. and then today so that they understand the market and its daily basis. development experts say it's well worth african countries interesting in broadband infrastructure as a top priority. the primitive roads railways and utilities that's because information communications technology ict will ultimately power and enable the other investments in one of those who wants to be two rail systems the buildings due to be cleaned dishes ict infrastructure so touching
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he he he. anything that interested. she has other sectors. it was in twenty oh six and has been on crutches with such interesting. a simple kinda been brutal it's thirty five. i think the men who go door to more but you couldn't get a significant number of fixes a week or so. easy of use to promote this and can induce me. that entice you to use it at the same time you can do better to own when you open it is. the issue. yours
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the room. i did. the it's yes i'm sure not knowing you're tuning in to teach me new life in appalling will take a look at the headlines for the start. will need when you place your peepers liberation


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