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tv   DW News  PBS  October 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news live from berlin. is this sepp blatter's final kick of the ball. he and michel platini have been provisionally suspended. the conflict in syria is taking its toll on relations between nato and russia. nato condemns the air campaign and says the alliance is ready to deploy forces to defend members, including turkey. in the hot seat, volkswagen u.s. chief gets grilling.
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he didn't know about the emission cheating devices until weeks ago. german prosecutors raid vw headquarters. welcome to the program. are they being pushed out? sepp blatter and michel platini have been provisionally suspended for 90 days by the organizations ethics committee. both men are banned from caring out the official functions. the move comes after swiss prosecutors opened an investigation into a payment that sepp blatter made to michel platini in 2011. >> sepp blatter was his most powerful back in may when he was elected a fifth time despite
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corruption allegations. his empire has crumbled since then. the ethics committee decision means his career officially over. he cannot even visit a football match. the german president spoke. >> ifo must start again as far as personnel is concerned. the future can only be shaped without sepp blatter. --fifa must start again as far as personnel is concerned. the new interim head of fever has also been dashed of fifa --fifa has also been accused.
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>> joining us in the studio to tell us more about the story is our sports correspondent, mark meadows. what does this mean for the future of fifa? >> it's absolutely chaotic. sepp blatter is out of the way. michel platini was expected to replace him. he will probably not stand now. a south korean who wanted to run in that election has been banned because of separate corruption allegations. the whole organization is on its knees. the interim president has a huge cloud over him when it comes to corruption allegations. he denies any wrongdoing. the whole organization is on its knees and you have to wonder whether you really need michel platini fifa. >> can fifa continue as an institution? >> there is a school of thought
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that you don't need it. you have south america, asia, maybe you can just rotate the world cup around eat -- each region. so maybe you could get away without paying fifa. there is also the body that sets the rules of football, cause i independent of fifa -- cause i independent make a world football association or something, completely different people. >> we are still waiting to hear the outcome of a swiss police probe into the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 world cups. more world chaos couldn't sue? >> for russia, 2018, it's too that will happen. 2022, a lot of people upset about that, maybe a change, who will make the decision? >> thank you for coming in
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talking with us today. the corruption scandal at fifa erupted earlier this year as delegates gathered to reelect sepp blatter. there has been a steady stream of negative headlines since then. here is a look at how events unfolded since may. >> the fifa corruption scandal exploded, six high-ranking officials arrested, among them jeffrey webb. it was a blow to the governing body. two days later, fifa reelected sepp blatter as if nothing had happened. the pressure from outside stayed steady and sepp blatter announced he was resigning, but not immediately. he wanted to remain in charge until a successor was chosen. if not the king, then the kingmaker.
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sepp blatter benefited from the support of asian and african associations in choosing february 26 of next year as the new election date, rather than this year favored by the europeans. despite hesitation, michel platini then threw his hat in the ring for the job. in september, u.s. attorney general loretta lynch and the swift -- swiss cheap federal prosecutor intensified investigations against fifa. the general secretary with suspended by fifa over corruption allegations. things started heating up for sepp blatter. swiss prosecutors announced an investigation into payments made to michel platini. major sponsors demanded the president step down immediately. he didn't, but the ethics
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committee has suspended him along with michel platini. >> european union union enter her ministers have decided to speed up the deportations of migrants who don't qualify for asylum. that usually means people who are not fleeing conflict, poverty, or repression. less than half of all those who fail to qualify for asylum are actually sent back to their home countries. something that the eu intends to change. >> european interior ministers want to speed up the return of migrants denied asylum and create a border guard forced to reduce the influx of migrants. >> if we don't succeed in controlling our external borders, there is an enormous risk that the schengen system will not survive. >> the ministers have proposed a series of deportation measures. they include significantly reducing -- 'capacity of the border agency to pave the way
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for collective deportation flights. >> repatriation is always difficult. if we make this decision and differentiate between those who need protection and don't, it will be difficult for those who don't protection to have -- >> delegations from the balkans countries were invited. the eu needs there is an citizenry page rating economic migrants whose result in a quest to deny. >> gathering together all the key actors wih a common purpose is a good way to deal with that. >> the balkan states willingness will depend on the amount of financial help the receive in return. the eu was under pressure to reach a deal. >> were crossing now to events in luxembourg. welcome. representatives were set to discuss a 10 point plan on a new deportation policy. what is the latest? >> ministers have, to the
