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tv   Newsline  PBS  February 24, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PST

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this edition of newsline. it is wednesday, february 24th, i'm catherine doeb yosh she i this summer's upper house election could merge. joining forces will improve the electoral chances. the democratic party is the largest opposition party. it's executives agreed tuesday to prioritize a merger with the japan innovation party. democratic party president, okada is to meet on wednesday. they'll brief them on how to proceed on the merger and his stance on changing the party's name. the innovation party also plans
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to hold a meeting of lawmakers from both chambers on wednesday. meanwhile, the secretary general of the ruling liberal democratic party said a union simply for the sake of an election is a marriage of convenience. >> a political party or identity as a political party should be described as immature. >> the possible merger could expedite cooperation among opposition parties, including placing only one opposition candidate in certain constituent sees. the hope is the merger will hope them compete better with the ldp, which holds a majority in the upper house and more than 2/3 in the powerful lower house. japanese security officials are getting ready for a very important guests. the welcome leaders of the world's wealthest industrialized
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nation for the g20 summit. nhk has more. >> this remote island will provide the backdrop for talks between world leaders. located in ago bay famous for the oysters. it's a scenic spot. doling out more than $300 million to make sure it stays that way. >> police will strengthen cooperation with the coast guard, to ensure the scarty of the -- the security of the summit. >> they need to keep the rugged coastline, how they would react to different security breaches. >> holding the summit has unique security challenges.
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differences in how the police and coast guard operate under water security and that means communication will be key. the two groups have to identify the message to ensure a smooth cooperation. this drill is based on the scenario of a suspicious object in the water. the divers enter the water and form a team. when they find the object, the divers mark the location and then entry into the ships into the area. after confirming the object is not an explosive, they carefully lift it from the water. security officials will be conducting more exercises ahead of the summit to check blind spots on land, in the air, and in the water. nhk world. north korea has warned of harsh retaliation against south korea and the united states. the two allied nations scheduled
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to hold annual joint military exercises next month. the supreme command of the korean people army gave a statement carried by state media on tuesday. pyongyang calls the drills preparation for war and routinely vows to retaliate. this time, north korea said if there is any sign of enemy equipment moving to carry out a high density strike, it will beat them back to the last man. the statement also said the first target would be south korea's presidential blue house, while u.s. military bases. they're preparing to hold the drills march 7th, amid heightened tensions, following the nuclear test and rocket launch. u.s. researchers say they have more evidence of a chinese military build-up in the disputed south china sea. they say satellite imaginary
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likely shows the construction of advance radar systems. the researchers for the international studies released satellite photos of four chinese built islands in the spratley chain. they show radar facilities. quadrant reef late last month. it shows two radar towers and a number of tall polls shown in red. the researchers say the polls could be part of a high frequent sen see radar system. they can monitor the northern half of the region on the parcel islands. a similar in the spratlys, could let them do the whole area. international shipping in the area. tensions between the u.s. and china heightened last week, when officials in washington found an advanced surface-to-air missile system in the parcels. now, the commander of the u.s.
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forces in the pacific believes chinese leaders are building toward gs something bigger, control of the region. >> china is clearly mill tear rising the south china sea and you have to believe in the flat earth to think otherwise. >> i believe germany and east ash gentleman. >> he said the chinese are turning their artificial islands into operating bases for four staging military capabilities. the u.s. has asked china to halt them. their actions are legitimate. they say china is exercising its right to self-defense. we spoke to nagawai, that's first take on china's move. >> translator: the photos apparently rereceive one of china's steps to build military
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bases on reefs retained by the country. they may be trying to set up fixed radar system there is to monitor surrounding areas. the nation is also erecting antennas for communication purposes. in addition, the photos also raise the possibility that the radar systems may include a high frequency type, with an extremely high capacity. it may even be a type with the ability to take targets beyond the horizon. >> china is building the radar system just south of fiery cross reef. depending on the output capacity of the system, china could have the upper hand in air and sea within a 300 to 400 kilometer the system. this could control the china sea
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if they set up another one with the same capability. historically speaking, parties involved have held quite short airstrips in the area. those held by vietnam, taiwan, the philippines and malaysia are 1 h 1,000 meters, they're not like china's 3,000 runway, which can be turned into military facilities. the construction of the facilities ambition for the future. various facilities china has built on reclaimed reefs cannot be recognized as territory. the country is building artificial objects, in violation of the u.n. convention on the lure of the sea. we must raise the issue. warn china not to expand such facilities. japan needs to closely share information with the united
