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tv   France 24 News  PBS  May 6, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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can be. the will. is our . i most likely to be in tip next president says the muslim brotherhood will be crooks finished he winced. army chief of the fatah sec's the man who pushed a brother with president monica more thing from power last year great defense forces down to the south western port city of odessa of governments trying to stop the pro russian rebellion from spreading to the bus. what started out as the alternate site treatment than twenty years older to collect back
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the origins of the undersea link between britain and continental europe. jenny jump up and cabin she got ill and as she would start to inject aware of the fatah ftc has given his first tv interview since announcing he's running for president the former army chief is the frontrunner in the boat that is set for the end of the month speaking last night the aussie seeking details about what effect would be like with him in charge. a correspondent writes on the county was listening in to an interview he joins us now from cairo and saw different about what to think of it tell us about how cc style and a politician and perhaps a new president while the defect is that he be given as the meanings of the engine until you what you will really stiff. he was almost giving all those to whom truth and then. with the time he came up more often. one edition of
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the season. i have to be a useful tool sets of fellow human. but anyhow it's clear that its demands that it is though was called finding all the time. but he is trying to adapt to a normal civilian life and he said that effect he will add that as soon as he is connected if he's elected. and he would leave politics like everybody wants him to play politics but on the other on and he was the lead from all of the ideal subjects. and though he did not make any concessions. x the fcc has always had a tough stance on the muslim brotherhood and that was once again very clear in his interview last night's. yes he said. that is nobody's fool them all through motherhood and ideology. no one knew of the presidency said that in fact he is not the one that the size of that but it's
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the people of egypt that decided to take the mouth almost in tears so often to balance the team. people also make peace with them especially that according to ian bell of eulogy is an ideology that rejects all three of those artists local supremacist ideology but based on nominations. he also said that the army. i won't intervene in every day's life of the government of the army would do its job defending the gold rules. but for also helping companies but no more than that. i paying tax on the tracks on which county reporting there from cairo the situation in ukraine continues to deteriorate the government in kiev has sent in an elite national guard unit to the southern port city of odessa. fighting there between government troops and pro russian fighters killed that on both sides monday after more classes left dozens dead over
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the weekend. the more fighting in eastern city of snow the angst pro russian audience they're down to another military helicopter as mark thompson explains the gun down strokes. and bullets holds true to sow doubts. signs of an escalating conflicts between ukrainian governments and three russian militants interior minister on some of the cough is to change in the region on monday. he said they were bustling around eight hundred such tests in the city of the call also admitted skipping the funds to win and the there's a war going on against us cartoon character in the hands are tied because the civilian population around us some support to understand somewhat the russian language and others didn't. ukrainian soldiers cannot shoot at civilians. this is something our enemies making full use of our enemies hiding behind
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them and shooting at what was wrong. rebel flight is on bush ukrainian forces on a monday triggering a fierce gunbattle on the outskirts of the city. the defence ministry say sexist or social down the military had come to the pool since friday ukraine insists its forces on doing everything possible to spend civilian population potts many residents blame him for the bloodshed. forty people trying to not fly off to for government support to storm the building of death and the salt of the country last week. i read in the army should be protecting people. not killing them by banning them. opinions government reaps complex and they crept around with young skin recent days. this as it struggles to maintain and in many cases regained control of the country's eastern and southern cities. the study are in a city of done yet flights from the local
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airport have been suspended all international flights have been canceled and only outbound flight to the capital kiev are still in operation. the airport says on its website as cancellations fall of the government order. back here in france the president from salon has marked his tears or not this with an hour long live interview. a lot of the celebrations at the end of the presidential palace along now has the lowest approval rating of any french president in modern times. thomas waterhouse back now was troubled to hear step up may twenty twelve and may be connected to this moment without the height of his popularity of the honeymoon was into the stone. just two months in his approval ratings started to set decided to close one of the oldest units of french industry. the petitioner situ and pokemon to northam fronts as the national unemployment to get past the three million mile long snaking
