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tv   DW News  PBS  March 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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brent: this is "dw news" live from berlin. the egypt air hijacking inns without a -- ends without a threat, but with questions. after a standoff of hours, the hijacker comes out with his hands up. lingering questions about ejection travel security. also the u.s. presidential campaign -- florida police have arrested donald trump's campaign
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manager for allegedly roughing a female reporter up. and turkey's president not amused about a satire, his ire so great they have summoned germany's foreign minister. i'm brent goff. it's good you have you with us. there has been a peaceful resolution to the hijacking of an egypt airplane -- egypt air plane earlier today. in man wearing a fake suicide belts in custody after forcing the plane to diver to cyprus. it turns out that he did not have a bomb at all. the hostages he was holding are said to be safe. the standoff lasted more than live hours. reporter: after six hours of captivity, the last hostages
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walk free. shortly afterward, the hijacker is immediately arrested by counterterrorism police officers. he is searched, but found to be unarmed. the hijacker threatened to detonate a suicide vest he claimed he was wearing. once at the airports, most of the 55 passengers were allowed to leave the plane. the hijacker held three remaining passengers and crew members on board, while he negotiated with authorities. at some moments -- >> at some moments, he asked to meet with a representative of the european union, and at other moments, he has to go to another airport, but there was nothing specific. reporter: officials ruled out any terrorist motive. the man, and ejection, had apparently demanded to speak to
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his ex-wife, a cypriot national. as a last resort, he asked for the plane to be refueled and return to istanbul. when authorities refused, he surrendered. no explosive materials were found on board the plane. brent: brazil's government could be about to collapse. president dilma rousseff's main coalition partner has announced he is quitting. this follows months of turmoil for dilma rousseff. the departure of the centrist brazilian democratic party makes it less likely she will be able to involve -- avoid impeachment. thousands have been taking to the streets to call for her removal. i'm joined by bruce douglas and rio de janeiro. good afternoon to you, bruce. i guess the big question is, are
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we going to see the government collapsed in brazil? bruce: some are starting to say that now is the beginning of the end for doma recep. it will be extremely difficult for the government to secure the one third support it needs in congress to avoid an impeachment vote. congress is currently debating dilma rousseff's and peach met, over accusations that she fiddled the government books to hide holes in the government budget. at the moment, it's looking very touch and go as to whether she can get over that one third threshold she needs to survive, and the decision by the pmjb makes that increasingly less likely. brent: let me ask you about the
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departure of the party -- why has that party quit the government? bruce: this has been a long time coming. the party has been flirting with its decision to leave for many months. it is result for largest parties and it is -- it is brazil's largest party and it is riven by internal politics. there are voices calling for their departure from this government. they have gained more influence and they have the deciding vote in today's meeting of the party and now all seven of the cabinet ministers who believe to the government -- you belong to the government have to stand down. brent: the picture here is very bizarre. she just recently brought in her predecessor, put him back on her cabinet, so he could have
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immunity from being prosecuted and arrested. are we sing in and tired dynasty, if you will -- are we seeing an entire dynasty, if you will, about to become history? bruce: the ruling coalition has only 16 parties in it. there are 25 parties in congress. at the moment, there is a crisis of confidence across the board. yes, the government is bearing the brunt of popular this content. this is after an appalling corruption scandal, arguably brazil's worst ever corruption scandal around the state run oil company petrobras, but also exacerbated by economic performance over the last year. it's not just the government under pressure, but brazilians are dissatisfied with the political elites. obviously -- no one comes out of
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this particularly well. brent: and with the olympics just around the corner, the timing could not be worse. all right, bruce, reporting from rio, thank you very much syrian army is pressing on with its offensive after recapturing the city of common era -- palmyra. even those who opposed the charlotte side have welcomed the advance. >> celebrations after a long battle. palmyra has been finally liberated. the syrian army has another task at hand, clearing the area of landmines laid by the fighters of the so-called islamic state. >> we have already disposed off more than 150 mines. the militants used radio
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controlled explosives. they did not have time to complete mind planting as they had to retreat fast. the recapture of palmyra means that they can turn attention to rocket, the capital -- two raqq a, the capital of the so-called caliphate. this has set the stage for the next major operation -- the battle to liberate mosul is now underway. iraqi forces are closing in on the militants, village after village. the commanders have advanced. reporter: with government and
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allied forces succeeding on summary fronts, the pressure is certainly on the islamic state. brent: police and hundreds of refugees have clashed in the greek town near the macedonian border -- the government has ordered them to move to army run shelters nearby, but many migrants say they will not move until the border reopens. reporter: a tense standoff between migrants and border police. efforts to clear out refugees meeting fierce resistance. tens of thousands are camped out, ignoring government pleas to move to official camps. it seems too many -- it seems to many a better option. >> the agencies are telling us to reply -- to apply for
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relocation. six months is too long. they have mothers, brothers. how do we deal with them? reporter: despite the two-week-old deal between the eu and turkey, the numbers of migrants are growing in greece. the port to has become a gathering point for those blocked from moving further into the eu, and many avoid registering at official reception centers for fear that they will not qualify for asylum. after such a long journey, it is a step back they would rather not take. brent: state prosecutors in belgium say they have identified all of the casualties of last week's triple bombing attack in brussels. they have also revised the number of deaths down to 32. among the dead, 17 belgians and 15 foreign nationals.
