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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 17, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PST

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hello. welcome to "newsline." it's tuesday, november 17th in tokyo. i'm catherine kobayashi. a battle between tokyo and okinawa over the recent relocation of a military base will be carried out in court. the island prefecture governor has been refusing to allow reclamation at the proposed site. governor onaga overrode it. the goal is to reclaim land that is central in the relocation process.
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under the government plan, the u.s. marine corps futenma air station is to be moved from ginowan city to the less populated area. he was instructed to rescind it, but he refused, citing it was too much to bear. the lawsuit is the first of its kind in decades. he called the request disappointing and unjust. france's president called for aggressive action to defeat the terrorists who attacked paris. francois hollande said he will meet with other world leaders to discuss a joint response to international terrorist networks. >> translator: the acts of war of friday were conceived and planned in syria. they were organized in belgium
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and perpetrated on our soil with french accomplices. >> hollande told parliament the constitution should be amended. he says the government needs more flexibility to combat terrorism. he will meet with the presidents of russia and the united states. france will step up air strikes on strong holds of islamic states in syria. the military will triple the bombing capability of french planes by deploying aircraft carriers in the mediterranean sea. >> translator: terrorism will not destroy france because it is france that will defeat terrorism. >> french investigative authorities have identified five
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of seven of the known suspects in the paris attacks. four of the men were french citizens living near paris or in belgium. one of them applied for refugee status in greece last month using a syrian passport. french and belgium investigators are searching for another man, salah abdeslam who they believe may have been involved in the attacks. on monday the eiffel tower and other tourist spots opened. governors of the united states and canada are arguing for the doors to be shut on refugees. barack obama told reporters the government will continue to accept refugees while maintaining security. the u.s. set a goal in september of bringing in at least 10,000 refugees over this fiscal year. but the governors of mauer than 20 states have announced they will refuse to accept them citing security concerns.
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most of the governors are republicans. republican contenders in the party's presidential nomination including donald trump, ben carson and marco rubio also say they oppose admitting more refugees from syria. a canadian provincial leader called on justin trudeau to stop his plans to accept refugees by year end. they say a rushed refugee resettlement could have devastating results. leaders from the group of 20 major economies say they stand together in the fight against terrorism. heads of state expressed solidarity as they wrapped up a two-day summit in turkey. turkish president recep tayyip erdogan addressed the situation in europe. >> translator: perhaps one of the most important results of the antalya summit will be the fact that g-20 countries are now
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displaying a strong stance against terrorism. >> erdogan said terrorism and the migrant crisis should not be linked. he cautioned against doing so as an excuse to avoid humanitarian responsibilities. u.s. president barack obama also spoke after the summit. he said much of the focus was on the heinous attacks in paris. >> we're working closely with our french partners as they pursue their investigations and track down suspects. >> obama ruled out sending ground troops to fight the islamic state group. leader discussed the economy. tell us more about what they talked about. >> they talked about the world's two biggest economies. that would be the u.s. and china. specific
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specifically perspective changes in monetary policy in the u.s. they issued a statement saying global growth is falling short of expectations. they will implement strategies to achieve a rise up to 2% in their combined gross domestic product by 2018. they said risks and uncertainty in financial markets remain, and geopolitical challenges such as terrorism and the refugee crisis are becoming matters of global concern. the leaders urge the u.s. and china to adopt cautious and transparent policies. they said china's sudden cut in the reference rate for its currency, the yuan, created turmoil in the financial markets earlier this year. they also cited strong concern that an increase in u.s. interest rates will spark an outflow of money from emerging economies. japanese government officials are preparing a draft extra budget for the current fiscal year ending march. it will likely top 3 trillion yen. that's about $24 billion.
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they say the supplementary budget will not include additional stimulus measures, although the country's gdp has grown for two quarters in a row. officials are eyeing ways to help farmers deal with freer trade after the trans-pacific partnership takes effect. and now let's check on markets. the nikkei is in posterity up about 1.4%. 19,662. investors are buying back shares after the index lost more than 1% monday. overnight gains on wall street are also boosting market sentiment and a weaker yen is supporting export-related
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shares. let's move on to currencies. the dollar rebounded after declining on the terrorist attacks in paris. for further guidance on the dollar, traders are waiting for the minutes from the u.s. federal reserve's october meeting due out on wednesday. the euro remains lower against both the dollar and the yen. taking a look at other markets across the asia pacific, seeing solid gains this morning. sydney share prices trading higher by 1%. in seoul, the kospi is up more than 0.9%. >> an international auto parts fair opened in iran. many are eyeing business opportunities in a market that's poised to grow in the west lifts its economic sanctions on the country. more than 900 companies took part in the event. up more than 100 from last year. they include domestic manufacturers as well as some
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from japan, china, germany and other countries. foreign firms are showcasing components such as engines and brake parts. western sanctions may be lifted if iran curbs its nuclear program as promised in its july agreement with six world powers. against the back drop, the iranian government is aiming to triple annual domestic auto production to 3 million units over the next decade. >> gdp figures unveiled monday show japan's economy is losing steam despite record corporate profits. many people say they're struggling to make ends meet while a small minority reaps the benefits of obinomics. >> this is an investor, a successful one. she says profits from trading stocks paid for this expensive kimono.
