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tv   Democracy Now  PBS  April 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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04/15/16 04/15/16 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from los angeles and new york this is democracy now! ,>> i believe the united states and the rest of the world going to work together dealt the to help thele -- palestinian people. that does not make me anti-israel. >> i have been with israeli officials going back more than 25 years, that they do not seek this kind of attacks. they do not invite rockets raining down on their towns and villages. amy: the battle for new york. in their most contentious debate yet hillary clinton and bernie , sanders sparred in brooklyn
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over wall street, saving social security, israel, guns, and more, and we will host our debate here in l.a. between veteran journalist robert scheer and longtime lgbt activist torie osborn. think about 1000 people protest donald trump in new york. the police arrest at least two dozen, including two journalists from democracy now! >> first amendment rights. as we were saying this, they grabbed the camera and the microphone and slammed us on the ground. in moment later, i saw juan carlos on the ground with dirt on his for head and police officers were on top of him and handcuffing him. amy: than what our school police officers doing with grenade launchers, and 16 assault rifles, and an anti-mine-tech? we look at the battle getting
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military-grade weapons belong inside schools. -- getting military grade weapons out of the los angeles schools. all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. low-wage workers across the country walked off the job in more than 300 cities thursday, marking the longest action in the nationwide fight for $15 an hour minimum wage. the fight for 15 is brought together fast food and childcare workers, health care workers, and many more. thursday's protest followed victories in california and new york, which had become the first states to enact a path toward establishing a $15 in our minimum wage in the coming years. the fight for took center stage $15 at thursday night's democratic debate in brooklyn, new york. in their most contentious debate of the campaign hillary clinton
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and bernie sanders faced off over wall street, saving social security, israel, guns and more. cnn moderator wolf blitzer asked clinton if, given her support for $15 an hour minimum wage she , would sign a bill raising it to $15 an hour. >> if a democratic congress put a $15 and wage bill on your desk, would you sign it? >> of course i would. and i have supported -- i have supported the fight for $15. i am proud to have the endorsement of most of the unions that have led the fight for 15. >> i'm sure a lot of people are surprised to learn that you supported raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. aboutn new york city, 1000 people rallied outside the grand height hotel thursday to protest an appearance by republican presidential frontrunner donald trump and republican gala. among those condemning trumps racism -- direction ine
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which trump has taken the country and exploded the negativity and the racism in the classism that we know exist, but it is not all right to bail on those values. he has made it appropriate to do it. i think that is terrible. i don't want to live and that kind of country, and i don't want to see young people behind me have to struggle with that kind of -- amy: police arrested more than two dozen people, including .emocracy now!'s videographers they were taken into custody as they attempted to film the protest. they were held for five hours. we will have more on the action and their arrest, later in the broadcast. donald trump's campaign manager corey lewandowski will avoid prosecution for battery after video showed him grabbing breitbart reporter michelle fields as she tried to question trump. fields said lewandowski bruised her arm. but prosecutors in florida, where the incident took place, said there is not enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.
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brazil's supreme court has rejected a last-ditch effort by president dilma rousseff to avert a looming impeachment vote. rousseff's attorney general had sought to prevent lawmakers in brazil's lower house from voting this sunday, amid reports her opponents have enough votes to advance the impeachment. the senate would then vote on whether to put rousseff on trial on accusations of breaking budget laws. rousseff has accused her right-wing supporters of attempting a coup. many of the lawmakers leading the impeachment charge face serious corruption and fraud charges of their own. republican oklahoma senator jim inhofe has recommended reopening the u.s. military base on vieques island in puerto rico as congress considers legislation to address puerto rico's debt crisis. for decades, the navy used nearly three quarters of vieques for bombing practice, war games and dumping old munitions, , leading to lasting
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environmental damage. the navy ended training operations in 2003 following a massive civil disobedience campaign. but speaking this week, senator inhofe said reopening the base would benefit the u.s. military and the puerto rican economy. >> i would think any kind of a deal that is made is going to have to include consideration of the training. it is still available. nowhere vstill likeieques anywhere. it cannot be done by one location by joint force. amy: the navy ended their training operations in 2003. senator inhofe is best known for bringing a snowball to the floor of the senate in an effort to debunk global warming. newly disclosed documents show the university of california davis spent at least $175,000 to try to scrub the internet of criticism following the 2011
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pepper-spraying of student protesters by campus police. the school made national headlines after video showed police spraying seated students directly in the face at close range. the "sacramento bee" reports uc davis paid consultants to improve its online image, in part by scrubbing negative search results related to the pepper spray incident. uc davis is a public university supported by taxpayer money. at university of massachusetts, amherst about three dozen people , have been arrested after launching a sit-in this week to demand the university divest from fossil fuels. students launched their occupation of an administrative building tuesday. hours later, umass officials pledged to "advocate for a policy that would see the five-campus umass system divest and prohibit direct investment in fossil fuel companies." tech firm microsoft is suing the justice department for the right to inform users when the