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decision -- have come to the decision if they want to do with refugees, they will have to do two things. one is secure europe's external borders more efficiently. secondly, returned as refugees that have failed to be granted asylum in europe, economic migrants, more swiftly and directly to their home countries. >> another important meeting took place today, which was the west balkans conference. >> the meeting has just ended. let's focus on the advantage first. the advantage was that all the key players that are involved in the west balkan route which refugees are taking for the moment, less by the mediterranean. all the key players were here, including ngos, neighboring
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states, delegations from jordan or lebanon, and then of course countries such as serbia and macedonia. the disadvantage, and here's the tricky part, most of these different delegations have different views where the actual problem lies, and many of them believe that with the refugees that has to their countries, the problem itself also disappeared some point. >> the word hotspot has come up again at today's talks, but how have they been defined? >> hotspots is a real key word here throughout the day. it is something where a lot of ministers, foreign ministers as well as interior ministers, put a lot of hope into, because the hotspots are registration centers that are meant to be set up on the margins of europe, so for instance in greece and italy. they hope it refugees will be
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registered and fingerprinted there, and from there they would be redistributed throughout the the idea behind it put in a nutshell is that your hopes to seal off the external borders, a fortress of europe, but leave at the same time some legal loopholes that would be these hotspot to allow people in. the problem is these hotspots are barely operational in italy, and they are not working in greece so far. >> our correspondent in luxembourg. thank you for being here. russia's show of force in syria from the air and sea along with a ground offensive line syrian troops is putting a lot of pressure on nato. in response, the alliance defense ministers have agreed to double the size of nato's response force in europe to 40,000. nato's chief stressing the alliance is ready and able to defend its members, including turkey. moscow says it shares the west
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concern of venting the spread of islamic extremism, but they accuse moscow of pursuing a flawed strategy. >> the situation in syria more dire by the day, these pictures of the government's latest ground offensive come indicating that the military is stepping up activities. the russian government also released footage of repeated bomb attacks from both the air and sea. nato has been shocked by russia's growing involvement in the syrian war. the alliance strongly opposes moscow's support for the syrian government. nato mistress -- ministers met to discuss the strategy going for it. secretary general jens stoltenberg said nato will act immediately with double the force. >> nato will defend, nato is on the ground, nato is ready. this is not just about the east.
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we faced threats from many directions, and in many different forms. >> secretary general jens stoltenberg said nato is also intensifying training in eastern europe with several rapid response basis in the works. >> we have already set up six force integration units in eastern europe. these small headquarters in estonia, latvia, lithuania, poland, bulgaria, and romania will make it easier for our forces to deploy. >> there is conflicting information about just who russia is attacking with it strikes. moscow says it is targeting i as terrorist group locations come of a rebel groups fighting against the syrian government claim otherwise. this map shows how parts of the country are controlled by different groups, ice militants all the territory marked and dark gray. the moderate opposition forces in light gray. the syrian and blue.
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rebels and western forces say most of the strikes byssian-syrn western syria. those areas are not under i is control. in an interview with dw, philip breedlove said russia's show ports had little do with combating islamic state. >> i do believe that the russians want the world looking at what they're doing in syria, see how we are cooperating, so the world is not watching what they are doing and continuing to do in ukraine. >> one thing is clear, the battle for power in syria is intensifying, and as this amateur video shows, the destruction and devastation faced by those to living in the country is anything but manageable. >> some soccer news, liverpool has confirmed the new manager will be jurgen klopp. a press conference has been arranged and reports say he has already arrived in the city. the charismatic coach spent seven years -- where he won two
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league titles and reached the champion legal fight -- league final. liverpool has signed a deal to replace brendan rodgers. we are back in one minute. pstay with us. ♪
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>> hello again. you're watching dw news. the top stories we are monitoring right now. fifa's sepp blatter and michel platini have been suspended for 90 days pending an investigation. nato defense ministers meeting in brussels, where the secretary-general has caused -- called rushers increased military activity in syria a troubling escalation. russia is supporting syrian government troops with air and ground assault on rebel positions. the business now.
