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tv   Ukraine News  PBS  May 7, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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expose kids to come. new one we will eye. while watching the way to stop the thing or not to come to special by the crazed ukraine. when m is a gentleman and talk. what's this and that the quince is available at the website chris cain dot com. another confrontation ended as of today. so what is on the beach a nice effect is to try to capture the building of the local police station where they kept abolish seventeen detainees of the recent tragic contestant
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events. twelve o'clock and if you want to identify what was supposed to take decisions on the percussion match at five am. but the rest of the testers block to the courthouse and the new optimism based on data density apartment the ministry of internal and passed away at the detainees should have been transported i guess until around one thousand of people. they blocked out the windows and pressed hard hitting question into our that antichrist tried to set them on ym megan wanted to release everybody at the police did he looks around five in the evening dave least ten different schools and restless let's call him decide while. this to be recalled and the second of may has become a tragic day for ukraine. several dozen of people with gelatin and the elite one hundred seventy when hospitalized in an sf as of this article just take up positions and trying to local aid the union office. today
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morning was announced on the effects of the victims had died during the tragic events in an sf and anti operation. the acting president alex on the chin of expressed his condolences to the families and relatives as has been nice to make correct conclusions from the tragedy the decades primarily due to external provocation. those responsible for organizing and provoking piece about as well the finest promised to stand up. kelso said that the military forces and the line was meant to continue to fight against terrorism and entertaining book the centcom in our country. they also announced names of the fifteen people killed during domestic seven says and if i am in the local a beginning an office in a nest out and made the second bill is being made by the locals still the minister of internal affairs and the security service of ukraine with his and grandkids names to investigate a privilege it is
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now and that five people identified died on the downside once and for as a result of falling only those of a may meeting in building. they out the locals according to the place and date of the top twenty six people killed in the south most of them are difficult to identify as employees have been pond at the place. if i am. elise was not active in protection of people on may the second in an op one of the internet radios shelby cooperation between the progress and hogs and police the pro russian amongst friends fight from conseco standing behind the police. so by the head of odessa police department was quiet. i am seeking descendants of the trainee cues the ex prime minister of ukraine said he was sober and dax minister of customs and it is all excited to climb on top. many of the skin called a circle and finalizing to
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mass violence. according to information. the plan of cramming and from ukraine and a few cells that are hiding in the set to escalate the situation in southern part of ukraine. the wrecks and sf again just off to the active phase of ukrainian counter operation in vs contagion. locations that happened on me. second in the set and led to confrontations and mass victims had been due to allah taking too intense and the finance but the axe. high officials of the inequality government. he was all i can come and gone the international community is stuffed with events in the best of times had been condemned by the us department of state washington called the bloc said in a house of labor unions hundred s of ridiculous and unacceptable it wanted to install onto the net all the parties must work together praying to him this statement on the capitol hill. like i was convinced
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that the geneva agreements must be implemented. polenta was from already called the kremlin actually on the still wild with the paint was at the prime minister at the nicholas watt said. also sunday had a big german foreign ministry. by this time my aunt called on the party's decision to name the station staple in his opinion that militant or tonic will only escalate the situation. i miss and ukraine gave instructions to find and punish del the nicest of mass disturbances in and then some he stressed that dozens of victims during clashes between the four ukrainian and russian activists including onto people. is it provoked and well prepared action. at the same time he promised that the police action as well be assessed by the percentages and announced that the appointments and rotations in the midst of unsettling as in and assam the prime minister believes that ticket at grays of
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people take part in such events. on one side of the militants pain by russian special forces on to other citizens who has a long time been provoked with language tim tamale and ideologically says. as a result of this mixture exploded this is the drummer and this is that these ostrich. indeed he did deliver. russians. what worth it to escalate the situation you need to get the desk sold for two season new fielding spoke the security service to regional administrator. and people are desperate right now. from different camps. and it's difficult for them to realize that the movie when the steelers. white russian plot. the stitch ideal we were bidding for his dramatic times. we see is that old. he says the wakeup call for
