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tv   The Debate  PBS  May 6, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the chew them with you. this program is brought you by critically. we'd from norway's mainstream cruise for this lies to her exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline. who can provide local encounters and access to wilkinson the eye. welcome back to watching false been kept coming up. russia ready to resume you bring peace talks but only a day the separatists are invited
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to the table. as our age goes global over the kidnapping of more than two hundred nigerian schoolgirls the us pledges military personnel long force and officials with expertise in hostage negotiations to help out a boob job. and you'll get the woman stared down the anc in the western cape south africa as a general election polls but that follows helen zille. all all his shots so says it would be a pity to use the commemoration of the world war two stitchery two visits crimea for vladimir putin made the night the big day from the russian calendar. so now is make twenty fifth. the foreign
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minister sergei lavrov telling the council of europe meeting in vienna. his opposition to president elections in ukraine on that date. and in the current context. russia says its only open to more international talks. it includes pro russian rebels the presidential election on the twenty fifth of may. this inspired the worsening crisis in the country that's a pic of room for peaceful resolution. the french president and his foreign minister have both played in the sea the election must go on in spite of russia's interference in d c the only objective rumors had options than the presidential elections in ukraine be held on the twenty ten is that it is not held a job in chaos he delivers his doodle bug in ten follicles of preventing disrupting the elections but the draw in what must be among them the council of europe meeting russia's foreign minister says it would be a new tool to hold an election won
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ukraine's government was deployed the army did some of its people. meanwhile ukraine says it's willing to return to the negotiating table in geneva. if russia supports election for the talks russia says it would be pointless this is a difficult if i wanted to meet again in the same fullness was a surprisingly current regime in ukraine's missing from the table is unlikely to come to teach anything. when we can do it again. it will just carry around in circles actual color picture of the delegates including rebel talks will likely be an idea supported by the us and eu while russia has declared the strike to protect russian speakers in ukraine. western leaders had threatened to impose tougher sanctions in the country. if it interferes with the paint elections the town is holding its breath ahead of the costs issue courts wednesday decision on whether to remove prime minister did much in a lot from all this abuse of power toward his name the middle class and loyalist opposition. as for the past
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six months been battling to topple the game up until now what may herald a new era of uncertainty. her opponents of being on the streets for most demanding the resignation of the future of tory prime minister you the two new ones may be carried to the decision of the country's constitutional court. you know who was in front of judges on tuesday to answer charges of abuse of power. it stands for the decision in two thousand and eleven turn to head to the national security council from its position. county government center shares her knowledge the case against tina fey the group was desiring to benefits her proceed and if i remember. in course the prime minister said the cold was not hers alone with your cabinets. i knew this and the cabinets are entitled to carry out the policies be announced in parliament. i have a political response had been the key to good people and most importantly responsibility to be a nice benefit of the country the judges are expected to rule on wednesday if they decide against e milk she'll
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be forced to use some legal experts say her entire government may have to go enoch supporters the so called red shirts to alter the correct sum for the tykes and accused the court only if the concert. they're threatening to take to the streets if the case doesn't go her way. it sets up a possible confrontation between them and the anti government protesters the yellow shirts to sign it only becomes a fully enclosed in recent years. after national congress is set to extend its twenty year long pump power. the kids take a parliament wednesday this despite strikes disappointing growth and the corruption allegations swirling around president jacob zoom up. his steadfast opposition comes from the one province that's not a variance to control its leader there. helen zille the chase mile challenge in a report from the western cape cheese is the face of the democrats can linings that incident and each detail
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of the party into a strong national opposition and to the inward parts and the western cape cheese when people from all walks of life across the racial spectrum and on into the adjacent images of the line into the victim in the other team and the da's reality is that we are the most diverse parts of the month most diverse leadership to solve africa has a butthead. indy when i see coco is leading the opposition in parliament and it presents a new face in south africa is changing its landscape the set. betsy and in the hot pots the democrats can i say is that he's attracted to this disengagement with the burden of government. this one is one of them. choose the colors in the sixty s and high tech approach he takes on meaning to conclude we are constituted see. she used to finance the debt. the snow to two different to the opposition. what it said
