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tv   DW News  PBS  March 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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brent: this is dw news live from berlin. guilty of genocide during the massacre in yugoslavia. the former leader of the bosnian serbs has an sentence to 40 years in jail for the mascara of 8000 muslim men and boys. -- the massacre of 8000 muslim men and boys. an international arrest warrant is issued last december for one of the brussels bombers. and a year after the germanwings
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disaster, mourners gather in the french alps. i'm brent goff. welcome to the show. the butcher of bosnia, guilty of genocide. rather than car of itch -- radovan karadzic has been convicted of genocide. his lawyer says that his client plans to appeal the convictions. reporter: they have waited more
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than 20 years for this day. many people here lost loved ones in the bosnian atrocities. >> the chamber hereby sentences you, radovan karadzic, to a single sentence of 40 years in prison. reporter: some were disappointed by the verdict. this survivor went to see the maximum sentence -- life. >> they just cast everything we went through into the wind. reporter: the chief prosecutor suggested radovan karadzic would never walk free. >> personally, a 40-year sentence for a 70-year accused, i think it is not very different from a life sentence. reporter: the u.n. tribunal
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convicted the bosnian serb leader of 10 of the charges. in july 1990 five, bosnian serbs rounded up and executed about 8000 muslim men and boys. the judge found that they were acting on his orders. he was also declared criminally responsible for a campaign of sniping and shelling during the siege of sarajevo. more than 10,000 were killed during the siege, which lasted over three and a half years. he showed no sign of remorse or wrongdoing during his defense. his legal advisers spoke for him today. >> his reaction was he was disappointed with the judgment. he was astonished at the conviction, and he wants to appeal. reporter: in bosnia-herzegovina,
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it does not look like this verdict will bring unity. >> this will not bring peace and reconciliation for sure. if he got released, the same would happen on the bosnian muslim side. i cannot believe that this verdict will improve relations between serbs and muslims here. reporter: the war destroyed communities. even two decades on, these scars are still relatively fresh. brent: and the trial is trending a social media. carl built tweeted that he was satisfied with the verdict, calling it "high time for international justice." the court nader for the international criminal courts agreed, repeating "perpetrators
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of international crimes must know they won't escape justice." the executive director of human rights watch kenneth roth -- coe verdict to the syrian war. he said -- karadzic once flaunting his murderous ways. assad, are you watching? this user tweeted, welcome to the hague where you can commit crimes against humanity and genocide and still get off without a life sentence. growing evidence of a leak -- link between the brussels bombings and the paris attacks. the main suspect in the paris attacks, salah abdeslam had planned a similar attack in
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brussels. he was arrested last week and appeared in court today, amid massive -- he said that the suspect has stopped cooperating with investigators. the attacks killed 130 people. let's go to brussels where our correspondent is on this story for us, as she has been all week. good evening to you, barbara. these are new developments. as we have been saying for the past 24 hours. they seem to indicate the ties between france and belgium are much closer than people thought. reporter: they say the network, the two networks, the one in belgium, and the one in france
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were more or less the same. they were more or less overlapping intimately interconnected. the plans and paris were made in belgium, and neither were further plants, the ones in belgium and it is not quite clear how much and whether salah abdeslam himself was involved in that planning. there are rumors that he was the mind behind what happened on tuesday, the day before yesterday, in brussels and wanted a replica of the terrorist attacks. a shoot out at the airport and the bombings. now that has not yet been proven . but there are certain indicators that show that way. brent: we understand that turkey has been very open, saying it warned belgium last year it was returning a known foreign terrorist to europe. nothing was done. the interior minister gave his
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resignation today. it was not accepted. what is going on there? reporter: of course the political pressure on this government is matching. how can any government survive something like that. turkey delivers this man who turned out to be a terrorist, am mass murderer on a silver platter. we think this is a dangerous islamic fighter. the belgian say, ok. there is so much laxity. this is raising more and more questions. on the other hand, of course, charles michel, the prime minister, was to keep the government together, so the resignation of the two ministers did not go through and they will carry on, for a while at least. brent: we will talk with you a little bit later in the evening,
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barbara. thank you very much. many stories of miraculous escapes from the bombings in brussels are emerging. one story of the german warrior stands out. he escapes not once, but twice after he inadvertently ended up following the trail of terror. >> devastating scenes. several killed and injured. countless other left scarred for life. in this moment of chaos, one german rider was among those who narrowly escaped the terrorist attack. >> the situation was not set up yet, so i was happy to use this confusion to get out of there. reporter: mark schreiner's ordeal on this business trip did not end there.
