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tv   RT News  PBS  May 4, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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and a roundup of the week's headlines here in our team's fighting grapes eastern ukraine military operations against anti government activist underway in sioux city isn't violent unrest shaking few more overnight shea. dozens of anti government activists are burned alive after extremists in the deadly inferno in the rain city of odessa report elite even beating badly injured survivors. at any of the us death row
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inmates shining so while the us were on the use of untested drugs for lethal injections entering tonight's calls for a moratorium on capital punishment. god's first general election since nato troops pulled out it was an atom in a nationwide terror campaign. no parties likely to score enough votes to dominate the political landscape. i am. bill. my boss tell me mary johnson. at least seven people have been confirmed dead in the days of fighting in eastern ukraine see the upcoming tours the army there is now resting controlled most of the city from anti government activists. aig's posts here is in the region. dramatic developments getting soft
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eastern ukraine way the news is unfolding foss and furious if restocked with the town of qana told that is around seventeen km from where i am the saviour has been purchased as i can control of the central square at the waist of the town has not been taken over by the ukrainian on me the shops are closed and we know that we receive the support system for peace has been shut down this a fixing cleaning up some fifty thousand people who are now with the child's dad makes the region is a region where all have peaked on sport has been shut down what this means is that nobody can of diet yet we forget using either the boxes for trains this is a weekend operation that took place it started on friday feeling sappy on skits effective comet asked is fighting his announcement that it will crack down a minute and a beach and tasted these antique if protesters many of whom is taken up administration buildings in this part of the country in the city of new guns quit not receiving reports of the greatest part is to say
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that they are in control of the local medical investment officers and a cat hanging out with this but in a very controlled and organized man actually said that they doing this to keep order in the sixty other night it was also released in the town of money loophole we were talking to people on the ground he said that the minute he had him take that on the antique and purchases with inside the administration building and they were telling us that they would be given what has to evacuate the building will house the minute she was thinking that it would play out on them. despite this there is media athletes who are reporting that there is no manatee population in the sixty and then ordered some resistance to me abt instigated by the protest is to pretend speak to people on the ground and this is what they told us. and in the center of the city they're a lot of ambulances outside the local administration building campfires mean hundred armored vehicles to mention the city and our movement was
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the center. people are dying there is a loan to prevent the soldiers from shooting but hoping it will target civilians. though from what we've seen before when not sure anymore. our midfield started entering the city then the fire in iraq to mercenaries for the ukrainian national guard opened fire the nina people's heads there's no fatalities so far i can't say anything about the number of injured right now police have returned from the scene but keep on dark uniforms can be seen in other parts of the city. has announced that systematically operation is happening and started hitting me didn't mean to the clinic will be making the case cement operations in the beaches hidden places and can be shared on full for the violence and clashes is the case hit. honestly it isn't in the region posting on the later developments on her twitter feed to fall apart. keep right up to date on what's going on in the restive east of ukraine
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the nfl. on mon. the story stated that military operation eastern ukraine is aimed against what they call kerry supporting local civilians hostage and here's how some of them civilians agree that the army's the rival. did you. i didn't the eye. this is the city of tours. it's now mostly under the military's control following saturday's crackdown. dozens of local self defence members as well as unadorned civilians were reportedly injured or killed in the operation. it really tense over what's happening in the east by the events of the city of odessa sent the country really. dozens of anti government activists they are were burnt alive on friday by a mob of radical
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nationalist ideas written on treason against the forest to find some of the pictures in her report disturbing the intestine massacre as some limited company. people in current and nine suffocated to death. we shopped in. it has become one of the nineteen seventies to the city's history to school today. events that led to dozens of tasks done. it would cost the company claims to love it. statistically this is coming to roost. with new residents and members of the so called self defense units. malmv police. members usually these clutches were peaceful. besides managed to agree with all climates the first to start out rather violent and people lost their composure. you are ready to go to them