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government is spying on their emails. the lawsuit challenges the government's frequent use of orders barring microsoft from telling people about government requests for their emails and other documents. it focuses on data stored on remote servers in the so-called cloud. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has introduced legislation to legalize doctor-assisted suicides for people suffering from serious and incurable diseases. the measure applies only to canadian citizens and residents. assisted suicide is legal only in a handful of u.s. states. in other news from canada, activist have occupied government offices to demand prime minister trudeau visit a first nations community rocked by a spate of suicide attempts. the attawapiskat first nation in ottawa saw 28 suicide attempts last month within a population of 2000 people, and 11 attempts on saturday alone. activists with the black lives
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matter and idle no more movements occupied the toronto offices of a government indigenous affairs agency wednesday, while another group of activists staged a sit-in in the agency's winnipeg office thursday evening. a mexican woman has been reunited with her two u.s. citizen children after the three attempted to cross the u.s.-mexico border together to call for authorities to end their separation. mirna lazcano has been unable to return to her husband and children in new york since returning to mexico in 2013. when she attempted to reenter the united states through the arizona desert, she was captured and deported. this week, lazcano's children came to join her in mexico as she traveled with the caravan for peace, life and justice, a group that has traveled through central america and mexico calling for an end to the war on drugs. lazcano spoke out after reuniting with her daughters in mexico.
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>> i thank god that i have my daughters here, that i can touch them now. and i thank all of you who have helped me to bring my daughter's here this time, and i also want to announce that they're going to join the caravan starting today. they're going to economy to el paso tomorrow until i turn myself into immigration. amy: on thursday, with a daughter on each hand, lazcano turned herself in to immigration authorities in laredo, texas. meanwhile in mexico, two soldiers face military charges following the release of a video showing them helping a federal police officer torturing a civilian woman during an interrogation. the video shows officers pulling the woman's hair, putting a rifle muzzle against her head and placing her head in a , plastic bag as she thrashes and nearly passes out. the interrogation took pce last february in guerrero state, the same state where 43 students went missing after an encounter with local police in september
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2014. mexico's national human rights commission confirmed thursday a witness has reported two federal police were present when some of the students were taken off a bus and disappeared. the account bolsters earlier journalists' reports pointing to a role by federal police as well as the mexican military in the disappearance of the 43 students. and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. we're on a 100 city tour marking democracy now!'s 20 the anniversary. i am amy goodman, broadcasting from los angeles with juan gonzalez in new york. in their most contentious debate of the campaign hillary clinton and bernie sanders met in brooklyn last night days ahead of the crucial new york primary. sanders is hoping to pull a major upset in new york on tuesday and keep his streak of victories alive.
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he has won eight of the last nine contests. but hillary clinton, who served -- i'm sorry, eight years as a senator from new york, maintains a lead in the polls. on thursday, they sparred over wall street, saving social security, israel, guns, and more. the debate began when cnn moderator wolf blitzer asked bernie sanders about his recent comment that hillary clinton was unqualified to be president. >> the secretary clinton have the experience in the intelligence to be a president? of course she does. but i do question -- but i do question her judgment. i question a judgment which voted for the war in iraq -- [applause] the worst foreign policy blunder in the history of this country, voted for virtually every disastrous trade agreement which cost us millions of decent paying jobs. and i question her judgment
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about running super pacs which are collecting tens of millions of dollars from special interests, including $15 million from wall street. that that is the kind of judgment we need to be the kind of president we need. collects secretary clinton? is true now that the spotlight is pretty bright here in new york, some things have been said and senator sanders did call me unqualified. i've been called a lot of things in my life. that was a first. that -- he had to question my judgment. well, the people of new york voted for me twice to be their nator from new york and -- [applause] and president obama trusted my judgment enough to ask me to be secretary of state for the united states. so, look, we have disagreements
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on policy. there's no doubt about it. but if you go and read, which i hope all of you will before tuesday, senator sanders long interview with the "new york daily news," talk about judgment and talk about the kinds of problems he had answering questions about even his core issue, breaking up the banks. when asked, he could not explain how that would be done. and when asked -- when asked about a number of foreign-policy issues, it could not answer about afghanistan, about israel, about counterterrorism, except to say if he had had some paper in front of him, maybe he could. i think you need to have the judgment on day one to be both president and commander-in-chief. amy: ny1's errol morris questioned hillary clinton about the controversial 1994 crime bill, which many critics say helped fuel an era of mass incarceration.
