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is brought you by. her group from norway's mainstream crews were lies. the verdict exploring one thousand miles of norwegian coastline the report include counters and access to wilkinson. i am
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the us. says. caretaker prime minister looks at what hap what dr stepped down on charges of violating the constitution ukrainians at itunes or dimensions of brown's body of the reason i want to intensify it. the men had intercepted a chinese fishing boat off the islands on tuesday contact with love and fishermen on board wants during every maids ball the ball to the wire is as intervention efforts have been hampered by the country's security the want a china based in breaking news this hour time as constitutional court has found caretaker prime minister in election a month guilty of abuse of power. she
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has been ordered by the court to step down from office. he led the cure at a constitutional court in bangkok on tuesday to defend herself she has been accused of abusing her authority by transferring a senior civil servant in twenty eleven to another position. a leslie for the benefit of herself or her side party. a group of anti government senators who lost the case since the transfer benefited the blocks ruling party and violated the constitution following the ruling analysts say anti government protesters may not stop their demonstrations. even if you like resigns and her forced domestic mission is likely to gather strong opposition from the group known as the red shirts and insights another round of turmoil in the country. was it hurt less the joke was funny to see that some tree she's now in bangkok to see that. thanks for joining us know what implication could this verdict have on state of politics in thailand. i didn't mention that they had done being announced and off
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the tv as well as nine was my nine month that i was not enough time to set in optional us had been forced from office by the constitution. what if they cut the top democratically elected prime minister to the remakes from office. centenary prepared with an older brother talking back in two thousand and six now if the ruling by the constitutional court that he just mentioned and i went on to that effect how well the expense of the national security council seat back in two thousand and eleven. we just couldn't say with these aren't the benefit of this type of tea and a family then but now we must remember that the prosecution of what is the final stage in the case of the views of how life began to think not. there is never enough of that that he'll now that the question is what would happen now i've now read what i will eat up what could you not to get down she would be replaced when one of the deputy prime ministers but it was also speculation today that either will think that would be extended to think they'd be if i can take
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to cabinet which would need to let me get back in potentially the west heath and i am faced with stripped the kids to get the medical advancements that senior politicians including four out of faith that he might notice is that whatever announced that they think of it and the people that make me whole entire day weekend the strength that will also be that it's so nice but it would no doubt plunge the country into the conference. side of the story does this put pressure on former deputy prime minister said the tax event and months of anti government protests. really the big question is will it affect the election was in the cabinet within thailand into uncharted territory. it will be pressure for honda has yet to define thinking that these protests but many believe that he would not stop the phrase has it that easily. it seems that they must be something else coming with him for only six months anti government protests that calling for reforms before elections and even if you must use when they come off but he couldn't yet that they could continue to campaign
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for reform is that it was so happy to wait for an unelected prime minister for the time being and this is something that the rich that the government supported it will not accept a bench that he got that already have a clean one hundred thousand bricks. instead they fall into either missing in action what is really from the position. the red shirts have previously planted now become a tent but that might actually like the push for bread with a four day stay it's also great about the ability of the mass violence and use of deadly clashes between bible for the people groups already buffeted at least twenty five people dead hundreds of e we did enough people financially to the fifth month of the people protesting essentially the conditions which led off with lunch i went into a vehicle prices are still about an effect and if we look at one of the club come to nothing. the problem is that this wasn't what i mean the first election that he planned to my twenty s in south as well. many thanks
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are just a i'm sorry and joining us from bangkok. turn into big stories ukrainian troops of tightening security cordon around the eastern city of sloppy ounce the concept or violent clashes in and around the city on monday. according to ukrainian injured minister thirty anti government activists and foreign government troops were killed in monday's classes. i will say ten people including civilians were killed by ukrainian troops. by tuesday morning ukrainian forces had taken hold that the key checkpoint north of the city dealing a blow to the lines of communication by anti government activists. two grains of ukrainian military gary k fed checkpoints now surround the city as government forces continue with the chance to reassert control over the restive eastern region around thirty anti government militia men hops around is a major injury ministry based in the city of donetsk in the lesser men armed with automatic rifles and grenade launchers are demanding that the troops inside and not join any government operations against
