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tv   Newsline  PBS  May 5, 2014 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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this line. i'm dying to self government forces in eastern ukraine is going to the offense is taking on the onset that is has been occupying buildings. a gunfight in the city of someone's left four people dead and about twenty in just the most on down and ministry had contact. it's the monsoons come russian activists seized in government offices and the city of demands the building of chaos an alternate path for more precious with government forces. disabled her and referendums on the economy he paints east and
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the gentlemen in that pen the engine is expected to decline to retreat to the polls taking place. is it dependent on saving committed to finding a democratic solution to the crisis in ukraine and the scene the group of seven nations must unite to support this pounds present elections prime minister singh's un and french test and find some content in christ. it talked about recent developments in ukraine and fifty seven should respond. the more that we share the same position on ukraine. the presidential election on may twenty fifth so it must take place nothing must indeed it up no clout that it's not like we on the minds of simple orleans open for the commodity exposure to the ukraine crisis. four i'm not sure how to pass you shall approach it. one
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doesn't agree to begin to open the joint department of defence equipment including systems teasing and rounds and a plea that the country should work together on the next generation and condemn the attack and luke release treatment technologies. japanese petition has conveyed enough led by prime minister of the tall talks with china's past and in an event that invitation came as the fat highest official of china's communist party. well come to japanese will make as boosting china. the japanese delegation held talks in the gentleman's game. sharon chan end of the standing committee of the national people's congress. and i greatly appreciate your visit so because i'd take it as a
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soul in your determination to improve strained ties between our two countries he's going to have coffee. the causal power relations are in a state of strategic mutual disadvantage. total i wanted to do as much as a candle to restore ties continue to help our country's return to a strategic be mutually beneficial relationship with them all. it's coming back once a week or less and i hope this chinese presidential campaign will be in the pacific economic cooperation forum debate and in the front. and promised to look and think of a question she get that to her niece to do more to improve relations between the two countries chinese foreign ministry spokesman said the desecration of a possible summit. a day die. leaders
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must face the country's past and reflecting on what he has done to improve this seems to repeat the action. they must make efforts to show that they are trying to put bilateral relations on a normal cooking class and i know is i was impressed by japanese people to come to understanding and worked to develop a natural kinds. he was in philippine forces have begun their annual joint minute retails for the test responses to maritime threats as tensions grew between the need is imminent and they can. pinafore and the second the album down the side he'll announce the start of the trails and spelled out why he believes are necessary in recent years. tensions in the asia pacific region and increase due to excessive expense of maritime and territorial claims undermining the rule to all aggressive type terms of behavior into changing to
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start school. rest in peace and stability in the region i've come across and i wanted. i'm thinking a simple games. this i find trails and landing in and the sb calls exercises and tests in stages of the us and the philippines signed a security pact in the middle boost the us banking concerns and can get the troops access to energy facilities in the south china sea. as a noun from both countries to help skills of those seventies. he has seen the hulking beast mankind today has an upcoming compete for the routines the philippines and china the dispute over maritime boundaries. chinese foreign ministry spokesperson says china hopes the us and the philippines to what constructively to maintain peace and stability to the tenant us. officials in their beds and have demanded that the chinese to the bus stop killing for oil in a
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disputed creation of the south tennessee the sea that i'm an to one company has set up an anti pork and drink legally. in the steam on the ds antennas that can seat administration nations it is. the sauce from approaching the evening until the middle of august the site is close to the assignments which are claimed by both countries nice foreign ministry spokesman said hi and then ascended the alliance with dean and vietnam's exclusive economic sound just to run a twenty km from its coast the announcement on oil and gas company patch of the now percent elected to the outbreak of the rings yes the company to immediately halt the operation am proud to be in an exclusive economics on in january officials in tennis camp ovens said the foreign fishing boats that have to seek the condition. the planting areas of the south china sea including autism and the pair
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assignments. as he reeled in the west and india killing at least eighteen people more than one hundred others injured. the accident happened on sunday about one hundred km south of mumbai otc the engine fault the chain's twenty cars jumped the tracks. soon after leaving the tunnel. about one thousand people on board the train at the time. what does it ring given to passengers from inside the deal they don't cause a tool to an overturned cars making their one difficult the sun looking into the course of the accident the wonderful gospel selected cities. the ruling
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does. chuck. it does. it's
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almost any officials at mass i have designed new space to fifty two nations are minus the us space agency to send a manned expedition to the vampires. twenty four seats. cold is the two peaches patches on the test and then tonight pds to health and not seen each other in the. it's also designed to be more difficult to protect astronauts during long periods of activity the space and allows more flexibility. now some practice time performance has for the c2 in the event that will take place in the mosque like environment at the johnson space center in houston. someone on his mind and he has been dying to go
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i was. i am. chum it's worked. security in the us stir scraping up. what are called old while. through the ages this blessing of nature's giving people a month ago. i can. wasted
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living in the embrace of a majestic art he said. or more races than this selfless switzerland. the name means meadow. i do. the all star joe along the mountain slopes and. herd of dairy cows grazing on a summer's day
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oakland pastors to work cattle are taken to the eye from crops can be grown and this time. the local people depend on grass filled milk though it's for a living. at this time of the air villagers are busy cutting the grass. some are short they spend the time gathering grants to feed the cattle in winter. it's a big job and all family members went ahead. worms are changing but they still continue their belts and
