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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  May 6, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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we like to be called the palace in vienna with russian foreign minister sergei to the pro peace due to speak. following a council of your committee meeting the meeting also attended by ukraine's acting foreign minister and rapists to the tennis match in geneva on april the seventeenth. when the deal struck to ease tensions in ukraine collapsed there are thirty foreign ministers in attendance. this
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meeting. ukraine the stillman eighteen proceedings. latest news regarding was the pianist is the residence of stocking up on food and wall to separate is to reinforce the positions that checkpoint leading into the top. we'll be back later to hear what the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has to say on the situation in ukraine. i think be buried their dead in a dance to the festivals of forty funerals of nice deep red russian support is killed in a building on last friday has been taking place. laura plunder the next few days ago when the tourists to see many hidden in the kiev government of making a peep at the deseret news each other to live with me they don't give it one night so we must kill one another watch him but you can google that we
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try and support each other while we bury our dead countryman me feel like and then see friends. he's a valuable beating family. from a toast hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of a young man was killed during the ukrainian epistle to the city put it so that was just twenty one when a car came under fire. the zoo cool with it. if somewhat speech in moderation for future was in ukraine with each step that must be drowned out by those wanting to break away from kiev. we are back to the hopes that palace in vienna. when a russian foreign minister sergei lavrov. he's answering the news conference he will be speaking no doubt on the situation in ukraine which has culminated
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the committee inaugural meeting. with only thirteen foreign ministers in attendance. let's see what he has to say but that is going with a group of ladies and gentleman the first of all. i would like to thank the school has no suitable for the pope to see what i would like to think that the cancer peoria. for the efforts has been this close to. let's reward the efforts of the preparation with this view has been only reason for this meeting has evolved into an instant. some ministers of our christmas went across the video. we are told to the killer of the situation on the continent. it was easy so ultimately she's going through that difficult period many problems sexual and economic withdraws from that of the provisions of the duty was to his office the sticker but it will get his pitch to its letter to the post of the showbiz apostles did it's the west and its hardest to administer are not
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ready to preserve the party switch. wouldn't it. a trio of abolishing it. though those are the most votes. so freakishly is a noticeable mean it. instead of trying to solve the problems of the continent. it was which the two rows of the native of this verse. some states the situation in which the west end festival. but with a crisis in ukraine there are threats and accusations towards russia each unit which is kinda obvious. many took part in this discussion. french doors to seek resolution sixteen the crisis. we are complete the extermination of the crisis in ukraine does exist but just different. so that it was. there will be campy so what does which it was bound to a style all in
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ukraine georgia. are you. in the framework of constitutional reform the police report supports the use of typical ago. it can be found with a three by listening to the voices of the southern and eastern voices of ukraine and we are ready to eight k each. within such dialogue is no curtains we have the treaty that declaration. the seventeenth of april which we have to respect the distance. just who should lead us to conduct what does the fertility stuff watson was not speeding and we must try. and all to make it to my stomach to power in kiev to that which is calling people separatists and terrorists in crimea pizza we must all be nice but dialogue between publicity is that if you open the post of a farm which says that if i have spoken to the president
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of switzerland ago. chill the dough will. we appreciate fully half of the nbc to find a solution to this crisis in ukraine look somewhat hostile would show the problem was that great we need to get ukrainian speaking to get that what we need to encourage such discussions without the use of iranians themselves. we can find a solution to the crisis in the country won the copa debatable. i was doing in the conveniences we have still requested the council bureaucrats can be so good to go in for a visit just to pay attention to but the fact that their army of ideology is broken when someone mentions neo ideology is coming to the full thing you are a few months too addicted
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youth sailing to the vegetable is it that we reserve the results of those little pockets of up to go with an iron supplement we were to let it cool for the issues expressed by minority communities. not to be so excited to be concious it that you really want democracy the values of democracy to be considered it's particularly regarding minorities and the council if you are these the only organization. on the continent. which is the dean of the accord. this picture is of the show. she's still on the european conventions on human rights this approach to the tip of the view with allowances it's unreal. suitable for puppets to establish equal rights. through. i'm ready to take some questions. still kinda broke yet touching on
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the rights of minorities in newark. the reference to the situation in ukraine questions from the pole russia today. a couple of them right. what you get into europe. you can set you can when you are looking after the law. stage we go to one knee and sweltering of you. it was a princess tv jewish tradition about the question is whether to link it to me to feel star michael seventeen. but it was like to wish everyone who lives in his book with your oh seven with similar issues those negotiations. google has undertaken in geneva are