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anti shia forces. the way the situation in eastern ukraine joining me as are responding to a park in finance law the us produced and aired it out what's the situation on the ground now. all the essentials funny and sweaty and to give women a shy so funny control the situation hit this morning still quite calm actually would not seeing the cost is high that we witness on the assets of the cc on monday which left scores of people dead as he saved that's still a very tense situation as the standoff between the ante of the many champagne in the town sunset and the ukrainian on. on full assessment of the town is so round it continues its sudden he expects its eighth in the town center there that will be more cautious and people really bracing themselves for what they think i is likely to happen which is that the ukrainian armed forces will try. at some points to storm into
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the town people may be afraid that that will happen before canadian evans which is the date that has been at sheffield full of referendum to be held across the region i've been tossing our independence. the display in the donetsk region we have seen heavy cost is forty seven nights in the safety of an article which is for sale it had occupied and buildings in the town had been notified by anti government protest is one building at the cc hole on a singapore sydney now back in the hands of the ukrainian armed forces the ukrainian television channel said that that would have the cash isn't it nice and the ukrainian armed forces maintained on this parenting forcing the protests as our son to the streets of waiting and time isn't set fire to vehicles to try and build the roads. i'm not in that fifty and began to verify the samples myself as coming from the ukrainian television channels report seen as heavy clashes in the neapolitan
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nights. think and we had a salmon tensions have been rising following military offensive by the military against anti gm activists in the eastern and southern part of the country. what is the reaction between from the people in eastern ukraine tune in sunday and people are afraid as i said yea they may need for a scene in sales of five the attacks. i don't think he's a lot of people i've been in the eastern ukraine for three weeks now and then i'm speaking to people in the various towns and cities that i didn't and it was pretty strong voice and to finance one of the people yesterday. i spent a number of local civilians to me to lean to and fro usa's with the nt government's of princess is in in various ways i spent in one man at the same vein in his now manning a checkpoint and sunday and i he says he will stay here until i add it be that auntie em and think
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this is a victorious actually he said we could know what else to retreat to we've got an a la the choice but to stand and define cio says until one then we'll add to the eu is doing have cars that contain the full lah once again in the nation and this industry will pitch in and the back of the militia hezbollah says. as i say is she's doing her up on my cooking for the treats and to speak. she actually said if she could be helpful she be willing to pick up a weapon and fights alongside has a funny and have friends to laugh and doing the same title since been to one of the alms man one of the nation and as i he and little man. i used to be a cold that had been stolen and in the monkey's hand inside the ends and he decided to take out bombs and finds a hole in his town of five phrase freedom immense payments on the message that i'm hearing from many local people had a message of defiance. that's not the message but getting from everyone the second ep called contentedly with his arms and
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it meant his palms lah and the man for independence lot of people hand various rates of what the future may hold parkinson life residents love the arts. many thanks for the three points. now let's get more on the crisis from the russians them points for that we're joined by chris pine and donning a diary of honor jack on the line in moscow daria thanks for joining us now the house the organization for security and cooperation in europe the swiss president dd or burke altered starting as moscow to work for talks on the crisis in ukraine what is on his agenda well people. watching it i ching opportunity. i'm talking to her i much elation at bishan that when i was thinking that she can. pick up on the edge of the nation. ukraine mean i think we should get you thinking can in ukraine. i
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think i'm liking the frightening. i'm working on action and be trained how to get a chance to think so on and on. she'd like to completion. they have and i'm no question the food you should eat that much. he mentioned the connection to the crying. i can't let that happen. ah but the engine of that money on the pic you can have a nation. i'm thinking of having that and i think we mean when i think that the nation can you catch it right in front of it and i'm checking out whooping and wouldn't that be in contention. i'll be a question about who i am. i watched the potential of the whoops and white. what would it be. and i really understand the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said when she attended the meeting with european foreign ministers in vienna that it would be adequate in
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sports and utah to hold a presidential election in ukraine when the army was being deployed against the population. what does that statement by and how would the statement effect situation in ukraine what the it happened to me that question question but you can eat all the attention of the chalk out on the question open to carry out an operation against the people of the clean body will honestly i'm a question you have to have it in one book a poem. i want to mention that the selection and meet up the situation where the end i'm the one that captured an odd looking him in very good thing to be patient. i'm on the lead acting like that i'm having too much money on rent in which the league lead you to get up on on on the wing but i'm going to
