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tv   Journal  PBS  May 4, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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the eye. i knew you knew who whom . i knew. the you here our top story. russian militants or the police station. two days after deadly rioting that. police in northern ireland based and band leader gerry adams after four days of questioning. and afghanistan hold the day of mourning after a landslide they lived in london and support. ukraine continues to
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teach that. rock the east of the country has spread to the southern port city of odessa hat for russian separatists there have stormed a police station and fried it dozens of fellow activists. ukraine's the interim prime minister our city gets a new one in odessa. earlier on sunday he's blaming russia for orchestrating violent clashes that led to a deadly fire on friday when forty people were killed on the ground it's no longer clear who's in control the new district about two thousand truman should demonstrate his defeats the police station. some fools the way inside and demanded the release of the activists being held in a short time later police lt almost seventy of the prisoners goes. not that into listed on suspicion of provoking friday's violence that resulted in street
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battles and the fire in which more than forty people were killed. in eastern ukraine reports say at least one separatists was killed in finding new homes and government forces stormed a building and many of hope that this is the evidence of strong ukrainian operations in the ccs. fresh to strong hold of some the of this being some intermittent gunfire. the devils manning barricades the p a well equipped and ready to defend their positions. constantine of colson remains the separatists hands of the licence conditions with government forces. during the day rebels reclaimed the checkpoint after government troops withdrew the book don't know what was i don't know when we can win but here in the east and in the south we will fight until the end. we will never get enough research. this growing fear that the simmering
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conflict could burst into full fledged civil war. many insert into question the ability to hold nationwide elections planned in just three weeks. and you give your correspondent katie weldon joins us now live from donetsk in eastern ukraine yet the fears are that the conflict is deepening what is the latest that's been happening where you are in the east. as of today meant an extra sore very angry crowds of mob on sleep since and ak forty seven sqm plus it is then to the ccp and they took another government building to notice the resistance are told they say bailout from the streets to protest the deaths in the deaths that has fueled will find it here we'll say witness than to take to detain to people outside the city pool here. elsewhere in the region. the ukrainian manage the operation is ongoing to date we've had fewer reports of flight team in the wet all slightly and the sadness of the fence is still in cycles. ukrainian troops have not yet sent about fifty. the situation in
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chronicles is ongoing and very fluid but this effort is all still in control of the sick the whole day at the nymex will the ukrainian forces did manage to retake a crucial tv station in the region has a battery fluid situation of the ukraine in dublin says that they can't expand them into operation that so far they can have an eco his successes. kiwi her to bed about the turmoil in odessa can you tell us more about what's been happening. when feeling well today is a creeping and belly something up in the seventies today to be at peace building was still want my progression separatists they'll send us to freeze many prison as many face belongs to the progression of me and it's been extremely tense down that the prime minister visited today on the seat will be critical for him to join common the dead. he doesn't want to get the russians and the more incentive than a moment to see and perhaps perhaps in a double perhaps wretched of the progression the twenty eighth but the protest is here the progression of him
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said that i using it already is a pretext to up the ante and to carry a war protests he had to take it to carry him what actions to take buildings and to fight against ukrainian forces to deal of content is joining us from going after in eastern ukraine. moving onto another story now police in northern ireland have released the leader of the champagne party without charge. they were interrogated him in connection with the murder dating back to nineteen seventy two. gerry adams left antrim police station in a convoy of vehicles. a detective spent four days questioning adams about the murder of jean the congo who was kidnapped and killed by ira members. adams denied any involvement. police said a file has been sent to the prosecutor that the us to decide if he should face charges. and i joined along the line by david mackay trek from belfast a big gerry adams has been released. now the prosecutor is going to weigh in what more can you
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tell us whoa it. yet it is often filled with charges brought against them. but the fear of the lie to that of a hero of the tension that long because it sought to that of electric charges will be brought to the weekend of the journey after a couple of them. richard tribute to the republicans the weak dollar. the first minister of northern ireland has accused sinn fein of trying to blackmail police since and says this is all politically motivated what is behind this aggressive rhetoric. and overthrew the elected on the committee is very important for the republican portion them to keep their literature. jill. because they have the available pool of energy and action and
