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do the eye. the rt you mean you're a potential us military withdrawal from afghanistan but how much will it cost the american taxpayer looking back in and rt exclusive. the pentagon is faced with another dilemma strapped for cash that it may cut down its number of military personnel. on that coming. and as the us continues to blame russia for the ukraine crisis and the state department push for stronger sanctions against russia on that later in the shower. a new news. maybe
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i can and washington dc and the french art america. first things first we noticed was driven on my left lapel every year. news anchors are t wear it to twenty nine which is today russian reserves to commemorate the end of world war two this bread is a symbol of the tree for the fifty thousand us led nato troops still deployed in afghanistan are set to a job like the center and a long and costly battle to defeat the taliban. a part time in three series are cheese mayo up as explores the expense of reality of troop withdrawal in the pentagon's exemption for proper accounting practices. for thirteen years now and the vendor sites the sounds of war but with every helicopter mission and every damage from me to return from the afghan theater. there is another sound. when congress is increasin paying attention
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to. after a decade of four lawmakers are tightening their grasp on the purse strings. decreasing the minimum defense budget for twenty fourteen to five hundred billion dollars city and demanding accountability not an easy mission the pentagon is the only agency that cannot produce a budget that can be audited and presented to the american people. every other agency passes. those tests in terms of financial audits. in fact the department of defense has never been on a date even though the d o d complete some one hundred fifty million financial transactions easier and makes up one fifth of federal spending issue that happened years ago said two of our minds homeland security which also has an unaudited it's ludicrous that it's our taxpayer money and it seems he can't account for its fiscal hawks like senator tom coburn from oklahoma i have been attempting to force the pentagon scanned for years now. like previous bills which offered incentives to the cod are getting its fiscal house
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organized. auburn's twenty thirteen on the pentagon act would have punished the military did not comply that bailey is still spinning and knitting. i want a new plan is to have its books on the bike twenty seventeen. critics say that seems like a stretch. there are reasons why this isn't happening. this is a mate for life campaign finance reform in congress allowing contractors. stranglehold on both congress and the pentagon to prevent this article because it would incriminate them to do it all sink in a pentagon employees that are abusing the money at least one part of the military has its financial books in order the marine corps was successfully on a date on december twenty third of last year the marine corps was on a regular chair. so close for the marine corps. took alot of doing it at that point they'll marine corps was for services. we just made is advancements in the course allowed us to be autocratic or that military branch makes up only six percent of
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the overall budget. receiving twenty nine billion dollars for all of twenty fourteen was the main arguments as to why congress has not force the pentagon to comply is the idea that the agency is simply to pay it on at this very complex bad to throw for him to say well it's too big we can worry about it that way the surrender and then we should do that and while former congressman ron paul is now out of office. his sen son is taking up the comments so this is the most important thing we spend money on is one of the few legitimate constitutional functions. it should be a priority that mean a blank check. but even if congress did force and onyx tracking records on the pentagon's antiquated computer system this would be a nightmare reason writers investigation found that the computer systems were built the nineteen seventies and have known way of communicating with one another. at times to update the records system have caused more issues. even
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former defense secretary robert gates has lamented over the complex business practices of the pentagon that the current apparatus for managing people and money across to the od enterprise is woefully inadequate the agency's field activities joint headquarters and support staff functions of the department. operators of semi feudal system. an amalgam of the films without centralized mechanisms to allocate resources to track expenditures and measure results relative to the department's overall priorities according to one estimate from the office of sen coburn. if the department of defense can get its books in order. it could result in twenty five billion dollars in savings each year for the next ten years by eliminating inefficiencies and streamlining spending. he and some say the true colors of the pentagon will finally be shown when an army does take place. it would expose the military industrial complex and in how the negotiations go on and
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exactly who gets the benefits of wine. it's hard to know what we will find it exactly how much money can be stained and whether anything should be changed until the pentagon finally lets auditors past experience in washington animal pens or tea. as congress debates the proposed four hundred ninety six billion defence dollar defense budget this week chris now pay is proving to be a hot button issue nation's military leaders told congress tuesday that there is rated at another pot of money they have in order to cut spending. lawmakers must now slow the growth of pay and benefits. he was more insight on the budget problems facing the military i was chewing earlier by george ferguson is the senior aerospace defense analyst at bloomberg industries. he first asked him to give me a breakdown on what the pentagon wants to keep and what it thinks they can afford to get rid of at this point. one thing that a competitor would love to keep everything is good but budget realities are that way. and i think with the pentagon leaders look at the decisions that they have to make me think that it's easier to