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that the men that i was up late. that's the great ice it may lead to ten and a taxi. instead of thinking this is a choice that not everybody understands that congress accused of treason to disengage the assaulted and beaten up by an unseen in attendance that this incident did not discuss return i get to taste them i think that he is for white people. i'm selected to make vaccines is an overwhelming consensus that the present ensues is a far cry from the deprivation pontoon to power and the nelson under. we insist on asking opposition groups to profits well it's going out to cape town and joined id share a smile while that report. the issue we heard that militants say she wants to dispel the notion that the da is just for white people is the dude doing that a day. we will work now we
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know that the team in the voting power. actually looking at. fourteen people how can he. on the door. we will be cold. i'm not happy in our sexuality. a lot of support. the racial children what happens tomorrow the auction block. we each can make the walk tomorrow. i think. is this now and will have full coverage of with asia and the rest of our team from south africa during wednesday's election regrets
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he's had a few crunch president also tall marking two years in office with a radio interview that include listeners questions in his popularity. near record lows also don't admitting he did nothing to lose as he renewed his pledge to be a one term president. he can perform and brings the jobless rate down jobless rate which has been going steadily up since election day may twenty twelve and newly elected in stormont was on the heights of his popularity of the honeymoon was into the stone. just two months and his approval ratings stone to that. decided to close one of the oldest known as the french industry issues the two nd call comes in all three fronts. as the national unemployment to get past the three million mile long snaking unfortunately all for top seed and chilling out on holiday with his then girlfriend's in mind and to
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lecture me to thinking there until they were just a bond of novices. during a time of crisis. having underestimated the crisis and having made promises they can keep. they were the matches i picked a brief rest point came when he boarded a successful ministry intervention and moaning while he pulled a critical moment like a rockstar. and the french when it's in the divine to benefit his gay marriage bill. but things got even worse. texas cool jungle long failed to keep his promise to reduce unemployment. if we look at the need to keep the promise which i named him repeat it traversed the rise of unemployment. it's not it's happening to you too much we stood atop a quarter cup we've stabilized its the devil in the state no sunshine to her and pointing to this pledge that she's the only one that counts in the life of french unemployment passed to police the brits must resume the country must've gone through this blog to be on the beach. last month his approval rating with the just eighteen percent and lowest of any french president since
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the nineteen fifties promising from sixty one percent in just under two years. this group who can one really be popular when you have to deal with the economic deficit. kenyan women treats we currently know who could be popular in certain situations that nobody gets done the kids to turn around to sue fortunes on aunt's house to fresh concept of sleep. you are getting prime minister in the shape of my new love bows and a brand new crumpler to kickstart the economy. now for the false then get debates. eye. call. he delivered his message with a cocky swagger in an hour long video boca roms leader boasting his men would sell them at market and being the more than two hundred high school girls the radical islamists that
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kidnapped three weeks ago the northeast nigeria's foreign states. look at the timing of the announcement on the eve of a major world economic forum and that sarah been billed as what was billed as a celebration and curious if we keep running suffered as the country's largest economy it's taking place in the capital city of bruges of its twice been hit by suicide attacks blamed on vocal wrong so far though instead of rescuing the reebok high school students and their supporters have gone global thanks to the ring back arm curls hash tag. the president and first lady has riled the victims' families and activists. two of them briefly detained on monday the us is now promising held in the form of experts that include hostage negotiators she did look how should the goodluck jonathan handel the rescue. she had mobile call ron wood is also a manager is prospects going forward. today the postman
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did today was key in nigeria's outrage over bo koran and with this talk about it from lagos be welcome. i'll use of monroe attorney and writer author of the wonderful life of senator by the fence and other sorry tales thanks for being with us. thank you very much here here the studio. we are pleased to welcome nigerian academic at the menu though he don't walk back into the show is director of co hosts international jewry or mono of the internets with out borders and hails from just over the border in coming to that end up from another border prints randy was soo i'm sold on the new ones just back from a booger sharon president of black line rising investments ltd thank you for being back with us. the placenta today where you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are passionate and two for today what started to wheel with a small clip from that video that was released on monday
