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this. he wanted to scream or won't he. japanese cuisine tokyo truly is a mormon. this program is brought you by from doorways means to increase workers' minds the group. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson. he's sorry people i killed as she ever read one chooses crimes and on ukraine's east where people are defined interim government and demanding
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great couple to meet the teacher. so heads to washington to discuss the sanctions on russia ukraine and germany. this is true of harnessing. wait a second in kimonos has lost its not considered an opponent and notes upon the cause of the swelling the ukrainian fine. the one scene. bonnie's life the county. and i was some breaking news on the sea at least two ukrainian troops and one self defense funny to have been killed to kiev relaunch the miniature castle on the east tennessee to have fun be honest which is held my anti government protest as
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the cca in the donetsk region has a population of just about a hundred thousand. and it's now been painted with people unable to monterey scary. the us. you can see the times of desperate non locals have been trying to prevent it brings me to call a black criminal unseen by simply standing in the way the truth didn't seem all that can stand up for a show which kicks off at the leak came from by the ground and ground and that was the helicopters were sent to read these kinds of that plan b i t was gunned down by the self defense forces the ukrainian army decided to hold and race fall in the corrections. and an injured my leg was taken to hospital by the seller defence forces. currently expected of him after he's had a coke to hit the ground and then helping him to safety seat of the current cts and said is one of
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the self defense trying to send the pine that was abundant. you do not really sure i can get. when a second helicopter was shot down. we wanted to get closer. decided to save the first time it was abandoned by his own people they came up to him and took away his gun. exodus across ukraine se a husband demanding a referendum to see it from kiev for months on the ball so they say they will be a line told the russian speaking ukrainian has to be respected on the feet of extremist threats within the interim government. while acknowledging he did tell people dressed in a bikini full of the new nelson writes sexy group has reportedly landed just outside the house has plenty of reports. we are hearing reports that members of the might seek to have arrived via he copped a winning television beyond that they had the unique forms of them might seek to sow that is how they be easily identified as you can wear the matching tend to sell on running high. it's
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taken us about four i was accepted into the town his company the coaches poll few have barricades and checkpoints at every single entrance and exit at the same time this is and how that is in the ukrainian energy has completely surrounded it came from the ukrainian defence ministry that two of its products have been killed there was something between two and four he copped a separate down to the end of this morning we haven't been able to verify the numbers to ttp self defense units. they say that i have been named as has killed at the same time it was seeking from ukrainian authorities that at least ten checkpoints have been captured. distance has been building barricades of our been taping of reinforcing in the saddle bags at the same time though cools off. that's how it has been coming for the author themselves as human shields. it's that way trying to be a little barricades in a way to the cc sent out to hold the attack and says no it's possible that we are defending our thinking we don't want to lead the slide into the case
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is coming. the man to the climbing days to manage himself. how long they have to be afraid. children and the elderly and all people know that friends wanted to take their conscience and fight for their children. not the sticky things he is calm him and she teamed on the periphery. this is the sixty with the situation is extremely tense and when people are preparing for third on sold by the ukrainian army. what is keeping me up to date with what's happening is slim down for her twitter feed them into something of a recorded message like that. he says it's launching ukraine's main dish luncheon and the spat with lot of growing concern while expressing outrage over the key signature force again today this post contains the kiev must inevitably be held accountable for waging war again sometime people who use of seasonal reaction option most days as a team that is
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the use of the four c's into operation in the town ups the downs in the eastern part of ukraine and also contends that the dissipation of the members of the reit sector group. ukraine's the tories out the nationalist movement a new beast alteration wishes for many seals the size that at its ace very much concerned about ten unconfirmed reports old anticipation this operation called for an amsterdam. we also heard from bridges president biden approaches spokesperson east of the school that speeds up to ration anti terror the region launched by kiev in the eastern and southern parts of the country kids holding hands full geneva peace accords. and thus a case of john is asked about the league's said fencing and that the on again this season in population and could add fuel to the plate to you crying. storage is enough to live there for you reply this could be the spark that lights the previous fire of
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the civil war. ukraine. they are choking study on skype which is the key city where protests and the ad sense it's huge for a vocation russia's leading to see what's gonna happen and the kremlin has written a very explicit. civilians ukrainian civilians are killed by a ukrainian army which is a mix of autonomy and rights act of militias in fact dentist is going to be spiraling out of control in all those that are a christian doesn't love that this is what make the wants and this is what the key of government. this is the pass defense of religion by ukraine's main issue on proton in protest of the south east ukraine last month the operation was launched in the tiny ants can reach it but some of the tunnel that was set and ended up finding the right to bed. i say that they tend to the restive region in just a week and that he indulged and down on protests of islam be honest with members of
