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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  May 2, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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it was. check . the bingo to an entirely new global cooperation and partnership there's often as a buyer might not die with representatives of the international financial institutions to discuss a further plans of interaction the president recalled that this year the government of the kids went running to get economic development especially small and medium sized businesses development as well as the implementation of industrial program. these measures are quite similar to the implementation of the major global goals of the world bank to fight against poverty and to achieve common justice and prosperity by improving the standard of living growth
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in household incomes. this is so huge. all the independents were cooperating with the world bank which has become very important partner has extended make me actually work with great pleasure and we are pleased the bank's work brings useful preached our country. the big cuts in the receipts high praise and we're very grateful the world bank support our efforts and is very important hopefully after the bank set to work in kazakhstan on the banks will succumb to work with us the worker will post the person who texted has achieved impressive results in achieving common welfare which is one of the main objectives of the world bank group at six ten also achieved impressive progress in the key areas of macroeconomics will continue with his sister country and expect the context and will play the brawl nutrient mission of experience will serve as an example of development for its neighbors the talks not with our representatives of the world bank sign that the government has extended representative of the prime minister caught in the seam of the framework of partnership agreement to strengthen cooperation to promote sustainable
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development and growth of the republic of kazakhstan one of the key objectives of the agreement will be the location of two point five billion dollars for the development of non commodity sectors of economy human capital and support for small and medium size businesses in general the partnership with the world bank report the place and seventy entries the development of the financial sector including the business environment stimulation of innovation and skills development and support for private partnerships sustainable and environmental development of regions. this was a point in holding institutional reforms. in addition the main areas of cooperation. we also want to focus on is the development of the cotton manufacturing and services sector. our role as the private sector is actively involved in the past and development context. i want to congratulate everybody with impressive progress that could extend his reach. we are ready to provide guarantees to private investors willing to invest in development of nixon's economy during the cooperation we have already invested about five hundred and seventy nine million dollars in such areas as manufacturing finance and telecommunications. and now
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we like to attract more investors to ensure stable growth of economy of the country in creating new jobs. the main economic problem with the european union is still in employment more than ninety million people registered in job centers the lowest rate of unemployment is correct in austria in germany that makes five percent in france people cannot find jobs makes more than eleven percent in an elite four percent against the background of the ongoing crisis the european expert analysts say that today about the killer paradox would take an anti crisis measures the study leads to some financial stability in the introduction of measures to reduce social benefits lead to a reduction in consumption and traditional economic growth that drives the economy to a standstill we do multiple chris woodward it's about hope we see the situation in greece yes there was a certain financial stabilization and revenue consumption has fallen sharply. the prospects have changed dramatically to the worst loss forecast an economy's growth prospects
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the cubans who will be speaking from an east coast according to us out there already eighty five million poor people in eu countries the same number of people is under the threat of falling into poverty the most serious situation is in bulgaria romania and greece were a number of poor people reaches nearly half of the population when i discovered an average four percent of the eu population and spain have read what man doesn't work in greece already one job. however job is not a guarantee of a poverty because the sellers sometimes below the simpsons level. republicans only eu country with a needy citizens are given financially but it does not solve all the problems but only increased expenditure side of the budget. jasper has quickened its opium of the brothers in general though the prices in the welfare state in all european countries because there's a lot of employees instead of either more retirees if your children at the same time the number of employed people in belgium is reducing the tax payments are also reduced the actual absence of economic growth fiscal bit of attention but it is growing. the analysts say the problems will not be sold without creating new jobs across europe employment growth in the eu
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is possible to run the support of the european central bank and the new transition program thousands of workers went on strike on the streets of jakarta on the day they demanded to reform the social security system and to confront the carrots employment despite the peaceful demonstrations in two thousand police officers went to the streets to comply with the weather. similar rallies were held in other cities not that the social protection in the fight to get the precarious employment are the most acute problems for the indonesian labor market. indonesia's economy in recent years has been on the rise workers intend to achieve the greater share of profits of employers although the minimum wage tunisia varies depending on the region's economy. average wages are still much lower than in china or india the bottom of brisbane. we demand for the president to increase wages in this campaign speech he mentioned the lead them to fulfill its promise as soon as possible we hope that the elected by the people present to listen to the words of the working class. you must solve the problem so she inequality