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states. japan may also need to patrol the south china sea if needed, to stop china's blatant attempt to expand its territory. japan also has to work closely with rcn nations. with which it shares the same values. >> that was nagaiwa, former commander with the defense forces. oil prices fluctuating this week. investors took prices higher by the international agency. it said oversupply would be resolved next year. prices are falling again. joining us no from the business desk. what are they reacting to now? >> they're reacting to comments by the saudi arabian oil ministry. russia r russia recently said they'll shore up prices, but the minister reaffirmed his stance. they won't go so far as to cut
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production. lee niani spoke at a conference in houston. he referred to the agreement last week between his and three other oil states to maintain output. he said the freeze was a first step. he said if other nations joined the agreement, the existing high inventory will likely fall. he expressed his intention to meet with the other countries again next month, but he said it would be a waste of time to negotiate production cuts, because others won't reduce output even if they say they will. after his comments, crude oil futures in new york dipped to $31 a barrel at one point. this triggered sell orders on energy related stocks and the dow jones industrial average to 16,431 down. tokyo's stock prices moving in line with oil prices too. share prices opened down 1.3%
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this morning, the nekey -- nikkei. 15,950. energy related shares are down and key exporters seeing losses on a stronger yen. the yen is firmer against the dollar, going below 112. the japanese currency is still trading near a two-week high. safe haven plays on the yen are dominating as a drop in oil prices fueling concerns about global growth, also worried that britain may exit the eu and this is weighing on the euro. the euro is fetching 123.2 -- 123.31 yen. let's check on markets across the asia pacific region open this hour, as you can see, australia shares under performing the region, down
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1.36%. costie is moving flat. trades throughout the day. the global plunge in petroleum prices has cast a dark shadow over russia. the third largest oil producer. western sanctions over the situation in neighboring ukraine. the gdp shrank for the first time in six years, and consumers are feeling the pinch. nhk has the story. >> the impact of the oil slum extends far and wide in this country. teriberka in northern russia by the arctic sea. the government pledging have planned for huge energy development here. people said the project will give a huge boost to the local
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economy. construction began seven years ago, and was supposed to create 200 jobs. but then oil prices tumbled, dashing those expectations. work was suspended. now the roads and bridges lead nowhere. >> translator: the center of government covers the development of infra structure. without it, the villages cannot function. >> 2016 budget assumed that oil would cost $50 a barrel. today's figure is around $30. revenues going to government have fallen short, forcing officials to slash public works spending. the fallout has been severe.
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a shadow has fallen over the auto industry, which is key to russia's manufacturing sector. car sales last year were off almost 36% from the previous year. consumers no longer feel like stretching out. >> this man works at the factory. >> this is a taxi license. >> scaling back of production at the factory has sent him his outside of his wages and started driving a taxi last year for extra cash. but he said it's not enough. >> translator: the drivers, there is more competition,
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people want to save money so they avoid taxis. >> currency, the lubu was at a low time low last month. everyday, banks are dealing with the surge of customers trying to negotiate their mortgages. the homeowners took out loan in dollars, not lubo, so they're struggling to make payments. nine years ago, this woman bought a condo with a 20 year mortgage in dollars. she said it was the only option the bank gave her. but she said they didn't explain the risks. >> translator: when i took out the loan back in 2007, the russian government as well as a lot of the media was playing up the idea that the economy was strong. and that the ru bechbel's valued
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not go down. >> it has. it made it nearly impossible for him to make the payments. >> translator: i can't support eye government that doesn't map out any measures to solve foreseeable problems. if the government doesn't do anything, there is no future for us. >> high oil prices for many years economic boom, president putin for the support of his people, but now, as the economy flounders, he is is a severe test to help them out of their struggles. nhk world, moscow. u.s. democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state, hillary clinton, is stepping up her opposition to
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the transpacific partnership. it's an apparent bid to win the support of labor unions in the contest about senator bernie sanders for democratic nomination. an article by clinton said it was necessary to set a high bar for any new trade agreement. she said the tpp won't create good jobs, raise wages, or advance u.s. national security. clinton also criticized china, japan and other asian countries. she said they kept their goods artificially cheap for years by holding down the value of their currencies. she said she'll keep fighting the pra practices that are unfair. meanwhile, senator sanders has opposed the tpp he called it a threat to u.s. jobs. clinton promoted the pact when she was secretary of state. but she is reversed course, apparently to prevent sanders from gaining the support of more workers. representatives from labor
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unions in japan have begun tough negotiations with company managers, many of them asking for a hike in base pay. but labor union leaders at the bank corporation said they won't be seeking one this time. they're worried the negative interest rate policy will hurt the bank's earnings. the union leaders still demanding a bonus increase of 1%, but they're concerned that the banking may seem decreased profits, stemming from the bank of japan's negative interest rate policy. they're also worried instability in the markets may impact the company's earnings. the first time in three years not to ask for more in base pay. more for you next hour in business, here is another check on markets.
