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tv   DW News  PBS  July 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] brent: this is the w news live from berlin. it defending the deal and taking hits on capitol hill. the iran nuclear agreement, john kerry make his first public statement before skeptical senators. the insults have been flying both political and personal. we will go live for more in washington. turkey scrambles warplanes after the islamic date reportedly kills a soldier on the border with syria. the latest incident in a surge of violence along the run tear. and the headline reads -- the financial times group goes for a
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whopping $1.3 billion to a japanese media firm. i brent goff, good to have you with us. could it get any tougher? asked secretary of state john kerry who just ended months of marathon negotiations to reach an agreement with iran to limit the nuclear program. he began selling the deal on capitol hill, accusing him of being least of giving tehran a great big green light to make new year weapons. >> john kerry arrived ready to defend the nuclear deal. lawmakers want to know how iran will use his newfound economic benefit if sanctions are lifted
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and if it can be trusted to curb its nuclear ambitions. kerry: we were crystal clear that we would not accept anything less than a good deal and we defined it up front as a deal that closed off forward pathways to a bomb. the uranium pathways, the plutonium pathway, and the covert pathway. we set our standard and we believe we have achieved that standard. >> republican leaders have vowed to block the agreement which they say shows a fundamental misunderstanding of iran. >> i think you have codified a perfectly aligned pathway for iran to get a nuclear weapon just by abiding this agreement. >> republicans are not the only ones against it. protesters show their opposition
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in new york's times where. -- times square. >> their history of not keeping promises and not agreeing to deals. outright lying. it proves, to me, their character. and their character is not to be trusted. >> a historic agreement or a historic mistake. congress is preparing a two-month review before it puts it to a vote. brent: let's go to richard walker. john kerry walked in on crutches. he's got a problem with his leg but he did not get any sympathy from the senators. it's been getting personal. richard: it had that flavor at the beginning of the meeting. opening remarks by the senate foreign relations chairman. you mentioned it briefly in your introduction, that he launched into some damning comments about
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john kerry. sitting just a few feet in front of him, saying he had been fleeced by the iranians. and that far from blocking any of those pathways that we just heard in the report, that he had effectively paved the pathway for iran to develop a nuclear weapon at a point in the future. we shouldn't be too surprised because this is a very emotive issue. not just decades of animosity it is dealing with america's relationship with its most important out lie, one of assist in the world with israel. how best to defend it from perceived threat. it is also dealing with america's place in the world. if america has the power to bring about outcomes that it desires.
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brent: how persuadable are the republicans on the senate foreign relations committee and in congress? richard: i think the bottom line is that it is not persuadable. if you read between the lines and what bob corker was saying, he was referring to the fact that we have now conceded that iran can have a uranian enrichment program that it simply does not need first stated reasons. the bottom line appears to be iran should not be allowed to enrich uranium at all and it is a line that has long since been crossed by the rest of the five world powers involved in negotiating this deal. if that is the bottom line, they will probably never be persuaded by this deal. the politics of all this and opinion polls suggest republican voters are strongly against this
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deal and absolutely no political upside whatsoever to any republicans to grant barack obama what he hopes will be a major foreign-policy victory. brent: richard, thank you very much. despite what we are seeing in washington, germany appears convinced the agreement with iran will stick. one of the conditions is that trade sanctions against the country be lifted. that means the doors are open for business with tehran. the economics minister has already made a landmark visit and a trade relationship between germany and iran is not far off. >> iranian businesses already have an address in berlin. 1000 square meters in the german middle east association building. it seeks to foster german commercial interest in this region.
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the chairwoman handed over the keys just a few days ago. >> some leading iranian firms have traditionally strong ties to germany. they are interested in having a presence here. >> they traveled to iran this week. the first to arrive since the signing of the international new year deal. and he brought along a high-level entourage including representatives of the association for german industry and trade. the minister made no secret to promote germany's interest. but the chairman called the trip irritating and said it is naive to believe germany can help build economic bridges between iran and israel. he defended his strict to iran pointing out that he addressed a
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number of contentious issues including the death penalty and israel's right to exist. he claims that by signing the international nuclear accord iran has earned the right to a normalization of relations. >> we acted in a measured and responsible measure. if iran agrees, it will be rewarded. the deal faces considerable opposition. the economics minister wants to ensure all sides will benefit from an atmosphere of growing trust and warmer relations. brent: simon is on the story tonight. it inc. on this deal was not even dry and we had the german economics dennis are flying to tehran. why is germany so keen to do business with the country?