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regenerate the it's the personal side of the force that is some of the more complex weapons systems to the car for a down to invest in the complex weapons systems especially ships and aircraft. i rather than people in and as congress continues to cut budgets. the pentagon has the same problem the rest of the country has and that is that healthcare is expensive you know retirement plans and other expensive as well to the pentagon a route that is now the forces of the manpower heavy forces the army the marines and save on health care save on the back to the salaries and invested in ships and airplanes instead. i have things to make sense. the two thousand taking a look like compared to last year's budget. so we're still working through the two thousand fifteen but i think there's been a lot of negotiations going on. i think is a lot of people that think it'll be hard. after
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the pentagon to go ahead and cut military personnel in and that made it more of the reasons why the pentagon put forward a planned it to go ahead and cut military personnel. because congress to be doesn't like that because of their salaries and on the tickets among other things inside the economy. i just around the country so i think in a way to answer to lead this but perhaps knowing that there be some resistance to cutting personnel and maybe that means the pie is bigger when it's all the time because carter's store is more the personnel cuts than they would have a weapon systems. a vanilla cake and i went to bed its last budget and now time for making the decision to really define its priorities qc happening with this budget that's being worked through right now. no i mean look and it's very hard to think for pentagon ever to get down to just parties because it is a lot of people inside the pentagon never going to be jockeying for the error their program for the air
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force over the others. i'm so that said i do think that the pentagon is on the right path again to cutting personnel. because you can gently regenerate person all fairly rapid the armies of marine corps can and can regenerate people in sixty or ninety days if they commit the nation decided that there is a mission to import enough to muster a very large armored to go pursue. i still think they are on the way to getting to go to the right mix and that is continue to invest in equipment so that when the time comes if you need good equipment and a lot of people you can pick and bring the people up more rapidly. i think the other the other issue here is really that were coming off of over a decade of engagement in iraq and afghanistan. the nation is generally tired of ground engagements like that at the pentagon. we are seeing the fact there's really no appetite to go after. michael after two to be in the vault international be on the ground away the word and
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so therefore that makes that large standing army and marine corps all the personnel. you know will largely quiet not news but just working on training and not really being deployed and so therefore they don't really need as many personnel right now so i think they are thinking of getting to the rhythmic statistics a long time is a lot of complex dynamics going on inside the pentagon i'm sure. yet like as it doesn't appear he left teaching teenagers and a wave pattern in iraq and afghanistan wars or the taliban has just issued on tuesday and the threat of us troops bringing the strike on military bases translators knew i'd domestic translators used overseas by the us military. all of the things that that it wants to do before the pullout of american force in afghanistan soap. in this what we're seeing with the pentagon saying we need if they are ready we can cut down on our people but not on our part where it actually. the ending
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and he and afghanistan iraq and egypt were large engagements either. but then again we clearly don't be decisive. of course we needed to do that. engage in iraq and afghanistan the last ten years. the rest of the so you know this this caliber and that's the problem attack against his father's situations it would be a small attack of something in a large army for her. we didn't want to make sure the key components of our army marine corps and navy air force work well things the counter intelligence and intelligence forces. on two he continued to invest in those technologies that the training of people. it takes longer to train a baby your average army or marine corps person. given the venue was moved to paris saying let's move to an environment where he really invested in these longer term skills and the longer term platforms like ships in america. you know they can regenerate overnight. i make sure that
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were fresher it a go at that on the bigger ball to your side of this large impersonal forces but warned that down i charge and sierra speaking to analysts bloomberg industry think you very much their second round of release this week assistant secretary of state between you and senate the house committee on foreign relations to answer questions about us involvement in crisis in ukraine. she was grilled about bt of demonstrators and increasing sanctions. a teaspoon of the hospital torino and was also grilled about the us is how to guide us in this region is haphazard and inconsistent policy of supporting self determination another congressman specifically ask this new and why the us has eyes supported the independence of south sudan in kosovo for example that dismisses africa in other parts of the world similar efforts but she explained that the obama initiation of poses that changing of borders by force
