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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 21, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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welcome to "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. britain is welcoming visiting chinese president xi jing ping. it is the first state visit to the uk in ten years. xi attended a welcome ceremony in london. he met with queen elizabeth and prime minister cameron. the royal family and british government leaders have come out in force to welcome china's
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leader. his visit is expected to bring more than $40 billion in investments. xi welcomed the deepening of ties between the nations and britain's participation in the asian infrastructure investment bank. >> translator: it's fair to say that china and the uk are interdependent on becoming a community of shared interests. >> the queen hosted a banquet at buckingham palace. >> your visit to the united kingdom marks a milestone in this unprecedented year of cooperation and friendship between the united kingdom and china. >> the banquet was attended by senior politicians and members of the royal family but not by prince charles who is said to be critical of china's human rights
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situation. activists staged a demonstration in london demanding that china improve its human rights policies. some people in britain say cameron is putting priority on the economy and refraining from criticism of china's human rights record. china is also developing its diplomacy with members of the association of southeast asian nations. a chinese official says the country will resolve differences on the issue regarding the south china sea through talks with southeast asian nations. officials from china and asean members held two days of talks in the chinese city of chengdu. they discussed the creation of a legally binding code of conduct for the south china sea. >> translator: the matter of the south china sea is just one issue between china and some asean members. >> the vice foreign minister also noted some western media reports have led people to believe there's no peace in the sea but said this is not a fact. the u.s. says under
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international law the artificial islands cannot be the basis for 12 nautical mile territorial waters. it's considering sending military vessels into the zone. observers say china wants to fend off international criticism and avoid being isolated. people india have taken to the streets. police say a 2 1/2-year-old girl was abducted and raped on friday and found unconscious in a park. police arrested two 17-year-old boys in connection with the case. on the same day a 5-year-old girl was gang raped in the east of the cap itacapital. protesters gathered outside.
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rallies were held in other parts of the capital. sexual attacks against women and children are up 9% over last year. more than 1,800 cases were reported in the capital alone. police in western pakistan is investigating a deadly explosion. the bombing happened late monday night in the capital of the province and a key transport hub. >> translator: this bus travels inside the city to a customs check point. a bomb was fixed to the roof. most probably there were five to six kilograms of explosives. the initial investigation shows it was probably set off by a timer. >> has seen violence against government personnel and security forces. such attacks are casting a shadow over plans to build a new
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economic corridor with china. the route would connect. it would be a short cut in the transport of oil from the middle east and africa to china. japanese officials have released key data on september's trade balance. what can you tell us about the latest figures? >> a lot of analysts look at the numbers. exports, imports and how currencies relate to it. exports expanded to september. japan's trade balance remains in the red for the sixth month in a row. the preliminary trade balance comes to a deficit of more than 114 billion yen. exports grew from a year ago due to increased shipments of
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automobiles. the weakening trend with the japanese currency helped rising exports. imports shrank 11.1%. we go to the tokyo stock exchange. so how have the markets opened up? >> well, markets opened in the negative. now it is popping into the positive so i will give you the opening levels later on. the data were way below estimates. let's go to opening levels. nikkei at 18,222. let's look how other major indexes kicked off this morning. south korea's kospi lower after a three-month high.
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australia down. the analyst said yesterday that 60% of the economists were expecting rba to cut rates but now after minutes came out he said he can't find a convincing reason that would suggest further easing. the aussi dollar is back to its level seen at the same time yesterday. earnings in the u.s. continue to be a major focus for the markets. so far it hasn't been inspiring especially earnings from the ibm overnight were a real disappointment after third quarter revenue missed most pessimistic estimates that pressured the dow which snapped a three-day winning streak and
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other u.s. indexes including the nasdaq lost, as well. analysts are becoming more and more worried that they are not seeing inspiring earnings from the u.s. >> the volatility that we have seen in commodity has been pressuring currencies. give us levels now. how are they trending so far? >> really good point because emerging currencies are on a down trend. we are looking at the dollar chart against the malaysian r g ringgit. partly due to volatile oil prices. as for major currencies the dollar is a touch higher compared to the yen. dollar/yen is in the upper 119. the euro is rising after data showed eurozone banks are
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relaxing loan standards lowering expectations for more stimulus. that's it on the markets. so far the nikkei and topix are sustaining. >> both just in the positive. we will see how that goes through the morning. japanese businesses hoping for tax relief shouldn't hold their breath. members of japan's ruling party are set to start discussions but cuts look unlikely. the government and ruling coalition have already delivered one corporate tax cut this fiscal year. the corporate tax rate was cut by 2.51% and is due to fall by further 0.78% next fiscal year. this will bring the total corporate tax to around 31%.
