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tv   RT News  PBS  May 3, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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is you will . should the scenes of desperation in the ukrainian city of augusta were forty two anti government protesters donna the finer set by nationalists radicals. rochelle lashes out at the international community for failing to denounce the killings in ukraine. some western politicians but all the blame on the victims. science has risen to the east of ukraine as the army presses on with its military writedowns and reports are pouring in of deaths and injuries in st
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fighting in a state of current source. lots the local governor reports that a massive landslide kills over two thousand people in remote village in eastern afghanistan. chappell it would take rt with the rejection. we start with last night's massacre in ukrainian city of odessa please be warned some people may find appalling pictures disturbing. dozens of people were lying there in a dance to as radical nationalists fire bombed a building associate with anti government groups cheered its reach people trapped by flames jumped out of the hips
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i knew it was divine the black armband week to be from the ultra nationalist right second row. extremists have called for the use of terror tactics against sentence. the clashes which began early today claimed forty six lines one was two hundred injured. our team managed to speak with a number of people survived the blaze. the trade unions unyielding stance on demand since the budget and then started throwing molotov cocktails and means to that building had shoved by and saw smoke. we were brought to you but the truth men and women the right stick to what school history. i moved out what was happening around us and told the weakness of mine the extremists and one the school building the puppies were coming down instead. on tues race now stays in a dense forests and
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told us how the situation unfolded. the question that the basic protection against the country's new authorities with existing be worth around one hundred of them. halting the country's new government people including people to take two weeks i began to suffer from bt central next step for me. laugh it off to bed for two hours up to four people were killed and many others seem to be stoked when police arrived. four days of the interim government in kiev joint flight we both ordered the company but they just stayed here too wet for weeks he's been known to praise you for looking after the attack the so called from my gun activists first thing i don't think it would be in front of all depending on the web and then spent the last trade unions for dessert you can see the fine
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print at the time and several people for things like why witnesses say the barricade at the entrance of keeping people but that preventing people from the demands of the flowing water. as for the week. the police on top when that's gone. many of them others were killed while trying to jump out of it. to wit least six people jumping from the building's height and her dad. i carried some people we had lunch. still the same time there were shots from behind the backs of the security forces someone was climbing machine gun. we have the empty shells to prove it. several hours off the bat around fifty people remained trapped on the roof double date with him until police arrived to the things i say that what's happened in a test on friday it would change the montana town and now no one can think for sure what's going to
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happen next. production on lte from augusta in ukraine just remind day you're the right sector of the group believed to be behind the inferno actually on the defense network is suspected of being involved in numerous attacks against anti government activist and although it helped the current government in kiev come to power is controlled by the help redefine the interim leadership several times including refusing to disarm or leed buildings they occupy in the capital. the present with him pulled no punches with authorities in kiev as he pinned the blame for the advance a tragedy on the government less and get more on this from our cheese you for this canal. the horse and a callous and how the russian president reacted the president has lashed out at the turn of the wheezing cute holding them responsible for the wilds in south eastern ukraine adding that the hens are now covered in blood and also anyone who presents the actions as
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legitimate. what criminals so as well. now from his prospective new school would know that this is closely watching the events unfolding in ukraine also from the angle. russia's for their actions. so when he says he's not only deeply concerned with the situation in ukraine itself but also with the way it's being of a person is being presented to interpret it in the glass saying that what type of free democratic elections in ukraine include western nations be talking about amid an ongoing military operation conducted by ninetieth against its own citizens support it also says that the west either doesn't understand what's happening to any great importance and rituals and not on the sand carrefour to think too much to bring us this updates or jesus or biscuit off there well some western politicians went as far as suggesting that people who were fertilized in a dance and brought the whole thing upon sounds and acts as
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the us department ltd its reaction to calling for an investigation. i can actually count has the details. it's interesting the headlines entrance that was seen coming from major western european news outlets did not mention that the old school were torched in odessa where anti union activist and that it was done by a group of radicals. they knew had the swedish foreign minister called bill actually suggesting that if the port of port production this fall if they were for him to get the right horrible with the t thirty eight dead he noticed that things have started with pro russian attempt to get control of buildings violence must stop thinking we forget how fortunate i was getting a good while it did notice a lot accomplished. not unexpected but obviously the city. which is near term when commenting on radical to care if i ain't likely to go without mentioning the more i stared out the attacks british foreign secretary for example broke i deplore and regret the loss of life