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collects do you regret your advocacy for the crime bill? >> i supported the crime bill. my husband has apologized. he was the president who actually signed it. >> what about you, senator? >> i'm sorry for the consequences that were unintended and have had a very unfortunate impact on people's lives. i have seen the results of what has happened in families and in communities. at thesenator sanders, apollo theater in harlem, you called out president clinton for defending secretary clinton's use of the team superpredator back in the 1990's when she supported the crime bill. why did you call him out? >> because it was a racist term and everyone knew it. amy: hillary clinton and bernie sanders also sparred on the issue on how to preserve social security. this is cnn moderator wolf blitzer. >> secretary, let's talk about
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social security, another critically important issue. senator sanders has challenged you to give a clear answer when it comes to extending the life of social security and expanding benefits. are you prepared to lift the cap on taxable income, which currently stands at $118,500, yes or no? would you list -- lift the cap? >> i said repeatedly, i am going to make the wealthy pay into social security to extend the social security trust fund. that is one way. if that is the way that we pursue, i will follow that. but there are other ways. we should be looking at taxing passive income by wealthy people. we should be looking at taxing all of their investments. collects are you or are you not supporting legislation to lift the cap on taxable income and expand social security for 58 years and increase benefits?
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yes or no? >> i've said, yes, we're going to pick the best way or combination. or combination of ways. [boos] it is always a little bit challenging because his senator sanders doesn't agree with how you are approaching something, then you are a member of the establishment. berniellary clinton and sanders facing off last night and program, new york, head of the april 19 new york primary. you're making a report card of this debate last night for the "new york daily news," and you also attended what has become very well known is the "new york daily news" editorial board readings, questioning separately, last weekend, hillary clinton and before that, bernie sanders. talk about what happened in those meetings, why this "new york daily news" editorial board
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meeting became so significant for these candidates. juan: i attended both of those interviews that the editorial board held with sanders and clinton, as well as with republican john kasich, ted cruz, donald trump declined to be interviewed. -- what ie across came back with from that was significantly different from what has been not only reported, but what senator clinton said last night. she really grossly distorted what actually happened in those meetings. in today's i wrote "daily news," i can away with a far different impression that, yes, i believe that senator sanders did stumble somewhat in trying to explain the process by which the banks would be closed that are too big to fail or -- but i don't think -- i think overall, she handled all of the questions that were thrown at
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him pretty well. i can away impressed. i think the central issue, you miss the forest for the trees when y get intthe details of do frank. the realys, there are a couple of different waysnd dodd frank or the government can order the governments that are too big to fail to do best them selves of certain of their assets. there is certainly going to be legal challenges that occur from the banks if the government or the federal reserve does attempt to do so. i think senator sanders made clear there were issues that still had to be resolved that might require legislation from congress to actually affect a reduction of these bank assets. so i think -- when you're missing the forest for the trees, sanders continues to emphasize that there is a major problem in our financial system with these huge banks.