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not fail to see open in the lawsuit was to give up their happy efforts. this did you who asserts. use two years ago isn't it. it's still appropriate efforts to force fighting the rest of the post below regarding peace agreement. it's a blessing of us forces that were you trying to make it fail to ensure that it heals the stupid stick with them just so much and it shows what it was the blue crush the next thoughts were privileged to do but it's still a couple of sydney to the bottom was a devoted much of a student. what's the deal struck off the period the twenty first this team declared void by the ukrainian government we are deeply unhappy about that we are concerned by that today she took them to put the burden. details of what's left. so that some people are saying the people seventeenth
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agreement us to be respected particularly the case elements of armed militia. we soon with new board of the justice minister hospital and doctor regarding the upcoming meetings of the crisis in ukraine the students. the suffering was too bored that we will meet this was the foreign minister. germany late today got more to publish the chats auction some unreasonable then we'll be speaking to the president of switzerland and see how we can conspire and a national dialogue in ukraine. the international community and supporters the position was that it looks in hospital. this has established a point of framework in which this crisis would have ten weeks old. however this has not been carried out. when
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critics of global rewards this week. we cannot continue to make a skate spot where wickets. it is real. he typically more virtuous than you. it was twenty what doesn't when the opposition is in the south east of ukraine are not impart it to the table and stools and a bunch of lessons learned in ukraine vocalist they have to negotiate with one another reached solution so they can pull it together within the country. we must avoid violence the army must withdraw to witness a boy the ukrainian army must withdraw ceased to use violence to king's its own people. you can use the bubble. zero point one hits. the police did during the one that affects the night since the state and defense ministers said we should avoid to run. yes we
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did a salsa we should avoid is the bomb he didn't want attention. so the session. no army intervention was to go to these causes stress in february. you can usually tell what it is different says the invisible spiritual know about it. i've called upon makes a loop only to confirm that statement today for the army to keep its neutrality. this would mean the south and west to east over christmas. ukraine which there are only like eight students who are protesting what i came to kiev government would look a lot of those protesting the islam the same rights and equal rights. that was selected to go with the decision to go is for worship of him and told them stories regarding they want to say that in that definition is the key to the country. that's what the bottom two with the gorgon we should ask which of course most of us
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but what if i was a competitive total the parties' if all did this to speed. this completes the meat to feed all the neat to come together once a week we know that bush does and it is he the negotiations in the same way as we keep it in geneva. without the representatives of the opposition in the east and south of the country they must be in attendance my doctor checked his eyes upon him made him more than its cable cars. he is another question from the pool makes east rebate your friends. there is a presidential election. both reasons the new president a p and of ukraine. don't resist i didn't have to deal with the referendums in spurts the speedy considered its hopes on a trip to the discussion regarding
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the presidential do that the brokerage clients the problem there. they stayed must be read out why it's good to be able to submit and we were on today must conform to international goal. but noo. his departure the criteria must be respected and on the basis of news sport and its approaches we will express vicinity of the best opposition. it's a bomb elections in ukraine is it a productive knitting uses this to the army's used again part of the population that is not normal. it's good which is difficult. it's a similar situation as to what happened didn't have the chatters time regarding the election of the twenty fifth of may we will examine how the police to deal with an action will take place what does. middle of the beloved. it has a good
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showing. but since this blog solely for your visit his blog but still cool. what's to keep the ball broke into two schools will be a presidential election. even if that is a particular constitutional reform negotiations on constitutional reform to the mall just to put the show is still ongoing. he was going to meet each week being the key opponent has not been formed to nobody has seen its tremendous are nobody knows what its new constitution is it has not been discussed above stuff in one corner of the desert. but as the wheels of the way to go to the prison and hear everybody agrees that constitutional reform will create a toxic i'm disgusted after presidential elections given the go it's important that it was the middle which enabled which means it is we'll be breaking point lead to fish dishes but this letter was
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what a way to know what the candidates support a constitutional reform was lectured on what they will the us president regarding its constitutional reforms with stickles to the conservative vote the two koreas video but no boredom. this is the hot sun can go according to the twenty first of february at treatment we should first have the constitutional reform. presidential elections. towards the end of it. the tabs that the question of the tools to do. the president. it's so cold. jordan has built an addition of us putting a question to sign him. the pro quo. he knew it was assumed that he's speaking about the safety of the christian consensus that if you started petting him and in the foothills of ducks. plus he never knew so well. thus a new mosque which the use of force a sign of trouble but there is a report by the council of. yes you are