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the rights of the group taking. two people in the ons said the french. he continues to violate the principles of democracy. the ecb the note read but i've never raised arms against civilians. i can't make my own democracy democracy we live in democratic country and as he explained to me with that. we don't even have the right to speak out. guilty about this told police he decided to put things out without a stitch is in prison without parole in a circular from where we're standing for the right cause and we don't want to find anyone who simply want to live in a civilized state where everyone's rights are respected and we don't want to keep content to rule. well because the following situation in eastern ukraine wet niche operation to retake the protest the health of him from downs has been under way and that will bring you that the styles as they can come
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i am. break free and alice's on the glass and your consumption is against russia stay with us. the air unfortunately the uvu in. and it's very wise once the expat that was the older you will fall to brussels for the small small moment once they get. that is not only about themselves. post a photo from a vacation. you can't. well it's different boss repeats the same old of course. ex girlfriend
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stupid tear jerking poetry the job. norris. we just don't see your face do you speak. i knew. i am. the this is the seams the china trip lamont who is visiting washington for the pestilence his revelations that the us have been listening to have fun conversations which had the time she labeled completely acceptable unfortunately nations included any conversation
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between us to come on territory news and the american ambassador to ukraine where she did. in dismissing the heat. not all set to discuss the fate of free trade agreement between europe and the glass display in brussels concerns about the standard of some american pundits nsa spying is expected to be addressed there's still been happy ever since issued on the scandal over as england is coming under pressure from the ancient german companies they don't allow functions again to russia and the ukrainian crisis liverpool. well an old school in the wall street journal suggests very strongly that the time to america what is going to dc with it very clear message for the german industry and that message is normal economic sanctions against russia. the real cake that is in the german corporate world the likes of basf the yen the chemicals giant siemens the engineering group volkswagen audi best butcher but they told police that
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concerns over the potential as functions for the sanctions against russia which the statements from some of real big cases in the gym and cole proof lol to all of the saying that the people must agree that it must be the only route to take him to try and find a solution to what's going on in ukraine and its head and that the business will she be allowed to vocal about its own business and then also for the homes of this when you look at the numbers you can see why they have come since the six thousand german companies have involvement in russia over three hundred thousand killed the engine to low light directly form of trades and launch a partnership with russia that would be a lot of jokes to be put at risk should further sanctions be and be put into play. so what kind of echo of a difficult position when she goes to school to brock obama and buttercup functions in the past but they olive now looking like they both went different kinds of sanctions to be put in place but going to be lookinge sign
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up and listen to my report right now to find out what else is gonna be on the table he said to be a meeting between two of the world's most powerful leaders. but there are more than rumblings that the balance of power in the relationship is everyone scientists. this is based and dependency on thursday as the knights by numerical cell phone and then admitted that snow would just continue because obama says we reserve the right to collect information like to see angela merkel going to the us to pick up new instructions the council has come in full review is home to no pushing to allow aid with snowden to give testimony of an investigation into nsa activity in person the critics think that she's looking to protect the image of the u s homes. mrs merkel's visit one just to watch when speaking to me many in europe and read it know we can be stood up to the actions of the us in the aftermath of snow whose revelations. trade is simply a major role in the talks
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negotiations are still ongoing over the transatlantic trade and investment on the ship for teaching which could see an easing of current tight restrictions on the surface this conceive of the eu and us profits as it will cost to eu consumers. one of my famous homemade treats and we must take it. when ginny ninety six percent of people think that the standards of environmental protection updates and in the us. uncle safety the big issue ninety one percent in favor of the eu held data protection agency fine to send didn't think the us delegates are up to the job. more transparency is needed in tt talks say those standing against mrs merkel's posse and upcoming eu elections. the indians the whole negotiations are taking place behind closed doors. amongst the small number of people. we must be vigilant when this type of deal is done with third world