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expelled a double look up the ball and tries to show you other republicans for lunch the thirty fourth open but it can be improved to the idea that one of the bleachers. they would say it. devotional picture the idea that he would be coughed up the filled it with but what a tremendous amount said david that is the question does this really undermine the peace process there northern ireland. isn't it. don't overdo it and put it on a budget that would help the local bridges watchdog for permission to up the heritage trail for some of the sort of thing with an election with the bickering expected during the setup means that for the production of fuel could sleep the new england. this is so fun. i
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didn't need to check things so much for joining us from belfast. to some other news now belgians riot police had used a water cannon to break up a crowd at the far right's gathering in brussels. some four hundred people protested outside the meeting venue in the fine other than by local lawmakers. the event brought together a string of foreign aid here's some of whom have been accused of incitement to hatred. the jewish human rights organization the simon wiesenthal center described the event as an anti semitic effects. in afghanistan aid groups are scrambling to help survivors of the massive landslide at least three hundred people were killed when a wave of mud and rocks buried large parts of the village in kazakhstan province. hundreds more are still missing but officials say the focus has now shifted to helping the seven hundred families left homeless by the disaster the hope of finding more survivors who has pleaded with
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the government in kabul it is expected to declare the area a man's greed. the disaster has devastated lines in the regional title like that after the landslide happened i came here with my friends to rest you have relatives that we couldn't miss keep them. a huge number of people have been killed and others attacked on to the money about democracy cud that the pentagon. officials say more than two thousand people may be buried under the mud and debris. another two thousand people are believed to flip the region. they fear more landslides could happen doctors are giving aid and kia to the few who survived i could see them all. we found this child strapped into the night. yes injuries to attend were treating him and giving him medication to assist in the region is often affected by flooding and landslides in the spring months due to heavy rainfall and melting snow. government
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forces in south sudan say they have recaptured the key rebel bases in the sea air and the oil hub of bands you the offensive comes just days after south sydney's presidents of the year agreed during a visit by us secretary of state john kerry to hold direct peace talks with rebel leader weekly chart and you has changed hands several times since fighting erupted in december well at least three people were killed and dozens wounded in twin blasts in the kenyan capital nairobi authorities say a homemade bombs exploded on two boxes packed with commuters along one of the country's busiest highways north west of the city center. the attacks come a day after two o'clock in the coastal city of mombasa. left four people dead. there had been no claims of responsibility by kenyan authorities have blamed similar attacks on the islamist also bought group with general elections in south africa just days away be really nasty african national congress has held a mass rally to hammer home a
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collection of hats. around ninety thousand anc supporters crowded into a stadium and the whale for an afternoon of speeches and entertainment. residents a consumer told the crowd economic transformation would be our top priority for the next administration despite corruption scandals economic woes and anti government protests that the anc is still predicted to win comfortably into the boat on me fast. it isn't sports news now and in bundesliga soccer this season is drawing to a close that one big question does remain will be heading down to division two there has never been relegated before but things aren't looking good. on saturday the club face off against buying munich and the result wasn't a big surprise. despite the loss and that was open to influence the friends couldn't complain. it's like in the fight scene that they couldn't find a breakthrough this goes through this gives
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it to tina for a neat one two with robot. it was or was is always painful when your opponent scores of their first real chance to put a really good too and then direct front door. and that tried to fight back in the second of the hole in golf to go smooth as silk deflected in off to accept they didn't get to find another reunion. up to seventy minutes a game that be decided. current mood of going back to insulate the day and the goal of the day. the gop senate in eighteen eighty four one of its appeal to swell and no one is a study was always going to be difficult if any naked such class on it we were under pressure. i think they had to deflect into little surprise and we just weren't on our toes of the fine year and played brilliantly on the dock this is the gospel by others. it wasn't called cluster of bone and looked into unnecessary actions at the end of the game means he still bring it could face the punishment
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the work and got spiked are also facing relegation november is second from the bottom of the table and then struggled all season long. on saturday the club fell short. the content. it is five minutes. remember when the truth of on tuesday rumored to include it with out fine. the mouse that almost equalised six minutes after the break ten overs mindless read about the wall street the nuremberg defense to make it to nail his first bundesliga goal. rivera once again staring relegation only two at the very bottom of the table. he did most to some fighting spirit against oxford the worst was when it saves from keeper mark admits the benchmark rate in the fifth minute of extra time from st school was left open. outskirts brawl but the deal on teams that did