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the band's happened. this is chewing his hands. this into the contest i suppose is the prince into a solution this is where the simple might die in accidents dropped. this morning. nguyen is this. many ran to hide inside the container. shelter since. it was centered on the inside. the building along with grenades and we knew that this was nothing short of the nation with the win earned the right. was it overseas. the first time since the crisis in the country start to his russian team hung on to tenants moved in we demanded russia stop the terrorism diversion and its military threat as a way of putting pressure on countries who was also at the weekend the russian president is dressing up is divergence was in uniforms which cannot be
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identified because she wants to destabilize our country this takes me to ask and peace. in odessa. all the residents agreed. forty three people were burned alive in a local deputy died from gunshot. this morning police are here now. where were they just today the fire department right around the corner to get into one or two over an hour to get here. i got the shot read and write. the day. i really do. clinton's response to treatment and punished to the baby gabe. i took the lead role. anonymous postings you don t know
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the codes in intensity know anything. i'm sprinkling it certainly did. rico and the least. idc bands that claimed the lives of it released into the pool head shaking. this usually means that seeking something crazy many of the year. this means the gap between the roman authorities. i reached in law became too strong to overcome oceana tea from a distance us however was quick to condemn wants his alleged involvement in ukraine's crisis without providing any truth in a few minutes we take a look at new sanctions against russia on bail by the us and eu this week
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the new. the norm. thus the execution was dubbed botched after e castro and make spent almost an hour workable sing in agony before dying of a heart attack the kiss has further fuelled capital punishment going to call for a moratorium on the death penalty. well usually. death is pronounce six minutes after a prisoner received a lethal injection but clayton lock it's a breeze gasp and a scream to seven times longer. his vein collapsed and he died eighteen forty three minutes after the drugs were administered and thirty three to prevent a report to the experts blame and tested drugs for the stands. america is among the top five nations that lead the world in executions are reset lethal injection gone back to typical execution should take between six and twelve minutes forty three minutes of birth. blinds were closed because something was going so wrong is casting a spotlight on making him
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the map it's behind capital punishment in the us the american and the world is getting close up the courage to look at the dept only really operates and what we're seeing is ugly on tuesday oklahoma in me clean unlock it died a slow and people that after his lethal injection was administered. witnesses say he was withering for forty three minutes telling dr something's wrong. before eventually suffering a massive heart attack. it began writing her maturity it hadn't been at work early he tried to speak at the mike. well the first two were inaudible. we could clearly hear the word and he promised to keep an update and that move. but i don't want her to eat well according to reports the three drugs used to kill our kids are not primarily intended as execution drugs and come with a host of warnings about suppressing the respiratory system and
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causing trouble in recent years. drug makers mostly in europe have stopped selling their medications us prisons because they don't want their products be used to kill individuals as a result states have scrambled to find new suppliers and cattle own recipes for executions in many cases officials refused to disclose which drugs or b use and where they're coming when the states are refusing to provide this kind of information. the tragic result we saw in oklahoma are what we're going to get. in january in ohio in the top twenty five minutes to die by injection gas being repeatedly as he leaned on the stretcher in oklahoma another prisoner complained of feeling his whole body burning after being the three injected the injections by the way are being administered by prison officials are not medical professionals medical communi. doctors in particular are phibited b
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heir ethical wickedhe pd in exen this way. and one of the issues that c over and over again is whether the people who are actually the ministry had tried to be gaugi the executions have been training and an experience to do this in a way that is consistent the constitution. oklahoma has granted a two week all to all executions in many other states critics say experiments on to row inmates will carry on during the i am rt new york. well right now thirty two us states allow capital punishment the most widespread way of execution is lethal injection and goes the confucian the gas chambers was firing squad and the hanging which are also legal in some states. a recent study shows that one and twenty five criminals handed the death penalty are likely to be innocent managing editor of magazine reporting on criminal justice ice freedman believes that the authority should be more transparent about the executions. there's no question that bad things are
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happening resulting from the use of these new and largely untested drugs that the government is not providing information on where they got them or some cases what drives our state reports that it is executing people. on behalf of theo keep the safe as part of the republic criminal justice system and so on. if that's the case in the has a right to know what's going on during that process what drugs are using what the effects of the strokes or where the drugs came from the notion that government can execute people. basically in secret using drugs that there are not disclosing where they kept him from or what the terms are his and greet in moral issue. all pre election violence in iraq a look at why washington finds build it with our team i'm on break the eye. what if we
