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breaking news this more ukrainian troops reportedly gear up to storm administrative building had held by ntt of protest is the southeastern city of la they'll pull its immediate region wide that offensive right now to quell unrest the in florida with vehicles elsewhere the reach of this the army advances against dissent the recipient of a top speed. ukrainian rest bought over control in the southern city of destiny with dozens of kilt and phone
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up off the croquet of activists fireball mind to give a protest is barricaded building. i'm also playing ski applicant to link the crimes conducted by dr the president said. as russia's leader warns of the protest in the east and the un likely to decide chris bought the west announces the upsurge in ukraine problems that some politicians put the blame for friday's tragedy on the victims themselves. cheaper to do and it just up the one in it most. this is our team to match them with me kevin nolan and the plight of many developments in ukraine this topic in the southeast of the country will begin a long report through the last few hours all the developments in that region in the city of monterrey opal most recent ukrainian troops have reportedly moved into that
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city that surrounded the administrative building held by anti government protest is this parliament re offense is being carried out by kiev right now to quell the unrest in the cold part of the country is get the latest aunties pull the sleeves in the region map as a sign pole with a lot of development coming thick and frost over the past couple of us can you rounded up for his increasing the great benefits have been carrying south eastern ukraine in the city of miami opal we now understand that the army is actually inside it he says he seemed to have surrounded the local administration building where you currently have a few hundred antique it just as those purchases of clothing as if they can find that the army is warning that if they do not keep the building in the coming minutes a day will be fine again and the building will be seen. the people we can focus on the grounds that they are about three to five hundred antique hypnotist is
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that the island on their hands and as of late the nanny reports of injuries but said he served on the financing is happening inside that says he now beat the testers have set up barricades favoring ty is in front of the building so very dramatic developments coming out of my yo colt in pacific development in the town of constant in all ten day we are hearing reports that these two people have been killed. we're still receiving scanty information that we do understand that it made a calculation has become an inspiring as i say shots on the hood with a seat in the fourth reich now that the tt building has been seized by the ukrainian army and the fourth transmissions are coming to an open air. we have to know more details except in self defense units had ceased to the security services headquarters. they say that they barely know we'll be hearing that a dolly that this isn't easy and it is offensive to be eighty. in another development in the sixty alternates. on saturday we had to sneak in
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protest of seizing the central security building now. no more developments since then but it was also a hot spot with a constantly deceiving information at the is going to be a showdown and a clash between the sides none of this is a surprise kids did say that it was planning to stop operations across the debates with me too but it is also thinking that once these operations are but it will move to the beaches and as you can win a match and people kept on terrified to speak of it and when i am so beyond choosing to remain indoors the court found he spoke to me from behind a barricade at the front door. the city sent a seasonal down the streets alicante. don't read anything loose. i could use but honestly need to kill us the genius of the pitch and his wife and i have lived in the field or the lines. until recently it was a small sleepy provincial town. but friday morning checking
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twitter. the left. around four thirty in the morning there was this our national crowns and explosions. i woke up immediately. it was very scary. miss a thing you can order them together with them the series together with the white sox instructed by no interim president. interim prime minister the all out war criminals. residents of the pianist has been ordered to remain indoors. getting in on and have no intention of sticking out. due to the tv stand. when it's being reported that two point six it is in the ctc and ten. we tried to enter the city disguise the students who were renting apartments but eventually you will obtain court this appendix shops will try not to fidget and the moon is the army is cooking supplies from teaching in the atm is all cash strapped and pharmacy social medicine. the coolest thing we like without them there is no fussiness to go somewhere something happens because the cds post. i'm
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afraid of missing the start of a looming threat from a family we have the police knocked off the house. even in my words to me and i couldn't imagine a situation that case. call. secondly there is about to get worse as we miss it too late that the army is gearing up for another on stilts the streets might be empty the creamy yet this is the calm before the storm the crt study on its eastern ukraine. indeed that matters the one day when the city cram it all to become another focal point the kids in a tree offensive against protest is in the donetsk region. latest report said the army's mice to get control of most of the city with antique impulses that keeping hold of just one simple score at least two people been confirmed killed in pointing to the graham phillips reports. units in the role of the year long struggle for romney. on leaving the scene of devastation as well. two