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he hurried out of the airport and to the city center. as he got out of the taxi, another bomb exploded. >> i saw them coming out of the main hall. it was eliminated from the light by my smartphone. i went downstairs. i said, come to the light. i will help you get to the exit. reporter: they say that life does not always give you a second chance, but he got a third. chest but it was the extraordinary day. i flew to brussels, experienced two attacks, was the first to see these horrific pictures, these burned and bloody passengers coming out of the metro. reporter: he is back in berlin,
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unhurt -- at least, physically. brent: what a story. syrian government forces have reportedly given a dramatic blow to the islamic state moving into the city of calm era. advancing forces every captured several parts of the city. according to a russian news agency, a russian special forces officer was killed while directing airstrikes. i.s. captured palmira a year ago and destroyed many of its ancient temples. now to europe's in increasingly complicated relationship with turkey. from a packed stemming the flow of migrants to terrorism, the increasing authoritarian rule of president erdogan. there are disturbing trends in turkey. reporter: the german chancellor
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is speaking out, and she's not alone, with more than 130 colleagues, she has written a letter to the turkish president to respect the freedom of the press and freedom of speech. >> turkey wants to be part of the european union. negotiations are taking place, and turkey must share these fundamental european values, if it wants to be an eu country. reporter: the editor of a turkish newspaper and a journalist reported on alleged arms shipments in syria. for erdogan, it was espionage. the turkish president himself filed the charges.
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he knows all too well what it means to fall out of favor with erdogan. the newspaper is fighting for its survival. its parent company was placed under control of the government. in the past, they were on opposite sides -- not anymore. >> it is a semi-dictatorial increasingly autocratic government. all of the people who believe and democratic principles need to get together and fight. reporter: the german journalists association noted that german journalists and turkey are being restricted more and more. one example was a reporter who was denied accreditation because his reports were too critical. >> this is now escalating. to put it plainly, rima the press no longer exists in
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turkey. reporter: erdogan has yet to respond to the letter from the german politicians. brent: all right. let's take a look at other stories making headlines. construction is complete on a giant concrete arch in the ukraine, touted as the world's largest land-based moving structure. it will be cold slowly over the chernobyl nuclear power plant to contain, hopefully, deadly radiation which is been spewing from the plant since the meltdown in 1986. britain's prince william has met with kenya's president in nairobi. they discussed the ties between their two characters, nature, conservation, and the threat of terrorism. christians around the world are preparing to celebrate easter this weekend.
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pope francis marked the holiest day with the traditional ceremony of washington feet. this year, the pontiff traveled outside rome to washington as the feet of migrants. we will take a short break and be right back.
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brent: welcome back. you are with "dw news" live from berlin. our top stories -- radovan karadzic has been found guilty for his role in the massacre back in the 1990's. the former leader was also found guilty of crimes against humanity and war crimes. he has been sentenced to 40 years in jail. relatives of the victims of last year's germanwings crash gathered in the french alps on the first anniversary of the disaster thursday.
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they met where the plane's copilot deliberately steered the plane into a mountain, causing one of the worst disasters in german aviation history. >> the painful return to a place where their loved ones died. here in this alpine village, relatives gathered to honor the friends and family. a year on, that agony is still fresh. >> i can't stop thinking about what those last minutes in the plane must have been like. reporter: it is one of the worst thing crashes to happen on french soil. the copilot locked himself in the cockpit and forced the plane into the mountainside. an apparent suicide mission by 27-year-old andreas lubitz. the day began with a moment of silence at 10:41.