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prime minister abe says tax cuts should initiate a positive economic growth cycle. he announced his government will pursue new goals to 600 trillion yen or about $5 trillion. japan's three major business grooups including insist that if the government's new goal is to be achieved the corporate tax rate should be lowered below 30% to promote corporate investment but the head of the tax panel said on tuesday it would be difficult for the government to offer companies without securing other funds to cover the losses. discussions on tax reforms for the next fiscal year are due to begin. >> the long economic boom continues to wane. the slow down is prompting chinese investors to park funds
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outside the country and it's not just the rich. >> reporter: this shanghai real estate fair is crowded with potential investors. about 100,000 turned up over three days to discuss sending their money abroad. many say they are worried about the future of the chinese economy and are looking for safe havens for their assets. >> translator: i used to have real estate in china, but i've sold it. i no longer find the chinese economy attractive. >> reporter: one destination of this investment is japan. the weaker yen has given the chinese more bang for their yuan. this group has come from fujin province to buy a property. they spent a day in tokyo looking at four condominiums. li -- not his real name -- is the owner of a small business. over the years he has invested in properties and stocks in
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china, but the sluggish stock market has prompted him to reconsider. he's looking for a secondhand tokyo condo for about $150,000. he intends to rent or resell the condo. >> translator: i want to move my assets to japan because both society and the economy there are stable. >> reporter: chinese laws limit cash transfers abroad to about $50,000 a year. but many investors have found ways around the law. so investors buying a $250,000 property must find partners, each moving about $50,000. such investment syndicates are common among chinese citizens parking money abroad. >> translator: the chinese stock market fluctuates too much.
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we all want to move our money somewhere safer. >> reporter: chinese authorities are not happy at the drain of money out of the country. they're increasingly monitoring it and cracking down on illegal remittances. but the outflow of money continues. some is coming to japan where it's causing unexpected headaches. this nonprofit organization offers consultations for condominium management. it's receiving more and more inquiries about foreign condo owners who do not pay management fees. >> translator: people who come to seek our help say they do not know how to urge chinese and other foreign owners to pay their overdue fees. in one case, the elevator of a 10-story condominium has been out of order for days because unpaid fees have made regular maintenance impossible. >> reporter: analysts see no immediate end to the flow of chinese money into japan.
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investment is concentrated on prime urban locations, creating fears of rising property prices. and that's it for business news for this hour. i'll leave you with another check on the markets. the defense chiefs of japan and south korea say they'll work closely with the u.s. to deal with north korea's possible missile launch. gen nakatani met with the south
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korean counterpart han min koo on tuesday as leaders in pyongyang recently suggested they could launch a rocket carrying a satellite. the launch would likely be a long-range ballistic missile test. the ministers agreed to share information with the u.s. and coordinate their policy on the issue. nakatani also explained newly enacted security laws expanding the role of japan's self-defense forces abroad. he said if the sdf operate in south korean territory, japan would seek consent based on international law. han says japan's activities should contribute to peace and stability in the region. >> translator: i'm convinced that our meeting will lead to concrete steps for promoting defense cooperation and exchange between japan and south korea. reunions of families
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separated by the korean war have taken place. about 200 families are taking part this time. the week long reunions began on tuesday in north korea. senior officials from both countries reached an agreement on the matter in august. families met with each other for the first time in more than 60 years. the south korean government hopes such events can be held on a more regular basis. many of the separated family members are over 80 years old. in canada people have elected a new prime minister. >> canadians from all across this great country sent a clear message tonight. it's time for a change in this country, my friends. a real change.
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>> at 43, trudeau will become the second youngest prime minister in canadian history. the liberal started the campaign in third place with 37 seats in the house of common but rose to take 184 of the 338 seats up for grabs for an outright majority. the conservatives have only 99 seats. earlier nhk world's kimberly gayle, a canadian journalist gave her analysis on the outcome. >> you know, i was surprised to see this wave of liberal red just wash over canada. no one thought they would clinch a majority. liberal leader justin trudeau promised changes people seemed to respond to. one of the areas he's promising change is immigration, was a hot button issue during the election. trudeau promised to lead a more generous, tolerant and inclusive government compared to stephen harper's conservative one. canada is a country of immigrants.