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boxes he could not recall i am also going to confront our smoldering shells at the moment. in this sense of its main street if the city some two hundred and fifteen system so the answer that happened a few hours ago meant to be a natural gone to the goal is to be the tree to comprising many members of the private sector to support the autoimmune replete with many acts across ukraine the bus to go to court to get into t detective explosions going off in common to most of you missed it the building was taken here. three weeks ago on the recall referendum. it's the other day. this new building as we reported on tv with the cats to stockdale we also have to get the pretty homey. i made this not for the nationals don't take stock of the airfield some three kilometers outside the fifty fourth report would happen to take the day coming on to detect it when we traded to the district of buildings. the spill to get into the be actress and a
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half cup made. the cold war but the situation. this would yield so many people were killed tuesday i personally carried belt one of the dead and one of the wounded. she was hit with an armor piercing bullet in the lead also isolate young girl killed and another man has lost his arm. it is not structured and in fact we cover under the dining area we can say that already the tooth but a foam dots plans he i mean come on toast the scenes of destruction indicate an escalation in the situation on to train as it seems to spill into crisis this is going to look stupid auntie. must break use this out over a fall in the report into operation this is becoming marry a goal right now who just wants to speak with one of the residents that tortured state. this ensured the safety of their love ambulances outside the local administration building campfires injured
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arm and vehicles to mention the city and am moving towards the center. keep on going there is allowed to prevent the soldiers from shooting. no one target civilians. though from what we've seen before when not sure anymore. well in the last twenty four hours of the development's the operation the southeast is being described is to throw in ukraine into a front recital calm think that's a direct quote from russia's foreign minister has appealed to see this kind of awful washington uses influence of the kiev says his troops against the ukrainian telephone conversations again of rubble suggested that europe so it's the security organization could maybe help foster that i love media between the opposing sides elliot in the anti government activists is the band's release those seven i would see for a money tree observers to be detained last week the group had been invited by the kiev authority has been held with protests a suspected they were spies among them. the bill realization that matters and to all parties involved in
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negotiating the release meanwhile the southern city of odessa continues to mourn the dozens killed on friday and unrest that engulfed the previously peaceful area these two boys you may find some other pages can appear upset thing. while a confrontation between pro and anti government protests is that ended in more than forty people think that the life and barricaded the trade union building. radical matches two molotov cocktails into the wind is about building up grumpy about this refuge there. she conceded that the simple find the truck bumper into flames suddenly from the wind and some others who may be dead within twenty feet the speakers and the surviving. the head of the new base at entrances to buildings on fire and started throwing molotov cocktails smoke bomb and stomping east of the green bills. he burned the two lines showing glory to ukraine. people were suffocating inside. some of those people were still this could be just jumped out of
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the windows and mauled in front of the building was just ten team glory to ukraine and finishing all those people who leapt from the building. i personally saw how one man tried to ski and devoted hundred people started chasing him shelling deaf deaf. eventually be quarantined for some on the ground and started beating him to death. there were about fifty of us in the roof men and women the right center was walking the streets looked down and what was happening around us and told he wouldn't let us help to life. people from all the poles who brought down the extremists attacked them like a pack of wolves the leases for the second building. we have to step over to authorities who were coming downstairs. several people roll so killed in bombings the broken this and consider the full but that the fire broke ethical funds own to match has clashed with anti government protest as hundreds of people from both camps taking part in the scuffles broke up with outfits that destroyed their opponents tent city. if not it is in odessa to recap so the situation unfolded. all
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greeks playing potential attacks that this is wed fri bottom lashes that led to dozens of that erupted between those who support the country's of movies that would be three and ends with an alternate nights this week but he has been good to follow the country they were coming from. this is way they act. activists from both might have thought that to throw stones and molotov open to each other. it got to go through. in the hot seat up to four people were killed but that was just the beginning. it was dramatic events happen to end at death with trade unions how significant blocks away from me wet wet. i began reading the first that the support is all the interim government and the air show in my aggressive football fans and members of some of ukraine's far right groups will be away for weeks and actually mom's pretty
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kids who did not like the authorities in it have been protesting the crowd first destroy the titans have the gift of that yet how things went on to the building and up to that site. it felt fine. i think i went several activists have been piping installing in the open question. against an eyewitness to stay back to the active in political theory take advantage of preventing people from leaving it at that thing on when multiple have to deal with the cpc some of the week and i'm grumpy that the ins occurred in five people started to panic more than thirty people were killed at themselves. some of them for dear life. while trying to jump out of it the guys trying to save a lot. rather than that. yes i'm trying to fix a date on the west this morning bringing flowers doughty on friday. we got a
