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tv   France 24 News  PBS  May 3, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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ages to st kitts was in a three day a day a ghost breaking news to a point. so much. a dorset to play the stock. oh well. while good news. free to go to
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moscow and boy says he's negotiated the release of a dozen european industry observers felt like pro russian emissions. as the key west in and sits as an acceptable the bloodiest day of violence in south eastern ukraine. giving up hope afghan officials say they're on my key to finding more survivors following devastating landslide in the remote north east of tasman to two of the region since two thousand one hundred people. lunch dismissed as a keeper candidates. just weeks before he gets presidential election critics say the counter. he is no contrast to the front runner. finance continues to mock the running. what the cure disease update you all for the cats. the analogy of servers held captive in sloppy on skin eastern ukraine have been released
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this undertake the development was announced our nearby and moscow envoy it's also been confirmed by the tens of pro russian separatist leader and get more on this map and you get the above that in moscow. she joins us by sky. do you want to be noah and his report released on the osce monitors and have a care package the wind and seven with the yes that is fine crew and officers have been great. in eastern ukraine. i was at the very least was the report by us special envoy. but in many small print and send me into the area must negotiate going to be several days ago that goal the people the seller claimed to be upset. he said that is designed as a way his friend and his guests. there is any
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is there really isn't exactly who was behind it sunday is the blessing of trying to lead to many because of the uppers. though an undead army the train an army at taking control of the mature way. jd and the ukrainian army to color it is today. before the stalks with the separatists. and you do this and other rhetoric from the kremlin to subjugate the conclusion spokesman has been warning moscow is losing influence over the sec persists in the east of ukraine. my hostas are today his latest operation in eastern ukraine. all angles all this. no amount of responsibility. this is suspects are going to be killed in eastern ukraine but it yet. that's not the size and lesbians have been shown
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in this operation. an investigation to find. on friday in which case that when people die. ukrainian media at the eighteen people at the end i didn't find what you can see examples is on monday. they say that this place. laid on him all day set in stone or not isn't dressed and well. she accuses shia off at will. privilege and a sack lunch and the rest in peace. she says. it is possible with a view of a thank you very much for updating their brains of the big pieces from moscow the one ukraine's government has bad we are not stop thinking so today as it's mitre resumed operations against pro russian separatist in the east the interior minister in kiev confirmed action hundred commenced. don't read that and a credit or a ukrainian forces say they've taken a
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television tower in the city which is at seventeen km from the rebel stronghold of the pianist. the one on friday dozens of people died in a fire engine building taken over by probe russians in odessa in south western ukraine. the date with mr running battles between pro kiev two groups and separatists which culminated in the fire at an administration building eclectic east thirty six people dead. some are just has this report a new front in ukraine crisis. odessa is the latest city to be swept up by clashes that are rocking ukraine. raising fears that young rest is pretty sound. more than thirty people were killed in the deaths on friday in what is being called a criminal lakes prepares to either from smoke inhalation or by jumping from windows the trade union alps located more than five hundred km from the troubled east odessa is not understood patient. on friday was
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the scene of bloody street fights. the clashes began earlier in the day. in fifteen hundred protesters many of them football fans to to the streets calling for unified ukraine. the rally quickly turned violent demonstrators clashed with hundreds of mass production militants and police trying to intervene. across the city russia militants sought refuge in the trade union house. it was instantly. we started are still unknown moscow said the clashes were disgraceful. local authorities had arrested more than a hundred people in the incident and called for residents to remain calm let's move on to other world news afghan officials have given up hope of finding any more survivors following a landslide in the remote northeast. it means an estimated two pence and one hundred people have perished in the catastrophe. the aid effort is now focused on more than four thousand people