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and corruption. moscow revise red square made the trip after twenty three year pounds for the first time after a quarter of a century ago. still authorities gave permission to trade unions or the demonstration. the last time international workers day was marked in nineteen ninety. today's demonstration was held at the casa christology type. the workers move from bustling ski descent but descriptions of the bidders were modern slogans like housing for young people decent salary way to overcome poverty reforms for young people in general in the nationwide trade unions' campaign under the motto piece of work for wages was attended by over two million people. about one hundred thousand demonstrators one hundred squid five thousand veterans of trade union movement and workers of the capital watched a demonstration in the stands. decent wages and job conditions on board. it is necessary to provide more budget places in universities because it is impossible to answer the committee's medical specialties are no popularity excellent weather and high glued everything is great. thank you for this holiday is enjoying this is a
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very great pleasure p's labor day. i wish people hopped in the spring the extent some of it the day of unity the holiday unites all nationalities living in the country today and a lot concert with the dissipation of over seven hundred artists and creative groups was held on the square of cars acumen the stage the process of creating caught up with a peace concert number represented a patch of when the clock. other pop stars that are not bullish on india to fossil hunt groups in july and i watched last performed in the event as a present or something to my awesome it is debated in the national holiday celebrations. he congratulated all converts to the people on the holiday friendship and harmony. meyer the owner of the state is home to various nations and peoples and our unity our brotherhood is the subject of peace when people live in peace and harmony. this is the real happiness. i wish everybody the unity and peace in the country. i want people to develop in the country together. then michael be
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improved our children will look to the future with great confidence. so unless you're from. proportions the history of the ornate originates from nineteen ninety five when the president signed a decree declaring them a first that they have to extend people's unity in soviet times it was labor day. today is a holiday peace and harmony. one of the main favorite holidays in the country. this is a good opportunity to learn the culture and customs of different nations as well to recall their national traditions that are happening in bed thinking the almighty yet on this beautiful day it may first i want to congratulate all come extended people on the whole day of the people's unity kazakhstan is a great nation because the country has a home to a lot of different nationalities. i wish all cars extended people health happiness prosperity good luck and prosperity to all kazakhstan. the double chin that i knew him one last time was spent in july with that in their extended people wishing to stay a lot of joy fun and work on this day we unite our faith and joy we
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celebrate the day of greatness cars. obviously you rossi who has lost more than one hundred and twenty nationalities in the country live in peace and harmony that we stay in the future our country on the basis of friendship will flourish and have great power to allah noah. she's good. was your day celebrations were held across the extent best performances up at no cost or associations organized in other regions the celebrations took place on the bank of the kids get river the city residence for dissipated in the traditional parade. the young people of other city organized mass of dances inland part in the bakery and just river hundreds of girls and boys participated in the dances of the world class mom. we stability and hope to young people. they voted in it so that these young people have all the conditions to learn work and achieve their goals so we greet all the people
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to extend our congratulations on the first of may i wish prosperity and happiness to all the people kazakhstan juice tasted heavenly voice the teeth yet though. what mom. it was during the day celebrations were out of luck today. the summer season opens up the pumpkins open today. the main celebrations were held to the park of the first president begins tried friendship cake governor are committed to come get them adjusted people he reminded the community is the basis for eternal friendship which is the main advantage of kazakhstan the heads of nineteen coach associations received grants from the regional governor this tradition exists for seventeen years. the grants were issued to support the regional ethnic associations. the funds can be used for promotion of language culture customs and traditions. i mean i want to congratulate ought to be a resident on people's unity day the peace in our country is very important we do a lot to retain peace in kazakhstan
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ever since in our country contributes to the retaining piecing the study of ethics think people should give thanks for that. but that movie being in it. yes i wish all to be healthy and happy personal life i want to see the extent of prosperity and unity as a basis for stability happens the regional assembly of the people of kazakhstan where i scored reverence for god to tell residents to gather in the center city square at eleven at the cost of russian ukrainian german armenian azerbaijani turkish polish english korean town thought it was that people were erected near the art everyone can see the everyday national life crafts customs and traditions of ethnic groups of people came there to celebrate the unity day together the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said citigroup announced the new forecast according to which