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lifestyle. other animals are feeding in the old logo the one. being it was a shepherd. he's made of living increasing sheep for over sixteen years. given. he claims appear every week to take care of his flock the she mixed with salt and minerals discipline nourishment not provided by the grass. there used to be about a hundred fifty shepherds in this village but no there are only ten. then
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we will go all the leaves was like a family. we live together by helping each other. he dabbled with the bagel. we were married for love actually. this weekend. when the humid wind hits the mountain slopes below from the top the military is affectionately called this phenomenon. like smoking metre or. no more. steer the ship returned seventy four years old. he has lived inside the helpline pete all his life. i am. mm mm you do
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in a tasty delicacy comes from the elk meadow. it's changed me for the milk of the grass fed cow. cheese makers to preserve the taste of the original recipe i would fire its use to heat the milk. having a distinctive flavor. sir scooped from the bottom of the cauldron to build large claw. thus cheese censorship to local restaurants and
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hotels. earth to save up to see. as the breach way for a film with the blessings that the elk meadow. and mdm the chapel stands by the lake to the full amount the cheers chair it's the little white building reflected on the surface of the water. the more credit search together in the temple
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though. due to the mets held every year on august. statue of the virgin mary isn't right to appeal. all tools the history of his temple. in gratitude to her and is believed to cd's and religion sisters in the months to the mountains i knew it the children tiny be in it since the service. bill. nope
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he did it right side of the mass has begun see here total amount of eyes to see it on a good place to. north says the new kid on the villagers supper thanks to god for helping them live safely for another year on the slopes of the matter the vet on the day the fish that. walked all the more done. i'm really happy to live in such a beautiful place like this. i pray for a happy and healthy life the food was out of control and lived here all my life and i believe my soul will remain here in this helpful and even after death. no i'm not into decline. the aid of
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my eye on. i was. i know. on low. it goes around them. a woman. it is. it is. i have
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ch. soon the ttc japanese love traveling around japan b and speed. this time will visit me. gaza city the largest city in the gut the prefecture and these delicious local peasants says chilling the gotham city they are traveling to new data prefecture around three hundred km northwest of tokyo the doctor. along the sea of japan coast is famous for delicacies from nature's bounty. like fresh seafood and delicious rice. it's one of japan's leading rice growing areas next are two
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was in the gaza city the capital. dr prefecture gasol. the next place the light yet and i'd love people think that was before its time. this is good because again soon re signed with the duty not to let the cd and the consequent a conscious the whole people of dover. i say so. little did i with a population of around two hundred thousand yet the city is a thriving metropolis along the japan sea coast. modern architecture and leisure facilities shopping and sightseeing are some of its attractions. this city is also known for launching new contracts and is home to many unusual rice based roots these pasta noodles are made from rice flour and the unique chewy texture he
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got. you can also be some sushi made with locally caught seafood and locally grown rice. a little overkill for us it is. as of today will be a habit or wrong answer. in this one of its name. i did what they meant the air. nicholas. it's pittsburgh gets right into the net buying of god. water steadily to one hour search machine arno river. japan's longest river which flows through media the city the end the basket. it's very touching that i can. this is said that the beach
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the festival according to patrick. the match. who really want to settle the eccentric and the perils of trying to use up the wood for many local specialties and he got ourselves. this auntie shop stocks more than three hundred japanese scientists. there are also crunchy cindy rice crackers fresh clams and oysters and other seafood delicacies first a look around the market. the ccs was sprayed it with us. i had to be the house. human what seeking the month it seemed to have i seen. and that means they need to be
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mandarin. go to the kenya he is still not found. try. you have been. two men. i didn't have a little weirdo the japanese name for this fish means black throat because its throat is black the trio find plenty to interest him in the sunday show. it sells all kinds of products that we've got is famous for. things like that the town. get there. it was to receive it he did happening again. that's
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enough of august. the trick it begins. it is. but the police. competing species would take some practice to master. i have been in the event. team player a new total is still tough. about a place st until the end of that. that is. no two and a half. still quite nice. to me in the hotel. and that. i meant to put nice
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mac according to. the it is i do. eight or nine the kids. the other chemicals to much tv can present it on the ring he becomes been found. some can choose from and the ninth in the spring cleaning today the front and back. on seeing then that night. chai
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eleven and twelve. since you to get away from where i live in. and to get to where it fits. teaching. team. she is the deal as today's lesson excuse me in the hall is still in the sand. he didn't want to get some good tennis and to see something on ask a question fifth. praise be to get someone's attention on making requests. looking at all. instead he expects more apparent. all you have seen
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all clean the sink. don't tell mike. i know it's easy to use and to instead of all she asked about a place used to tell the desk. i coveted it. this journey we will review some of the expense and that we'd been felt by we then did the kids to the canteen with an attitude among teens in the you in your mouth. she did. he makes the internet and that person you're talking to add yet he's going to be. also use
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my new one company scene or something i said if any. i guess i love it. thus the number of places when you travel to point a place in our midst. the yes like the rain. it was used to not having a bye to her. i actually don't know if we can usually be somebody the kids it was good. the kids. when ethan. it helps me the triptych is next. don't treat you to visit them he
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can speak a website for additional confidence the program is brought you why. her group. wink from norway's mainstream crews were lies to her. exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastal the report include counters and access to wilkinson


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