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tv   Euro News  PBS  May 9, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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the us. chew. kristin let me approach and commemorates the soviet union's victory in the second world war. it makes no mention of the current crisis in ukraine stop broadcasting government views protest is gather outside time and state television buildings and say they will not move until they win their demands. syrian forces retake control of homes as a rebel that. mitre
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mike in moscow russia held its annual victory day parade in red square of mocking the soviet union's victory over gemini in the second what will it was states to the backdrop of what is seen as a surge of patriotism spot by the annexation of crimea present magnificent make no mention of the current crisis in ukraine is a line which was rich in symbolism. but good enough that i know what to do and fun. not all that this is the day of national triumph of people's cry of sorrow and of eternal remembrance. but today she's this is the holiday when we celebrate the old aunty force of patriotism. when all of this a very strong feedings of what it means to be loyal to your motherland be composted is to defend its interesting to us the president is ready this week signed off of all making the denial of crimes a criminal offence punishable by up to five years in jail was pointed in his criticism of russia's ideology even the match of the map and all of us is that it was our country to chase the nazis
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into that than a cheetah full and final destruction. we won and paid the price of millions of victims of terrible disasters. we will always protect a sacred truth we won't allow anyone to forget all the trading heroes get up with concrete that is what is the beauty deal with this is pretty feet to the black sea marine col counting flags of russia's republic of crimea and the cd to basketball. a similar victory parade of the states in the crimean city on friday afternoon to mark the seventieth diamond jubileey in may nineteen forty four. it remains unclear at present is and will be present with his first visit to crimea since its annexation. don't assign to medical city would be a pity he did it end separatists in eastern ukraine battle to push ahead with a referendum on self rule. security officials in kenya to go through
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everything like it's the balkans. that is behind sunday's times poll for ignoring a call from russia president monson it is then seen displaying the plates the security services say though continues to crack down on a suspected of being asked if the separatists commitments due to a pc or the use of today and tomorrow twelve horses out for enforcement agencies were doing everything possible to stop the financing of the so called referendum he signs more obliging several demise nation's one dollars and take part in its most american poet. the dissemination of separatists to go ahead with the but it is stoking concerns in the west but as of the year that walked and ukraine opponents. as the ukraine crisis continues makes face says it will take whatever steps are necessary to increase the security all that outlines the claims that seamed slowing of russian
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troops withdrawing from the ukrainian port of arriving in the stadia for today. this is grace's chief said the defense plants could be refinanced. we are now consider further steps to further reinforce all connected difference. and those are the steps my crew they keep the finnish friends. new youth and parents. enhanced exercises and also appropriate the prime. they say was the massing its traipse in southern ireland with american canadian and british or treat is taking paulson exercises. the alliance accused is more scary with using special forces in this effort is taken to the mainly russian speaking eastern ukraine. the syrian rebel presence in our homes has come to an end. rebels chip is a man took the form of
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serious the largest city is a major blow to the opposition the eu's proposed impression on the side of weeks before his likely re election. this is the once known as the capital of the revolution and peaceful pro democracy protests is known to the control of syrian troops as part of that deal between the insurgents and forces loyal to a son. it follows months of gains by the army backed by its lebanese allies hezbollah downtime due to the un humanitarian affairs court makes a pretty good signs for maintaining the ceasefire. play the old aunties to show the complete respect but it was a cool minty green and making a real asset to the state going to see at the top of the day i come up to two years of the cold of business the left but grew into depict my serious crucial civil war the month of the area has been cleared of insurgents the army is not expected to move into the old city could this be checked for explosives. legend has it
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this is one of hundreds of videos on the internet calling on people to take on team to have dora on the wall malik european leaders is spearheading an international effort to find out what makes them so attractive and help to diminish the appeal the new court makes europe's counterterrorism unit believes young people not to join two halves don't really understand what lies in store for them. some young people are looking for exciting adventures. as the pixels that detroit's a virtual games think they'll find the same excitement by making all the kids. i get to the brussels conference will also explore how to improve communication was sending counter message is the target minister saying you will be to ink a trip from him is that when it is to find peaceful solutions to distill all gold is to use all possible legal means to lead them to find a monotone aspects of activities yet
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nor is is that unlike the sentiment shared by belgium's interior minister has said i'm delighted to see but also has incorporate more and more. on the basis of this information exchange to create a national programs that are more efficient and effective. in recognition of the problem doesn't just affect european member states golden ticket market were among several countries to participate of course bombs and shells the la mesa has halved advantage of this going to countries like syria europe will also steal the problem of people returning with experience of terrorism of the weak link in this conference has been the exchange of credible information between all this baking company is in a bounty of this community. sharp cheddar be silly me. you knew was mixed. they want political reform on the government protests is in bangkok fanned out across thailand's capital in a mostly peaceful demonstration where minor clashes in one part of the city the police pond water cannons and tear