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book or on speed is claiming responsibility for the abduction of three weeks ago at a boarding school where girls were getting sad to see high school exams. i had to go to the store education and the impulses i'd say the least education must say i've gotten lost you must leave to get married. we've heard of poker on for years now i'll use of monroe why is this happening well although it was a noble people. there were any doubts most of the different reasons for the existence of parliament to force things most of the ideas what it is only three of the company to racing. it's hard to come out well for talking while skiing
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the underlying couple more cards with increasing depth i've been playing condition of the meat and bones. a lot of links. didn't. this drew the company is looking to record a sweet biscuits michelin which when hyrum was to the final set of stained also the exchange was so crunchy once we had been boosted by focus on. doesn't the bible is god's love each other company will be some sq subjected to extra judicial killings what's she got a new look small. ate and ate it up which was once treated us in schools you aren't in the courtroom and run errands because for all that keen the booties from back in the ditch and bases the allergy know what goes around it you can tune in. he did it all links on
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the weekend luciano on ips in school. so here in the walk to the cheese and soup in one single up the pool. since he works on cd in it suits its own thanks again go it started out the guarantor exchange. subsequently the book of jonah. ch ch are removing the channel to react to that to me just ask eia which a reaction when you see that hone and the demeanor of bhopal roms leader in that video. mr ii. i don't live in one scene in the team because it upsets me that people will want to know people all around us. it's the sauce for the second nuts. this was when i opened the door. both songs local elected it's sunny out. her reaction on to the youth because they are
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all too convenient. it's all going to move. when you see someone who just wants to they will. it just does the news there are often the core and cycling team. so with the ppi walking on thin out. i deviated into the e coupon is tied into thinking they need it. the guy that sits in his book the present date. debbie goes well with all four groups. should be one of the community uploading this isn't over yet read his book what is was located in what could be chris wants. because the baby and he didn't even look to it and continue to give you the official also going on it's only how to just stare at the mo so doesn't that show the content yet to take a couple seats. more to knead it by reading. and in need of dementia it's truly one of a
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mockery with the juice as well as can your reaction when you see this video the eighth of the year with up with their sucky things are taking to box hill criminals express the buyer has to be from being present but what's even more shocking increase in peace tonight is the value that is getting too lenient and two younger specifically my attention a great area and neighboring country in lake chad and cameroon because it's being i was three weeks now that these young girls have been abducted. and if there is surprising for me as if it is in the one and tonight is that it takes three weeks and its national attention for the government efficiency. lastly i can say that the move to try to do something anything in life is treating as a caring to know that the neighboring country beaches camera. we're probably some of the gals are set to be to be at the moment he has the no reaction from becoming a parent is the reaction from the tv and
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government eager to any pieces of fruit that going back to poker have an issue that i have that debate and active cooperation to tackle these dangerous terrain which she carries them in return the menu with teeth that these men but when the singer doing in the region. and what's even more striking to me said don't carols are being raped by testing a reason to take silk three weeks so long for people to react. it's pretty shocking in the three weeks. your thoughts on that the room you mean dangerous if not most measures. i agree that time. it's taken too long. it did goldman was probably too small and now. she already calling the kitchen. this issue. the award. we spent two one act just yesterday you said we don't in fact know the exact number. girls
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were abducted. this is frustrating. the court to explain how we we have there the beginning. there were a token all for one to two one four to denounce the point is that some of them i believe he's dead. the point here in over two hundred times. so the race to the real problem with communication on the issue to school this is normal by nigerian standards while the team in baseball are on fridays. it looks like the committee to temptation this song has been held this little ball around and said look mom the best that we used to be. goldman to throw the can opener and profitable or expedient in korea the minister of finance oakland today we are. most often they use to be depressed. she admits it's not so. there were a communication tool and
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probably the goldman was eighteen. i'm not seeing enough of all what he wanted to wean the time to see it and to bring about his guts or the golden mosque according to mr tarrant and ben thatcher interesting point we haven't we. here are for common ground on facebook from love more saying we should just ask book or on how much they want us to pay to release those innocent girls i know that part of this saga. i'll use of monroe is that the government denies any hostage negotiating. but at the same time we have reports that there indeed has been some back channel activity. well in facts of the area. a weakening of the coup both informed by someone until you reach me via the new think that the press disconnect between the two fifteen and the rich and caffeine. he and his team on the guild's islands islets