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preparations are underway in south korea for the 2018 winter olympics, but a few road blocks. nhk world reports. >> this is the al pine center, a main venue for downhill skiing at the winter olympics. where the men's and women's courses will be combined into
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one field of play for the first time in the history of the game. the venue had a test run earlier this month with the alpine skiing cup. athletes from 16 countries competed in the first test event for the game. >> the snow is actually perfect. a lot of jumps. it's really wide, gauge of space, and just really nice. >> the event was successful, but demonstrated just how much work needs to be done ahead of the game. construction of a downhill course is running behind schedule. the reasthey've been protected hundreds of years. people worry the course will destroy the environment, which is famous froor producing gense
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plant photographer, hon, he has been climbing the mountain for ten years. >> translator: i used to see footprints of wild animals before. but there are none of them now. >> he has been taken photos of it, and trying to spread awareness about the nature. he says it's painful to witness the sake correspondence mountain being destroyed. exhibited wash captured with his camera in seoul. >> i feel it is my duty to make people realize the devastation here by showing these photos. the forest and slopes clear water running through the woods,
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all things that have disappeared. a south korean environmental group says trees were cut down to make room for the winter games. he said he took this photo, because it looks like teardrops from a cut-down tree. >> it is very sad. i don't know who we are doing this for. >> an official said no other site fits the bill. the vertical drop of requirement by the international ski federation for the owe llympico >> we have various conflicts, because both the olympics and nature are important. but we have been trying to solve the issue through communication and cooperation with environmental groups to find ways to preserve the forest.
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>> government officials say the site will be restored to its original state after the games. but some worry that the chemicals use to create artificial snow will leave permanent impact on the environment. nhk world. it is time for a check of the weather. people in parts of southern israel dealing with flooding after heavy rain. robert speta joins us with more. >> potent storm system, traveling farther to the east, towards syria and iraq, the heavy showers back there towards the west. just to show you how potent the storm system already has been, i want to show you some video coming out of the region. the severe flooding, look it that gentleman as his car was swept through the river. slef
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several buildings also affected. schools stayed open in some of the hardest hit areas. half of the students were unable to make it in, you can see it right there, the general problem across the region, a lot of roads flooded as well. now the condition have drastically improved heading into tuesday. but the storm is traveling back towards the east. foul weather into parts of syria, eastern turkey, a lot of shelters are going to feel the affects of this. locations across western areas of iran. over all, this is starting to taper off. it has been a rather potent storm system. back towards the north, across parts of the scandinavia peninsula, you have high wind advisories, 70 per mile gusts. south and northern area, across
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hunga hungary, it's possible coming out of this, along with snow in some of the elevations, messy weath weather extending back to the east. cold air from the north. sto stockholm, 16, rome, eastern asia, talk about the winter weather setup, which has been continuing to occur, expected through the rest of the week. high pressure over northeastern areas, hazy conditions out here, but it is blowing in of the northwesterly winds, widespread snowfall along the sea of japan, northern areas, even extending back towards the west. also into the tokyo area, overnight on wednesday, into thursday morning, you might see some rainfall, possibly for a short time, flurry or two could fly out here. high on wednesday, high of 11, partly cloudy skies for the time
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being. seoul at 1, chilly offer there for you in the korean peninsula. severe weather situation in the u.s., particularly dangerous situation. one of these tornado watches that were issued down there, and in fact, there have been reports of two casualties it. over 20 people have been injured in several tornadoes that have occurred across the region. severe thunderstorm threats across tuesday and into wednesday, shift towards the east, but really, that chance of tornado still possible, large hail and damaging winds with some of the squall lines pushing through. something to keep in mind, if you are flying in and out of the new york area, an hour delay on average due to strong winds and even freezing rain. extended outlook now.
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and that wraps up this edition of newsline. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with
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anchor: flexibility. it sounds like a good thing, doesn't it? if you're flexible, then you can fit in with changing demand, take on different roles, rise to different challenges. but is "flexible" becoming little more than a euphemism for "dispensable"? welcome to "global 3000," where this week, we're investigating the uncomfortable realities of the modern workplace. zero hours, zero guarantees --controversial employment contracts in the u.k. driven to distraction -- self-employed couriers get a raw deal in the u.s. and of bulls and bees -- everyday survival in ethiopia's sheka forest.


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