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and he was actually supported this week by the federal reserve and the federal deposit insurance corporation that issued a report that these banks are still too big to fail and don't have a credible plan for in case one of them goes or does have to go into bankruptcy, not to create a systemic risk for the financial system. i think to characterize his remarks in those editorial board meetings as being, showing him to be unfit to be president is ridiculous. as well with senator clinton, and her appearance before the editorial board, did raise the issue that it is not just the banks, but -- and she said this again last night -- it is the shadow banking world that also needs to be under control. but again, the fdic and the federal reserve this week said that the big banks have not only gotten bigger, but they have
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dramatically increased their exposure to derivatives. it is the banks themselves that are continuing to gamble in this shadow world of derivatives. amy: juan, what was it like to be in those editorial board meetings between, first, sanders and then with clinton, the editorial board ultimately endorsed hillary clinton. you got to ask her a question, which we played on wednesday and when much more deeply into eres, therta cac indigenous leader killed just weeks ago. >> i did manage to get a question and bernie sanders as well. i'm not a member of the editorial board. i'm a senior columnist so i get invited to watch a maybe ask a question or two when the other members of the editorial board have finished asking their questions. but i do think generally
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speaking, the characterization of what happened in the sanders interview has been -- interestingly, several members of the editorial board told me they were surprised by the furor that developed afterwards, which was largely fueled by the clinton campaign and their surrogates who began to spread word through social media and others pointing to what they believe or these huge errors of senator sanders. amy: how do you think that candidates fared last night in the debate? >> i think generally speaking, i was asked to do a scorecard by the newspaper and i feel overall that bernie sanders did better on the debate, although i was surprised how weak he was on responding to the issues of the banks and the financial industry in dealing with them. i think he could have been stronger there.
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i think hillary clinton was definitely stronger on a bunch of issues, including, obviously, the issue of guns in the country. surprised as ias was during the editorial board standg by the courageous that bernie sanders has taken over -- in new york city -- over the issue of israel and palestine. he has not back down at all. ,e believes there has to be from the perspective of the united states, a more fair and evenhanded policy toward the israeli-palestinian conflict or to the removal of the settlements that he says are illegal in palestinian territory. i have been amazed that he is continued to maintain a position. because we know that a neck and politicians are not exactly profiles encouraged when it comes to the issue of israel and
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palestine. amy: let's go to the issue last night, key topic during our -- last night's debate. this is the moderator. >> we have in the gaza area, not a very large area, some 10,000 civilians who were wounded and 1500 who were killed. >> free palestine! asking me, not just me, but countries all over the world, was that a disproportionate attack, the answer is, i believe it was. let me say something else. let me say something else. pro-israel,was 100% in the long run, and this is not going to be easy, god only knows, but in the long run if we are ever going to be -- bring peace to that region, which has been so much hatred and so much war, we are going to have to treat the palestinian people with respect and dignity.
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so what is not to say -- to say that right now in gaza, right now in gaza unemployment is somewhere around 40%. it hasn't been rebuilt. houses decimated. health care decimated. schools decimated. i believe the united dates and the rest of the world have got to work together to help the palestinian people. that does that make me anti-israel. that paves the way, i think -- >> thank you, senator. secretary clinton? do you agree with senator sanders that israel overreacts to palestinian attacks and that in order for there to be peace between israel and the palestinians, israel must "and its disproportionate responses"? >> i negotiated the cease-fire between israel and hamas in
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november 2012. i did it in concert with -- ass.ident ab i did it with then muslim brotherhood president morsi, working closely with prime minister netanyahu and the israeli cabinet. i can tell you right now, i have been there with israeli officials going back more than seekars, that they do not this kind of attacks. they do not invite rockets raining down on their towns and villages. they do not believe that there should be a constant incitement by hamas aided and abetted by iran against israel. amy: that was hillary clinton and bernie sanders last night in the brooklyn debate, the last one before the new york primary.
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on thursday, the sanders campaign suspended its new national jewish outreach coordinator simone zimmerman two days after she was hired after revelations that she opposed to criticisms about prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel on facebook. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. when we come back, we will be joined by two guests here in los well, will debate a little of their own. robert scheer, the longtime veteran journalist who is for bernie sanders, and torie osborn , longtime lgbt activist who had been for bernie sanders but has switched and is for hillary clinton. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. i am in los angeles and juan gonzalez is in new york. our guest are here in los angeles. robert scheer. he is editor of truth to it. his most recent book is, "they know everything about you: how data-collecting corporations and snooping government agencies are destroying democracy." and torie osborn is a long-time progressive activist based in los angeles. she has served as northern california director for the national organization for women and was the first female executive director of the los angeles gay and lesbian center. welcome to democracy now! juan: i would like to start with robert scheer.