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still don't buy these that betrayal all i've got it that way. the chair all by them why do we. by any means the show style. as part of the same cloth as his father it's a totally powerful in control. we are. in fact we may yet be fully in charge the road the door. stories you know. changing the world likes. no pictures. i don't
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back which much international this week washington once again to clear a knit cap rules russian fighters were involved in the crisis in ukraine. the evidence that appears to be the same photos that were debunked last week including spy photographer and he said the dance cam explains. secondary character bringing up for grabs which he says confirm the presence of russian operatives on the ground that the department saw them and the same bearded man now in ukraine and georgia back in two thousand and eight then without any doubt came to the conclusion that it's moscow's hand. they pointed the bearded man in a group photo including the was taken and watch them on russian
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soldiers and the photographer that very shocking not been sent in fact had taken the photo in eastern ukraine not wash out. washington said hoops small area but the other one the real deal anyway john kerry accuses rt of making false claims went back to checking his eyes at his apartment strong suit the secretary for diplomacy and affairs which are single sort of followed up by a secretary kerry's attack on our team last week where he told us that propaganda pool for an assist and was accusing rt of making false claims that he gives examples she writes. consider the way our team in it related in the telephone call involving former ukrainian prime is the duly tymoshenko so selective editing the network made it appear that too much into advocated violence against washer what the constant reference to a new claim the postal russian takeover of the of the country as a what the unquestioning repetition of the ludicrous assertion last week that the united states has invested five billion dollars in regime change in ukraine. these are not facts and they are not
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opinions their false claims well first of all i can do it in washington's lead to a conversation with the anglicans is arguably the newquay airport would appear that his suffering has advocated violence against russia. you don't have to get it going to need to bake anything when the person actually said that an eclipse yet the movie it was a blip in. divisional court in the space of five billion dollars invested in ukraine is the angle makes it sound as a fourteen pull that amount out of thin air. here is the assistant secretary of state for european and eurasian affairs victoria no one dancing in the nine billion dollars to assist ukrainian using the tools to ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic ukraine and hit search and the fourteen refers to any ukrainian up close to russia's actions as a this
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is simply not true. here's just one example of the choice of words that our reporters make on the ground when covering the events that the wait the state. he did he said. that confrontation came when inmates about two thousand community protest is among the members of radical movements and in our coverage will continue to challenge everything the us says about ukraine because if you only listen to what the west apartments this year would have the most distorted understanding of what's going on there. in washington than a second arc. well a number of u s officials also jumped to honor the state department's bandwagon all calling attention to art as coverage among their number is michael will fall the former u s investor to russia on his twitter account he referred tortillas growth
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has something to be scared about this i named this graphic. well it shows how well there is news outlets are doing on youtube and rt to washington's this beer is topping the charts the initial results of iraq's parliamentary elections suggest that no party or alliance is likely to win the majority of seats and the overwhelming influence in the country. one hour and fifteen people were killed this week alone in a nationwide bombing campaign that accompanied the bow artisans to come to find out if the election could bring the long awaited change for the better. the election best described by the numbers more than nine thousand candidates are vying for three hundred seats in parliament. it overlaps the next president and prime minister. some twenty one million iraqis register to vote in the first national election since the withdrawal of us troops three years ago
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other features to consider the growing number of iraqis killed in escalating violence has displaced and more. no single political bloc is likely to win a majority of the prime minister julio monkeys speed of long lines is expected to be. she's seeking a third term but it's hard to label the past few years maliki has the country was sixteen percent unemployment. widespread accusations of political corruption and crumbling services. the real concern catastrophic levels of violence the worst in the run up to the boat. the mounties targeted by suicide bombers sunni and shia militias have not replied to the auto he's been canceled in parts of western iran. the us led invasion brought shiite majority rule to the country which turned the anbar province into a focal point of sunni discontent when i was at the blue chip this time last year the provinces in the midst of political