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the entire country reconciliation. we need to realize that russians want to eliminate all with country and to kill our future. a national tragedy claimed today to see it heal on its vehicles produced in ukraine this was really an artist by the minister of internal affairs of the plane i sat on top of the militants claim that he knew it would seem to machine is not easy to use comfortable have high traffic usc. that was what he calls on now received and the ukrainian military forces of wind through training to use the new deal on the mend soon as possible. this is especially timely considering the development of events in the eastern ukraine. let not the case of the content of this operation is being kindly held. last night has not been common ukraine. in
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my silk lace effect is then to office of one of the ukrainian banks and is trying to but catching up on to office in the month to practice it will ease to activists call for unity of ukraine and the minister of internal affairs confirms that gunshots had been hurt in the anthology night. any city buildings remain captured in vignettes and fights continued into the center of finance. it is to be reminded that life people i killed since renounced and six income of christ and a number of ukrainian soldiers would it as it was soccer and tennis operation helmet cam. it is null and calm that the terrorists losses on humans. the mind on the development of events during recent days. in this county. anti operation is to progress in sudan's capital markets. i want your needs of the queen in europe who forces her to get all twelve
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checkpoints. this lead to premature and talented i am the is your work. he would have flown. will the couple won a trial although i'm not in the island to watch and be used in the darkness of this eighteen. yet still going to add to the top flight team to do with the bloke was in school. kind hearted i in team hours all day and futuristic. operation. i am the eye. the still looks so different. cheers to that
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used to put the beads too aunt eunice and it crossed the six four checkpoints along the river or sea. under pressure from other religions for two weeks to begin teaching good friends with that. it's where it was nice to see what tokyo japan between two major bridges fall for the radio said that and you're a operation that ukrainian government has said wednesday. which is to lend to you. i was six or was it checked. that means don't you the closest window. my middle son was welcome janice and help us with a woman. i believe. we'll put it to received it. and you're interested. religions have led to greater harm and was kindof i was in was more than infantry and at target. in particular grain into one chest and anti aircraft missile systems produced in a russian federation. they managed to shoot don't have
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the carpet. we made it all in the cortez which was supposed to connect me to want a total of one dollars and while it was delicious too. i don't have to admit that he had been made. i'm in total some of my life. the ball. i've got. in his old car is also into just two recent addition to her all through to twenty four helicopters and boats achieved it was sure it was pointless to defense system which typically which will entitle to tell it was too nice to watch some of the muslim world record. this one is that if she knew i was rather diplomacy. doesn't he but don't pollute on which is critical to go to the door key tool to belong and to file as it would kill to look
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too well looking for the rest of the kabobs and stick with it to you tranmere attempts to subdue him smart to use it but it's not much people we sent them a visit to see the streets. there is that we're far from the premise of humans equipment is old wooden scheme for two hundred fourth in the region to training. new terms iowa is that unions are ordered not to shoot. is there is a threat to local stores the accommodation. meanwhile the operation goes as planned issues in the midst of it in our prayers. when you sleep easier to sew possible to use the most fashionable to the graduation day carnival he uses them in poland is simon and would discuss ratio was professionally pull the marriage ends. misses me so we can use to call him up so close to the source of shoes is a moment. what does so he's been in icu with her understand the content of the company might notice if i wanted to listen understand him to become a well know but
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this was amazing. global estimated saunders and ensure safety of people many of the swift and i was staying with their wheels. this is set to miss in ukraine russia use muscles which can be tricky when you're in a row in particular doctor said johnson who says the immediate functions crimes themselves held as hostages. there is to realize that helps to protect people with the government temporal lobes the communication and restricted movement to green your means that we should get you all for that. why was a major problem is owed to its evidence of the local enforcement someone's them coated in a trust was on his side to this effort. auto mode. the asian human critical the human retina to one song original condition and protections. he was given means it is twenty three the is ought to extend our aggression. dessert was the bushes on the show which
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was the first of all the content and tone to it today. which of course this is good to read in the key to the immigration should do agree with that much. by monday. the government. or is it good for you. so as to the gh association. much of myself. meanwhile degree of security forces to use it to the region said center the forums and all checkpoints and it needs one too. the terrorists this is the embodiment of you how hollow where there is only the information involves a mosque they need to express them on separate days. so many former criminals winners it was a mining in the amount we're going to buy the cheque is that its product recalls fuzzy always going to put in law enforcement officials terrorists who tried to escape from a bloke succeed more than a minute to deliver them on. wilson was great. well concerned about