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are getting the puck with his looks he got got been itching to show those women inside the forest and those awful the people where the forests while independents excellence in visual doesn't the scene of the weekend getting on well. the comments there are going to sew without actual dvd without any day of the show for the presidency the fox. i was better informed us the minute she acts competing to win the presidency. all i see no need for the prepaid slip into the game to go into the house and kills our house both b did not receive any response from the pacific now the pollutants. two weeks ago. the president he will do i adapted into a studio at the time in the rocks. all those green onion poem speaks it's good that is going to the market for the presidency
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jane green i don't know what the place was wedding. he didn't admit to just let me know what i didn't eat the parents are the puppets the presidency was looking many many aspirants for the whole mental images to ask randy about this time the dup has just been to hoosier a city that's been hit twice by attacks and bombings blamed on a book or wrong. did you get a sense when you're there the government was out of touch. i didn't get that set the tone effect. being deterred by doing two two of leisure for hosting events and meetings that we had there been no favoritism and businesses. i wanted the subtle things. i fixed my desire to continue contributing to the can in the growth of nigeria and africa. the whole. what i can tell you is that when i was in the boot. the state. i didn't feel like a loser the new cd that was under
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attack by a new extreme use of any kind. i know the situation is obviously very serious. without that are targeted at certain areas i can assure you that said live as if there is security however the real question he's a nice to know who he is vocal. we still want you to keep it authentic woman. if you live in sun reports surf is that in the season and indeed their teen years that it became uncomfortable when acted recklessly and now we don't know exactly where they are. these days only read the clues and his group that's trying to make a point and really install a religious state. the center now that may be some element of that but the thing doesn't really agenda. i think it's a problem of economic inequalities of injustice and i believe that some people. in the process the run up to the addictions that initial intentions for next year. some people may also be exploring team
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the vocal group. i've fought for political reasons. he knows who i think the government the right not to them he keeps making the going to resolve the situation is a full investigation into the knitting process. and i believe that there were two result the shoot didn't go into a corner. i would disagree with the fact that the government has been less on the green green enough. i believe is the question though. i mean it's a question of intelligence. you know we have to be very careful while the community to whom everyone. it's interesting to hear that and that the government is not being held place. isn't that like himself calls for help this today. listen to him right now that the obama administration this tuesday promising military personnel long sportsman officials with expertise in hostage negotiations and is coming after sunday evenings plea during a question answer session. goodluck jonathan
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directed directly asked the us president. i'm going to prove the rule of them add to that. the north end of the room sending us troops is what goodluck jonathan was saying and the us is not sending the army and that they are sending yet they are sending what they call experts this week the state department saying this tuesday at the piano. the south but extends the experience. i'm not all soo involving new note that the whole discussion at the moment on how to come to help to counter terrorism in the descent and region to them in africa. so yes it's good to know that it's wrong to say that determined that they can come to help this on his b day has been discovered for several years now and dad. and the answer is found to counter
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the problem. i personally have not been back efficient and it's also very interesting thing for citizens to tell them that we cannot tell you what we're doing because the figures are the ones who are suffering from disease and these criminal actions. so we have to talk in an inning in the twenty first century we have it on our teeth continue to see what was happening the pattern doesn't communicate citizens going nine he created a petition and the b ring finger and it really asking what they're doing and what's even more interesting is that once again. the undecided and the meantime here is chad and cameroon beat and neighboring country which are also doing these. i'm tired and weak these attacks recently dead reported the screen attention readers can cause because of her clan and the climate attacks so. these countries adding to the science on bikes when dealing with henry doing something we don't know if citizens and its weakest reading and frightening the twenty two and also undertook when issuing more