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uprising. demonstrators have been demanding the release of three prisoners. let the sun as political marginalization of their set. these days it's a no go area. al qaeda linked group seize control of key cities looking fierce clashes with iraqi troops the government has intervened to restore order and atrocities committed by both monkey's forces in the militants to sit least a third of the population. more than four hundred thousand civilians are now refugees within their own country it's hard to see new path forward on the scene government at the opposition's to fracture to mount a serious challenge regardless of who wins the vote is just the start of a long process that took months to a queen in a coalition after the last election. it seems expected this time around. which means that iraq will have to wait even longer to change it so desperately needs to seek after him. our team steel tube during violence in iraq is terrific around two hundred people died there
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every weekend this has already pushed this year's death toll to pass the four thousand mark while twenty thirteen was the deadliest for five years. iraq war veteran anti war activist michael prisoners as the us willingly planted the seeds of hatred in iraqi society during the military campaign rx had gone to this transition to a perfect piece on united government. they would still be faced with a very very difficult legacy of complete destruction of the country's infrastructure the toxic blood legacy about the uranium and things like that. i cannot even begin to face the problem because airlines are still dominated by the violence of war in the sectarian violence all the strength the scene today is a direct result of the us occupation the us military didn't go to war against and in the army in the us military went to work i get to ride a national uprising against the occupation stoked
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to find it in its wake. all of the ethnic and religious the division they can find fuel them with violence by and today we're seeing the aftermath. one for you right now the british police are scrutinized after a recent survey suggests as many as one in five crimes in the uk go on record. all the tales of this investigation are just a click away. i once read that influence further across the pacific striking a deal for access to military bases in the philippines find out why actually got caught washington embattled a fresh round of sanctions against moscow over the green crisis and the us blamed russia for escalating the situation feeling a lever to provide any proof of those claims. this is the second batch of american sanctions with third already on the way most of washington's new restrictions are connected to billionaire in id team to come has also
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led the foot and said you know partner his company of older group is one of the biggest investment firms in russia. bo staying at turnover of more than a hundred billion dollars while trent ella also on the sanctions list belongs to the group and is one of russia's biggest real transporters up well. an other target is asking a group of major gas pipeline builder and one of gas firms main contractors its revenues around ten billion dollars. a former speaker of the belgian parliament alone even as police the sanctions are more symbolic than economic listen to the point that these sanctions have shown they can do. which do not over emphasize them. so far insisted that he should not forget that the sanctions basically it's a relations purposes. he noticed actually if you can see that the current situation there are still white wine. he's not the same day. they are
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politically symbolic and freddie and i didn't see us when we show you too. which one to defect. but i see a national up next the swirls apart with a tumbling come to know what. i knew i i i. to the us the rule. the american humanist association is really riled up over that one very famous chunk of the pledge of allegiance that was added to fight the kindness in the cold war that says that america's one nation under god. they claim that the inclusion of god in the pledge makes it seem like atheists in america are second class b tricks and tips you missed it might be his prejudices. well this really depends on how you see the united states is that
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some sort of neutral ground where anyone with any police can go i mean a lot of people to integrate us a full religious freedom. so in this case the word god needs to go or is the state's unique culture that needs to be assimilated into it and the culture is ultimately price impression in which case the lord almighty must stay in the pledge. i doubt that this philosophical argument about the nature the xt to be solved anytime soon. we'll agree it was but we think about us as a country rugged individuals so camping trip to the b of the individualistic yet they may make you say the pledge of allegiance in school everyday but you don't have to say the part about god if he'll want to. while that might not save you from pressure from religious school mates but it will keep your conscience clean before the eyes of god or not god whichever you prefer the fascist acting. i will
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i'm torn. the good one. just like yesterday. now this is what's done is genocide the tree line. for some eight hundred new . today from france twenty four allied to the top of the day monday to thursday at seven pm on nbc chelsea boss and all that appealing. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play the process when we go
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i took it straight it was a great day. because breaking news or what. lights. a dorset to play. the stock good news


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