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tv   Newsline  PBS  April 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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"newsline," it is thursday, april 7th, i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the search is ramping up for an air self-defense force jet that went miss anything southwestern japan. the aircraft carrying six members lost, defense ministry officials say the plane dropped off the radar about 80 minutes after it took off from a base in con con. >> translator: we will continue to do everything we can to find the aircraft and the six people on board. >> on thursday morning, self-defense forces started
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conducting a large scale search. personnel has been dispatched. a defense ministry official said theres with a report that smoke was seen rising near the peak of a mountain about ten kilometers north of the base. they're trying to confirm whether the smoke has anything to do with the missing aircraft. fall jaut from tout from th papers continues. several country have started inquire he is from the link of information from the rich and famous to off shore tax havens. in switzerland, governing body, uefa, they raided the offices in order to secure evidence. they're looking into suspicious contract involving the sale of broadcast right for championship matches at a low price. it was in the linked documents. media in france say finance
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minister michelle sopan questioned the major bank personnel for alleged involvement in inappropriate deals. media in other european countries, such as germany and britain report that authorities have opened investigations and the law firm in panama where leaks originated from. they disclose that 14 banks in germany created more than 1,200 shell companies through the law firm. >> just the tip of the iceberg, and this is just one tax haven in one law firm. >> owen is a member of an anticorruption ngo. she says it shows many numerous heads of state are operating below the radar of public scrutiny. >> we need to tackle the tax havens, calling for public registries in these tax havens, which will disclose the real owners of the companies.
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>> urging countries of the oecd to cooperate to tackle the issue. japan's prime minister shinzo abe wants to play a role in resolving the situation in ukraine. he told the president that the issue will be discussed at the upcoming g7 summit. they held talks on wednesday in tokyo. >> translator: at the summit next month, he want to lead discussions about ukraine's situation, representing the host country. >> abe said japan has been working for a peaceful settlement of the crisis in ukraine. he fledged to continue urging ukraine's government to fully carry out the cease-fire deal reached in february last year. abe urged russia to play an active role in playing an active -- they'll share information on dealing with radioactive contamination, and
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related issues. both countries have experienced a large scale nuclear accident. ukraine will mark the 30th anniversary of the shchernobyl later this month. japanese firm takata, failure to operate properly has led to death. we're hearing of another casualty. ai uchida joins us now. >> claiming another life. officials at the national highway traffic safety administration in the u.s. say a ruptured air bag killed a 17-year-old girl in a crash in texas last month. she was driving a 2002 honda sie civic. the tenth victim in the u.s. of faulty products.
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one death reported in malaysia. auto makers in the u.s. have recalled about 24 million vehicles installed with nearly 29 million takat air bags, but replacements have been done for only 30% of them. the u.s. federal reserve has released the minutes of its policy meeting in mid march. it says policymakers were cautious about raising their key interest rate at the following meeting in april. several expressed their concern that raising the key rate as soon as the following month would signal a sense of urgency they did not think appropriate. but not all agreed. some others said going ahead with the move at this month's meeting might be warranted if date i data were to improve. the economic showed a appreciatable downside risks. market players believe the fed will are forego another rate
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hike. as for stocks, over in the u.s., they bounced back. positive reaction with data out of china helped that. the dow jones end the at 17,716. that's up 0.6%, nasdaq 4,920, a gain of more than 1.5%. all the details, we're going to go to ramin. what are you seeing over there? >> very good morning. there is good news and bad news. the good news, the china services data actually was a little bit better than expected, easing some fears of a hard landing in china. the bad news is the yen. it keeps getting stronger. let's look how the nikkei and topics are thursday morning, april 7th. both indexes in the negative. 15,656 right now for the nikkei.
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just a reminder it fell for the seven straight day for japan's economy, and any encouragement that en vest tors needed seems to have faded, even as the shaisheng, overshadowed by the yen strength. crude oil prices, jumped over 5%, and wti rose by almost the same amount. outp output ceiling by major producers. the stronger yen seems to be dominated. ai. >> they just keep buying it up, they seem to be looking for some sort of safety. what can you tell us about key currency pairs this morning? >> exactly. let's look at the dollar/yen,
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109.59. risk aversions is really pushing investors into safer assets. uncertain about global growth and facing a slower pace of rate hikes in the u.s. and have few clues as to whether the bank of japan will add any further monetary easing boost japan's economy. the recent trend of falling oil prices also to blame, lower crude oil prices, of course, but inflation expectations, which a key driver of b.o.j. monitoring policies. overseas profits for major japanese exporters, and really, large manufacturers have pegged their fixing for dollar/yen conversion rates at much higher rates than where we are now. investors will be glued to watch a lot of the earnings reports coming up. let's look at some of the asian
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indexes right now trading. seoul's kospi is up, as is australia asx. china opens in an hour and a half. >> thanks a lot for that update. our very own ramin mellegard from the toekyo stock exchange. smartphone in japan has big brands to find buyer for the latest models, but also an opportunity for less known makers to develop their presence. nhk world has more. >> reporter: apple is trying to appeal to new buyers with a smaller phone display. the iphone se joined the lineup last week. it is the company's cheapest model. they're known for selling high end devices, but the company recently said iphone sales has been the slowest ever. so efforts are intensifying to bring in new customers. >> translator: the price is very reasonable.