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we have the latest on the debbie's scandal. >> every day seems to bring new twists and turns in the vw saga. thursday, german prosecutors raided vw offices at the company headquarters. the investigation was instigated by vw itself and directed against several former employees, but not against the former ceo. the raid comes as the north america boss, michael moran, was grilled by u.s. lawmakers. he faced tough questions in the hearing by the u.s. congress. michael horn had to admit that he did not know how the cheating devices work. >> he is still the possible it's whiting usa, although there were rumors he would be dismissed. he admits that he first heard about troubles 18 months ago. >> why it was installed -- >> in the spring of 2014 when
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the study was published, i was told that there was a possible emissions noncompliance the could be remedied. >> on onboard software was installed soon the -- specifically to manipulate data only came to his attention much later he said. >> when did you first learn then that vw vehicles contained a defeat device? >> around the september 3 meeting. >> congressional members continued to be skeptica. the suspicion that volkswagen held back relevant information remains. another central issue of the hearing, when is bw going to reimburse customers as well as dealers for the damage. horn promises a conference of technical recall. >> we are still working on the timeframe and it is still too early to say when the fix will take place. >> german authorities are also on vw's heels. they searched several of their
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offices. they were looking for evidence that would show who was involved in the manipulation. >> let's bring in new york. how was michael horn's performance? >> first of all, hardly anybody believes over here that was only a handful of engineers who knew about it. then we got a taste -- or volkswagen got a taste of how expensive this candle can become here in the united states. one representative said that a slap on the wrist will definitely be not enough. another one saying that we are talking $68 billion. that would be a realistic ballpark figure. it is still far too early to talk numbers at this point. it was not to be expected that with this hearing we would get
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new results or any solutions, but we got a taste that it will be a long process and pricey for volkswagen. >> there were other developments as well, more clouds seem to be gathering over vw in the u.s.. west virginia has said that it wants to sue vw. tell us more about that. >> there is pressure coming from different sides. west virginia is one of the first estate to sue volkswagen. it is likely if not almost guaranteed that other states will follow. there is talk about a penalty, and then on top of it some reimbursement. also, the senate finance committee came out and said that some of the car owners of vw actually got a tax credit for
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environmentally-friendly cars, so they might also go after that with volkswagen. a lot of pressure from all different kinds of sides now in the united states. >> hard to predict what will happen. thank you very much. >> deutsche bank will post a loss of more than 6 billion year old's -- euros in the fourth quarter. it is a massive mix -- messy litigation costs and rights downs -- write-downs. it comes down as the new boss is initiating a restructuring of the group. >> georgia bank has long been regarded as a cornerstone of frankfurt's business district, but the foundations of looking shaky nowadays. the new ceo has begun his tenure by announcing the worst ever results, a 6.2 billion euro loss
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in the third quarter. it stems from write-downs on private banking and investment baking divisions. the ceo says he will reform. cost cuts are in the pipeline, something that employees will certainly feel. in particular, times really have changed for everyone. the retail banking division also weighed on the third quarter balance sheet. it is not performing as well as have been hope and will be put up for sale. on top of that, the bank is putting aside a reserve of 1.2 billion year old's -- euros for legal costs. >> in frankfurt. how do investors react to these figures? >> initially, there was some shock and awe because the share
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went down, but basically the scare was over when trading began. it was still down, and then in the course of the session it managed to eke up a little and even turn a profit during parts of the session. the effect was mitigated somewhat by the recognition that the new ceo is doing everything he can to put the past behind the bank and lay everything on the table, the problems there, and one trader said that the best thing i heard was that there is to be no new capital increase in order to get more money for the company to meet the challenges ahead. any capital increase waters down the value of the shares for the investors who have already suffered greatly since 2007, the share has lost 75% of its value. >> that's quite serious. another german company in need of a fresh start. thank you. that's it for me today. >> svetlana alexievich has won
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this year's nobel prize for literature. the swedish academy call her works i'm on you met encouraged. here is more. >> the new nobel laureate was born in 1948 in western ukraine and grew up in belarus. after gaining a degree in journalism from minsk university, svetlana alexievich began working as a reporter on original paper. her writing explores the personal experience of historical events, chernobyl, the soviet war in afghanistan, her first book was based on interviews with hundreds of women who took active part in world war ii. >> grew up in a village and i always had women's stories, the war women, captivating, stories i could never have found in books. that stuck in my mind like a
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course, so i wanted to write down the vitor truth like i heard it from others. -- the bitter truth like i heard it from others. >> despite censorship and repression, she continues to live in minsk. >> the books are right i can only write at home where i am aware of what is going on around me, where i can hear what people are talking about on the streets and cafes or the neighbors place. i am always sticking out my antennas and listening. if i did not hear these voices, going away permanently was never an option. >> exposing that their truths -- picture truths -- the truth, there's no doubt this writer fits the bill. >> and prosecutors are demanding a 22 month jail sentence for barcelona forward, and he has
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been amended to trial overtax fraud. under spanish law, it's unlikely that he will go to prison, even if convicted. the star and his father stand accused of defrauding the state of more than 4 million euros. court papers show that prosecutors only wanted to charge his father at first. that was overruled by the trial judge. here is a reminder of our top stories covering for you at this hour. fifa boss sepp blatter and michel platini suspended for 90 days in an ongoing criminal investigation into soccer's world body. nato defense ministers meeting in brussels, where secretary general jens stoltenberg has called russia's increased military activity in syria troubling escalation. russia is supporting syrian government troops with a combined air and ground assault on rebel positions. volkswagen's boss in the united states, michael oren, tells --
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horn, tells the committee he doesn't know. they raided a headquarters. thank you for watching dw news. we will see you again in 30 minutes. stay with us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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this week on wealthtrack, a contrarian forecast frr eaten lawn's star kathleen gaffney. brighter outlook in china, u.s., and much of the world in a battered areas like energy and commodities. that's next on khconsuelo mack wealthtrack.


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