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among the mourners paying respects, lou stands a -- lufthansa representatives. >> this brought in the mashable -- unimaginable pain. reporter: later families rather at the seminary -- cemete to commemorate the day that not only change their lives river, but that of an entire region. [bell ringing] reporter: locals gathered at the town square to observe a moment of silence. this community lost 60 students and two teachers from the local high school. a church service will beheld for the victims after the easter holiday. brent: australian officials say debris recovered from a beach in mozambique is, certainly from
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the missing malaysian airlines flight a mage 70. examination of the pieces of wreckage found they were consistent with panels from a malaysian airlines owing 777 -- bowlineing 777 aircraft. he plane went missing in march 2014. time for the business news with daniel. >> that's right, brent. i'm sick of saying it, but things are going from bad to worse with folks like him does not have to do with the dirty diesels. this has to do with porsche. vw is contacting owners. meanwhile, a u.s. judge has given the german carmaker another month to present a plan
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to bring nearly 600 thousand diesels into compliance with clean air laws. >> four times -- reporter: the u.s. district judge judge charles breyer has given vw until may 1. they have yet to reach a deal with environmental protection agency. the judge extended the deadline after vw executives said that they needed more time to do with technical issues. in january, the u.s. justice department sued the carmaker for $46 billion for violating u.s. environmental laws. the final amount is likely to be less. there are ongoing investigations and 48 u.s. state attorneys. the a -- b w has been in talks for months now. breyer says he will consider a
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new trial this summer. >> let's bring in richard walker, who has been tracking this story for us. so, richard, it's another dramatic twist in volkswagen's dirty diesels scandal. but this gives them more breathing space, doesn't it? richard: yes, another four weeks to come up with a technical fix, a buyback scheme, or some combination of the two. and when you consider what a roky few months. i can had, that is a pretty good day in court. the judge even with positive language. volkswagen insisting it can get on top of this. they have been working around the clock and they will sleep when they are fixed. we will have to see how good they look in four weeks when they do come up with that plan finally. >> all right, they are doing all they can, they say, but what
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happens if they miss this new deadline? richard: well, the judge would then have to go ahead with the full trial in july area that would -- in july or co-that would leave vw exposed to an enormous bill. but the w is being bombarded from all sides. you have hundreds of these individual lawsuits brought by customers and dozens of states aiming their fire at volkswagen. the main objective will be to limit the damage, the billions it will have to pay up at the end of this. the best way is to come up with a plan in four weeks time. >> let's hope they can come up with a clever plan. richard walker, thank you very much. staying in the u.s., these men
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stand accused of attacking financial firms. u.s. attorney loretta lynch called the attacks a wake-up call and said they caused millions of dollars. >> these attacks were relentless, systematic, and they were widespread. they threatened our economic well-being and the ability to compete in the global marketplace, both of which are directly linked to our national security. we believe that they were conducted with the sole purpose of damaging the operation of america's free markets. >> let's get some background from our correspondent in new york. this is far from the first cyber security incident. reporter: no, it certainly is not. and financial institutions claim that they are pretty well prepared.
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we look back at two years ago where a syrian group actually have to be -- hacks the twitter account of the associated press. and then they have the explosions in the white house and the financial markets reacted immediately and it turned out the whole thing was a cyber attack. there are various ways to disrupt the financial markets. if we look at the digital world, there are also big banks. and we will see in the future how well those banks do. >> is it fair to say that traders are alarmed about this business? >> i would say it is fair to say. it's not even just some of the
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big retailers now in the united states with the latest indictment from the department of justice. also important infrastructure in the united states. so, yes, there is a certain degree of being alarmed so far and this is the new reality. you will see more of these attacks were all kinds of groups and countries, as well. >> thank you very much. that's all for your business news for this hour. but now, the sporting world has paid tribute to one of its top talents, and brett, you have -- brent, you have the story? brent: the legend has died of cancer. he made headlines in the 1970's
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and had a stellar performance at the 1974 world cup. >> he made his name and was synonymous with total football the dutchman was named european footballer of the year three times. he won three cups that the amsterdam cup in the 60's, 70's, and 80's. but he lost the world cup final to germany in 1974. cruyff moved on to barcelona, first as a player, then as a coach. in retirement, he was struck with cancer, but remained as classy as ever when he announced
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he was suffering from the disease. >> at the moment with positive energy and so many people in the world giving support, it seems like world football is in mourning for web's brightest stars. brent: after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. stick around. we'll be right back. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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