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you've written a lot about our financial system and the banks, of course, this is a central issue between hillary clinton and senator sanders in this campaign. your response to the controversy around senator sanders'stance and hillary clinton's position on how to deal with the nation's biggest banks? clinton wasillary exposed last night is a serious demagogue. on the banking issue. it was unbelievable to me. she raised or made the statement, we can never let wall recommend street again. who did of the first time? it was her husband in alliance with phil gramm for the republicans, who reversed glass-steagall and open the door to the too big to fail. it was her husband, by the way, who signed the bill into law that she accuses bernie sanders of having somehow engineered.
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and that was the commodity futures modernization act which bill clinton and lawrence summers a secretary-treasurer and phil gramm pushed through congress, did it as a lame-duck president. it is that legislation tucked into an omnibus bill -- only four people in the house voted against it. ron paul was one of them on the libertarian side. yes, bernie sanders went along with this threat that if you don't vote for the omnibusill, people don't get paid of support and so on. it was bill clinton's bill. she estimates repeatedly, blaming bernie sanders for the failure to regulate credit default swaps and collateralized debt obligations -- all of this junk which was made legal by a bill pushed by bill clinton, signed into law by bill clinton, and i believe done to enhance her coming race for the senate of new york where she got an enormous amount of money from wall street. bill clinton's first secretary treasurer was is const at
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citibank -- citigroup, a bank allowed to form because of the reversal of glass-steagall, a merger of investment and commercial banks. she knows what has been going on. and to blame bernie sanders, i cover this for the "l.a. times" and wrote a book on a called "the great american stickup." she is simply lying about it. amy: torie osborn? >> well, i'm not a next on the economy, but i will tell you that dodd frank is a lot of the land, hillary clinton has been really clear. she stood up to big pharma back when hillarycare was killed by big pharma and the insurance companies. she is a fighter. she has position herself centerleft. she is going to be elected president of the united dates. i think the real issue is, how do we go forward? i like paul krugman and agree with him who is her economic guru. she has moved to the left from her husband's position.
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she is not going to have robert rubin as a retired -- secretary-treasurer. it will be fascinating to see how she incorporates the growing progressive economic equity part of the democratic party that burning has brilliantly organized and mobilized. to me what is most important is that hillary is -- she is progressive. she is a leader. she has far better track record of actually getting things done than bernie sanders, who i knew very well in vermont. he has given the same speech now that he gave back in 1974. i lived there in my early days of antiwar and feminist activism when he was working the liberty union party. i will tell you, i do not think he has changed. economic inequality has grown. his message has become more relevant. i'm glad he is raising it. to me, the most interesting thing about the debate last besides the
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israeli-palestinian issue, which i do want to say was astonishing . in a thing of beauty that he have the courage to say what he did. about $12 or $50 an hour minimum wage. $15 an hour minimum wage. it was only two years ago here in los angeles that mayor garcetti before 1325. the fight for 15 swept through. and now jerry brown has signed the law. we'reelling you, what is having a debate about $12 to $15 an hour, not whether hillary believes, as many progressives do, that it might be too much of a burden on some rural and small business economies if you move too quickly to $15. street the issue of wall
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-- i think there is good progressives disagree as the shadow banking industry is important, breaking up the big banks, have you break them up, what are the tools within dodd frank, how can you make dodd frank perhaps more progressive? well, you to change congress first. amy: i want to clarify something, torie osborn. had you ever been for bernie sanders? >> i was magnetized. the way it works for me in a campaign, it isrue in 2008, i was for john edwards, actually, poverty in the world was my issues. i was in for hillary and then i became a strong obama supporter. i quit my job and city hall and join the bernie -- he obama campaign as a first-time -- full-time super volunteer for two months. this time, hillary declared last april, and i listened -- i was checking her out and i was actually pleased to see she talked about wall street, she talked about big pharma, she
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talked about health care reform, universal health care. she talked about free tuition or making tuition more accessible. i thought, wow, she's really hitting the economic issues. bernie entered the race i thought, well, i have known him leftyny years all of my friends are for him, i'm going to be for burning. there was less there than met the eye for me. i have tremendous respect for the movement he has built, for the secular revival, the political social movement that he has built. i have a lot of questions about how that energy can be captured on a going forward basis. amy: you disagree? >> come on, let's look at what the clintons represent. triangulation, ending the roosevelt legacy in the party, reversing -- >> that was then, this is now. that was the 1990's. we're not in the 90's, bob. >> the policies that were in