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and a new car bought on first sight. >> translator: thank you, obinomics. she lives solely on profits from her investments. >> it made me really happy the bank of japan governor decided on an easy monetary policy. that led to the rise in stocks. people are benefitting from abenomics. a bank of japan survey found only 5% who said they were better off. almost half thought otherwise. >> reporter: this woman's life is harder these days. she is a mother of two. >> translator: i think i'll buy this one because it's 60% off. >> reporter: inflation is hitting her family hard.
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food producers are paying more for materials because of the weaker yen so prices are going up. the tokyo university index tracks supermarket data that shows food prices climbed 1.5% over the past year. while wages rose 0.4% during that period, not half the inflation rate. >> translator: prices have gone up, especially for dairy products. unfortunately, we can't afford any luxury in our house right now. >> reporter: as working families struggle, it's a different story for their employers. many companies are thriving, especially the big exporters. operating profits by japanese companies have gone up substantially in the past three years thanks to the weaker yen led by abenomics. why aren't people's lives getting better? they point to the boardroom saying company bosses ignored their calls to raise wages.
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earnings increased along with their profits. in the business year 2014, they made a record 354 trillion yen, nearly $3 trillion. that is a 75% increase in ten years. prime minister shinzo abe claims everyone can be a winner under his policy. he set a gdp target of 600 trillion yen or $4.8 trillion, meaning an economy that's 20% bigger. to make that happen, he took the unusual step of putting a direct request to corporate bosses. raise wages. the companies have been reluctant to comply. one manufacturer sitting on cash is a developer of chips for cameras. earnings are three times its sales. the company did raise wages this year, but the ceo says they need to save for a rainy day.
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>> translator: there are good times and bad times. we need ample earns to prepare for a crisis or else we will be in serious trouble. >> reporter: a cautious strategy. >> translator: the important thing is to deliberate over the best way to use the money the companies have earned. >> abenomics did succeed in putting more money into the hands of companies, especially large corporations. and the government needs to find a way to spread this to consumers to get the real economy up and running. yuko fukushima, nhk world. >> more for you next hour. here's another check on markets.
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a u.s. navy destroyer's making a port call in shanghai. it is there as part of plans to promote naval cooperation between the u.s. and china. it is the first such port call since the two countries were in a diplomatic row last month. a u.s. navy vessel sailed through waters claimed by beijing off a reclaimed reef off the south china sea. the united states doesn't recognize territorial claims based on artificial means.
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it docked at a naval port in shanghai on monday afternoon. domestic and foreign media were invited to the welcome ceremony. during the ceremony, joint drills for communications and rescue maritime work are scheduled for the navy vessels. the "stethem's" commanding officer said the visit had already been scheduled during last month's dispute. >> we can learn from each other. over time we can build trust between the chinese navy and united states navy. >> last month, the united states missile cruiser sailed within 12 months of the disputed reef, drawing protests from china. following the incident on november 7th, the two nations' naval vessels were used in an exercise in the atlantic ocean off florida. nhk has interviewed an expert on north korea's missile and nuclear development. he estimates pyongyang has already made more than ten nuclear weapons, and he says the
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country could increase its nuclear stockpile by five times in the next five years. the senior fellow at the u.s./korea institute at the johns hopkins school of advanced international studies. he says the north has succeeded in miniaturizing nuclear weapons to the point where they can be mound on the country's nodong and teppo dong 2 missiles. >> north korea could have anywhere from 20 to 100 nuclear weapons. that's an increase from where they are today, bringing from 100% to over 500%. so, it's quite a possible expansion. it may take place over the next five years. >> we also referred the north korean site where authorities launched what they claimed was a rocket carrying a satellite as late as december 2012. he says they've been working on the facility until the beginning of this year.