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being patient in eastern ukraine. she plays its moscow team immediately stop the escalation of the country and not to disrupt the geneva agreements. in most can send it from us and amanda states sam and cancel out onto the mac and went running the stations on the ukrainian he says. the jets and new york to place an emergency meeting of the un security council secretary general although in a station called nd team in moscow to show restraint. ukrainian represents did with all the blame for the escalation on the concrete on the stem ukraine ukrainian authorities are ready to amnesty. old. and those members who flew from groups who hasn't committed serious crimes. inclusive political dialogue. this book the peaceful protests and protesters remains a priority
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for ukrainian government the episode estate. there's no drinks or missiles are used again see the aisles the russian statements promote the participation open and elemental on groups in the counterterrorism operation is not true. some of the cynical controls a russian statements all english speaking foreigners in pullman. the officially claimed that the owner for in the air pouring that the military. in eastern ukraine. a russian as the motorist and the mercenaries. is it is to ensure the assault always a peaceful way. this is said to the finals that year and secure digital cards and services is secured to cause me to the region has been called by russia on friday people want to use the discoloration of the kansas also undermines the geneva agreement. even more school to show restraint
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and show been released just before dawn the exhibit is open to general newest facility is a peaceful settlement of. the get the tools next week. russia presented desires that all of the kids each a kiss as a group that opposes collegiate mckee was american and european politicians queens and russia changes that affect employees debates by a knee that is unacceptable it undermines the geneva agreements. the russian federation has described events this morning in eastern ukraine as a punitive minute reel to a shindig and peaceful activists. this is yet again a gross distortion of facts. ukrainian government is the right and indeed the responsibility to uphold the rule. i'm protected citizens in its entire tree. of course. in doing so each of the old times. to serve in a proportionate and measured way. the actions undertaken this morning by ukrainian security forces in and around slowly and appeared to be
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just that. in an effort to relieve the city from armed groups sponsored and controlled by russia to be terrorizing the local population. we urge them to continue to take every effort to ensure that the risks to civilians are minimized. but let's be absolutely clear there is no council member sitting around this table that would allow its towns to be overrun by home to militants. there is none of us who would advocate responsibility for the protection of citizens are not into a tree who are being intimidated and brutalized by a heavily armed troops backed by neighboring country. proportionate is not the same as passive the scale of russian hypocrisy is breathtaking russia study supports an eighty dollars the most refreshing regimes in the world. note to be syria the regime which proved to be suppressing dissent without any sense of restraint concern for the protection of civilians rush's synthetic indignation
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of the ukraine's proportionate and measured action convinces no one question claims of these are peaceful activists are simply not credible. peaceful activists do not have the means of the capabilities to shoot down three ukrainian military helicopters reportedly using man packs the use of such sophisticated weaponry against ukrainian forces reaffirms our assessment of the armed groups in east ukraine include professionals funded quit and directed by russia. so what does it is to agree to surrender girl is a contributing said all prisoners. that is was the european union is seeking from the kremlin. no politician express balances as the us to pursue a teacher but was called to her as gifted as to the european union. it was unrealistic and a percentage of white sketch has to watch the trailer to
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his existing one of hollywood's elite to make useful for us. is that you'll come over more scope to these bison. for a week is this cute pic or two will hold consultations this issue of the primaries as an intern or european ambassador. it is a very important and a mile and stops the ocean and all dubai deal gives. we understand that ukraine is lost and residents have different views. so what would indicate is that silly themselves. i wasn't in the result is guaranteed on a plane during the court could dramatically from what the feminists support his position to discuss the crisis seems that its importance was the president of brazil and the cable car to leave and go into battle. given that one or two point two one two weeks before the distance without them harmful to humans or the genial agreement. it was in ukraine still attempts to reinstate cream end of april seventeen split focus our hearts into an arrest release of the rac of service and compliance with the geneva agreements to ease the tension. new issues
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of cuba and more school is a key tool because the two d's negotiation isn't human cancer and did you not just his presence. and the market is already in washington american press has no joke they would discuss solutions was barak obama followers into mission is to look good with the system will save you a little of substance will give my unwavering. article five commitment to the security of our nato allies including a german aircraft joining nato patrols over the baltic sea. were united in our support for ukraine including a very important. imf program for this week to help ukraine stabilize and reform its economy. and as ukrainian forces moved to restore order in eastern ukraine. it is obvious to the world of these russian backed groups are not peaceful protesters. there we are militants. for receiving significant support from russia russian leadership must know that if it continues to de stabilize
