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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 28, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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ceiling panel from the number one reactor using a remote controlled crane. the cover prevented the disburse l of radio active materials into the atmosphere and need to take it off to clear debris and
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remove spent nuclear fuel. officials say it will take several months. they expect to complete the work by next winter. the process was originally due to start last july but officials postponed the operation after residents expressed concern over the possible spread of radio active materials. they put off the work again in may, after discovering a problem in the building. the officials strayed chemical agents. they say they will keep a closer watch on radiation levels and keep the public informed. investors around the world are reeling as stock prices plunge in china. the mainland's key index experienced the biggest fall since 2007. ramine joins us with the numbers. >> it's been an up and down session for the main index as shanghai stock prices continue
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to be volatile. the induction plunged more than 8% on monday. now later the same day china security regulation authority stressed they will continue measures to property up share prices. the shanghai composite index fell ending july 8th and following support measures from the choice niece government but investors sold heavily on monday sending the index plunging by 8.48%. analysts say one factor behind the decline is wariness among investors of a slowdown in the economy and site investor anxiety in the wake of last week's report that support measures may soon end. chinese authorities dismiss the news reports late on monday and said they will do all they can to stabilize the market. overseas investors have criticized choo thatchina support measures.
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let's get a look on how everything will be effected here. the world's second biggest economy, for more bego to the tokyo stock exchange. forget about the fed, it seems to be all about china now. >> forget about the fed. that's what many market watchers are saying and that's because after china posted the biggest drop in eight years, that knocked down equities and co-mod commodities across the globe. the nikkei closed down nearly 1% 20,167 and the topix down 1% at the open. a few hours ago, the dow closed at the lowest since february at 17,440 and investors are worried about china's u.s. trading partners and the dow posted five sessions of losses the longest streak since january and the nasdaq was down 1%. many trader haves suggested the
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key event this week was the fed's policy meeting but as you said, one market strategists told me more weight is now on china's manufacturing although it's due out on saturday after the crash. he says the market is now very very sensitive to anything focussing on chinese growth and another strategist told me that about the correlation between the s&p 500 on wall street and stocks and what this means is that weakness in china may have already hit some big u.s. firms. now especially technology shares, which get huge sales from greater asia that's biggest economy of course china. so a lot of investors will be looking to see whether companies in the u.s. and of course japan will get these ripple on effects in case this whole china story starts to get really bad in the bigger picture,.
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>> the nike iskei is opening 1% now. about the route and affecting the market tell us about that. >> starting off with commodities, seeing falls in copper and oil prices. brent crude oil hit the lowest since march. no surprise if investors worry about weaker demand from china and as market players avoid risk tradings demand for safer assets like the japanese u.s. treasury increases so the dollar is lower against the yen. 123.27 and traders bought back the eros on the back of the sell off in chinese stocks. one dealer says money tends to go home when there is a crisis. the eros went back to europe and after hitting a two-week high against the dollar. a lot of focus on china, however, we'll see earnings coming out in japan later today. so investors will of course be looking at those numbers, as well. for now, that's it for me, back
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to you. >> thanks. we'll definitely keep an eye on how stocks open in china, as well. trade ministers from 12 nations are on one of the biggest free trade agreements in history. they are about to enter the final stage of talks for the chance pacific partnership free trade deal. they will meet in hawaii to begin intensive negotiations. chief negotiators are working on the scope of a meeting scheduled for later this week. one item on the agenda is correcting correcting correcting treatment for state visitors. it allows investors to sue states over treaty breaches. the ad minute stray tore in charge said he's termed to achieve a broad agreement in the coming talks. [speaking foreign language]. >> translator: i think ministers from the 12 nations will be
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determined this will be the final one. i'll do my utmost with japan's national interest in mind to achieve win win results for all participating countries. >> he referred to sticking points and said he'll discuss tariffs with trade representatives. negotiators from the two countries want to eliminate the tariffs on high-end pork products and discussing a deal to maintain japan's gate price system that imposes higher tariffs on other pork imports. officials are also negotiating how much rice japan is willing to import from the u.s. tokyo is considering an import quota for american rice up to 8 80,000 tons. narrowing the differences between the two countries will advance the ttp toward a quicker
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conclusion. now there is the spirit of urgency at some of japan's electronics makers. the tokyo olympics is five years ago and that started a race to invite in research labs. trying out some of the new ideas. >> reporter: communication in english or other languages can be difficult in tokyo but there might be a solution. this is a translation device panasonic is developing. researchers are putting it to the test. where is the nearest sushi restaurant? the device translates what i said into japanese and i get my answer back. the machine can interpret simple tenses to and from japanese english, chinese and korean. the company is also working on the prototype of a wearable translator.