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meanwhile, at brussels airport, where two bombs exploded, it remains closed. that decision made after security drills. it could take months for the facility to be completely operational. tensions remain high and brussels, especially in the suburb of molin back -- mol eneek. it has been a fertile recruiting ground for jihadi groups. and there is growing frustration over all of the media attention. reporter: a local weekly market. vendors sell fresh produce at affordable prices. since last week's terrorist attacks, many people are afraid. >> people are avoiding big
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crowds. was that different a few months ago, we ask? >> before the attacks, the situation was better. things have gotten worse. reporter: many residents feel they are being discriminated against. >> belgians have a negative image of people with arab backgrounds. their attitude has changed for the worse. we are not alone. journalists from all over the world have come to see molenbeek for themselves after the terrorist attacks. >> so many terrorists have come here. clearly there is a hotbed of islamic extremism here. how much the ordinary people who work here and live here know, i don't know. reporter: people are not exactly happy about our camera at the market, but at least we can keep
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working. the mood turns hostile. we are forced to leave. we waited until everyone left and we came back, and now we are waiting. she has lived in molenbeek for 35 years and love this place. and she might know why some want to have a journalist in their neighborhood. she volunteers for a project that provides support to disadvantaged schoolchildren in the neighborhood. she understands why people in molenbeek are angry at the media. >> people who live in molenbeek are hugely affected. the community has become known on an international scale
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because people want to portray it as the hub for terrorism. reporter: the young people here, who she called the children of molenbeek, are hopeful. >> these are our children. their future is here. this is their country. we should open the doors for these young people so they can flourish, have a job, be well paid like everyone else. reporter: but as long as molenbeek is seen as a hotbed of terrorism, it will be difficult for people here to feel hopeful about the future. brent: you are watching "dw news ," live from berlin. still to come -- why is donald trump's campaign manager facing battery charges in florida? we tell you about that, plus the latest business news.
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we are back on the other side of a 62nd break. stay with us. -- 60-second break. stay with us.
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brent: welcome back. you are back with "dw news," live from berlin. the hijacking of an ejection and hair -- egyptian air plane has ended peacefully. the hijacker was wearing a fake suicide vest. brazilian president dilma rousseff's main coalition partner has announced their quitting the government. recess is now one step closer to facing impeachment hearings -- dilma rousseff is one step closer to facing impeachment
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charges. the campaign manager of u.s. presidential front runner donald trump has been charged with misdemeanor battery in connection with an incident involving a reporter. the police revealed a surveillance video showing him grabbing the reporter for alarm at a rally earlier this month. you can see right there. the trump campaign says he is innocent of the charges. trump's rivals are saying this kind of behavior is typical of the trump campaign, that he encourages violent behavior. we asked our washington correspondent richard walker, if that is a fair comment. richard: there have been some examples were donald trump has appeared to take on violence. there has been a lot of controversy about the kind of atmosphere at his rallies, some of his comments, saying he would like to punch a protester in the
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face, and now in this case, standing by cory ledowski, trying to play that down. i think it will be an interesting case, a test case for donald trump's strategy dealing with controversies. the last few months, it has become very intrinsic to his brand that you never apologize. you keep on the attack. if necessary, you change the subject with a new controversy, but absolutely never back down. i think it will be interesting to see. now that we are inamed legal process with a momentum of its own -- there will be a court date in may -- potentially conviction, can you really stick to a never back down policy, or will it become easier to throw this man under the bus at some point? it will be an interesting test case of his strategy in the weeks ahead. brent: that was richard walker
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reporting from washington, d.c. time to talk business news. financier janet yellen speaking the language of culture. >> yes, the federal reserve chair janet yellen says the bank will move cautiously as it weighs the health of the global and the u.s. economies. she has made it clear that raising interest rates too soon could put the brakes on goal growth. chair yellen: i think it is appropriate to proceed cautiously with interest rate policy. reporter: janet yellen troll comments boosted markets worldwide. be loose monetary policy is set to continue for now. the reasons have little to do with the u.s. economy. china has been knocked off
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balance. oil exporters are slashing investments. oil reconstruction and less of the black gold changing hands of the world market. americans could suffer. the fed will proceed carefully when it comes to raising interest rates. in 2006, the central bank began cutting the base rate to shore up the economy. the fed decided to change direction in december. the bank raise the key rate to the current level of .5%. many economists are betting that the fed will not opt for another rate hike at its policy meeting in april. >> let's talk about this quarter on wall street. so, caution is the word that was used. how does this go down on wall street? how did investors react?