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unfortunately all for top seed and chilling out on holiday with his then girlfriend's in departments that sharif says that you do this until they were just above the novices. during a time of crisis have an underestimate of the crisis and having made promises they can keep. they were the matches. i picked up refreshed by pain when he boarded a successful ministry intervention and moaning recruits don't like a rockstar. and the french when it's in the divine to benefit his gay marriage bill. but things looked even worse texas cool jungle long failed to keep his promise to reduce unemployment. last month his approval rating was just eighteen percent the lowest of any french president since the nineteen fifties plummeting from sixty one percent in just under two years. this group who can one really be popular when you have to deal with the economic deficit and the unemployment rates we currently know who could be popular in certain situations
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that nobody gets done the are the days to turn around to sue for genes hormones has two fresh cards up his sleeve you are getting prime minister in the shape of my new house and a brand new crumpler to kickstart the economy. it's been over three weeks now since two hundred and seventy six schoolgirls in nigeria were kidnapped from their school at gunpoint. on monday the self professed leader of islamic militant group vocal car and says he has the carols and is planning on selling them into marriage some of the skin is taken as young as nine years old. some county reports. we the rakyat states is open to help nigeria as pressure mounts to find it that counts. then again i know and that i will work but at night making sure they can find them. the euro on dvd. sheikh al claimed
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responsibility for the kidnapping of two hundred school dance. i cannot do this. i will tell but i wanted to name above. wanted to so keen about it at the loss should sell them you'll need to sell them. it will sell these i still have that. it's been three weeks since the kidnapping by the lone gunman in you in reaching the end. with the investigation making little progress. games williams of the state isn't doing you know the frustration is increasingly coming to bed. i don't think i did until sunday to reach the subject of april caused it you know that it happened. that afternoon. you guys forgive him out and kills abduction
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has given the recent nigerian descent in addition to the weld economic or even teach it in the country wednesday. the united states is threatening sanctions against south sudan rebel leader be a shark. if he refuses to commit to peace talks. the usa next day john kerry finch is out again friday feeling of commitment from the president found here tugun ethiopia for face to face talks with three of the shock factor. kerry failed to win a similar commitment from the dreadful be there with the leaders of that lifestyle that comes as the un secretary general ban ki moon is in south sudan this tuesday is also working to china and more than four months of fighting has killed thousands. despite dire warnings of genocide and ten thailand's prime minister is said to find out tomorrow whether or not she'll stay in power. the constitutional court says it will hand down its decision wednesday on the abuse of power case against the election a lot
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about it she's found guilty she could be removed from office. and of course comic is now wolf has more now on the court case the caps months of political unrest she's accused of abusing her to look over the transfer of a high level security issue back in two thousand and eleven. he admitted to call to the local authority found guilty of abuse of power that had to sing some will live on now the constitutional court is is it deliberately with that. not only that but you'll just have to happen it could be removed from office supporters say it is just another attempt by the court to intervene in the oven put them up to the country to go back to two thousand and eight the then prime minister to not go to bed. the same political capital but was forced to step down from up the topic he was found guilty of working outside its position by appearing on the cooking time to really
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good hockey team according to the inning on a number of middleton and some coaches levels. this cooking them up to me that the debate during the protestant she could people. we expect a perfect and the potential to spill their reporting from bangkok six people have been injured in a mass stabbing at a railway station and from jail in china. these gave no reason for the attack but time is nervousness about islamic militancy has grown in recent months. last october car burst into flames on the end of the jamestown a square. close to thirty were stabbed to death in a southwestern city of cleaning in march. on a lighter note this tuesday marks the twentieth anniversary of the euro tunnel that links great britain to france. it was first read that at the beginning of the last entry the cross channel eight was considered the pine tree i kept the babies out so wednesday i have one on how that dream finally became a
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reality i love lucy and she played building transnational projects under the sea twenty is a concrete elizabeth the second was doing my presentation on trail break the euro tunnel more engineering. so what is that they could play that included project commenced its existence. cracking open for the new rising wealth is its honesty and investors the heat as disappointing traffic in the tunnel and wealth management. instead prices down to just a few cents in late nineties. in two thousand and seven restructuring with a last resort. walker looking to adopt the euro zone group that everything is good enough. longtime infrastructure and efficient operation was awesome and i were to line up of the nineties on to the predator from place to start the concert from crossing those goals or more and more. in two thousand and nine the tunnel became profitable. and whilst your day is approaching one hundred meeting in your eyes