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eastern ukraine. and disrupt this month's presidential election we will move quickly on additional steps. neon is any guide the theme and to know her name and what is happening in my company my new baby. he's on the basis of stuff to audition it literally has the right direction. i know they wish to on loan until you get in on it and it's a very up to standards but they also bought a new stove and we will see to it. they seem in the east block down from the un system i think i'm a twenty fifth of may. life went on in my state of israel and the other. when the sun than we can one man. it isn't an easy run to the and is equipped with an eagle eye on the land on me. and it's all delegates elected to ride in the mix the road. the owners
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of the job here just to be issues need to stick to this position in eastern europe wish it wasn't as directors at the korean quite good just to plant hunters from norwegian netherlands belgium and is doing a reading test is to keep security as a delicacy. and if necessary to his point is the most authentic evidence is increasingly true color as it used to you from the beginning of the match if i just embraced is about to turn to spend it on for several months. the ship was on the kindle in them co host of history. it is in kuantan that the seven days have been trained to him that the staff a special military camp was located at the security service has detained a citizen of ukraine could use to work with a foreign intelligence. it was accepted
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by the russian main intelligence and take a plane yet. the detained person sad that everybody had the severity to come and hold to this so called stephanie pounced on the crane yet the next dab in the money required space whether potential summit to is called trainings. classes were conducted by the russian security service directorate also confessed that he was paid one hundred dollars for one day a piece of work. so who knows agenda something that is just below my sister wages of one hundred the nest today. those who complete a training again several times there was a dvd oscar prepared for taking an active part in the connections among the return of mainland europe review citizens of ukraine and russia and representatives of depression because of the movement you are there the rest. she expresses the whale at a time
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thing is got in a city he cuddled up costs keen to hold presidential elections and the all ukrainian referendum on blind dates made twenty saves. this adds that will unite the country both in the transformation and the beast i am still eating due to the lane to the panel has said he's a deal with the acting president of ukraine on sundance channel the dublin apprised of the leeds district in any state is to keep hoping that the parliament once bought them. it was depressed i was obviously salad main station is currently on nolen whedon me tv content with that and the channel to please. on the twenty fifth of may around till monday the elections will be held in ukraine. local elections will take place together with the presidential say that the souls of the vote to skinny t fifty six percent of what this will definitely come to voting stations nothing matches the elections despite a late
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start the campaign is on cent yield the only problem is about hot winds. the chill of some playstation store and sit and eat chips or even emergence of the elections will not happen. nothing in the packaging of the legitimacy of the elections. currently going through all this and a tile conditions had examined the election results regardless of the number of polling stations. it was different. undoubtedly this is that the wedding to stand in elections but how did it knocks and still speaking i was in one hundred percent authentic style polling stations would have a peek at the moment is called still not lost. notwithstanding the wail of russian officials to stop the catch voting election in ukraine will be held on the twenty pips a single extended the channel there is little time left and we should concentrate on preparations in particular attention in class and really felt pressed on both this and to provide all the candidates
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with equal parts america's cup campaign. this is what could be done by the hands of reasons. adding placement unions. what shall not allow any provocations state in the acting president the central electoral commission advises residents of being a scandal on screen just kidding all legitimate callings. the commission explains that referendum in ukraine can be. i've been nice to ride the local but only the case of adoption of the relevant law. but the country were elected president on any second chances. the central electoral commission will recognize the results of voting despite possible provocations at some polling stations. the commission says at that moment the electoral process is going without my system and says have a son difficult to still exist multiple polling stations the current received a bye on men. they still do not have information about a member of the commission on the fiftieth district located
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in past nominees can escalate and all was abducted in constant thing about whether the central tunnel commission explains that many enterprise park to vote. in a simple if i could proceed to the main thing is to write a statement to the station was a vote of plans to go to film a practice which is not like to spend five days before the real expression. due to the big east many to suspect that the selection is too has its own cult external after the dosage and rainy and in this inches and was also wounded in some eastern regions of ukraine who chairs the mall where talkin about finance. unfortunately the specter is the most unthinkable. i would not say that this anti election the nation and result this education to this problem by itself. which means that the leadership of some steel it was the end of the country. blakely is caught by the pace to claim
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part of regular daily problems breaking news and analytics my details and a website that in the comp plan is available and cost. see you next sunday where we pay some money. the divide. it is sells. steve. this program
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