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nations are often attempts to undermine the legal system of apple and we will not accept this. it's called jimmy and the united states remain the focus to friends of the international stage when under the medical sits down for talks that broke obama looks likely that there will be some issues they certainly don't see eye to eye on the thrall of a faulty building. let's not discuss this topic fact that with the months of step and this is a professor and an independent investment of funds and the najaf. this is also think if i am not suggesting if he gets aussie international iso what took the most massive fine but from the easing in german corporations act and dissing it will be able to influence mrs medical decisions intensified assumptions. very much. so when did the other thing was a drug free trade agreement. it was a very famous been provided. one famous publish know what
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the publisher of the commissions paid to steve enter the building so i'm complaining about the powerful grip of cool soul. it's really i mean bill sanctions against it happened that i'm an american is regaining from conflict in europe so america really has an interest in keeping conflicts in europe and the ukraine alive or even estimating because it will hurt. mostly german auction company's one hundred euro will also of course for us to some eastern european countries leaders to rally behind america. so in the tv umpire who i was very positive surprise that the german company's wrote this sentence it's a small sign of sanity in the ceo of insanity at this point. so basically he is saying that all the sanctions will only buy eyes. jenny has a very very close ties with russia that even though america is pushing and pressuring gemini five to bring about more sanctions easing to fifteen people intending to
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understand the consequences i think some people into me like you need to understand who the summer. the most economists who are critical about the sanctions really upset. it goes to st and go through and through already and will summon help america in many regards. well basically keep the conflicts in europe will not help to guesstimate the crisis it is an attempt to estimate russia for those of us all. it's really a tube to go taiwan will compete in the interests of the united states among socialists in the interest of stability in europe and in the interest of the germany or europe abbott said talking about sank on in global terrorists. i drink wine in his speech at white house as expressive as may says that the sanctions will impact the global economy as well as head rush hour only. yet after the global economic crisis why it upset me be the global economy that. well
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when talking about wise and unwise is very dangerous team that is being played here in this really came about supremacy in europe. and if that is to go then. you are willing to take a gamble some higher risks him to um. to me it is clear that first moves were coming from the west or to invent them. in the end of the city and then attempts to assume that is why western europe and the unified behind me. the us position and that the geopolitical and your strategic game and it's it's beyond economics. many respects. i'm dissing that sad child care is as sending a chance to shed some of the delay. i have a what's going on in ukraine on say easy. oh well i basically impacts and the colts. well i
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would hope for drift because that would help the eu to realize that it has its own position in the house. he is it's been three months of so many. according to the surprise and also negatively surprise that basically the deal followed pretty much everything that was initiated to free trade talks. the sanctions other things that i think it's about time that really does think about what's in the interest of the euro really and it's about time we stop the process. my saucy and wife jenny and the stasi thank you very much indeed for sharing your perspective with this weapon. may says abc chief said the alliance is not compelled to view russia as an outcry opponent hilton clarke notes also mulling whether to bases forces in east and europe to turn to when he sees as must as russian ukraine can
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actually count reports the top nato official says the alliance now sees russia as an enemy alexander there's both a deputy secretary general of nato also served us ambassador to russia two years ago was quoted as saying. clearly the russians at the chron it was an adversary so we have to dig into the washer along there's a partner but as more of an adversary than the part that is true that russia over the last couple of decades has expressed indignation over nato's broken promises over nato's expansion could rush of orders for years moscow and felt cheated because the us in nineteen ninety promised not to expect me to put sees the inning ended. while feasting european nations to the alliance. but despite this loss would still have cooperated with nato won a number of issues of global importance like to afghanistan drop kicking nonproliferation. in april nato suspended all practical to do in a note for cooperation with russia although russia has maintained his diplomatic mission to nato. alexander gazebo went on to say that
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they don't officially the deployment of substantial numbers of combat what it is either permanently or on a rotational basis of a nato officials are spending more white objects. local member states this would mean more poetry spending. we remember the words president calling europeans. to chip in and to spend more on nato and us could also mean more tension is because with the military buildup may come of the buildup of here. i was kind to the former pentagon official michael indeed he believes an exam by his comments. that's how he was nice to finally be easy its relations with russia. as an unfortunate statement because it is basically no draws a picture of russia and and and europe. it has been adversaries when there's a tremendous trade going on between russia and in europe so light i think that the others are more room of the nato countries probably more mature level headed