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>> people are wondering why they thought it was wise move quite so quickly. the reasons are twofold. there is a lot of money to be made. the president of the german chamber of commerce traveled on that trip and says he believes german iranian trade is leading a trade partner just a few years ago. it is a very important economic relationship. he believes that reestablishing these ties is the best way to show people inside iran that they are getting the benefit of staying in the dialogue of continuing to negotiateh international partners rather than adopting a hostile horse. if they didn't see the benefits of ending sanctions, people in
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iran might ask you, what was the point of offering concessions. brent: and the israel card has come into this discussion. how has this development affected german-israel he relations? >> it could put some strain on them. it's no secret that the israelis don't think much of this deal. they continue to regard iran as a threat. and there are plenty of people in berlin very sensitive to the concerns of israel when it comes to any german involvement in the middle east. criticizing the fact that iran has not recognized israel and supports armed groups in the region. sanctions were not imposed because of those issues. those in the concerns of israel should not be the primary reason
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for continuing to do so this time. brent: simon, thank you very much. turkey has scrambled warplanes to the syrian border admitted at least or mesh with the us are mixed eight. i asked reportedly opened fire near the town, killing one soldier and wounding others. forces returned fire and destroyed several vehicles. it comes amid a surge of violence. 32 before killed in a suicide bombing in the turkish city. dorian jones is in istanbul covering the story for us. map out how serious this is. we have heard warplanes have been scrambled and ground troops have been sent in.
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dorian: this is the first military confrontation between the islamic eight and the turkish army. the exchange went on for five hours. tanks backed up by heavy artillery as they struck against the islamic they after the attack on their outpost. they claimed they killed one militant and destroyed three vehicles. this comes at an area where turkey has built up a massive military presence ahead of what the turkish government said. they would intervene it. if they felt order was threatened. and the turkish prime minister met with the chief of staff. he held a security summit. after those meetings, all measures will be taken to protect the country's security. brent: it sounds ominous when
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you consider turkey is a member of nato. are they able to keep out of this like? >> we understand the turkish president spoke at length. if the two leaders agree to work more closely, great corroboration or securing the border, it has been a major concern. they say they haven't been doing enough and american officials are saying that turkey as finally agreed to washington's request to use a crucial military airbase. it is only a few kilometers from the syrian border and is key to carrying the path against the islamic state. the fact that turkey has been very reluctant not to do this is because of the fear of retaliation.
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brent: either way you look at it it is a powder keg right now. and now some of the other stories making headlines around the world. an autopsy profound on the black woman found hanging in her cell is consistent with suicide. that's according to a local official. she had known injuries that would -- no injuries that would suggest the struggle to waste. it is called earth 2.0. scientists found the most earthlike lannett ever and our gallic the. known as kepler 452 b, the planets distance on the star is about the same as earth from the sun. the world could support liquid water, one of the conditions for life to it just.
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-- to exist. a story almost certain to make us lash on tomorrow's front pages. the financial times changing ownership. read all about that.
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brent: this is dw news. my from berlin. john kerry defending the iran nuclear deal in a fierce exchange. republican lawmakers say that kerry has been fleeced. but the secretary of state says the deal is the only viable option toward a peaceful resolution. turkey has scrambled warplanes in a skirmish with islamic state. i asked reportedly opened fire, killing one soldier and wounding others. extra, read all about it. a massive media deal.
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ben: this will be on the front page. a big shakeup between europe and asia. pearson is selling the iconic newspaper to japanese media corporation the tape. the price paid is over $1 billion. some observers say way too much for an old paper and others argue it is a major coup for the japanese. >> it is an institution. they have been printed by pearson for nearly 60 years. it has always been a trophy asset. 720,000 print and digital copy old everyday. pearson holds 50% of the economist. it is not selling that holding. the price is $1.3 billion.