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brightly on what's happening it's on is the question of social inequality. we se that made it into priest economy power in africa we are staying with the thing for years that africans rising but what does this continue what is this country rising economy the elites cannot ensuring community citizens in terms of security in times of the well being. that's a question and answer the time to take a stand for the content and present incumbent on a common on facebook from connolly saying how is it possible that on board is twenty seventy four girls was moving and the authorities were not aware may lead to hear your thoughts on the us helping out is this the right way to go. ralph across the country to come onto the institution like this. and here i do president jonathan make a plea for troops. redux is also possible. more than once that wanted to know what he's doing right now i don't think
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we can go into this today went to school or was it did it. meeting on sunday to go to tools to talk to the americans. how the injury to lead us nowhere. right from the onset of this nation described as american as part of the system disk which assisted with all sorts of fun. at the waist the kitchen with the intelligence of allah not only american british and we know the israelis sometimes it is closer than we did buy the home that the appellants is that it's the same as what's more things again ok i know i'm going to stop more exciting to see what we know where to pick up on these points may come back you're watching the polls again today. they falsely that keeps you up to date with all the latest from the world of sport. all the action. all the results
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all the emotion chilling done anything for his all round cause i can't overcome beyond business. management has strong beliefs and quiet i can keep the keyboards and beyond business unit the corporate espionage and what it means that companies in an era where information can be stolen within the blink of an eye. beyond the fence. when half the fun thing to come. or. our eye welcome back for using the false been good to be sampled the stories we're following for you. to top the army here on walls and jazz. russia says its goal for resuming ukraine peace talks but only as pro moscow
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separatists are invited to the table. as outraged as global over the kidnapping of more than two hundred nigerian schoolgirls united states pledges military personnel and was a forest officials with expertise in hostage negotiations. and we're on the eve of another election in south africa where the inc's is set to maintain its twenty year lock on power. however in the western cape premier helen zille. hoping to make further inroads for the opposition the eye. all up. welcome back you're watching the false baghdad today so we're looking at how the outrage over the abduction of a sim an estimated two hundred or more than two hundred
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the schoolgirls were getting ready to sit their high school exams in the northeast of nigeria near the borders with cameron in china were abducted by the islamist radicals who on monday claimed responsibility bragging even that didn't sell them at market before we say hello to our panel would say who to keep me in chains our media watch segments guru. because while the hash tag bring back our girls going global. that's right i mean it's it's been interesting to see her this is played on social media tool for three weeks now since those two hundred or so as cool as war had not taken into slavery and for the first week or so those not keen on a conversation about in in the western media to what that story to start event to get noticed essentially of bullets one of the reasons that it became that much more open and there is the effort within nigeria to speak about this and to get the word out on social media sources take you through some of the oceans
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overseeing the small petition on changed all org which was set up for over a week ago with holes with a hunchback grandpa kirk russell has never been printed and twenty thousand supporters fall swap yesterday around the same time it was too hundred and fifty thousand seat can see that it is really taking all the momentum is right is an all night. and that the dup stock on that ok but a high tide which may help rescue the slave girls know from their point of view. he was sold to ronnie's i know it's almost like putting the weight loss number of days. is there really is a cute one discussion with this on social media. the hushed i did bring back our girls has had over one million tweets in just one week. undersea tunnel of images such as this a lot of them originating the first image is the least in a blue channels for an a in the chariot of people getting on the streets protesting some of the leaders of course not protest movement have been arrested since monday which is quits for me. you can see signs such as this post or quiet are as guilty. can anyone hear me and we lived
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in the car not just the nigerian government to take noah to niger in school to take milk. even now i'm not not on line you remember who was the nominations for the nobel peace prize a pakistani girl to fall off against that of a bomb. she got involved a tweet is actually using a call from don ki moon terrorists show that's what frightens them most is a girl with the ball cold. this of course because at the organization behind this is against education western education particular dinosaur age. there you go and you can see here to the river to keep it all before the broader by association such as uni staff this is it treats the trip achy body. i missed the international control the conversation i had the balls around is even further. also some pretty valid points to me here crosswalk by various activists the life of the african girl has never held any value crops exaggerating a little but certainly it in the spirit of this whole conversation many