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during her two hour testimony before the u s house committee on foreign affairs. ms newman reiterated america's commitment and support for the cope with the government in ukraine and not support had been quite lucrative. she says that the us has provided eighteen million dollars in non legal assistance to keep and nine million dollars in funding to be use for the upcoming made twenty fifth i election. i ended the interim government is also suppose be using those funds up with our overall relations campaign that the u s assistant secretary of state did the knowledge that was in a blender put in on monday publicly called for a de escalation in violence when he asked for the upcoming referendum in eastern ukraine to be deleted. nonetheless ms newman disregarded the statements made by the russian leader insisting still that moscow is determined to de stabilize ukraine. the was a report from ortiz marine park. anti government protesters in eastern ukraine are refusing
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to post on sunday's referendum on greater autonomy from kiev. despite the russian president calling for the buck to be too late the decision to go ahead was made by the recently former so called people's councils in the main centers of unrest the cities of donetsk and that got our t's house their reports from eastern ukraine it has been remanded to the peaceful city in comparison to the previous nights. it is still in a tv series here in the morning so the streets are quiet but if anything they like to remain quiet most of the day was still with us and that was not too soon to remain inside i'll find time to mount it seems that the clinton people to put out at the door seems to get some food and get some supplies. we're still hearing all the food shortages here not from neighboring comment or so it is about seventeen km away. we traveled in an adult it's not beyond the statistic was so cold by the ukrainian on it takes about two hours to get
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through some of it. anybody who has not won in the city instead of semi detached the content of the income people. they are considering whether or not to postpone the ticket window that is this sunday. systems today are with or not but from an easy excuse to spend. for someone to his widow enough to coat the meat course the constant violence breaking out tomorrow to meet at nine said patients would not be getting some disturbing reports that mike stick to me and this might use this as an opportunity to see the classes so that is something that people can talk considering i'm thinking about taking very seriously the srt stylist hair. ms castle hill regarding an essay reform beginning of the week two competing bills the house of representatives to reform despite agency were set to go head to head. there was the justice department us
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the freedom act. which was preferred by symbol of experience and then the house intelligence committees piece of transparency modernization act referred by the intelligence community. i wonder how those left standing. house intelligence committee. dropped its own bill and three with support behind the usa freedom act passing it by a unanimous vote on wednesday the us had not passed on a pt to chair a committee with no amendments that we can get from that special person one district outline which that prohibit the back door searches of americans' communications in the annex these databases and another throughout new reporting requirements which added more transparency as the agency. man has appeared satisfied that the house intelligence committee about which released a statement today cleaning the amended act and the book collection of telephone message that while preserving an important counter terrorism tool the next task is a full photo is for. i was so nice
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to be getting face time with the german government is part of the pot parliamentary inquiries the mass surveillance of german citizens which the former nsa contractor expose lawmakers decided thursday that a questionnaire i had planned to send him a little personal appearance wouldn't be enough of course that decision to ban him from appearing in person was made just days after chancellor hall and merkel made her visit stateside to lead the us cents higher to two thousand eleven which was a decided is whether so and was granted asylum in russia should be invited to testify in person the question by germans in russia or if he should testify over video call. one thing is for certain if he sets foot in key us ally country he does risk being arrested and extradited to study revealed that us leave intact the chancellor xylophone relations between countries the us house of heart. merkel's conservative party is rejected bringing snowden into the country. but this is certainly getting quite a bit of push back from the opposition so you can add any diplomatic and sticky
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situation for the chancellor the land on our team. some of guantanamo bay detainee to be headed to south america the president of europe wide says he's willing to accept several of the men held that it now. how many would tell you why. answers for you after the break. and. the us i know. and when. nur you
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it is. in an odd at all. a boring actually. giant to buy a seventy six. do you think this is going to create fbi do you think this is what's occurring it sells. to expert status. please. i just bought
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wake up and start talking about the real causes the patient. wine. bond the house. that year. ch the looks to offload guantanamo bay prisoners europe by step forward as a small country's president as a boutique that has agreed to accept at least five detainees. now opinion polls don't show much fitter for importing the prisoners forty
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seven percent the population disapproved of the move that's not going to stop the rather shall we say on our leader. he's totally willing to ignore sentiments do what he thinks is right in fact stated he wants to rescue societies right experiments. he's just legalize marijuana. signing legislation this week that the pharmacies to sell the government approved marijuana cigarettes at the end of the year. now regarding did well he says it's a disgrace. he's doing this for humanity. in fact the wall street journal he says. i'm never going to be in jail or fourth united states. we are prepared to take in people over there and allow them to live in a country like status as any citizen. not to look at where the small country is situated as custom hundred large and powerful brothers here by argentina and brazil. so it pays for it to stay cozy with the us which it's done for decades. the top of that liberal nation abortion gay marriage are also legal and offering asylum is something it's done repeatedly in years