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either this sector is in urgent need for restraint and stepping back from confrontation. anyway if you are. and therefore healthy and reflected at the brookings think and who broke. putting sheena had a consequence of putting in a word to add twelve a cab to the cavalry of our time reaches of the super clean and simple i began to tell but it's somehow suggesting that what the president is responsible for the killings and not too cold to ride the course was actually back the steeper the abyss that we hear no clear denunciation of this kind of whining coming from the west especially the hat firmly psychic themselves with authority and everyone in the spring will come to the government and the up and give you a lot of gifts received their instruction. the biggest concerns that week's si units the russian propaganda that has been. of blasted out non stop. suggesting somehow that the ukrainian government is
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responsible for the province in eastern ukraine ukraine government has shown remarkable restraint throughout this process obama spoke early after meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and basically dismissed the protests. i get to hear that on third and goal by workout. responsibility for the escalation on my own obama also called for support. the kids crack down on the pokies to the east of ukraine. he called it a move to restore order. a more subtle as a senior lecturer in international relations abbas kids to university things western political heavyweights of the airline's close to their real causes of the chaos in ukraine. he will continue to blame russia as being responsible for this for destabilizing the situation in ukraine by their knew they had a right to destabilize the situation in ukraine a few months ago and helped bring this up which regime to power with the year oh my god riots but now. russia although there is no evidence they claim has no
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right to destabilize the situation. these are the radicals have not been stopped by the government because they are doing business. this government the student brown shirt paramilitaries are the only true believers that this government can politically and ideologically rely on the ukrainian flag flying over a burning building full of the corpses of dead enjoyed citizens is a perfect metaphor for the way this regime will govern in ukraine if they're given a chance why is underway in the eastern ukrainian city of tours a hotbed of anti government sentiment and these are some pictures taken by locals they are armored personnel carriers can be seen rolling through the streets on the cd and reports are coming in on at least three deaths although it hasn't been confirmed yet more on this weekend crossing the respondents' policy here is in the area
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tell us what's known about the latest fighting. nancy say the ukrainian army is pushing its way further into the town of comatose just trying to beat the ctc intact we know this information from eye witnesses or so the kids didn't any minister who posted information on his facebook page. he has sixteen residents of comatose and beyond. when i am which is to seventeen km a week to remain in gold. he also says that this is what we gain from the army that they have to warn the boat docks in and around comatose but this has yet to be confirmed by ntt of protesters who are massing of these but ducks when staring at the casualty count is climbing. both of these towns are not completely encircled by the ukrainian communist what one i put this in chronicles told us. there were the work is unconfirmed information that mobile phones of being jammed and the soldiers issues in the civilians who tried to block the times self defense
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forces amid the city council buildings. there are also reports of troops moving towards the city council bosses. dressed in black with an insignia. well as flat as they are today. they wear. so that's where you are as you just pointed out earlier on has also been the target of a crackdown to do tell us what the situation they're like. well the situation is extremely tame its residents are heeding the call to remain indoors with oreos and a few people off the streets the concern may be is at the shops get well soon one of supply is coming to the top of that the atm machines are not working citizens panic that if the season takes place more more people will be holed up inside the homes with no great guy. at the same time this may upset the ons reported that night. some ten people were killed among fourteen people injured when a man is of the bikes except trying to push into one of
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the stuff that isn't a sentence they formed a human shield. he has called for people in the town to come for weight and hope to finish so we have with a warning that kitty is continuing with this operation as it launched on friday morning. this is of warning the people here were taken very seriously on keeping the court as the stakes remain indoors and at the same time at the checkpoints the positions are being fortified this is what the man himself told us i won our nominee. the rights to life the competition to peaceful people with a silent consent of ukrainian troops this race. now slip downstairs around the religious forces. we're waiting for another attack late nights. eight assaulted the second time can be in the sixty s to be honest the eu is a dentist say that