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nameless faceless defense has a mobile one of the comments dare i ask what would happen if there were two articles are in long you like girls had taken that bring back the future material on people saying if this is how you are this would be a massive story pray with the montessori from the outset we did it take so long. our immediate community and to determine if the full extent of current james crichton. many thanks for that in fact preferred comments to the same effect one from her nap on facebook telling us what would've happened if he had been in jonathan's daughter or wife of one one welcome back to to visit conversation i use to grow attorney and to a writer who's joining us from lagos nigeria here in the studio a major academic emmanuel he got the director of fall books inter national two mono of internet with our borders and prince ramsey co soup. oh
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i'm sold on chair and present black line rising investment is back recently from a booger ipo at the outset of our conversation you denounce the heavy handed approach of nigeria's military in the way they've handled a book on iran over the long run he think he does this pledge by the united states to send hostage negotiators and such is a good thing are you happy about that. point well be a bit of what's out there deep down i used in the upper slopes. when you do with people who want it still is the stuff i didn't think i'd be cruel. it's been that great with paul scholes added in small talks. going with some nasal encourages the smell and that the invasion was among thirteen people. it's true or not i'll eat any chance of evil in search of the wtc he treats the group. get it into
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a cycle that she didn't use the device in white also looking kindly dude in the pokey dance and not justify. the so the day you just know how to walk up and seemed to be walking to the people i know all the bills in view of the culprits. i've now done is exactly the kind of approach not the ulysses china to help beginning in each unit is going to get these because i have so many would love to realize that the dt will be you where students will visit initial talks between the film's official and i'm not sporting goods store in singapore these items i've been doing it his own with its small screen letting go of it because it's festival going to zoom in when you start the new scripts. the news was talking to cut what you see
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it in the dark and all rights are retained. with both fit a great match and go nuts for racial unity on. so when thou wilt time to review products all i can t do it. but see the game in town. everyone is anything we can see alan's has seized in a booger people don't necessarily agree with that with your approach and word on the twitter senor we switched majors a military one to see managers military steps up to the task the sooner we will see peace i can use when roberts had handled this would you do to rescue these crops the problem is. the kind of person that spoke this it will work well. and you know that you were when you see we had somewhat equal time with their gp. it will stop loss question who's idea was scratching his head. he was in time that we we we have the impression when talking to someone. we are talking to
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someone who who who started in an informal what you see into the soul that is to use it challenge in a jungle them shrewdly how he's been sitting in front of all the major litigation in ut. i don't know how we can get something constructive and meaningful hour of it. this is somebody say we don't want waste and the pitcher and the father of one of those girls he'd probably prefer negotiations over the ongoing in their guns ablaze. it's now we are insufficient postage thinking that all all of the result by minute intervention. episcopal where are the steps. women do. so for hours just walking on the cost to get this people we've gone with the state endangered with it and chop wood and you can. so that is that the kitchen i think when we help. both her arms he don't want him to change
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and we are using youtube. he soon cause they're using up all hopes. they are using the cell phones all about the portal software syndication. inbox. in addition to this is just the term targets. and in contradiction. ready to send confirmation i do will be interested to hear this the nigeria says the us is sending its its stake in that they are sending security personnel and assets as well to rescue the girls. nigeria which says it is with the number two hundred and seventy six girls is as good music into one. any hand is worth helpful. and let it stand out that if he is not the solution. it's just the beginning of another problem because it doesn't solve. a century but speedy xd. what's at stake in my opinion east nigeria not being squeezed tourist
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economy power in africa but not being unknown. it has come to light in countering ten night during all these weeks and weeks which is suffering from the from the speaker today so. music immediate dissolution in nineteen two. a sub regional cooperation or corporation to neighboring countries and would i know because you cannot win it for his employees as it is the case between northern cameroon chad. it's impossible to say that you bring out the united states to bring a friend to me. you don't even sell when speedy but closes to do so in my opinion any hand is. well it's helpful that it's not it's just the beginning of another company. his writing here is an organization west africa called echo last word brings together all in all of the country's there. um it's it's own. if there is a lot of suspicion between neighboring states between your and demean you see the danger looms large i