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place -- >> the policies -- >> let me finish. i know. look, -- >> don't blame her for bill clinton. neo-andre trained to a nice people, the fact is, the mayor ordered the police to smash the occupy movement in los angeles. i was there that night. i was out in the street. it was barbaric and brutal. yes, progressive mayors in every city, most of whom were democrat, i guess one in your claim to be a republican, and they smashed this movement. movementause of that that address the problem that has accelerated since the clintons can office. yes, ronald reagan was. able to put through the kind of radical deregulation he was speaking about. bill clinton did the translation. that income gap in america that bernie sanders was warning about has mushroomed. let me say something, you say you followed through clinton's career. i interviewed her and her
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husband when i was working for the "l.a. times" in arkansas and they both championed the slogan, let's end welfare as we know it. what they did was they ended the main federal anti-poverty program. aid to him was with the bennett children. 70% of the people on the program were children. 70% were children. they claim they had a program in arkham talk called project success helping people get off -- it was a nonsense program and never happened. it never worked. peter aleman, show says, i worked with the children's defense fund. peter aleman was in the clinton a administration and he broke over this question of the so-called welfare reform. yes or no devastating book. robert rice, he is supporting bernie sanders. he saw the inside of clinton trained elation a domestic policies, total caving in to wall street and this income disparity -- which bernie sanders was warning about you said in the 1970's, has become an uglier reality now.
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you're saying we should trust the very people who open the door to wall street to now solve the problem. i think it is nonsense. let me say something about israel as a jewish person, by the way, i'm so proud of the first jewish candidate that has a chance of being president has unmasked this terrible policy of ignoring the human rights of palestinians, their aspiration, and backing netanyahu, a guy who just doesn't even believe in any serious way in the two state solution -- by the way, hillary .entioned mohamed morsi she said, i talked to him. why does it she mentioned that he is in jail facing death? the first elected president -- person to run egypt is in joe facing debt and hillary clinton was part of an administration and after this a administration she is supported an accommodation with the military rulers of egypt that are totally reversed the democratic experiment. this is nonsense. the woman is a margaret thatcher
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hawk on foreign policy. she carries water for wall street. we talk about the shadow economy, by the way, her top financial advisor was a goldman sachs partner and went into the dust was in the clinton administration, was part of this holding regulation of wall street. he is calling the shots in her campaign on the economy. she still tries to those very same people. you cannot whitewash that record. it israel. juan: i would like to ask both bob scheer and torie osborn about this whole issue -- it is true, i completely agree that a political leader can change and can adopt a more progressive or less progressive position over time, but i am wondering how much of the change in viewpoint of some of the centrist democrats -- i would classify
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both governor cuomo here in new york and hillary clinton in that cap a formally centrist democrats -- have been affected by this enormous grassroots movement that has developed from the dreamers to the fight for $15 to the occupy movement to climatement around change. these massive movements all around the country. how much of these centrist leaders have changed their positions in order to remain relevant to the changing nature of political thought among the masses of american people? >> well, i agree with you, and i think the reason that hillary clinton position herself centerleft -- by the way, you govern from the centerleft. you do not govern from the left, as bernie's marginal status and congress for 30 years shows. he has done nothing. he did nothing before he was elected mayor of burlington and
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he is done very little, 17 amendments and two post office bills, is not a track record that is substantive in congress. i agree with you and i completely agree with you, and this is why i think rather than railing at the past, the clintons of the past two carried the water for the right and criminal justice and on welfare reform -- i completely agree with it -- and set in motion a piece of what the right wing, starting in the 1960's and coming to for wishon in 1980 with ronald reagan -- fruition in 1980 with ronald reagan and beyond, continue to rig the system, change the system, not just mass incarceration with racism and what we have seen in the growing prison industrial complex, but the economic injustice, but here is where i completely agree with you. when hillary gave her speech a year ago, and i listened to every word.
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i was hanging on every word because i wanted to believe that a woman could be president. i would have rather it was a elizabeth warren, frankly, but it was hillary clinton. i wanted to see, what should one to talk about issues that matter to me as a 40 year progressive activist? and she did. it is because of the dreamers. it is because of the marriage equality struggle. it is because of black lives matter. it is because -- i don't know if i would agree with you characterizing them as mass movements, but i think they have been effective and powerful and important movements. and i think they have changed the debate as occupy changed the debate forever on 1% and 99%. guys, i did tell you, but hillary clinton is going to be the next president of the united states. i think bernie sanders has galvanized and unleashed young people. he is not going to win.