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global economic growth was due to three point one percent felt it would be against two point five percent the previous year according to the global forecast this year european countries began to recover from the recession resulting from the global financial crisis. generally the gdp growth of the vu amounted to one point five percent to get the part of my visit point two percent in two thousand thursday is expected that the gdp of us will be held at the three percent for comparison year earlier the repeat with one point five percent copper countries with developing economies meet these difficulties to golf and fourteen. meaning she could relate to the fact that i've done many years the michael moore and reporting c central bank the united states the united states the loser will find any. increasing its interest rates which could put some pressure on emerging market countries. according to
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the forecast for the first gdp growth will reach five percent in two thousand for keeping up with a positive trend economic growth continues. there will be keen to expand the most that every country in the ca assyria the growing consumption is believed to be the driver consumption in there. that is being made to them but the very base of girl. no limiting. it was appropriate then tonight during a race the law in sufficient production growth the beginning of a colony of main trade partners of africa russia and china. it was a temporary delay for production of such a good deal for me to be the main factors concerning economic growth of the republic experts say. he was the reserve system is expected to continue to produce enough of them was when they're mostly that the federal reserve system without the retrenchment of one hundred people bought houses by another ten billion to forty five siblings. it
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was international agency downgraded the outlook with a radius of fifteen european banks from stable to negative afford to hire car tops the list includes such bought twenty two features that british barclays which critics who say his german deutsche bank. the decision was taken to the adoption of the planet except the new government from having to rescue troubled banks according to the north of the leaderboard with european regulators will begin to let the pressure if it's edible government support which is now used by banks will reduce the european authorities are taking action to ship cost of rehabilitation of troubled banks the agency said tuesday the european banking assorted published editions of the stress of the uk system which reflect the most serious risk from deceptive thus the banks would need to demonstrate to be able to work an economic downturn of two point one percent for three years. that is to get water from the previous test with the condition recession point four percent. moreover i first read this are just thirteen percent of
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unemployment and declining property prices by more to twenty percent the aye aye aye. and. and. and. the i do
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the event. it could be monitored. the itch to infinite signs program focuses on the latest scientific achievements new developments and unique discovery spike comes a time based incentive funds is an opportunity to see the future of science. vaccination is a chameleon to people and increased their life expectancy. we are use to the procedure being done was in edo and c range. manson is moving forward. last year australian professor mark campbell presented and i know catch which can become an alternative to needle and syringe. hello my name is suitable and a bit and pieces
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infinite signs. if the abortion debate program the media and the natural sweetness is now available in kazakhstan this has been several years ago we brought steve seats from israel turning waste into profits production of every compost using reforms. the prospectus with the seventeen percent of every crime boss californian worms fifteen percent local winds thirty to forty percent i think my solitude to people's lives for his age and grade of topics town's population. we can see that people in kazakhstan are aging prematurely. the new diabetes is a global health and social concern. these diseases caused by a lack of conceiving at home on centrals regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism and the body diabetes treatment includes a combination of measures
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including the use of sugar substitutes. see here ability on the balcony and plant native to south america is commonly cultivated in many countries worldwide the secret of its popularity lies in its exceptional properties. the swans contains agreed to sign the piece three hundred times sweeter than sugar babies called it aside. see the inside is perfectly suited for diabetics. it is north of syrup into the bloodstream and the same way as regular sugar therefore the body does not require instrument approaches that people can satisfy that craving for sweets without detriment to their health aren't we being adopted in kazakhstan researchers at the celtic some research institute of ecology are developing methods of cultivating the spot in the claim on the conditions of our country. it was up. a few years ago we brought steve hughes sees from israel