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won't update and some of the point of the interior. i believe they're reaching out for help to the us should be purely from an intelligence perspective. in the united states really want to help nigerian government reduce investigation is to provide nigerian government ventilation so how then to investigate and not for her own troops and handguns and an insulin because we are going for my mistakes. yet where is the day today. in a neat tool in all these countries uk france the us did this tutorial. it did the distribution of media today the gates to the flames being won by a being wrong but i completely did some good people. this edition is due to the wisdom of the brotherhood obama with a twenty oh one until now. so we have to be intelligent now we need to be able to fool we have the african union. we had to take a watch list join hands to work together to create a remote
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african power and intelligence service these with all the problems the african union was not treated us to get back in half and he called for the season and talk about things that the good the bad and it was due to the street the original african people we need to stand up. we need to create a task force of the hoopla about real solutions not just go. on the on the nicholas. she made indeed we have a regional community we chose a street and there were now economically i mean i think that it's a good organization but in terms of security corporation is still not a setback the throne of thrones so this is something that needs to get rates. don't we we have to sit down with the african union to collect even without that the southern african development community. it's the freakin time. economic community and to put up great on all of us on how we can find solutions for african problems. i must've gone to
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massive bombs both over anything we've seen iraqis in afghanistan ag and so on the central african republic today. so the main rationale the root of all these rodents he's so assuming just the economic equality. we need to create jobs. we need to secure a job the morning get to that corner minute still lot of reactions coming in. one saying i don't think the location of the girls is rocket science to pick up and acted fast enough nonchalantly. we wouldn't be here. over the past two days has also seen a great route between the people at the statehouse in in bruges and to some of the victims' families in there and the activists representing the first lady's spokesperson flatly denying ordering the arrest of two protest leaders who were according to police. not a rested been invited to an interactive and fact finding interview. state news agency in nigeria quotes
7:45 pm
firstly the patients jonathan st you were playing games. don't use school children and women for demonstrations again. keep it to borneo states with it and there and quote the first lady of times emotional. no late night session with representatives of the cheese off the tops the eye. i do that idea. the idea. johnny the audience oahu. the id crowd. he added yes i had a.
7:46 pm
the huge menu. you know this is one who most need them his students it is going to roll. hayden is also the berries the following morning as well as rich and famous. that there was no hope for a sitcom. this keeps the court last week to discuss this issue the first meeting off for most it doesn't why people go when one of states. i was lost according to the prestigious post of the mother of these girls were kidnapped because they can stick in the form of state. at first it seems i am to grumble that you are the more you show called to the street to do with us apparently the first legal form of state did not attend the meet. so i'm not really up to today's devotional art books. but i think. the show
7:47 pm
we we we have a long time now is how the government has been poured into such operations. in the kitchen and two. we are asking more questions asking. just like to teach us. all right so i'm beyond six two hundred people who are adorable. we cut short by terrorists. but what kind of logistical means what for this duty has won the colts used the one main roads. for the bullish even went toward abortion when cool forests. did you just don't even know i must even know how to read or see them on the bullish view on the main roads we how do you teach it. but blessed is the suspect was doing. bonus tip is to be on to the state of the margins months now so he intended to be everywhere jared. when you we don't know how these. this would just disappear when they're
7:48 pm
on to the constitution. isn't it i disagree row and your reaction to the first lady's pronouncements seeing. this can be added next year. it's most often can be summed up the new console. and some change it's going to teach most of the visit with scott it will be receiving any action on how people fall into the eighteen to twenty in twenty oh four in the compton street until smooth. it's been said yes to therefore it is. it is done on tv. often. it will be bad news is that when each is a canadian network. these are some which i thought the colts. i'm not sure if the government anymore. so not the be all baby. continue
7:49 pm
reading states. i don't know what it's about reading the books when these two weeks and months. she ate our house yet. i've been on my studies on the numbers she shoots into the newest cookbook. on the heels of twenty. i've been working in the forty four. thank you and it is not cool. now when caught by something kind of medical ethics. so it is going to be his date of all ages going to be pro id. let the good the acting chops up with the impending coup dementia. does not mean that dad is going to be eighteen in by the time. to see them many people it is traditionally the term justice was done for you. to
7:50 pm
the scheme of things he says deputy president and still decide what's going to turn right the harsh verdict of my disagreement calling in comedy company asking prince trendy about the timing of all this on his own and political timing next year's presidential election nigerian been in a very short term. there is this world economic forum its opening being a hoosier with the chinese prime minister coming this tuesday. this was billed as a big celebration of nigeria leapfrog being soft and he mentioned that income inequality. the house in the have nots in nigeria go a long way towards explaining what's going on with full color on. do you believe that to nigeria becoming the world's that can skew the continent's top economy is something worth celebrating in this current context. it's it's an interesting question in a tough one to this end time