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the process of whether google will promote a whirlwind. but give them unsuitable gospel of st the source to deliver the site if you open it was good until christmas the greatest nuances of sleep of course. let's move to thoughts of what was in any of those additional potential who was divorced but there was a bust i feel special the situation. the broker is a strange manner of speaking about the situation into a chair into the pool to society. he has a nice house with uluru on the situation in russian activities within the country will show she's going to come to the governor of new zealand in georgia is in neighboring independent country of russia. we do the contacts between russia and georgia. the best way to the window and steve. xm and this new reality. with common
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sense is the source of this system was defeated in his new book which presents the full proposal so will bring you up to the local sergei lavrov speaking. colin is following. this only counts if you are petite meeting attended by up to thirty two foreign ministers along with the acting foreign minister of ukraine and rapists are teaching of approval. the probe said the rights of all minorities must be respected it sure appears that the situation in ukraine cannot be resold unless there is an internal dialogue because the three days in kiev. this compares himself and east of the country to hezbollah he's unhappy with the terminology used by katie after calling for russians to separate its militants. he wants. everyone within ukraine from both sides of the divide to come together a
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result the situation he also said that the presidential election in ukraine on the twenty fifth of may the constitutional reform pour the chili. hundreds of people in the passage of evacuations from a sinking ship started to panic and tails. new technologies held to say more lines. find out on futuris up. the decibels the first of several funerals for those who died in friday's fire is lit with an agency of government the spread of items the egyptian presidential come to that abdel fatah of things he says about the muslim brotherhood group will never return. nigerian isn't it threatened to sell hundreds of kids out gocco
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the sun we demonstrate to school on the government to get them is to go back the unknown. it is. this is just too old but relaxed evacuation and tragic. i asked what does this happen and what can be improved with new technologies. it kept its main reference and a matching his take on the backs of the bathrooms and the passengers and crew. i'm sure they are a tiny kitten throwing in some areas are not accessible by making my way of knowing that people try to fight the ship. sydney
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a chapter on reports recruitment each room and house to check the area he or she is in charge. recall to the center evacuation point then the center evacuation point. reports in the region said we know how many people are in each section. how many evacuated to get started. a range of technological solutions as being the ads aimed at making evacuations by the time. coconut leaves engineers from several countries have joined forces on its european research projects. forgiven for getting me to get to spend on it than now. it is just one as tax which can be and they didn't and life jackets an indication of the danish it can be easily pinpoint. this would provide safety officers with the exact location of every passenger and cream and cheering evacuation of all my vomit to make this possible
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we sat just up and placed bullet in greece might detect those with a new link to the next batch of these nice night detectives also creates a while if not flat across the whole ship. the new technology enables the real time tracking of the time some like geoff capes the current vacation to beat essendon board is trying to get to the captain said decisions can be taken too much pasta. to conclude that the total weight of the mountains of acca minutes of the paper prices can be used without my new training the difference is that with the electronic that we can actually see what everyone does it mean to texas to meet the other that it's much more functional than a pencil the book rather than fetching three printed with huffington aims to create unidentified time to count to articulate it doesn't using a convenient time to help get the points. if that's not right to be worn as a bright
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let's say that passing can be found even at that too many mental state. the bar to get into the embrace that has the extra features being able to monitor the health condition of the person wearing it you need it since i can compete with health problems. they changed the moment and it's so convenient. mitchell doesn't take . that is how could the truth when someone who is full of bold about it. many shipwrecks victims die of hypothermia be holding off on but research has developed device is the prefect might sell signals meaning penetration of every victim in the area can be translated is the height of the disease as a passenger in the baltic this device sends an electronic signal to send a link to add to the passages like that and the kids replied back the speed of the straight year exchange indicates how far away
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passengers in the discomfort than that it had been positive. the new contract on the apollo wanted to see my sister and making agency operations in the seahawks that i was so appealing is preventing running on saving money. he did. sunday news grunting on the other in the world i have. lou. i know
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i feel good. you are and this has created for you. his most responsive likely to use only. the point we can use text and pictures. i received it's all backwards the simplicity of the year and records now. honey honey the eye . f. and. the us
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the us . . poor the accc before my guests among them the whole family gathered for the nobel banquet. though think about this some sort
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of. if you just like i don't have a clue as to accompany me in this. for that. he has done in time. it was so fun to post the court in vienna to stomach was going on in the events that continue to fall. so be it tomorrow. this disgusts the toughest to get the decade. it's the day the animated series. it's just more snow this year.
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rules. welcome to the world wanted it on him to kill an islamic group in nigeria says that is responsible for abducting more than two hundred school girls. a man claiming to be the leader of vocal hyrum admitted that its members carried out the kidnapping last month in the northern state of bordeaux and it warns that the group is planning to sell the girls. brown released a video on monday saying he was behind the kidnappings


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