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the size is compact. it looks easy to use. >> translator: i like the new pink. it's nice there are more colors to choose from. >> last month, apple stores in japan launched a recycling campaign. they're accepting old phones as trade-ins. customer whose bring them in can receive gift casheds towards a new one. one of apple's big competitors is changing its approach. they just opened its first customer service center in tokyo. at the center, customers can touch and experience the high end smartphone. >> the chinese firm has expanded by selling affordable devices, mainly in emerging markets. it is now the third largest smartphone in the world, right behind apple. to attract more customers, they moved into selling high end devices. this phone feature ace metal body and a full hd display.
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they also released luxury smart watches. >> here it is not just a repair center. it is helping people who are familiar with the feature phone to first touch with the smartphone. even just to app, to make a call. that's the main function of this customer service center. >> spring is the season for smartphone sales. as people get ready for new schools, new jobs, or just the new fiscal year. makers are rolling up their sleeves to catch as many customers as possible. nhk world, tokyo. and that is the latest in business news. i'll leave you with a check on markets.
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today's eye on asia starts in myanmar. the parliament pass add i bill for a powerful position for aung san sue chee. is gives suu 6 kyi for coordinating the government and parliament. the government controls one in four under the constitution oppose the move. >> translator: the draft runs to the constitution. we demanded more time for deliberations before the vote, but they approved it in a big rush. i don't think it will do any good for the future of myanmar.
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>> a civilian government was in gnawi inaugrated. she has pledged to run the country. she is also the foreign minister and head of the president's office. china has started operating another lighthouse on one of its artificial islands in the disputed south china sea. they claim the fas scility is f maritime safety. they reported on tuesday that the officials held a completion ceremony in the spratly islands. nations including the philippines and vietnam have claims over the reef. >> translator: the lighthouse is
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for securing ship safety, freedom, and convenience in the waters. it will provide commercial and trade benefits for countries in the region. >> in october, china announced the completion of two other lighthouses on two other reefs in the area. the country claims most of the sea, and has built airfields and ports on islands and reeves it has reclaimed. that has raised tension in the area. later that month, a u.s. navy ship sailed within 12 nautical miles to challenge china's claims. civic group have added plaques in seoul. referred to as comfort women. it has been a thorny issue. the group members added five plaques. they have messages calling for people not to forget the issue.
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a differecivic japan as long de its removal. last december, japan and south korea agreed to settle the comfort women issue. seoul said it would try to remove with relevant organizations. but civic group members have refused to take it away. the latest action is meant to stoke public opinion to oppose its removal. north korea's recent nuclear activity has some people in south korea worried, though not for the defectors. nhk world has the story of a man doing just that.