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staple on friday when police were saved me. they were not yet. that said the move. what an elegant. rich snob the city this morning all the hundred locals have gathered near the police record his apartment on the block it. they said that the mother the punishment of those responsible for friday's tragedy of the release of all anti government activists detained during the entrance of fun rush is a link in response both the odessa try to be president putin pulled no punches when describing the situation is out these because this can all expect now. although president has outlasted the colonel forties incheon holding them responsible for the violence in south eastern ukraine saying that their hands are now covered in blood commenting on the ongoing military operation the couple who says that theophanous a western sponsors are all be
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provoking more miles and that now. russian or any other outside player has any influence over the old people living in eagle sports of ukraine or not to put their weapons down. knowing that their lives are continuously being tracked stole this is according to the president's press secretary to me that this will also added that anyone who presents a team's actions as illegitimate criminals themselves. we also know that the president is closely monitoring the events unfolding in ukraine also from the bingo hall. the russians for their actions he's deeply concerned not only about the situation the end of the country itself but also about the weight is being presented in the west saying that who and what type of democratic elections in ukraine with western nations be talking about. with an ongoing military operation conducted by cute against its own citizens. also added that the west either doesn't understand what's really happening there on the ground or assholes and not to
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understand it. the eu is original political forces to accept the responsibilities defeated the crutches to get back to inclusive dialogue some western politicians that was open to trading saw cars above is tried putting the blame for the tragic events of the victims themselves. washington has announced the bonds is acceptable but failed to mention the productivity tools behind it. japan reports on the outside of the story. it's interesting the headlines and treats that were seen coming from asia to western european news outlets did not mention dental school were torched in odessa where and tiki of activists and that it was done by a group of radicals. they knew had the swedish foreign minister called bill actually suggesting that if that were on full production this fall if they were for and today he writes horrible with the t thirty eight dead. notice the season started with pro russian attempt to get control of buildings while is most often the place to get production thus getting active and by linking of this as well on bush and the not
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unexpected but this is the city going into artificial smoking which is near term when commenting on the radicals attack on in tiki pokies this without mentioning who has carried out the attacks. british foreign secretary for sample broke i deplore and regret the loss of flight. this center is in urgent need for restraint in stepping back from confrontation. the us europe. pundits and dad for all the efforts like the head of the brookings think and who wrote putting sheena had a consequence of putting is not a word to add twelve a cab to go to the capillaries of our time which is odessa with planes and polite. ayden is to tell but it's somehow suggesting that the russian president is responsible for the killings and now coco key of radical sweater actually packed the steeple of the abyss that we hear no clear denunciation of this kind of whining coming from the west especially the hat firmly side beat themselves with authorities in kiev to thank everyone in ukraine who opposes the government here
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in the view of walking and just received their instructions. the biggest concerns that we've seen as the russian propaganda that has been blasted out non stop suggesting somehow that the ukrainian government is responsible for the problems in eastern ukraine the korean government has shown remarkable restraint throughout this process. when obama spoke early after his meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and basically dismissed the whole protest against the of the sponsored and controlled by russia and put the responsibility for the escalation of moscow along with an obama also called for support. the kids crack down on the protesting the east of ukraine. the call that a move to restore order tajik and the emotion to dc with the truck in a cool so all the ongoing developments in the south east ukraine through the ipo not take the pops of bright red as health services from a financial thingy that we as a
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warning to the government about how cuts to be putting lights rates. i had the police. news is that is tremendous. the top of it. ya know. richard is told to do a gauge. last week. we now call the break to go to jail. you can see while there will be reagan. at. un. in his
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secret laboratories and two kersley was able to build the world's most sophisticated world. when sean fortunately he doesn't do the job done anything since mission to teach creation wanted to care about humans and the us. this is why you should care. watch only on auntie dog gone ministry post one of the animals. you carried out his national service could find itself on the cash flow critical list as soon as next year a leading healthcare think tank says the governor recently needs to inject extra cash but instead the visit committed to cuts in order to save some twenty billion pounds but twenty fifty one a former paramedic told auntie sarah firth and have not studied she is putting lives at risk. a
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movie on video weeks he's fine with the daycare story about the impacts government cuts have been on the nhs now if paramedics he was speaking adults. we think that the wind cold that the seventy five year old man he guides the philly team to rally for the new name is joe examination of the current precious anything and get himself up to the car and in the case called the dead. if the consequences cuts. on tuesday she ended up reading in a sea of folding and police take explains that the upbeat about his experiences in the arguments that the ice. the film sound patients would have ensued in a great job. the demand. i was one of the nine local anesthetic for now. this use to think of it all on a new town center. prints. i wanted to speak out. wanted to speak i think it's just a day with government funding outside