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>> translator: we're not developing a device that just translates words, but hardware that can be useful for communication. >> reporter: electronics makers also have their eye on security for the 2020 games. japanese police say they want to make use of the cameras to upgrade their surveillance system for the olympics. that includes sony's first surveillance camera where the company is exploding expertise and high resolution image sensors and lenses. this image is taken with the company's 4 k camera. now compare that one to the high-definition camera image on the left. you can clearly see the numbers on the card shot with the 4 k camera. camera operators can select areas that need to be monitored and downgrade picture quality in other areas. highway signs, for example, that
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could span with consumption by 50% and offers big savings on data storage. engineers are also hoping security workers analyze what they see on cameras using recognition software technology. take a look at this picture, when the flow of people gets larger the color of the screen changes from yellow to red. when the degree of congestion becomes dangerous, an alert is automatically sent to the operator. any software developers are on the case too, focussing on unusual human behavior like people suddenly running away. companye pan researchers are working to send instant alerts to people on the streets. [speaking foreign language]. >> translator: our technology can provide safety and security
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to users, so they can react faster by letting them know what is happening in realtime. we feel a sports event like the olympics is a business opportunity. we can help run the event more successfully. >> reporter: they are putting japanese technology to the test. electronics makers say if they can come through in time the pay off for business will be world class. that's all for business news for this hour. i'll leave you with a check on the markets.
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now on to other stories we're follow thing hour. kurdish fighters in syria have accused the the turkish military of complicating matters. western nations are cooperating with the syrian kurds against the militants. turkish forces have been bombing islamic state groups in syria since friday. the campaign is the country's first scale paristicipation in the fight against militants and responding to a suicide bombing that left more than 30 people dead in a turkish boarder town. the kurdish militia said tank rounds hit positions in northern syria and urgen end to attacks on their forces but a turkish officials denies the acquisition. the military continues to target islam make state and the kurdish
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workers party in iraq. turkish prime minister said nato will hold an emergency meeting on tuesday at the request of tour tushish ishish ishish tour kish authorities rchls seven police officers and three civilians were killed. police say assailants were armed with automatic weapons and grenades. they were killed during a shootout. indian government officials suspect the gunman crossed into india from pakistan. [speaking foreign language]. >> don't worry forces have already moved there. >> it is the latest in cross
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boarder attacks against indian tarp gets including police and army facilities. the indian government has accused pakistan of backing the attacks. india and pakistan are lock into a territorial dispute however, indian prime minister and pakistan prime minister agreed to improve ties when they met this month for the first time in over a year. a gunfight e rumtrupted between from groups in northern afghanistan. p at least 21 people were killed. the gun battle broke out sunday in the northern province of ba glan. many guests became embroiled in the fighting. the dead include two children. the feuding groups included combatants that fought against the soviet military. on top of attacks by the ban taliban, it's disrupting
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afghanistan afghanistan's investigation. entertainment companies are rushing to china to open theme parks. they are trying to cater to the growing middle class in the second biggest economy. a hillello kitty park made it's debut and disneyland will launch in shanghai next year and a tokyo based company waded into the chinese market. it plans to offer the entertain the officials say is seldom seen in the country. more from nhk world. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: people are flocking to a new style indoor theme park. a venture opened in the coastal city.
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workers and attend dees have a big smile on their faces. >> translator: their services are good. they are enthusiastic, i'm sure everyone wants to come. >> reporter: people in china are used to what they call service. at this local amusement park guys and others are busy checking their cell phones. they aren't paying any attention to guests nearby. but introducing good customer service to china is easier said than done. they started a training session. employees are learning how to smile.
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she joined the company as head of human resources. at her previous company she learned how to do business japanese style. she has been hired locally. she has no experience in dealing with customers and has trouble smiling naturally. today they are going through a preemployment training. the park invited some local people. she tries to smile. she can't find a good timing to speak to her guest. her boss watches her anxiously. >> translator: we chinese feel embarrassed about putting on a big smile. our staff is shy. >> reporter: she keeps trying to give a natural smile.
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the opening day has arrived. they come flooding in but few people show up at the attraction where she is working. then she starts calling out. her effort is rewarded. she learns a new way of getting customers by putting her heart into it. >> translator: i'm thrilled. i'll work hard so i'll be able to serve our guests with passion
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like i'm doing now. >> reporter: chinese with a japanese style service are ready and eager to meet intense competition, due to children parents and grandparents in the country. japanese puppet theater has a long history dating back more than 300 years. a group of performers is hoping to attract a new younger audience by combining traditional story telling.