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that to secure the points and get to see them from the splits. all nine bundesliga matches were played on saturday. let's take a look at the other results. loving the almost three losses the humber number of dan brown's fight to block the honda will spread to one friend of the king had given into male friend for a loss at home to live in person by the same margin much about the mine's the one and another is also shot the shot out five and two male and dortmund and stuff and i'm free to do what a gp world champion mark marquez has claimed its fourth consecutive victory the season at the spanish grand prix and head is the standard delighted the home pride by holding onto an early lead underwriter outpace jammies valentino rossi and teammate danny doesn't take the chequered flag in the season for the race. and in the dollar and the quick and sure what the us have become the first german women's team to win a world volleyball grand slam the pair squared up to get the chinese team when fanning when one of the final of the shanghai grand slam
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the germans were first card that they finally clinch the title by winning the merits and fifty nine the price they get to take home over forty thousand euro in france. that's all for now the journal thing to watch unimpeded access to education and it is for everyone. the central goal of the global community. what's the reality on the ground education for all. w's multimedia special treatments personal story and highlights extraordinary projects the world over. find out more on the internet. tw don t education for all. do. and
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all the air. german president joachim joke started the week by causing ripples on his visit to turkey. delta expressed concern over the turkish government's crackdown on freedom of expression. recently turkey blocked access to the websites twitter and youtube. preston two and community to unfold into the untold a fundamental requirements of the free and democratic society. so i napped i had the feel of human cognition position dell also raised doubts over the independence of turkey's judiciary after
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the government urged prosecutors and police. he said the development's concerns and because of his experiences living in communist east germany. in the turkish prime minister read it i dare to one accused the german president of meddling in turkey's domestic affairs. on the tin statesman must act like a statesman. he probably still considers himself to be a pastor because he used to be one. but what he's done now is unacceptable. we have been keeping him informed about what we are doing. no doubt remains unmoved by the fox saying he felt compelled to speak out is whether the congressman of tickets i did my gt which is to address reality it's just beats in a concrete manner would think that we know about it because of media coverage and from what we've had from civic groups. i did not make anything up. and if anything my comments will be strengthened. would it be a shortcut to the zoo. delta also praised turkey
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especially for taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees from syria. but he knew his concerns about civil liberties would attract everyone's attention. there were scenes of grief in egypt on monday after a judge handed hundreds of alleged muslim brotherhood supporters the death penalty in the mask trial. six hundred eighty three men were sentenced to death in total including the muslim brotherhood spiritual leader muhammad idea. they're accused of involvement and rioting last august. several police officers died in the arm rests. defence lawyers said the entire hearing lasted just ten minutes. denying the accused the right to a fair trial on monday the same judge commuted the death penalty for many of those sentenced in similar proceedings in march . true
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regimen which has continued to expand their grip on the eastern ukraine throughout the week. they occupied more government buildings to rout the region setting up checkpoints and barricades. many western nations blamed russian president vladimir putin for escalating the crisis in ukraine. and that viewpoint is one big us secretary of state john kerry was keen to hammer home on tuesday and through its occupation of criteria that subsequent de stabilization of eastern ukraine. russia seeks to change the security landscape of the eastern and central europe. photos of christine in st petersburg are also caused annoyance in berlin they showed him looking chummy with former german chancellor to chew it up the german government distanced itself from the meeting. a memorial service was held in south korea on tuesday in tribute to the victims of this a wall
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ferry disaster. more than two weeks after the tragedy divers still haven't recovered all the victims about three hundred people are listed as dead or missing many of them were children on a school outing. south korean president park when he was among those to pay their respects. she later apologized for her government's failure to prevent the disaster and it's on courtney did initial response family's alleged efforts to woo back to it the ferry came far too late as did subsequent rescue operations. my dear new fans were disappointed on tuesday when their side was knocked out of the champions league cornmeal coating at the hands of real madrid it was by its worst defeat in european competition. we stopped for now is just not on. we have let us cleanse
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the necessary data. by presenting doesn't equal goals and get busy juggling kids and all. fire coach of forty olivia's in the firing line after the humiliating defeat. his predecessor dupont has won all three titles last season. this is the oldest and very very disappointed because of the goal was to get to the final. if you don't reach that and of course are disappointed on this but i don't want to just trash everything we've achieved in the last weeks months years i don't want to be part of that. that might be the lion can still have the german cup to their bundesliga title. it will be real madrid battling against danish home town rivals the political madrid in the champions league final on the twenty fourth. iraqis went to the polls on wednesday it was their first parliamentary election since us troops withdrew from the country in twenty eleven and took place against the backdrop of rising sectarian violence. prime minister nuri al molecules hoping to win a third term