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displaced and is concerned that the un stapled hillside in the typist and province maintain it again tripping hazards of homeless people rescue workers. an entire section of the mountain collapsed burying hundreds of homes under modern rock in the valley below. local authorities confirmed that more than two thousand people were killed in a massive landslide. the mind is ten to thirty meters deep with little hope of finding survivors and rescuers are calling for humanitarian aid great now we can only help the displaced people. it is impossible to do anything for those trapped in the last night. their dad. after afghan national business name international donors as well as the afghan government to provide humanitarian assistance to deliver the landslide occurred around midday on friday in the port in remote mountainous province. next time. it was triggered by weeks of heavy rain and a time when snow
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melt from the mountains is arty swelling streams and rivers. washington us president barack obama sent his condolences. just as the united states stood with the people of afghanistan through a difficult decade we stand ready to help our afghan partners as they respond to this disaster. for even as our war there comes to him and this year. our commitment to afghanistan and its people into work president ahmed karzai ordered emergency relief work to start immediately. afghan authorities fear this could be the country's deadliest natural disaster since nineteen ninety eight when children makes killed several thousand people suicide bombers have blown up two vehicles in separate attacks in the center of syrian province of ca month state media reported the eighteen people were killed on friday including eleven children mean while it's being reported that opposition find chairs parts beyond that to
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withdraw from the besieged city of bones and trade deal with the custom and travels with the nih hold back the opposition held areas north of homes according to activists. the syrian government has not commented on the deal. two suicide bombings in egypt's at sinai have killed a soldier and wounded at the seven other people in other violence a policeman was killed in a cairo bomb attack was in the port city of alexandria two people were shot dead during clashes in violence comes less than four weeks before the presidential election. army general john c c has a contender but may dismiss him as just a paper contest from the egyptian capital khartoum state because this report. i mean sometimes it's the rank outsider in this two horse race. he's getting himself as the candidate to represent each its revolutionary youth and is counting on their pets he's hit pitching his electro program. taking election promises. this would
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appeal to them. one of my priorities would be partially in charge of the legislative branch will be to cancel the law banning protests committed to peace and civil candidates in the section and more importantly his manifesto interesting revelations meant a great freedom and social justice and into monday represents the aims of the revolution and the dreams of young people. he'll start placed the mission the principles of the u s for four weeks to have lost their friends and brothers could fail as martyrs. this is about he can't read in the twenty twelve presidential elections the youth and behind him he thinks he can bring this time the store's the future. to me and bob and wendy teaching the youth. at some cutesy you simply take a candidate who's running in some sentence of a democratic election. his rifle appeal much to add to that the icc
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as tommy state institutions not to contest the egyptian population family in his camp he also has a dedicated youth campaign team working on strategies to target young but it is. it was one of the need isn't that a modern movement that led to the ouster of the islamist president. i mostly like it and honesty. i'm going to get to see sea level the contest and wants to see young people participate in a state body still. this will guarantee that those who bought during the revolution will not be silenced. that's when the revolution needed with many pdt on people still feeling politically disenfranchised. the use of cruel by aging political veterans. it's going to take a hard sell from both camps to bring them into the political foe. and just bring you up to date reports coming in that egyptian court has jailed one hundred and two supporters of muhammad more cp former president for ten years. that's according to local egyptian tv sources
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next it's world press freedom day time to recognize and celebrate the importance of free media. i ran to open in two national conference will be held here in paris next week to address various issues and into the air near crystal to muar of reporters without borders came in to see him here. he spoke of the time to be out jazeera journalist currently in detention in egypt i just iraq. is considered by the currents and her coworker tun tun transport is a current or conceit of the patches are a support its firm that was the most and cross the road. that's why that's not to put a reason but to fall for those of you or for the government's that's why they decided to put up a genetics and took it right. and it's cuckoo was that we can. it sets your band but the trial is the old