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>> it extended the height of the gantry that's used to launch rockets by about 20%. what that means is that north korea in the future can launch larger rockets from that launch facility, 20% larger than the ones that they fired in 2012 and 2009. >> wit says north korean authorities will continue to develop nuclear missiles even if the country's economy is in shambles. he says their leader, kim jong-un, is making national security his first priority. the baton has changed hands at one of austria's most famous orchestras. the new maestro from japan says his challenge is to carry on a tradition while finding a new audience for classical music. nhk world reports.
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♪ >> translator: utaka has worked with top orchestras all over the world, including the philadelphia philharmonic. the conductor recently took er as music director of an orchestra which has been active in austria for over 100 years. ♪ >> translator: the first and second movements were both beautiful. ♪ >> translator: wait a little longer.
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>> reporter: he's not just a conductor. he will be deeply involved with planning the program and even selecting the musicians. >> i want to make with this orchestra somethinmore great energy. why mozart is beautiful. why brahms is so romantic. this is, if i can make with this orchestra, it will be great. >> reporter: sado is no stranger to vienna. he came here 27 years ago to study conducting. now he's back ready to take on an even bigger challenge. local people are eager to see what sado has in mind for the orchestra, austria's most prestigious orchestra. the golden hall in vienna.
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this is a venue for the first concert of the season. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> sado has selected works by composers with strong ties to vienna. ♪
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[ applause ] >> reporter: the audience is generous with its applause. >> translator: the performance was very fresh and alive. overall, i think he's a wonderful conductor. >> translator: i don't know what he's planning next but i hope he will surprise us. >> i love hyden, mozart, i love all of them. but sometimes, a little jazzy or rock music with symphony orchestra, it's like a little spicy flow. >> reporter: sado has signed on for three years. the orchestra's many fans are keen to see what direction he takes his music. nhk world, vienna. ♪ it's time now for a check of
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the weather. residents if the uk are bracing for a powerful storm. meteorologist robert speta joins us with details. this is our latest storm system here. it's been named barney by the meteorological office out of the uk. what we are looking at is several storm systems. this is not barney. this is our previous one which is bringing fairly gusty winds. towards iceland you have wind reports upward of 122 kilometers per hour. this area of cloud cover coming from the west. you can see it on the side of the satellite picture. that is our next storm system. as it does push overhead heading into tuesday, going to bring in blustery conditions. the big difference from this one to the last several storms. abigail pushed through the northern areas of the british isles. this one is coming in farther towards the south. even those of you into london
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you can see blustery conditions coming out of this. more so along the western seaboard where the highest winds will be in the heaviest rainfall. we could look at snowfall up to 10 centimeters. definitely if you have travel plans, you want to watch off that. in the south, fairly decent weather. lisbon at 20. athens getting up to 19 with sunny skies here on your tuesday. let's look further east. the eastern mediterranean to the middle east. we have an area of low pressure. you can see it coming out of syria to iraq. along this area, that's our cold front. along this, we could be looking at strong thunderstorms flaring up and the possibility of dust storms. any time you get one of these storms it can kick up the dust. that is a big issue as it continues to push east.
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baghdad for november about 12 to 15 millimeters of total rainfall that. could create localized flooding as this low does continue to push overhead. tehran could be looking at showers on your tuesday. let's look east. once again over here towards australia. specifically in queensland. look at this area of low pressure. that cloud cover that flares up here, this is a storm system that has been impacting this area. we had a funnel cloud reported there monday evening. definitely some rotation. more so farther inland, 126 kilometer per hour winds reported he overturned a jet on a runway. that was right in the area where
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that airport crashed. thankfully, there were no injuries reported out of that. a very scary sight with these storms flaring up. forecast more showers across this region. toward the north, we are looking at this area of low pressure. there will be storms in kyushu. partly cloudy skies. it will change over to rain wednesday. here is your extended outlook.
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>>. >> we would like to remind you of our lead story. the battle of okinawa will be carried out in court. tokyo has filed a lawsuit to try to override his authority. central government officials filed the lawsuit with the high court in the okinawa city. the governor revoked a work
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permit in october that was granted by his predecessor. the permit allows land reclamation off the coast, a process essential to the relocation. after the government planned the u.s. marine corps station is to be moved to a less populated area government officials argue the governor's move would significantly undermine public interest. he was instructed to retract his permit he said hosting the base is too big a burden for the government to bear. he called it disappointing and unjust. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us. \s documentary 72
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