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the plight of syrian refugees became a focus of debate during this campaign. trudeau's father pierre was in power for 15 years before he retired in the mid '80s and his legacy is that he embraced multiculturalism. he passed a key immigration act in 1976 removing restrictions on new canadians so that image helped justin trudeau as well. the question is, will he, can he deliver on his promises. people are expecting a lot from him because of his name, because of his legacy, but he's young, like you said he's only 43 so some people consider him perhaps too inexperienced in politics. he promised sweeping changes to immigration policy. he says he will double the family reunification limits that allow people to bring their parents and grandparents into canada. he's also sparked a bit of uncertainty on to whether canada will ratify the trans-pacific partnership. he says he supports free trade but he's been critical of the tpp deal saying that the
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negotiations at least on canada's part haven't been transparent. that might not only affect canada but all other member countries including japan, who have agreed on the deal. japanese officials have confirmed the first diagnosis of cancer related to work at the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. the male worker was employed at several nuclear power plants including fukushima daiichi after the march 2011 melt down. he started in his late 30s and was later diagnosed with leukemia. experts from the ministry's panel have confirmed that the man was exposed to 19.8 of radiation. they concluded that they cannot
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deny the causal relationship between his radiation exposure and illness. officials approved workers compensation and notified him of their decision. radiation exposure has been linked to the on set of leukemia. officials say around 45,000 people have worked at the crippled plant since the nuclear disaster and say more than 21,000 of them were exposed to radiation. that is the government's benchmark for compensation and the number is still increasing. ministry officials say ten workers have filed for work-related compensation and denied seven of them and are examining the other three cases. a professor says based on his analysis the likeliness of exposure causing the man's illness in the case the government confirmed is not high but he says the company must keep watching the radiation exposure of the workers.
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the operator of the damaged fukushima daiichi nuclear plant used an endscopic probe in the containment vessel. workers with tokyo electric power company inserted cameras and measuring instruments down a pipe. the workers found radiation levels as high as one per hour. the levels were lower than those of the level one and two reactors and confirmed the vessel was filled with about 6.4 meters of water. officials expect most of the nuclear fuel in the number three reactor melted through the core and fell into the vessel. workers were not able to see the bottom because of what appeared to be accumulated dust was blocking their view. the head of chemical
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manufacturer has apologized for a substandard piling work and data fabrication for a condominium complex. he said the company will publish the results of an internal probe by the end of the year. >> translator: we deeply apologize to all of the residents. >> data on 70 piles at one of the buildings were found to have been fabricated. at least eight of the piles weren't buried deep enough. the subsidiary fabricated the data by using data from other buildings. the parent company president said the subsidiary will cover cost for inspection as well as reenforcement and repair of the condo complex. >> translator: we will consider the safety of residents the top
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priority and promise to take appropriate measures under the direction of the authorities. >> the subsidiary is examining the data on other piling work carried out over the past decade on some 3,000 condominium and commercial buildings. land minister ordered the subcontractor to report the locations of the buildings by thursday. and it is time for a check of the weather. people in the philippines are continuing to deal with heavy rain and severe flooding. >> we have been talking about this. it is an exceptionally slow moving storm system the saving grace is it is a shell of its former self at this point completely weakening just north of luzon. the legacy is not only the winds but the slow nature of this and just dropping a copious amount
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of rainfall over the past several days. this is going back about five days here. you can see upwards of about 600 millimeters. some areas topped 1,000 millimeters of total precipitation. near record breaking 1,025 millimeters out here. this has resulted in significant flooding. let's go to video. people picking up the mess after the storm system. kuppo tore through. officials report upwards of 18 people have been killed by the storm but local media reporting the number higher. officials fear the death toll may rise due to the fact that the flash floods have toppled trees and cut off a lot of remote towns. still you see about 600 people are in a local evacuation shelter across the area. 5,000 homes have been completely destroyed, many being along the
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northeastern coast line where the storm surge came on shore early sunday morning just devastating at the coast line. this was a significantly serious storm system. take a look at the winds. 65 gusting to 90 kilometers per hour. wrapping around some moisture there. the good news most conditions are vastly improving here on your wednesday. you still see showers there in eastern taiwan and towards southern japanese islands. nothing that is going to be typhoon equivalent but you can see gale force winds. these winds are going to continue to kick up and large swells definitely coming in from the north across this area. back towards the north and northeastern china a low pressure moving through here bringing showers and working its way towards northern portions. western japan above average temperatures in your forecast. over towards tokyo 21. it will feel like late september
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towards early october, as well here. let's look here in the southern hemisphe hemisphere. you are looking at fairly gusty winds. reports upwards of 65 to 70 kilometers per hour through your morning hours here. heavy rainfall and snow in the higher elevations along the southwestern coast line shifting towards the northeast bringing showers out there. the biggest with this is the widespread winds. christchurch you may want to slow down. you are looking at winds extending towards thursday. here into europe some fairly blustery conditions making its way towards the scandinavian peninsula. some areas see as much as 80 to 90 kilometer per hour winds. severe weather to the south is the big worry. every time we talk about temperatures we talk about the refugee situation and thousands
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of people outdoors. we are looking at storms that could bring severe weather and cold air behind it. kiev just 6 there for your high on wednesday. here is your extended outlook. and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us.
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>> hello. welcome to global 3000. life is full of challenges. sometimes we can change our circumstances. sometimes we can. but as success stories from around the world will show us today, the future belongs to those who embrace it. here's what's coming up. p>> dealing with climate change. new beginnings for farmers in kyrgyzstan. rethinking development aid. the poverty stoplight in paraguay. and lots of tourists means lots of trash will meet amsterdam's plastic fissures. p>


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