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gas. the demonstrations came two days after courthouse to prime minister yoon ok to walk to the puppies caretaker government remains in place we are not the enemy of the police. our enemies that taxing regime the shinawatra family. hundreds rallied outside the national state television buildings. new elections are scheduled for july but the protests has long been postponed and reforms introduced to and what they claim is the influence of eunuchs brother of former premier taxing shinawatra. he was sleepy until we win. i've made it clear that the police and ministry we will not use force and invade the building height the anti government protests came as tens of thousands of supporters additional actors made their way to bangkok for the un said today. their anger that eunuchs are stinky and will be interim government to win the july election. with the majority of the results now deemed the african national congress has
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dominated south africa's general election winning a round sixty two percent of the night. the anc has phoenix is the point spread corruption with the feta and current south african president jacob still not high priced condos. but this doesn't seem to have it to the electorate. julian smith and the smell isn't economic freedom fund to halt the nineteenth at nights with around six percent of the tie the ef half appeals largely to unemployed youths bundled up the south africans he feel may be many but not since the end of all time meanwhile haven't seen as democratic alliance is in second place with twenty two percent of the banks the old lighthouse right to garner the support of the content the dn east of appeals to many wine titans. the nanny and see victory would expand taken same as president the party's second time
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luton. the east opposite tripled to two could be killed and several people injured in clashes between security forces and anti government protest is in the venezuelan capital caracas. they came amid anger at a series of my traits by police on camp set up by students and protested in security crime and chronic economic instability the previous might operation zone in the two hundred and fifty people arrested since the wave of protest again against president of the rose government three months ago paul than forty people have been killed. despite venezuela's oil reserves are shortages of basic goods and runaway inflation the government school protest is precious to want the state to do. the interior minister said there was evidence that comes to being used to fund act the display weapons and drugs allegedly seized the rates paid days off to human rights watch accused the security forces the beginning of the detaining and torturing
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protest this the third lap i know it. cole twenty six upset the base eurovision final with an oven off the second semi final in copenhagen. among those going by the wayside with the famous previous winners for now. but the role that greeted the news that austria will compete in the final suggested growing is like a phoenix may be one of the favourites. can she devotes as if you want to be a creative lady you're about to pick him up that thing anybody the entry of storms and predictable transfer of the complaints and no doubt some parts of east and europe will be far more comfortable voting for better roads. cr atf for setting an opiate three with miracle making a tour bus to return for his up
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the finishing third. what's with the unqualified to the finally came last the country will be hoping for a repeat of sitting beyond nineteen ninety eight victory over in the nineteen fifty six when it was the first ever eurovision the eye. and. in him. your
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kiddos. once again inject fresh blood in his last short a twisted gemini coach made his thirty man provisional squad for this summer's world cup. like he did in south africa twenty ten iowa has decided to put his faith in a mix of experience and youth leader to guide the national body shop to a full walk cycle between the personalities of course we need players who also have leadership qualities but we'll certainly young as dynamic as a house in the last few months have of themselves a place in the spotlight. and how to bring some fresh blood. haven of the school of optometry shall contain a disney owned director of the mire as well as forests development paradigm. moshe could ram a stuffy of sampdoria about your skin to a fright but jimmy controlling for geelong side on the porch go of the usa. a tire off to paris on sharon won their second
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consecutive league one title laurel gold pen to paper on a new contract keeping him out. up until twenty sixteen all his previous contract was until twenty fifteen arrived at the club last year replacing it to him come on line journal page. in his first time in jaunty that his men to a domestic double winning the league and league cup. turn on the streets playing career that included stints with boston and into a munchkin i get the forty nine year old began life as a manager at porto before taking over the range of fronts national team and the npa she was a domestic double bull also got good pitching to the quarterfinals of the champions league but they were defeated by chelsea the remaining four matches in the top two divisions of ukraine will go ahead without supporters as the government attempts to prevent politically motivated violence that has bought some recent games. last week to find that swept through the city of odessa when our ukraine from russia but
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the last four months between odessa and the kids the locations the two of the fourteen deaths. on top of the supportive but much is that was suppose to take place in the bowl of time east of the country go to suck in the next guest will be moved to other areas of the country the country's football federation has also confirmed that the national cup final between checked out the mets can be more careful made the fifteen think our kids would be moved to a different city. i know top seed rafael nadal continued the defence of his madrid open with a straight edge rushing to the oddity of events to reach the quarterfinals. despite its welcome but one was in no mood to hang the phone call from raced through to the center for just one game the three time champion who suffered chocolate fondue defeat in barcelona and multicolored last month faced stiffer opposition in the second set but the lovely little place for a place finish apartment to see not that i sit one six four in
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the state of one of the final french open warm up bands of the old will make six c thomas with a complete record of the trial. former european into long jump record holder yet. amanda has been found dead at his home in the air signal from spain to the toes of his death will get none of the secure or have long been suffering from depression and in june twenty eleven was hospitalized for psychiatric problems. evidence given to a record of twelve championships in nineteen ninety nine. i would like to take his will but also to get enough of the silver medal behind cuba cuba and rosso it was a call center work will still protect his everett eradicate to be pursued by his recent mvp award by scoring fifteen points to help the oklahoma debris. the trouble to make the kissing game two of the best of seven western conference at the thought of myself the day off to being named nba east led to the seasoned around was in inspired form that also included twelve rebounds and