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they are not doing any way they see that the remaining pushed and that they will take seriously the court to defend the town i managed to catch up with one family who is watching events unfold on the streets to those in the secure is to use iphone the city sent a seasonal down the streets are empty preaching becomes. guzman is keen to us. so today is going on a pair of jeans. for the lines until recently it was a small speaking. friday morning to change with them saturday morning it was the sound of short grounds and explosions. i woke up immediately. it was very scary. the thing you can order them together with them mercenaries together with the white sox instructed by the way interim president interim prime minister the war a war criminals residents of the fields have
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been ordered to remain indoors. getting in on and have no intention of sticking out. due to the tv stand when it's being reported that two point six it is in the ctc and ten. we tried to enter the city decides to students who were renting apartments but eventually you will obtain court has antique shops with one of the food and the moon is on the stock supplies from the scene in the atm is all cash strapped and pharmacy social religious and political analysts believe that without them there is no fussiness to go somewhere or something happens because the cds hopes of preventing the start of the new friends and family we have no please not awful even my words to me and i couldn't imagine a situation like these. call. secondly there is about to get worse as we miss it too late that the army is gearing up for another on stilts the streets might be empty the creamy yet this is the calm before the storm
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the crt study on its eastern ukraine. on friday morning the iconic tell. on friday morning the comatose ten thousand activists to slow down several east all twelve foreign military observers detained last week they can leave the city at the moment however because of fighting at a roadblock. one of the other was freed earlier over health concerns of the observers were held at the end of april in protest or suspected there were spies among them and they were initially invited by the kiev governments to monitor troop movements in the area. all are from member states of the organization for security and cooperation in europe although they are not on an official osce mission. only or mostly following the situation in ukraine and will be reviewed the latest news throughout the day here on here and also on the second time. the ira i
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want anything to do if you don't buy that picture and all i've got it. with that the chair all by them. you need the mayan indians the show. as part of the same cloth as his father. it's a totally powerful in control we are. in fact they have been fully in charge. i do the road the doors. stories you can do. changing the world likes. picture. i
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don't the eye. watching our team and a national ad for maths camp. now more than two thousand people are confirmed to have died of massive landslide in north east of dancing that according to the governor of the province the side of the mountain collapsed on friday morning as people were covering belongings from an illegal plants like hundreds of homes were destroyed by landslides that were triggered by torrential rains and the united nations says the focus is now at four thousand people displaced by the collapse press get her to be hampered by lack of equipment and the risk of further advanced ones for some insight into this we're joined now by council can sort of presidential candidate and former afghan
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mp. much of this or sofa for joining us today. well a staggering death toll. why such high numbers. it tells more. no art sleeves of sorts right to the dentist and treated human life that have more value because of budget and to the government's band and negligence. people lose their lives and it has many many factors were all related to poor planning and bad governance and lack of awareness of these kinds of of natural disasters. i miss her already see that we had and not heavy equipments authorities report did not have equipment to deal with a situation to deal with a rescue operation why is that in your opinion. b b. what isolated it did not have the equipment at the right place. the equipment isn't that an available bed then be
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checked in and cities rather than the weather disasters can happen and we have a clear track record of sweaty these things can happen writing about loving people to build in such areas though some of the problem the government that doesn't deal with these things in a professional manner. every year we are grappling with vicki that we as a spring does that says winter disasters. doubts. this means that we had all kinds of situations that nobody wants to deal with bennett said showing that this government whichever government comes they have to be perfect and they have to be and that the death of the planning ahead of time disaster planning and needs to be done ahead of time not after the disaster ok but what about the people the four thousand people the un say have been displaced. i was done for them now it's rated mr will be the solution is bad then we headed out to some a little bit off the rack piece of cookie and
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that they think they did shed a kindergarten gentleman these people have needs that the elder says there are many many that problem but then the government is not able to deal with it the officials and not even going to the audience at twenty four hours after the disaster that had appeared at an ironically these are the same officials than a month ago when the u s plans to go to bed to ask for these people are either died today. these are the same people and the spread offense just a month ago and this is very very tragic and is a sad commentary on on on the government doesn't care i did the zone told result of presidential candidate and former afghan amp's thank you for much for your cues from the dead. now where according to the king's fund think tank the british national health service is facing a financial crisis with two thirds of