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what a joy to the upturned started the two thousand twelve olympic games when passenger numbers jumped off a ten percent. that's what our customers out of season training. signs of the tunnel i still said this has been presenting success and customers save in all police inquiries about the mechanics of the trip. you need it the reasons indicated the leaking of a business entity of friends i'm thinking ict. the spoon. it's just very relaxing with traveling. statistic in the euro tunnel so around three hundred and thirty meeting in person just across the channel. the senate a kick returns has an image of the series compact to the ferry and mailing services between france and present. the light that you want your house. i haven't
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any cotton and rice. welcome to the fonts i haven't feel i'm in a gallon. as martin's continues in ukraine between government troops and professional tools for the scientific topics and am looking on with a great deal of unease that italy georgia is seeking to become a full member nation of walking to maintain close ties with the european union. in fact this chicken into bills he is planning to sign a trade deal with the eu. it's exactly the same kind of packed his rejection by decrying back tonight and touched off the biggest e swiss crisis since the cold war. hearings here with me today is the chairman of the georgian parliament. is he has freely thank you very much the time now as i was to sign the whole world. among the strictest of what's going on in ukraine to spell mari is torture. georgia's are going to look. because we experienced russian edition was held in may. can we know
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when we'll call it feels until the porch. when the neighborhood is just a new course in twenty ten will commission the strongest international been to sea to swim coach with the georgia accused is a blessing to the gym. it is making additional cost will be former soviet union the public's who attained independence pick the perpetrators of all but ceased and we are struggling to make a will feature which can open was one of such countries. and we're committed to creating. we are six eastern european nations bordering way to the european union and the system partition colder. then do we compete in the local bourse could successfully. and we're expecting them to look to the nukes in the limbo last year. it is to come to small bow of georgia ukraine who beat in the form signature vocal trance inducing step into the poet uses to pennington will go on in georgia as well. because as i
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said dishes or clothes. and when we analyze the top of the acoustics were not sure that it will be extended to a georgian territory as well like an x next to an indictment that i know is that you will nine sealed tight european science if all the teams think of most qaeda's tactics. the speaker whew that is more than clear the dishes most ornate and bolts. costing between russia and ukraine. it is too small to pick the two russian and european union. in that moment eastern europe tuesday don't use it to tony critical for patients with him. then beat up kiki is probably the most cynical when it is molding pm. but the ghost walk by a government buildings prussian corps could ultimately the courts but by other means moscow as well. a little more school dinners each moment is it because the wind
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when it came it was no point in dunedin you the polh team of soldiers with our precious when he sings a tensionha m these to the country. i hope the tumult of themhe tumult off disease to split it open and could prove to him dormant and because of the police showed it to the cryptic once been the target. i hope that the optical frustration movie up. going to the point in the houston crane is open for the national forces because promoted issues too costly for russia as well go all the keys to realize that ukraine is already. he should open a full room a little more. just looking and not to cut ethical countries applying for full membership a nice quiet calm and to understand is pushing to fast track that occupation is being supported by nature whoa georgia received from each move from a two member
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countries speak in the pink toes and feet the ga over the company to limp to post a declaration called for the seasonal flu on a two member countries. then do we expect of these decisions rubicon cream. the same time weekend ups of weeks are up for a walk because niko for us means of security juvenile and we want to bring stability to be something new it's begging to ease into this attention it's bizarre i think so. i think soho and the reasons why it decreases swoosh logo on his cushion of tofu which toes in the cool when russia invaded georgia in two tone is so often to two things became a local to keep it going while we are always teaching to say we are looking waging a two member countries who toured europe for striking recession in the tumult of such intentions kali keys only to abuse these in order to stop the war in the beginning
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because it doesn't get that wet sticky sticky unfortunately the understanding of the processional for more school until new report from washington are sold to students because some fortunately for russia has told a russian armies be done russian international edition prints will both come off the different costs of the stroller ushered them you know when to russia. o when be released on the sofa twinkies strong pressure for their means. gold for the small pretty mature and become rich. why move for us for georgia. oh and we speak to both our walk was pretty cute. we agree that really need to build the golden era addition to production as well. so what we want and what you wanted to meet the law's protection will fall and because of central coast and the couple decided to him. the sheffield school of worship so peaceful in our life we dream the state board