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lead them into thinking that washington could not be but the actual election the child i think we all make me want to cry and i must report the brink and on and i'm sure that the russian president in waiting and i'm keen to think of. i've been in the game on time for applying cute. i'm quite late to the capitulation i had no trouble finding my conclusion is that i really like that thanks i'm carrying our giraffe undertake joining us on the line from moscow. in other news nuclear experts from the rhine and six world powers are meeting in new york a concept had a high level top politics box set for next week in vienna. now the two day meeting that began on tuesday as being attended by experts from iran the us russia china britain france and germany are there ways to respond in the lean ten in new york. she taught us about the end of the meeting and the western attitude towards this issue
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the aim is to you. i announced to me is using elements and that that was the final accord at tehran's allegedly their weapons program and the parties' helps you reach a final agreement by july to twenty and then easily essentially to find out technical issues ahead of the big enemy to these higher level minister a level meetings to take place in the austrian capital next week. to what the deal that that would essentially iam see him on delivering its all about affording it to rename enrichment program in exchange for the easing of sanctions and at these meetings in the end as expected the parties will will draft the tax that would go into a final agreement and washington tuesday the u s secretary of state john kerry met with catherine ashton the eu high representative me that he can run negotiations and that he talked about global issues and also touched on iran. around obviously has to make some very tough decisions. we remain firm in our goals
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they don't vary. iran must not obtain a nuclear weapon and it must ensure it has a peaceful nuclear program. and as i've said many times we continue to believe that no deal is better than a bad deal. no western nations have alleged that iran has nuclear energy program as their rooms for iran to develop nuclear weapons capabilities. but iran has maintained that its nuclear program is purely for peaceful energy use elsewhere south african are voting in the country six general election since the end of apartheid twenty years ago. about twenty five million south africans roughly half of the population have registers event in the parliament re election that will also elect a president. voting began in the poll is opening at seven in the morning. they will stay open till nine in the evening and some twenty two thousand voting stations have been set up in schools places of warships tribal authority sites and hospitals
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seven thousand vehicles serving as mobile betting station circle into remote areas so people there can go to many voters had already lined up at some polling stations before they opened the governing african national congress is expected to win returning president of the jacobs a lap for a second five year term. results are not expected before friday contact with eleven fisherman has been lost after they were intercepted by armed men in the south china sea. the fisherman want our boys fishing boats going to hide zero nine zero six three it was intercepted by an unidentified armed vessel had about ten am on tuesday in waters off the half mile until then silence. a major fishing base for chinese fishermen. now the ten men fishing association says several armed men forced themselves on to the boat and fired four or five shots in the air. he then took control of the boats and other nearby fishing boats him to hide zero three one six eight brushed away after seeing armed pilots encounter another art ventilator but
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successfully escaped having to hide municipal government has mobilized to nearby fishing boats to search for the missing fisherman failed to find the votes as of wednesday morning. weathers his agency quoting the philippine police says that it has confirmed the capture of the chinese fishing nets and other that is being towed to southwestern apollo one province. let's turn to the latest on south koreans capsized ferry say wat police and prosecutors say way to overload and a failure to secure the current old and she admitted to the sinking investigators express in a briefing that the overloaded ferry had been operating for more than a year. but this was neglected by its operator earlier in the j e fifty three year old civilian diver lost consciousness while on a search mission. later died in hospital. the south korean government said compensation will be given according to its laws. in the country's prime minister has ordered a pair of health check all divers involved in the search wednesday search started at seven am local time with
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involvement of a hundred and sixty diapers. the sale of kerry's four hundred and seventy six people only one hundred and seventy four survived the death toll has price to two hundred and sixty nine with thirty three still unaccounted for. now people in south korea have voiced their concerns over safety man it's been probably the ferry disaster and a collision between two subway trains people on the streets of salt wrote down their wishes on paper cards and some britons in the hope of bringing peace and hope to the victims at the ferry disaster. some believe the government's investment in safety has been in dhaka quits and maintenance work on sage advice is related to transport has also been not enough. just last week of may the second two subway trains collided with each other in seoul injuring more than two hundred passengers. some social organization also took to the streets protesting against the government's delayed response to that accidents. do you. when
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the shuttle bus alice into the future. and most of us are moderates. the ferry sinking to the subway cohesion and many accidents have also happen to the fold these will be cause of the end of the crazy investments of the government in nineteen sixty. i think the country and the government to put people's lives a fast trip over to the beach in a society like base. to me that is the mass abduction of more than two hundred and fifty teenage girls from us law in remote north eastern region of ninety area and in military spending to rescue that has ignited a national outrage. the demonstrations in major cities across the country in the nation's capital of bush got people are calling for the girls to be brought back to summon reports from washington the well of the day the rallies around the world in in the nigerian capital the message is simple alongside them. i know. no as frustration mounts that more than two hundred and