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west course bones. but they decided to target iran but just the way to try to control the city's information but the concrete set. what's the solution and the troops tried to do in between ukraine and wills all that. as it was his father's country eastern ukraine which show where is the friends all told ukrainian tunnels on the first tested because it says on the portion for them the car stays in your life financed eat and regulations regarding illegal production and sale of marijuana the new dallas which are seen to come into force with regulate the varieties of marijuana can be counted the conditions for cultivation of how the plants can be used by people who want to avoid a fine. it's been a long fought for campaign which was won here in europe point december twenty thirteen and senate voted to approve a law has marked my room on appeal
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the dtp which will be signed by the mystics on monday table create the legal marijuana market to the peggy lee to find a couple minutes i suppose the stands at less than one year still appears on the general land to purchase up to ten grams two weeks. it's the unique experiment into regulation in goodbye to drug trafficking six yielded the little yellow one easily analyzed and learn what we are entering into the lock on the team trucks the work morning. you can slightly change the mind doing the same thing i've seen most of the global it comes is a critical time in as many cats taking his reputation and compete in the drug traffickers the government insist they're not there to create a pot smokers paradise notably silent about the people who are not on the distribution chain in pieces or using without licenses. well i made more than forty grams of cannabis
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this is considered an often hostile consumption and it will be punished by the gold it happened at about the issue but i know that by offering cut price carrier this the government hopes to reduce the incentive to boeing illicit paraguayan marijuana plants in the black market. europe wants it and to call that marijuana trafficking is being closely follows is my america the legalization of some local six is increasingly seen as a possible alternative to file is created by the country the senior minister in fifty minutes time to get into boston. could you do. since down to her. sch i was
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the sweet down to it the kids are really keen to get the machine increase heat to a country states. i'm going. yes the cake. when you don't know what they got back seat. i'm saying yes to it we need to stop the high nice ranks to riches story henry from all corners including the very top of it these videos. it was not talking about. not afraid to challenge the status quo and breaking barriers to feed him too much. that meant that his will is best to beat him in school. so we stop sometimes i lay down to it. the cure and it's going to put
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the weight and i would struggle against what i appreciate it. the clp. or maybe a black woman takes the lead. this is one sweet tooth. the difference with them. state schools. each issue. note that the dog got caught up in md we had to go in. schilling. history should this will lead to breaking point. i get the people who tends to happen at the end she wants to do something she carries freight actually get to it. anyhow write. she always wants to wait. she never looked at me the do
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you. to you. he was in nineteen fifteen. see you. in a week in that. i didn't contain much that i in it he meant business he met me he breaks from work. this alliance is that i use to order parts. to me a difference to our filming this a lot of mice and simply amazing. what you put in is going to get outs every sunday she returns to the winter when her mom christine leaves. how the oblivious to the attention she tricks when driving the streets in the lead. it keeps me grounded. it keeps me it sends a message that phase don't forget that this is where you come from. but also
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don't forget to backs. these are the cool new shoes that actually makes you who you need to spruce this month this is where i was at risk that's the main team the gates because i've been making history. and a crown and ten. in diablo hundred policemen. oh what this post links. it will come on people being moved. once you own one the country too. she says no have never appeared in court he completed four months. you will. i was soo pretty she'll eat greasy stain to the scene present. the first time she had to learn to
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survive. my mother was a seamstress. she broke out. as with many from this machine was able to eat. this machine does this mean she goes to the big things for people to look at the seams. but he can eat. i was called the century i take the dough from some way to use the one he takes upon to return fiji to what this morning we doing here she makes her way to the north and. her son. not only has the right. all the boxes out the house the it yet. i get to what i liked it. the sight of goal she went crazy strange mining began in the days that leads to the telus court has no names and for good reason
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back in two thousand and one she drew the same rate that even husbands. i asked and that's what's that like it just keeps. what good is because the spelling. that's the spot. i need it to me hopes. acts one nine. st of the wmds and the manganese deposits and went over to discount him in the north and painting. i was nineteen he sees one of the new research presented market. there's too much to be one and operated by a black woman. she and a way that odd. you know what lah. but why not go in and that the cat. well all that aware of anything. this then