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>> reporter: north korea defectors sound like south koreas. they speak the same language, but their dialects differ. their goal is to fit in and not to be recognized. while they're able to flee north korea, life in the south isn't exactly easy. this man came to south korea ten years ago. he works in sales and notices he is at a disadvantage. >> translator: when clients hear me speak, their attitudes change immediately. i cannot succeed. >> he escaped the country at the age of 12 with his brother. they had no idea where their
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parents have gone, and were totally alone. when he arrived, he could hardly read and write and ended up lagging behind in school. that gave other students an excuse to bully him. >> translator: other students mocked me for studying with younger classmates. it hurt me and made me very angry. >> several years after graduating, he found a way to try to overcome his challenges. every weekend, this park in southern seoul is bustling with customers. the vendors have street food. this new program began last january. the ministry gives tips to truck operators in starting a business. and the career authority as well as auto manufacturer lends them
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the truck and offers the venue. he came up with the menu on his own, and specializes in tasty sandwiches. his truck is the only food spot that gets 15,000 visitors a day. he sells almost $10,000 worth of food a month. on weekdays, he studies business at college. he juggles that with his business. despite his past, friends feel he is no different from other south korea students. >> translator: he studies so hard and found what he wants to do. i admire his efforts. >> and it is an effort. he works on his food truck operation by himself. he buys a load of groceries once
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a week. and prepares in his apartment the night before. he says he feels happy to be achieving his dream of running his own business. >> translator: i'm feeling tense. i'm the first in this program to go into the food truck business. i operate only one food truck right now. but in the future, i'll have 50 or 100. i will succeed in this business. >> north koreans with professional backgrounds also face difficulties in the south. he started with nothing, he is now finding his own way forward. kim jan, nhk world. >> nice to see that smile there. all right, that wraps up eye on asia. japanese government o
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officials are considering leaders to an expanded g7 summit. the seven countries expected to be invited three members of the association of southeast asian nation. louse as the current chair as well as vietnam. the leaders of chad, which chairs the african union, as well as bangladesh are also thought to be on the list. leaders of countries related to the g67's agenda have been invited to recent summits. it will focus on the asia pacific region and the theme of the expanded meeting will be development. russian president vladimir putin has ordered the creation of a new national guard. he says the unit will fight terrorism and organized crime. putin signed an executive order to create the new force by reorganizing interior ministry
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troops unifying them with antiterrorism units, a state run security firm and other bodies. the national guard will answer directly to putin. under the presidential degree, they'll be allowed to detain people of breaking the law and hand them over to the place they'll have the ability to search people's homes. it will have 350,400,000 members. the president has apparently grown causetious since the collapse of regimes by massive demonstrations. willingness to crack down on -- putin may want to use the national guard to keep antigovernment forces in check in the run up to a parliamentary election in september.
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a picture book based on a speech he gave in 2012 was a best-seller in this country. mujica became president in 2010, during his five year tenure, his speech at the u.n. summit, criticized the mass consumption society. >> a poor person is not someone who has little. but a person whose needs are infini infinite. this is the problem we face today. >> the picture book inspired by his stirring speech, has sold more than 160,000 copies in japan. the 80 yearly is in skbrjapan i japanese translation biograph
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fee. >> i want to ask japanese people with a high standard of living about the direction the world is heading in. >> he advised young people not to lose hope in their lives by pursuing affluence unthinkingly, but instead, create a world they can feel happiness every morning. this morning, people in tokyo are seeing gray and wet weather. a drastic change from yesterday. robert speta joins us with the latest. >> yes, and if you do want to venture out and about into the toek ye tokyo, you want an umbrella. check on the cherry blossoms. but take a look at the satellite picture. look at this cloud cover, just dominating the entire picture here from parts of hokkaido,
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where you have been seeing some heavy rainfall. just south is where some of the heaviest rain has been reported out here, 64 millimeters, just a three hour span. we also have seen winds 111 kilometers per hour. still there is that threat in some locations to see as 120 to 125 kilometers per hour. this will continue to persist, move to the east, to widespread showers, that's where they have the strong southerly winds, pile up the moisture as much as 180 millimeters, still could occur. this is going to be an ongoing storm system. the good news, high pressure from the west. that will move out of northeastern areas of china. by friday into saturday, definitely some vastly improving conditions. we're going to be looking at partly cloudy the entire weekend, temperatures pushing into the mid 20s. the storm system coming from somewhere. that's across southeastern areas of china where you've already
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been seeing heavy precipitation. in fact, i want to show you some video coming out of an area where the heavy rainfall, 60 to 100 millimeters occurred, mountain roadways, you may have seen this, a couple of trees falling down, i'm sure this driver quite unexpectedly found this. blocking the entire roadway. a close call for the person in that van right there. quite impressive footage captured out there. it does look like that area could suffer from more landslides. we could see 80 to 100 millimeters over the next 24 hours, because of the lingering area. it should go to the east, though. taipei, nice and warm, up to you 31, partly cloudy skies on thursday. tokyo, high of 19, showers expected throughout the day. let's take a look now over here towards europe. we do have two storm systems. one back here towards the east.
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frontal area has been charging against central europe, there into parts of ukraine, you are looking at a channece of hail, strong to severe thunderstorms in this area already, you've been seeing those reports but now, just kind of shifting off towards the northeast. if you notice, you have the chance of thunderstorms in the british isles, that is starting to get wrapped up here. once it moves into france, over towards spain, we could see strong thunderstorms coming out. ahead of these, i do want to know, we're seeing above average temperatures, rome high of 26, athens, 25 for you. looking at the southern hemisphere. sidney, we had this front pull through, strong northly winds ahead of it, and into sydney, record breaking temperatures for the month of april. 36 out there for you. how about midsummer
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temperatures. it got back to average once the front pushed by. i'll leave you with your extended outlook. and that is all for this edition of nhk "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us.
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