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he called on iraqis to cast their ballots. it was a huge turnout. god willing we will celebrate the success of the selection was to be terrorism. about the initial election commission tallies with the turnout at sixty percent. a massive security operation was put in place for the election. but it failed to prevent scattered attacks. preliminary results are not expected for at least two weeks. monkey's party is expected to win the knot to secure an absolute majority that's likely to mean months of coalition talks to form a new government. also on wednesday. a leaked letter suggested the german government would block the nsa informant edwards noted from appearing in front of a parliamentary committee in berlin. officials said they feared bringing snowden said germany would put a permanent strain on us germans heights the opposition left and green parties once noted to answer questions on the nsa
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has activities in germany. he currently has a silent and russia. people around the world took part in protests and rallies to mark may day on thursday more than one hundred thousand people turned up in moscow for a display of patriotism. for the first time since the collapse of the soviet union. trade unions joined the crown's red square clashes broke out in turkey's biggest city to stumble when crowds tried to answer talk seems square the square had been declared off limits to may day demonstrations. in bangladesh textile workers demanding better pay and safety. union leaders are angry that victims of deadly factory accidents are still awaiting compensation. and get it. one thousand one hundred and
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eight committee. revenues of about half of that. it didn't have a taste of it let us know. but as of the garment workers also rallied in cambodia's capital phnom penh labor unions to fight the protest and to demand that the government raise the minimum wage. a car bomb in the nigerian capital abuja killed at least nineteen people. dozens more were wounded when the blast went off at a checkpoint during rush hour. police suspect the islamist group vocal iraq carried out the attack the same group is behind the abduction of hundreds of schoolgirls in northern nigeria. protesters held marches this week to increase pressure on the government to secure the gross release. we believe that the crimea. when i went. remove that to settle for nigerians at his west end while the grandparents for the plight of those children nigerian police say over two
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hundred seventy girls are still being held by a vocal rock they were seized from a school for two weeks ago there were dramatic scenes in southern ukraine on friday i was forty people died when fire broke out in the trade unions house and the black sea port of odessa. the blaze followed street battles between supporters of the interim government in kiev and pro russian separatists. in the east of the country the ukrainian army launched a major offensive to bring occupied regions back under key as control. the troops concentrated their military action on the city of slow beyond. ukraine has reinstated conscription to deal with the deteriorating security situation the increase in the operation did not progress as quickly as hoped for and was complicated by the bases being situated in heavily populated areas that were hiding behind citizens hiding
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behind hostages in funding from apartments lolx. we managed to take to overrule the terrorists fortifications on bases and checkpoints around the city of soviets and with them. but one piece of good news emerged. a group of osce observers seized last week this will be asked were freed by pro russian separatists. german chancellor angela america was in the us this week the crisis in ukraine dominated her meeting with president barack obama at the white house on friday both leaders said their priority is ensuring ukraine's presidential election goes ahead on the twenty fifth. this particular instance. it's always busy on my mountain lion and nothing less than ninety ukrainian people to decide for themselves which way they wish to go in the future not the death in a twenty fifth is a key date the dots too. washington believes the kremlin is trying to sabotage the ballot
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by stirring up unrest in eastern ukraine for the way moscow denies it has influence over the separatists. a landslide engulfed the village in northeastern afghanistan on friday days of heavy rainfall caused an entire clip sign to give way and kazakhstan province. burying hundreds of homes. rescue workers have been hampered by a lack of equipment and infrastructure the remote region is difficult to access. afghan officials say hundreds of people were killed. they quickly focused the aid effort on over four thousand people displaced by the disaster. pablo picasso ward six self portraits by andy warhol. collectors have the chance to get up close to these and other artworks are being sold by some of these in may. the british auction house has russian and chinese collectors in its sights their purchases have been compelling art prices worldwide. sotheby's hopes to
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break in a grand total of three hundred million euros from the auction. this piece by german artist to hide in the stock is predicted to go for twenty five million euro and that was the week in review. i only got any money i mean. no time the week. in you. the issue. i just appear
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