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including georgia. this seems to be confusion with the new captain sad that a nice hossain as being pro europeans this is science missing is the incredible sky has the situation in ukraine due to insufficient in georgia. whoa world group ltd to a situation. though the composition of georgia dome and doreen george only two parts the orchestration with bill cody of goa government of course is that you write to the end of the u of o p and integration project and me too much a project but to me no pollution particles or in part due to his evil. his report into that idea as much of their full interview case we can look quite so. due to a station called gop new pool so it's just that. postal eight percent of citizens support georgia's european integration and eight the membership been sold a vehicle for leadership in their own to do moments
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georgian government is doing its best to complete the association agreement with european union which will be signed in june and to continue walk or those over the position of the game into either of these tumors can be composed of european union. i mean by gm's between your country in russia with the pretty sky and after that two thousand and nine war between the two countries. it did appear that the changes happen in twenty twelve to the seat was trying to effectively means that on a spit ball sky. witnessing stand mind and india for he is going on in practice is right up to those in copa room and connections to and the old george and the inclusion of the body brings to you and it really came to the poem we are total best to change to the nation should we do the shuffle of the station and everyday was bringing more simple situation to situation and everyday we are trying to normalize the step by step
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relationship with the tools of trade. tories of some cartoon issue is on toast workflow connections and so on. one of the props almost no results. georgian warning and are often someone with such opponents of the russian market. it was called for all the books will mean yes. more on georgia's deserved attention reasons. although we don't know the reason for cautious he says but just to maintain present in portugese what's more george's of traveling to russia because hundreds of thousands of georgians from low of five million local creation me the impression we went to school and i think he's being of the deepest need to stoop to cook when it is difficult opponent. but when the strategic issue for the most important issues disagreement is tuned in to pressure cooking is operational couldn't interest pressure cooking is bidding to be just a little cold when you know the basis for that only thing we checked in from
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the toes of productive today is that dismal chat show retorts and and and and we don't look right cool course industry should i try to normalize the strange i feel i read that intelligence qantas ceo of what's happening these few cranks happening as breakaway territories of south sydney and abkhazia. well no one would hinder the worst or the defendant and in case both so so so sick and the president. the cougars as independent states by russia the plastic or wood and is willing to hold our own and do what they can do will be awarded. sparkle in the journey from their point of view. the steps or boasted to his poem with us for the wilmington is not a collision course to bulldoze to tourists and we hope that through rebuilt in the military movements to be tied wendy's these people into tears will come back to georgia but until then we are
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leaving in just read on to a situation because so don't show port of call center the mold these to me to be the gem show and to see that the fullness of creation line from talking to tim fischer and cool armenian border with russia maintains its own internet business is just typical human touch. imo this is a tiny corner door which according to local custom to st and central asia. else i can sense the russians might try to educate to tensions between the media. it's become a neat new cd with the torch as well. well george it is a course to momo for a minute window today and as a bridge a minority in the world that armenia azerbaijan and in each of the stadium and of course the poem of the crowbar. the and of course the menorah to scooby. he was for some contentious box until no one
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should prove to be that of bolts minority representatives and georgian national moment in bold so those of a gentleman to them in your home and we all or part of a poodle. it will be going to dream and conceived a few pictures so capricious how well we drove to guarantees that disgusting shld look at them but you know who we are doing everything possible to build own and to bomb a week in a court petitions in origin to be reliable and predictable parked in fall of western european countries for me before european union for us in order to achieve us to be the key in perspective the ski jump to live devotees passionately unfair to have to leave it there thank you so much. the thing with us and that's it for this edition of the post i have to indicate to stay with us to simply ignore news headlines coming up very shortly the eye. and. was it
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fit. i do. new. yours. we
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will the tv the week. it's saddening. i promise next year. of course all right yours are. but what with all the activity. which. ch
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chile is he will be withdrawn from the shuttle coming to an extent such sectors as i recall church in strategic real estate in manufacturing industries are areas with a higher share of the shuttle coming turnover according to the statistics agency this figure stands at about twenty percent of the gpa in kazakhstan the giraffe on the legislation the financial capital property will be developed into june first. in addition proposes setting limits on task with jaws for legal entities and individuals of yours will be made in a bad as they instructed to


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