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issued the sentence to be a gross area for leaking the climate of our country they need. i suspect in the cities of the king classical biological methods allow for syphilis multiplication of the pond one of these micro cloning these are pretty standard but scientists have developed a suitable culture medium for student cloning. the film he would say the least because of leeds and london and the new trend in india. then we kept on hormones and your skeleton as is. i was thinking this guy from the set of talent in antique style mass is time to select the embryos unique ones which are then used to be the embryo is an ngo regenerated plans to flicker on and wanted him to ground easily adapted to the climate of kazakhstan the seeds produced one hundred percent germination topics on stevie is also quite successful in terms of the us might calm
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down. courtney's japan's plans have two to fourteen per cent of this tedious time at the moment we have about sixteen ha percent contained and the pounds the next stage is producing edible products based on three hits on it biologists are developing a production ecology in cooperation with the county to coach the university. very soon and that they based in kazakhstan will be able to expound their menu of sweet healthy process but we did nothing comes from nowhere and nothing disappears into nothing. these fundamental physics operate see all areas of our lines including agriculture for the soil to produce a good harvest chemical fertilizers must be used but the stops and says tend to accumulate and damage the environment therefore it is more sensible to replace them with environmentally friendly fertilizers. get it
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one of the most effective ways to improve soil fertility is to make the mekong off. these biologically fuel fertilizer is with you from organic waste money or sawdust and paper. these ways are food for worms enabling the laughter disagreed waste products. i will let the companion unrighteous the worms swallow the minerals are a bit more cunningly heart and makes it inside their bodies. it results in the production of vitamins hormones and email access and minerals. the buzz that comes out of the structure been covered in beer mucus it comes down to them as cobra lights copper lines of the worms excrement he scolded the recall. he thinks that men can feel it see people from the debacle of our state universities exploring the ability of different types of worms to produce many combos the quality and quantity of
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every home post depends not only on the worms from the waist as well. the tools of the day of blogging you can combine some emails and sold ours. the cynics are producers will present the fabric combos of course menu or produces seventy percent of the recall costs but then my batteries a composite components and different types of worms by what she's thinking and varieties of that me and asked each of these varieties is a good fertilizer that can be used to say that useful micro organisms and minerals nothing stands steal everything changes people's approach to it as a kid related issues is also changing dramatically. for longtime day had been used primarily in terms of increased life expectancy to get closer to solving these problems. celtic started sunday's have conducted a large scale projects the study the aging rate of the population but didn't find the key factors affecting the quality of human life. one of the most
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urgent tasks facing signs today is the extension of time to longevity. wanting people to be with you to remain active until old age these are the ladies determined by the difference between a person's chronological age and their calendar a beach villa with a chronological age in relation to the calendar page to slow the aging pro status. what is the teaching grade of the population of kazakhstan to find out the answer to a stingy of cars and national medical university start to the related research process three years ago scientists monitor the health of older people. the comprehensive multidisciplinary approach was applied. this week summoned to cardiovascular systems for spirit racism digestive organs and endocrine system and the state of the diabetes and everything else too
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the student has the unique approach. the doctors examined people residing in the cd of talent in the alma to reject age forty five years in older respondents were divided by gender into four age groups up to fifty four years sixty four to sixty four sixty four to seventy four and seventy five and older dates and alice is still best known of the group's displayed as for aging rates. unfortunately all the goods beastly accelerated aging. so we can see that people in comics on our aging prematurely on average they tend to be five to seven years older than their actual biological age these phenomenon is obvious and the rural areas than in the cd. according to the classification of biological age deviations from the calendar age. most respondents were assigned to the fourth and its functional class. peace means that their risk of disease disability and death is the highest. i
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knew who he is calmer than to accumulate a load of diseases in old age amounts to seven or eight pcs is on average these units need the data will allow scientists to better understand the factors that are accelerating the aging process because it stars population. it will help them to be with an effective strategy to combat a mature aging and developed a set of medical economic and social measures to increase the productivity of classic styles population. in kazakhstan scientists of our sake he doesn't believe that kazakhstan has every chance of creating a unique buy local products that can extend human life back to one hundred and sixty years. a special court is the smallest room when injustice too can become a source of one ten bt im find out more about these in our next episode. discover more of the fittest minus twenty this season and it's
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i did. the cure with it to be international. this is the loose bolt and the tv news coming to you life. but first let's get you up to that with the headlines. stan countries strengthen teeth and stories to cope with


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