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hospital bosses. fearing a possible cash shortfall. also warns that the radical solution from the government will draft health trust back from the brink of economic disaster. the ambulance driver speaking exclusively to our teaser first as that while there are only budget cuts. people will continue to die waiting for medical help the us. video we couldn't find her very carefully about the impact of the cup shopping on the nhs. now if paramedics with teaching adults. we think that it wouldn't go bad in the seventies like your old man he guides the philly team to rally for the new name is joe examination of the car crash in speaking and getting stuff up to the card indicates called the dead. if the consequences. on tuesday she did that in a bcs bowl didn't we think it's nice to be upbeat about his
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experiences in the arguments that the us. one film sound patients the incident in a great job. off the beaten man i'm a husband or what. glad it's done for now. this use to think of it on my commute adult sized prints. one to speak. wanted to speak. this has to do with funding outside forces and emissaries having to do. i'm normal with less money in its funding. some of the tough conditions helping to get the stuff. left trying to pick up the slack. what they do ten eleven twelve hours without milk right. the total to one medal incentive of a run with this much is done by all the patients. i'm going to get a new ep feel if you're not giving people stop it the wind breaks to get there or why risk of making things. i was there on every
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step this is twenty three for an oft times that are released and it's been several homes. and there are more risk of making a living evidence was that important mrs said that you will get a chance to make up to twenty billion pounds let the efficiency savings like twenty fifteen is sunday baking flour and fold like a painted face of the pristine lakes of the race elimination heats of the sec's us. like the debt with the katie to the national health action club feet. difficult grape that what's that. if the nhs like the hearts of the political agenda ahead of the general elections. well i think the health care was there with the cubs won across the boards i write from health and said much more like the service is free zone four hundred and seven says received increasing cops and was in patients waiting longer and longer to get an edge and cool hands in
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the majors in opening up stories with patients to become the key the sick looking statements aren't actually in a really sucky some people are dying in subsidy. righteousness is what is really stop cutting back her services. he took the kids that it's great that the department of health the statement was the sides him and services performing well the writing was seated and eight minutes in gold and seventy five percent of the most life threatening cases but we know the service is getting busier since its twenty ten the nhs is recruited sixty percent more paramedics to help build a time in ages eight and is caring after a view to look at the two moms of services and how the nhs should respond the days of the frontline combat. while things didn't quite nice and beyond statistics. i bought statistics on things. well i think it went down the sentence. anais nin down to question them. amongst
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these is actually not going to mistake a lot more toasty bought more because the market for the patient the patient a treat as the mall and found them both and it completely the idea that this proposal has written about the cost of health at the two politically active and tie dye. many in the awarding it to the cuts continue with them will have to wait it by adjusting efficient onion and said this to the nhs as we know it's sad that faulty reporting from london. undermining of what our top stories were not confirm reports of at least three deaths in eastern ukraine see the opera mentors as having a green army pushes towards the center of the city went into government taxes remain in control of administrative buildings country's interim interior minister has warned locals to remain indoors. are we bound to keep pressing the crackdown to sam's bring you more from the area. and
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at the break return to the dance team topped the state received documentary program that's an art international. if you are eating came to this report. i knew. i eye the rule the american humanist association is really riled up over that one very famous chunk of the pledge of allegiance that was added to fight the contest in the cold war that says that america's one nation under god. they claim that the inclusion of god which makes it seem like atheists in america are second class b tricks and extremist anti atheist prejudices. well this really depends on how you see the united states is that some sort of neutral ground where anyone with any police can go i mean a lot of people to immigrate to the usa for religious freedom. so in this
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case the word god needs to go or is the state's unique culture that needs to be assimilated into and the culture is all complete trust in question in which case the lord almighty must stay in the pledge. i doubt that this philosophical argument about the nature the xt to be solved anytime soon. we'll agree it was but i think about us is the country's rugged individuals so camping trip to the b of the individualistic he had been meaning to say the pledge of allegiance in school everyday but you don't have to see the part about god if he'll want to. while that might not save you from pressure from religious school mates but it will keep her conscience clean before the eyes of god or not god whichever you prefer. just typing the room. sells
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steve. chu you leaning
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you'll. it was. ch. to relax i liked to zero. o'donnell if it will be put together some of the backstory of the week is a look at what's coming up. i would envy me to make areas of the austere winning animation and video despite the name as my ca it was a wet cough. strange how i did. and location location the coffee table book. i was on the train pulled up our tent. it's not snow festival of animation components


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