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>> there are a couple of pretty unusual things going on at the federal reserve. janet yellen is pretty clear in her statement, and at the last said meeting, she lowered the expectation for future rate increases, and what she said on tuesday does not sound like the federal reserve will increase rates in april, and she also claimed a lot of external factors and usually the federal reserve looks more at the domestic factors, but now the global economy plays a much higher role. the markets reacted with a little selloff in the dollar. on the other side we saw an increase on the stocks in wall street.
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>> we will talk in just a minute. thank you so much for this update. the u.s. government accusing folks wagon of deceiving american consumers. the german carmaker admitted to fitting it so-called clean diesel with commissions cheating -- emissions cheating software. this is on top of the u.s. justice department sued for violating environmental laws and comes as a bw recalls over 5000 electric vehicles in the united states. a battery problem can cause the engine to stall. joining me now, daniel from our business desk. it seems like the dream of being successful in the u.s. for vw is going to remain a dream? daniel: what they wanted to do
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was compete on the same level as u.s. manufacturers in the u.s. market and it seems that is not going to happen. they are third in european carmakers in the u.s. let's look at how much volkswagen sold compared with this year. a drop of just over 13%. it's not as though americans were not interested in buying cars. volkswagen was close to fort sales which were up 19%. >> thank you, daniel. the u.s. federal trade commission has announced a lawsuit over defective advertisements. is that claim reasonable? >> i would say yes. when i travel in germany, and hear quite often people are asking, why are americans so
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furious? americans love those big cars, the suv's the pickup trucks. the people who bought a clean diesel, bought those cars because they were considered and advertised aggressively by volkswagen to be clean, and that obviously turned out to not be quite the case and that is why there are some results with the buyers of those cars, and we have the next lawsuit coming up from the ftc. >> all right. thank you very much. thank you, daniel, in studio, from the business desk. that is your business information. now to rent golf -- brent goff with more news. brent: it was meant to be a joke, but the turkish president is not laughing. a diplomatic spat between berlin
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and i grow over a song about this man, erdogan. he summoned germany's ambassador. reporter: the jokes in this german satirical video are apparently lost on turkish president erdogan. he even summoned german ambassador martin erdmann to the foreign ministry, a strong diplomatic gesture. >> they think everything that criticizes the president should be prohibited, so to speak. they position themselves against freedom as we understand it and the european union. reporter: earlier in march, turkish police stormed the offices of an opposition newspaper in istanbul. and a trial began against two journalists who were critical of the government in another newspaper. and now the government wants the
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video removed from the air. >> [singing in german] reporter: the editors of the video have responded as they know best -- with satire. they posted the video with english and turkish subtitles. brent: the hijacking of an egypt air plane has ended peacefully. the lone hijacker came out with his hands up. he was wearing a fake suicide belt. brazilian president dilma rousseff's main coalition partner quitting the government, following months of political turmoil, and dilma rousseff now one step closer to impeachment hearings for corruptions. and hundreds of refugees have
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crashed in a greek town near the blessed an importer. the greek government has ordered them to move to army run shelters, but many migrants say they will not move until the border reopens. after a short break, i will be back to take you through "the day." stay with us. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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