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the people to clean in europe who see the need to work with russia rather than to treat it as an adversary or an enemy as such the last ten to seventeen and the deposit with that except uncle clark productions and gotten stung but at the end production is still at a record high. corporation between moscow and washington decides to put some pressure on the illegal trade across the globe. but the amount of money comes directly into the country have little effect on the level of drones flying around europe russia and the ui snow on the receiving end of the drug trade has taken the kids while the fig is afghanistan as it's possible that more than ninety percent of the wild opium production in production has also sold and is not for two times highness is neat and they could not in two thousand and one of the one main entrance antics won't mind are estimated to have died in the past decade as a result. meanwhile b to
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un estimates that the renaissance until i knew i had a spell at the end and harry and his moments remove it until it's all season this account of reports now on be told that drug addiction is taking on consistency the branch line drugs with no help in sight. this is the face of addiction in afghanistan. one of many the bridge in the center of kabul palace now links to wear to school reads as a river. and on its banks and on the refuse . the haunted only has two columns years every game gear more. she knows but there's no need to hide. the police don't bother coming here. the police chief there's carolyn opium to you and the tools to consume them. last year afghanistan recorded its largest opium
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harvest ever seen behind me the story of just how devastating that spin for the people here. if you're a part of a performing addiction epidemic according to the united nations more than a million afghans are addicted to and opium of the population of some thirty million people which make afghanistan not just the world's top exporter of the drug. one of its top consumers too. billions of dollars more than a decade of western efforts to curb narcotics here. second don't know where the money to do to help the commercial interest to you. so the gospel first and was watching a lot of the city's official treatment clinics are struggling to cope. you can go. the trip was a cookie. i'm going to use tools. d and color. no more than ten plus. but in the jukebox. with the dating
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service. the only are they me and teasing. that in choosing the right that this is confusing. like i did possible. it does really well in school yet. which makes these men some of the lucky few that didn't help. amy not the traditional facility but it's a place to call home for up to twenty weeks time. like asian this group therapy the state the treatment works. this woman to call mother. we love pottery was haunted by her brother struggle with carolyn. a growing number of adults and a lack of help so she stepped in. she opened a treatment center and leader of this restaurant. it is for the expenses and get the addicks a place to work this traditional society has cost more than money. my husband didn't approve of a phantom ask me. i hadn't been able to see my children suzanne. i've been taking an
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even be here. my children as the hadith. for now deceased family. to make daily checks in the attic. some turned to carolyn as refugees in iran or pop is gone. others were driven to drugs by economic despair. when you have no welcome no ptt it's like that he cannot be productive. c take drugs to skate. this former policeman began smoking opium after losing his leg two am and nine. for twelve years until the last clinic crean promised land the decision to change my life around it read many times before but now. support the entry into the stands battle with drugs is likely to read on. we seek after fourteen kabul. malnutrition lyla drug addiction. i was
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to secure a win. wh are the cutest. a report on the keys. in fact. we are knowing about breaking the story at least two ukrainian troops and one so it's going to have been killed up to kiev in which to manage their assault on the east and says he unplugged ounce which is currently held by anti government protest is deceased and the donetsk region has a population of pounds has now been painted with people unable to evacuate the area and our correspondent in official circles that people have been told to the industries in the city. however i'm known to locals have been seen trying to bend on the highway
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coming to boston by simply standing in my field ration which picked up a storm came from one hundred and twenty helicopters were sent in to the strains of islam gets to wear them down by the self defense force says the ukrainian army decided to host data rates for men the conscience or membrane you all down to a ten reaction to kids and to break up the mouse house now. it's the auntie say fishermen hours of talks with the silver dodge festival free to get noticed. the us i know. row. judge rejected from kansas is going on trial for murder bought his very afraid of jerry prejudice is because the jury is full of racists or as some sort of
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vested interest in seeing him get locked away. no it is because he has a giant tattoo on his neck of the word murder written backwards. why are in backwards so he could read it in the mirror nowadays we live in a total culture of almost complete entitlements and actually chapman wants to leave jail on a special trip to attend to parlor to get the ugly it changed or moved here because he did something stupid to his appearance. now it is the obligation of the government to help him fix the problems he created often these opinion pieces and very crippled the government but this time the man is totally right. you can't just take everyone on special trips across town to can look good for their trial is in the state's fault that he has the word murder on his neck. the prosecutors even said chapman who would be ok to cover the top three or something like a stylish car for gap or turtleneck sweater it is not the job of the government help you get rid of your theory stupid and very incriminating get to know. just my opinion i do
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