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that's that. it's been hoping that you get back down. in south jordan to three hundred d makes great jewelry often female colleagues who also holds seen my check or money gram keen to teach front of the company employed to construct the mind the city when you were many just three defeats to people to treat infection. yet yet. this is the battle on the might of my panties with it. this heavenly. i mean she's one of the world's most useful mitchell's things to a string of properties which make it indispensable when producing studio the attacks. this is the time that is a lot. which would be out on me and my hands. you can see what it's like i'm told that the nations. during the minority got the taste and be nice to be so. to
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train the meantime three pm the fact that they might like how active i can do it. you might like. i think of anything that might mean what are they the eight men. was out on sat they don't let that keep us on. that means but i thought i had. i felt something wet that opinion big shock that the men got that out. the global paper the twenty second of may to either too much. when eating everything to be a top notch if that's not cool. my four week if he went. demographics of the mining sector represents what we had a devil. wrapping up the country. deputy to the standoff we need in the country. we need to do to prevent open and the effect the essence of winning just one species and so does mine just eager to see due to
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unveil the tunnel cost. i really underline data mining icon whose weight is to copy a wildcat strike. when something funny. during the twenty second sparking a national outcry what could be that bad but nothing had been the case of looking at what i ate. we haven't had to be but we don't want. update oh my the team. sure increasing pace to break in the industry standard. the three thousand stop going to be seen to locals. she's already built the infrastructure. priority remains keen on penalizing when he started with a target if you keep this thing and now stop. as the man that is cool. third this that are in
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the cbd him and school. so we stuffed up the steps on our toes but he insists that thought insistence on commissioned by a women and it doesn't but add me as an end to this opinion because it is with the dead. we can show. he has remained in this company. most of the company's competitive the government has defended offshore for precinct the definition link i see how it plans to transform and he reached in a tokyo. he's more of the profits on african soil. she's had the support of the government including the president. jacob seemed to me it's good to be good to you my new car. qian da. he is healing. was not talking about. was doing it. having recently seen the meat into
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road. he did work on time he's considering investing two hundred and sixty million euros in his country to honor him the key to peace and safety work nine hours. i am going to go for a different route or fermenting the relationship between creepy some sweeping field described as an attempt to buy new helper to leigh creek and the commissioning of the sea. he doesn't hesitate to eat. another petition actually don't go into business class and i'm don't read into what it takes. and it's one of the opposition parties' minutes. wanted to use me to call steve wouldn't complain. it's quite nice cool dawn. i accepted the fact that you can actually have it that warm and sixteen. i'm the best of the best whether they like it or not he's touching me. a
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seasonal one attributes please click on the white house the sydney comedy store she's the result of a broken home in policy. i don't think there and unlike businessman husband to wear lines to the top. and a less than i've seen i haven't been to. and a half. me cut up into the fields and a few different things for my house cause i would cut through it yet. i've never had to feed has seemingly been on screwing up so that we need to know that they can begin to enjoy good now. nobody does it mean more conduit to the season on the streets between four and five it was this morning shooting trying to chew up your own one of south africa's leading television stations. one of many media appearances since winning the award to know. if things keep going. too many and include me to keep
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the water. he speaks. as well we are trying to like it a good sniff out if the machine court seat. the fee for diesel gas through issuing currency has energy of someone much younger. it's hard to imagine we should still be now she's happy being a mother and grandmother and south africa's many nice mining entrepreneur to try to get the job i know. i listened to them lou. and all. i do. i am
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is you will . should the scenes of desperation in the ukrainian city of augusta were forty two anti government protesters donna the finer set by nationalists radicals. rochelle lashes out at the international community for failing to denounce the killings in ukraine. some western politicians but all the blame on the victims. science has risen to the east of ukraine as the army presses on with its military writedowns and reports are pouring in of deaths and injuries in st


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