7:51 pm
and you know forty percent of the indigenous population in the pool ricky on the deposit and the cheese something terrible. and then efforts being made to answer is that it's not easy to make the country completely over tea free. i mean i see homeless people in thirty minutes. in also. we have to know we have to put things in perspective. do you want economic forum being held in abuja for the first time since its creation. into the land. he's a big leap for west africa and for nigerian practically her. i believe that this occasion we did go for the kidnapping easy is it that his intent to use in black cloud on their window and into the amazing things happening but we shouldn't let it deter us from from what seen the dip in the feats of nigeria is within you the gift economy in africa right now. nigeria is an impulse to become. one of the world's top economies by two thousand and five. it
7:52 pm
isn't important but is akin to be an easier place to do business on point for instance two of the news has gotten that the central bank governor of the neatest a new c who's been suspended after he blew the whistle on missing oil revenue. he was prevented from leaving the country by the president's office it seems. and this despite a court saying he could travel abroad. their status to a thinking if it takes to comment on these issues because in italy don't really know what happened. the news the news don't always reflect the exact same. you know the ddd real reason for fourth with a consideration such as insufficient and see corruption is due to be prominent in nineteen nine the images in a secure your place to do business on before. it's easier to do good business people need to be an original and that's when you try to stay on the weekends of the new generation working together
7:53 pm
with the global partners. i mean i'm presently working with the keys to the continent in the east and southeast asia and. and some other european countries including the us as well. so i think we need to really try to focus on the aussie team it is always going to be something that is going to be some negative aspects of the new economy of any country. the feeling focus on the nicotine gum making progress too late to have to do is to give our efforts in order to let peace peace peace is in talks. the oldest these obstacles are we facing now. fuel for their pooch into investment and job creation and the diversification of the gloomy. on the board even imagine going into it because i've been sitting with some of the members recently met in atlanta. even the nigerian government has made it a priority. the utilities portion of it all revenues to develop the anti trust act or two of the story the patient has forty health care. you cannot transform the country overnight. you know we just
7:54 pm
recently become. because of this economy a month ago so we need to get it in a bit of time and to be more optimistic. are you optimistic to me or know about nigeria. carson optimistic about african general and also the nst and dad and saying that korea's economy is in pretend to what's happening today with the stone carols in the day specifically to prevent becoming economy is not enough it doesn't do everything he does it it's just. and little party of the brt and that night my relief when citizens are calling for him. that's why probably get impatient and keeping its been years twenty years that we've been expecting what's happening at the moment the african the so called african renaissance and we went to see the renaissance at all stages of the due date either economy the socially the market to keep our tt on every stages and that's why
7:55 pm
there has been in use in his eye citizens when we today to adjust to the shoes so i mean it's not enough being decreased economy african power. it's just part of the antibiotics he did the majority of the nigerian people today are expecting more if this is a socially africans continue to show the anime need to be in terms of rights. many are young when you think back to nigeria that you knew growing up. tickets can be like twenty years. this gap between rich and four. close guy is that god is with me um and calm amid the result by a sustained force political movements such as single means that the court and the recognition that yes this is the one we we we can make the concrete to score it's the only way to reach come. the state seat and enjoy their way. it's also makes you one aren't all that
7:56 pm
one day when people see that the issue we both go around it's me. i'm sure all the difference now. and there are new to the social and economic situations and the citizens of nigeria it's not really. and so on. she got to be a double. it's not even talking about the situation of the poll is just asking for a new range of customers something concrete to make the concrete around the cone ice and i meet people you know that i can say to him you can reason he just wants to move in after me that there was because we were out of time in any road you don't want to thank you or think as well prince said randy was alonso them i went into the oval know and as well. i oh so good rule for joining us from lagos thank you for being with this here thank you for all your reactions. austin
7:57 pm
kept. the appeal. what effect it to the twenty fifth of may eu citizens from portugal to form and will vote in the european election decisions by the european parliament. they lived and europeans would embark on a journey to live across the continent from the atlantic ocean to cough into the mountains. we'll go face to face with all sorts of europeans to find out but still it really is the european thought. so if you're an old post i kept it from time to go the eye. i live. lou. was there. i do
7:58 pm
in. the i know. i sch
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