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the financial times was considered a pacesetter in the online news world. pearson has opted to focus on the global education business, even though it is financially sound. >> i don't think anyone is looking to make radical changes this jet. it fits what it does very well. it is a desire not to change current policy. >> it has been on a purchasing spree as it tries to boost the online type arm. after the deal was announced, they said that it had looked. and now the british paper is going to the mccain media corporation pending approval from competition authorities. it is the largest independent business media group. the core businesses newspaper publishing and the flagship paper has about 3 million subscribers.
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ben: general motors announced a huge boost in earnings. it made $200 million in the second quarter. 1.1 billion. the remains strong. gm beat analyst expectations despite combined losses of $1 billion in thailand. we had a earnings today. the figures were not all that bad. isn't that simple? >> it is that simple today, at least. gm stock was up during the day sometimes up evan percent. a pretty strong performance and rightfully so, can you during the numbers.
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they more than quintupled their quarterly profit over the last year. this is a company that was in bankruptcy until five or six years ago and it has come back firing on all cylinders. very well in china and here in the united states. that is quite a success story here out of detroit and ugliest tory that will celebrate at the stock market today. ben: what if the oil price starts roaring up words? >> this is where there might be a problem in the future. the oil price is what made the suv sector so's wrong. american customers always like to buy them. they're not just big cars but they have big profit margins. the are very lucrative.
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it is absolutely clear that at him point down the road, the oil price will go up and these large cars with high profit margins will lose in popularity and people will start looking for smaller cars. they have smaller cars all the way down to electric cars like the chevy volt. but they are the ones with the lower margins and they are not the mass vehicles. ben: we will have to leave it there. good talking to you. and we stay with cars. the emerging economy a 54% surge. thanks to the core brand mercedes-benz.
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new andriy issued mercedes models have posted record sales. the luxury brand has now sold a record half a million vehicles in the second quarter. the return on sales reached 10.5%. a profit margin that puts mercedes in the same league as bmw and audi. daimler finally caught up with the competition in china. the mercedes passenger car sales jump 34% in the second quarter. arrival carmaker suffered a slow down. the brand aims to keep double digit profit margins in the coming years with more new
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models like the next generation of sedans and newly developed suvs. ben: in south africa everywhere eight hours, a rhino is poached according to estimates from wildlife conservation organizations. it is worth billions of dollars every year. several airlines refuse to trans or hunting trophies as their way of supporting the fight against poachers but south african airways is not one of them anymore. >> hunting trophies have free passage again. 12 weeks after it announced an embargo on them. conservationists have accused the airline of succumbing to pressure from the hunting lobby. shooting captive lions is a booming and legal trade in south africa but the country is also hot spot for illegal poaching with rhinos in particular.
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and the carnage is growing steadily. the number of kills rose to pass 1000 by 2013. last year, the total was 1250. south african airways suspended the transfer work of hunting trophies after it was penalized by civil aviation authorities. a shipment has been falsely labeled as technical equipment. the hunting lobby argues it helps monitor the wildlife. it has ballooned to a $19 billion market. brent: the tour de france has only three more stages before the finish line. it is looking like nothing can.
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the coronation like ride sunday. >> they crossed over the french out. the leader new it was ideal terrain for those looking to attack and try to break away from him and his closest competitors tried. they all new that after stage 18 3 hundred 60 kilometers remain to the finish line. but with the team sky teammates assisting their leader that grind it, the top bike riders arrived. >> the team did a fantastic job writing when we needed to. not doing too much and being smart about it.
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>> they were beside themselves. brent: sprinter you same bold has not been himself this season. he has a chance to rediscover his mojo at a special venue. the same stadium where he blitzed to the gold in 2012. >> he is not used to being an underdog but he can fight back in london. >> i look forward to competition. beijing is a month away. to get through these races. i have been training and pushing myself. >> the specter of doping is back with his three main rivals serving bands.
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he builds up for the real 2016 olympics. >> everybody starts pointing fingers again. it does not help the sport in any way. >> he is fired up but don't expect any world records soon. he is limbering up for bigger challenges ahead. brent: john kerry told a senate hearing that the agreement is the only viable solution to a long-running this you over the atomic program. i will be back at the top of the hour with more news. thanks for watching, everybody.
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