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monica six. the film does well in dublin and the adaptive the fourth quarter were leading by as many as twenty points russell westbrook chicken with a solid thirty one points ten rebounds and ten assists as the company went through one of the twelve to one one the crew walked away to take a break got away game on monday. it's the square of one of these having friday's game three in senegalese the you use prisoners during his review you're a newsreader. it's all about news these days and it was also a unique music selection listen and you'll see. your news review is unreadable and you refuse to help slash review of the most digital music that folds into the stall will play that due to him. is you. just to let me approach and commemorates the civic unions victory in
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the second level that makes no mention of the current crisis in ukraine. sorry impulses retake control of homes as a rebel like that stop broadcasting government use. protesters gather outside time and state television buildings and say they will not move until they win their demands. i know woohoo when dozens of restaurants all well worth it to explore some of the many specialize in using this. i take those lights use them on to horizontal four hundred and seventy kilometers north of the campus. there's everything from avoca wedding
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dresses to war again the bottom is made up a lot less than. he likes making techniques on display. that sentence. rex. back on expenses and let the tunnels of light used up every week but the place he writes the use and so will the sponsors to ensure light spanking is passed on to future. was i. ch ch ch. shh shh shh. well you know that the european elections coming up too late to this may. i was wondering how well so i can make my voice heard in
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the eu. even when the elections of twenty seven hundred and thirty eight when he invalid as this the resumption of uranium. i mean i do not do you think the arts and i purchased the bulletin. how was it since i don't blame me when you think the fence me in leeds. on the menu was nice every night and in eighteen eighty the sun i don't want to eat them. if not they're getting the sense why didn't i didn't expect the new kenyans to you today the dude who had seen in the future without him. a nice internet. the last ten years. on the foot. even with
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inventing the sun for the european commission the league lead in the sun on on weeks have come a time in my mind all week. one from the mt keith and green that meaning and peace i spent means for them. this means you can envision me the police and an adult some for my friends owns a speech to descend. i need to meet jubilant and that is too big to send in unity and identity when she was really good deal on dc. you and me. for an ear piece and wednesdays. she was asked a question go to the euro news web sites will visit of social media pages for her. and. he eats it. i
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am. we keep weeks until finding a nice heaping t t it we wanted to make sure we did justice to it and pay respects to all that was done before i know without a cent i i'd love to run as a child i was scared of her laughter was fascinated by him. and so i just didn't want to do anything that would add not be good enough to stand for for all the people that hadn't responded to her over the years. and the office. on
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top. that was it that dream come true. i like more of myself like. like is when i when i was little like when people ask anybody wanna be when you grow up i would say disney princess like always but that's a huge relief that the entity that kind of be able to say that i got to see that it's like so exciting so on. i want to make it. i make her like that the best present. at her like i said i guess. tsk. screens at the end. b beach. oh oh oh oh
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horrors. and who you were covered in prayer. just try and crank the train the question placed in front a new comedy telling the story of an indy band on my parents must take the thing that front is ready seen without his giant game of shape and who signed it in this sport. rising star of hollywood michael voss kind of place them on entering the mosque a role he ravaged according to documents and any abraham's son. then he say was quite a range of diseases turned out pretty makeup and hair and then he calmly yes he's gst so i will put the beans can insist that rocked chile on playing every part of the on site enlarge out the matching hats. at which might like you know who reminds your needs is not intrinsic to it i knew he's also not to that doesn't she is the obvious well tt's he challenges
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himself on that thing. acting through this mosque and twenty ways of making express it is such a great time for him is not to. people should know that. the group. the new facial expressions and that is extreme and nine. the film was inspired by the career of british comedy icon from falling off them like i did make it like a musician chris tv analyst for my kids on the first season in nineteen eight people died. i'm not going to punch in. the here we go. as a naive openness of expression in the works really hard and designing that it's it's not the same as the original price i bought it it's it's really different is the catch is different. it's more how many decaying it's because it has is kind of opened. and so ideal office to make me say that it has been in a two and a knight returns and humanities. eta i think your
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needs. these intrinsic on a project their feelings on to quantify. front will be released in uk and on and the maiden alley certificates. the what so ever to go to training whenever daddy did. my son the key to my dorm room the us the us. the she's a
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use she's a bit. i do. i
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call. i know. as you. eye
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the wall. the chew. will. a
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welcome to your oldest one and you know tommy and tokyo here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. cruise aboard ships from china and vietnam showed no sign of backing away from a disputed area in the south china sea. russian president but it wouldn't have minded friday and it says person has a sense of freedom damage the region and we checked in


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