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past. i was able he cut himself was a political prisoner for fourteen years after working for an urban guerrilla movement. he spent more than a decade in solitary confinement. so i think this a the detainee could not be expecting a more welcoming house. even resisting any less speculation that the detainees be required to stay within your own place orders for a minimum of two years. he says that since the broken no laws in the country they should be afforded feel like. ryker island jail is hitting the headlines once again back in february aren't two thirty a m jailers went to check on him a mate. sharon heard tell that his dead body in the six by ten foot cinder blocks up the temperature at one hundred degrees. jail officials say they've asked for an excessive heat problem to be fixed and dd former cat was found dead. initially ryker staff blamed the tragedy on malfunctioning equipment. but repairs came too late because they were delayed by a long holiday weekend. according to
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documents obtained by the associated press although a non thompson was inconclusive in determining the official cause of legos that city officials have stated that he basically takes stuff. vermont lawmakers passed a bill mandating that genetically modified foods must be labeled governor peter schilling signed the bill this afternoon. the bill passed the vermont house of representatives one fourteen to thirty in the senate twenty two. his bill requires food sold in retail outlets and labeled i as having been produced or partially produced with genetic engineering. it also makes it illegal to describe this weekend as asn the nation to pass it along similar legislation failed in california and washington maine and connecticut counselor bells last year because as stating that other states must pass chem i was before theirs could be enacted and the states have to be nearby. what goes into effect to my first two thousand sixteen. last month
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it was because nature is the policy director center for food safety told us this is just the beginning of the grassroots movements require camera labeling on fitted across the nation ross recruitment of forming an enabling initiative the coming into play. make that ian and animating this may have been around the country the industry to get those going to keep the dog had helped to get this bill into the standard of living have been trying to make a hat. the movement into a different direction but we are spending and bad everybody has the right to know we have the right to know only looking for yet another way to know that no one can become. the producers and the three hundred sixty billion dollar package fit industry ask congress for the passage of the bill which would bar any state from doing one from not just a place in the to the national conference of state legislatures more than two dozen states are considering tmi lakeland downs. i can call me on twitter at nancy
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france ceiling. don't they there are. once again. i've never had that. are they there. former model. what. it
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is the place. dean press the start of this year the not so well liked thirdly devils not surprising that no one likes them too. what is bragging to hear that apparently i can dress like that. they are so proud of them that of the whole bunch of them are highly likely. this number is a total of three hundred and fifty years of experience combined among them are walking out of the these representatives are meeting their own beliefs and five hundred and twenty years of experience with about the walk out the door the us
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house of representatives the second most in at least for now. he was married to his experience is walking out and that's why. according to representative henry waxman of california have been in office. fournier is it because i have become gridlocked job. i did both this is much more partisan than him i had seen in my home country air. but this season senators are also leaving with the thing the league. they played to its engine power and centralization of party leadership as a barrier to prod activity centers like joe mentioned last week and i are one and tv news programs if they care so that they want to play. walking out of the capital. now this could be seen as a good day. we definitely need new blood in progress at the current congress. canceling flights this is united and cut to
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him and put elaborately that the other women and campaign donations by rich people and corporations the supreme court has paved way for a new wave of politicians even more for me when i get that but what birthday. now who have a chance for a newly elected congress person to represent the people she's about to end having known when i'm camping tradition so i buy that for my actually does call for constitutional convention to live in money politics in some states have pledged to follow suit. i actually had some real promise for teens. more than a lot of other things on the table at the moment. with the great indie. we are absolutely fine and have a whole slew of new congressman or acts eyebrows in corporations and individual i'm the president said level yet all we do telling congress does not at the vatican the devil. we have yet to book for tonight's talk about that but
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i wouldn't but as the rest of us. ch we need. what was it was the eye. at that spot did you get the pics in it you watch it. with the sec one s are gone. bob. you knew
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when we will eye. denise line it's friday may nine and captain comanche and tokyo chinese authorities have accused the crews at the end the enemy's chance of that intentionally colliding with their vessels. last week a state owned chinese company hiked an oil rig in disputed waters in the south china sea now dozens of boats from both sides had gathered around it's the chinese are urging that the enemies to pull out so they can be in


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