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>> reporter: a boy climbs a vine that stretches high into the sky. the famous english fairy tale "jack and the bean stock." some 500 children and parents attended the performance. this legend title "strange bean stock" include as is few surprises, the giant's castle has been transformed into the palace. his sister is held captive. together, they battle monsters. the artists created new villains, such as huge threatening bird and the goblin without a body. to amuse the young spectators sticks and toy hammers are used
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to get the monsters. in most picture books, jack cut as bean stock to kill the giant, but a new twist has been added to the ending. [speaking foreign language]. >> translator: in the original story, jack goes up the stock a number of times and brings back lots of treasure from the giant's cast and will that makes him rich. i wondered if this is really the right message. i wanted everyone to be happy at the end of our play. >> reporter: in this legend, the main villain survives. a monster that falls from the sky has a change of heart after being helped by the main character. the show ends as everyone dancing together. the audience clapped along to
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the sound. >> translator: the last dancing was the most past nating.e fascinating. i was getting deep into the story. >> translator: there are so many exciting scenes want to see it again. >> reporter: it has been declared a cultural heritage but main puppeteer believes it's practitioners need to keep the art form relevant by creating new kinds of plays. >> translator: most are based on classical stories, and those are the works we want to show. we'll be happy if watching our new show makes children more interested. >> reporter: performers have high hopes that sharing these
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them counting back for more. it is time now to get a check of weather. hot and humid weather in tokyo and people are doing what they can to stay cool. robert robert speta joins us with the latest. >> across tokyo and central japan, the temperatures will cool down. the humidity as you mentioned will continue to climb. we're looking at heat indexes pushing up into central portions of japan. what we really got going on today is we still have the daytime heating going on. southerly winds but the remanence of this coming through and you can barely see it clouds popping up here but it creates enough instability aloft above heads, temperatures around minus 30 to minus 30 degrees sell sellous. we got thunderstorms flaring ape
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cross much of the planes especially off here towards the north, just north of tokyo, you see about 74 millimeters of rainfall this morning in a one-hour period. we'll look at more showers throughout the day as this drifts towards the east and then by the afternoon and evening hours, should taper off and back wednesday into thursday sunny skies yet again and we're going to be looking at temperatures pushing back into the 0s30s. relief and it's about perspective because it won't last long. back towards the northwest, we have scattered showers across parts of northeastern china beijing into the overnight hours and the south and southwest monsoon pulling in across the china peninsula that will continue to bring showers out there, one to 200 millimeters. here is a look at the temperatures, in the 30s towards the south and south central china hot and sunny skies out
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here, high pressure continues to dominate and it will continue to linger through the next several days, some areas northern upward high 30s and low 40s getting into the 30s in south korea into the mid 30s. don't forget that's not including humidity. heat index could feel like the 40s there, as well. stay hydrated stay cool out there. as we take a look towards europe thunderstorms continuing to flair up here into western portions of russia. actually some large hail and funnel clouds reported with that one and back towards the west we have another low pushing through the central portions. i want to take your attention towards the south because the mediterranean, it's hot and dry. that creates it's own problems. let's look at video in spain and france because the heat and dryness here is made for wildfires in northeastern spain. tort fortunately weaker winds helps slow advance but officials explain the blaze was the
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biggest in the region and nearly 1,000 acres of land got burned. wildfires broke out friday afternoon and in france 530 of pine forest were burned and 600 people were evacuated and looks like the forecast still hot and dry out here. take a look at the next several days actually is going to be into the high to mid 30s. want to wrap up here in the americas. we have another collision of air masses. you can see the storms flaring up. hot air from the south, stormy conditions towards the north and looks like this is going to continue to be a big problem as we go ahead through the rest of monday night into tuesday and down towards the south. temperatures rising. look at houston, 36 there on your tuesday. here is the extended outlook.
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and that's all for this edition of "news line." i'm kathryn thanks for joining us.
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r the best bits of the week for you. lets have a look at what's coming up. need for speed the goodwood festival draws in lovers of classic cars . beyond borders a contemporary art exhibition in belgium moves to the beach.
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creature comforts we stop by the hotel du cap eden roc in southern france. flatout and fearless. that's the motto of this year's goodwood festival of speed. and for those of you unfamiliar with this event, it's the venue for classic cars and their followers in britain. in goodwood, which is about 100


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