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fifty school girls kidnapped by terrorists group vocal around three weeks ago are still missing. on tuesday the nigerian president goodluck jonathan accepted the us offer of assistance our embassy in abuja has prepared a form of coordination cell that could provide expertise on intelligence investigations and hostage negotiations and to help facilitate information sharing and victim assistance soul be comprised of u s military personnel law enforcement officials and intelligence experts to assist with intelligence gathering forensic investigation and counterterrorism guidance the goal is first to find the girls then bring them home safely. but the us will not provide this point so called meets on the ground us military personnel participating in raids against iran. united nations and dozens of countries have condemned the killings but
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what has happened in the reactions of both of our revenues in goes the spoils of war spoils of terrorism is disgusting it is a small role nigeria's first lady was brought to tears discussing the kidnappings the eye the eye. in a new service announcement has hit the country's television airwaves. who knew all her help and support. rome threatening our lives asking the to find the girls and reject the garage. we are about. we are not during nigerian officials stress that they're doing more to find these girls they may seem obvious to the including assigning two special battalions to the search james bowman cctv washington and on nigeria struggles with containing the vocal iran insurgency in the north it is also battling against an old enemy the polio virus
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are nine cherry crisp i'm guessing that most houses were nigeria remains one of the very few countries in the walls still buy into writing typically a virus that appears to be making huge strides. from a total mobile content re reporting good season while could've i was in twenty thirteen for the two cases of the report said. this year. poured into the wardrobe organizations global corny eradication initiative of the opposition warns that the country. still one of the most and try histories of hours while cody a virus in the wall. here's the situation there. as of today and april two thousand fourteen with unchecked it could result in failure to eradicate globally one of the world's most serious vaccine preventable diseases still robust immunization program. the south of the country's law and order a free could not remain to troubled zone. un experts say
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it is the main source of putting infections. in other parts of nigeria and the bric countries region on suspicion of how he'll the disease in the mall. in two thousand and three. some islamic clerics promote to the boy caught the vaccinations painting villa park to the west and told them it was lynched in fact i'll or infect them with aids. the situation was fun but compounded when in two thousand and five. his one hundred total upon lies in the northern state of cattle by vaccines used for new outbreak in two thousand and that in ten forty a box and it has been shot dead in separate attacks on to put it in its also in the northern city of kano. while there's been great progress overcoming some of those problems in recent years what is now causing serious threats to the eradication of the disease is this the georgia situation and in all football around with the great power and grace region and back in a kind of human eye station program that could be dangerous
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the officials about to push on with the eradication campaign. dj bob on cctv lagos nigeria. from the united states midwest better news concerning a deadly wildfire after working around the clock for more than two days. firefighters say they've just about fully contain it. and now as recovery efforts began to take re report someone of the key rates would help save others in the town of guthrie oklahoma. shea after more than two days of battling a wildfire and also fighting and kind when to push the flames in extreme heat with two features close to one hundred degrees. flyer teams finally have a handle on the voicemail ninety percent contained after ravaging parts of the oklahoma play. it is heartbreaking. what a buyer can do. at least twenty homes damaged or destroyed more than four thousand acres scorched. and now with the smoke begins to clear the rubble in ash the remains
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many are finding hero. like johnny knox. softens the euro on as that knox was a firefighter he was a truck driver. so it's a bit ironic he gave his pickup to neighbors and stay in the fight. as the flames rushden. i had to leave the tent. johnny never ran away. i think if i were back in the know a brother a friend to literally put himself in the line of fire to help save this community nope just really an incredible sacrifice from johnny knox let's get back to the fire the situation for the moment we can put extreme conditions continue both shared across the midwest a potential tender box the wildfire season continues in guthrie oklahoma cake or a cctv. as our skis that day thanks for watching will be
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back the eye. i know. we are
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the us. you know. lulu
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the eye. all i know. i will
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chew. in the ocean the welcome mat. all things considered i'm peeved labelle most of all be at the irrational fear and hatred of all things russian the west mainstream media echo chamber is consumed by what should've been a relic of the cold war appears to be an essential part of the west foreign policy today. this is not only t


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