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and says in the amazon is having to do. i'm normal let's money in its funding some at the top condition itself. the thing that didn't stop to the next one to pick up the slack. the summer weddings ten eleven twelve hours. write them down onto one or no incentive for their own health as much as. and by all the patients. me and to give you a feel of the feudal giving people stall. i'm the one breaks to get there or why risk of making clinical areas there on a list of. this is what three three adult sons that writing these additives in separate homes there are more weeks to make into a drawing for this post that the wearer. i suspect it'll get a chance to make up to twenty million pounds less the efficiency savings like twenty fifty it's in the baking flour and fold my campaign is saying
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that because the light is at risk. the nation needs with the cc. like the dalai is the katie to the national health action coffee difficult grape that wants to put the heat if the nhs like the heart that the political agenda ahead of the general elections. i think the health care was there it's the cubs won across the board say right from health and said much more like the service is free zone four hundred and seven cities are seeing increasing cups. and was in patients waiting longer and longer to ganesh and cool hands in the majors in opening up stories with patients to become the key the sick and okc in time and actually in a really sucky some people are dying in subsidy outrageous nurses were happens when you stop cutting back her up services. he took the kids that it's great that the department of health the statement was three sides. him and services performing well the writing them seated and eight minutes in mold and seventy five percent of the most life
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threatening cases but we know this service is getting busier centers in twenty ten the nhs is recruited sixty percent more paramedics to help longer term nhs england is caring after a view to look at the mobile services and how the nhs should respond. but that is on the front line combat. while things didn't quite decent and beyond statistics. i bought statistics on things bottled up into the wet canvas that is abundant and then down to question them they come on stop believing that he nodded knowing that once they caught me what colors they bought more because. like if a patient patient. a treatise the mall and found them both. and it could be made the idea that this stuff both old and with morale across the health it difficult to tx and was trying to id. many in the awarding it to the cuts continued. kristen will have to wait get by. just when a
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fishing pond and said this to the nhs as we know it. sarah that auntie reporting from london. repubs them one of the breaking news they sell real grumpy approve the tensions in south east ukraine to pull a minute operations reportedly under way right now and to see peace in that the mets regions south east ukraine festival in the real pull the troops in ahmed vehicles are allegedly about to storm administrative building held held by protests is the given them a party just a few minutes to leave those premises. she also painted across the city and barricades of burning tires of living often had the smoke that's the picture then meantime the city of constantine old kid self defense called stuff like that with a minute re read the exterior of the local tv tower. went to the polls for getting through with the signals of them over there no programs on at the minute we get a firsthand account all the vents one resident who ever the last few minutes in the real lessons. armed vehicles
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started entering the city then the fire in iraq to mercenaries for the ukrainian national guard open fire the nina people's heads there's no fatalities so far but i can say anything about the number of injured. right now police have returned from the scene. the people of dark uniforms can be seen in other parts of the city. stay across all the fuss with the store is announcing a nice little more updates on the situation in ukraine about thirty minutes. light up the right of breaking the set of emotions. it's a soft international room. i am ch. the zz you. room judge
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rejected from kansas is going on trial for murder plot. he is very afraid of jerry prejudiced. is it because the jury is full of racists or as some sort of vested interest in seeing him get locked away. no it is because he is a giant tattoo on his neck of the word murder written backwards whys are in backwards so he could read it in the mirror nowadays we live in a total culture of almost complete and total but some actually chapman wants to leave jail on a special trip to a tattoo parlor to get the ugly ink change or move here because he did something stupid to his appearance. now it is the obligation of the government to help him fix the problem he created often these opinion pieces i am very crippled the government but this time with them and is totally right. you can't just take everyone on special trips across towns they can look good for their trial is in the state's fault that he has the word murder on his neck the prosecutors even said that chapman had oatmeal cake and covered it up to deal with something like a stylish carport gap or turtleneck
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sweater. it is not the job of the government helped you get rid of your very stupid and very incriminating get to bash just my opinion i do. ch the new. the enemy the show
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daily. the us. eye. i know
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the cheese wine and cake and i intend kal. russian activists in eastern ukraine are standing firm against them manage the operation launched by the interim government the cruelty operating in eastern city of pullman tallest one today from russian man attends from pumping buildings that use to control the local tv station and ten points. that's the sense that six people were killed and fifteen others injured in the uk operation. and the suspect to the southern city of augusta forty two people were killed and clashes between s


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