12:44 pm
he's not going to win new york, pennsylvia, or california. the question really is, what happens next to those of us -- amy: quick comment from robert scheer as we wrap up. >> i think this is how we got into this mess. jerry brown running against the clinton said, we are always faced by these people would not be lesser of two evils, but the evil of two lessers. it is a line i'm taking for my wife's book on california that is coming out. it is a good statement. they helped get us into this mess. let's not miss with this election is about. on the republican side, you have in your fascist person in trouble in the form of trump -- in the form of trump, some thing of a religious fanatic in ted cruz. they are dressing wrote this content across the board. are addressing real discontent across the board. the economy is now working for most americans. there's a right wing populist appeal wiping away the republican party. on the democratic side, much to
12:45 pm
the amazement of everyone, bernie sanders has been able to register a populist progressive dissent, ok? he is united. he understands the need for unity in the country. at the fact of the matter is, if you vote for hillary clinton, go for more of the same. i will take my take away -- >> she is going to win. >> but you are winning -- >> get real. >> get real! your winning gets us into a war in iraq which democrats supported with republicans -- >> not if you -- >> if we do our work. sellout politics of may the situation much more treacherous and the reason so many young people are against it is because they see it does not work for them. if you want to look at the record -- and hillary clinton -- what is she doing? you talk about deportation, yes, obama -- >> [inaudible] >> he is been called the
12:46 pm
deporter-in-chief. secretary ofon as state, she supported that policy. >> the president -- the dealer telling clinton has evolved. the clintons of an empowering the democratic party for so long, why did they not move on the minimum wage? why did they move -- >> it takes a movement to push the issue forward. >> they are sellouts. >> that is not true. she supports $15 an hour. >> now because she iwhen a loose the primaries she doesn't vote for it. she supported it last night very halfheartedly. >> that's not true. >> if you go down the road -- >> don't rewrite the record. >> the right wing will be stronger. that is -- >> that is not true. the matter is, if you do not address the problems from a progressive site, which bernie sanders is proposing, you're going to leave people hurting. you may not be hurting, working for the founding and supervisor,
12:47 pm
part of the democratic establishment. i know, i live -- >> 40 years of progressive activism -- i have worked for the supervisors. democratic establishment in los angeles, by the way, has a desktop raided -- >> bob -- >> crushed occupy -- >> you are missing the question. >> now you tell us we need more of the same. the voters are rejecting more of the same. >> no, they are not. >> hillary has 2.5 -- amy: we're going to leave it there, but clearly, there's a lot to talk about in the main weeks and there of robert scheer , and torie osborn.
12:48 pm
when we come back, our own journalists are arrested last night covering the anti-trump rally in new york. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
12:49 pm
amy: we are on the road again in a 100 city tour. check our website for where we're headed next. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez.
12:50 pm
juan: while hillary clinton and bernie sanders debated in brooklyn, across the east river in manhattan, there's another political event. about 1000 people rallied toside the grand hyatt hotel protest an appearance by republican presidential frontrunner donald trump at republican gay love. democracy now! was there to cover what was happening in the street. today to tellre donald trump, to tell everybody, wise of premises is not accepted in new york city. capitalist. no racism in new york. as a muslim american, as a new yorker, as a daughter of immigrants, we know what donald trump means. and we cannot stand for the
12:51 pm
continuation of these policies that are affecting our people. trump spouts racist rhetoric, he is talking directly about me, talking directly about you. he is talking directly about all of us. my name is jake. i'm with iraq veterans of the war. i served in the marine corps from 2011-2015. i'm here to protest the hate speech are seeing in this country. worst right is the now. ted cruz is really bad, but there are symptoms of a much larger problem tapping into a sentiment in this country. we as veterans need to speak out against hate them against groups like mexican immigrants, like hate speech against women and the lgbt community, especially against muslims because we know what hate speech can do. we've seen firsthand the disastrous aftereffects. what do they look like?
12:52 pm
cowards. who are they protecting? not us. we have to understand it is all connected. racism is not different from economic injustice. it is all part of the system called capitalism. [chanting] >> my name is jose garcia. i was at the protest because donald trump is very anti-immigrant. my group organizes for immigrant rights. this is on a single or issue, a moment for communities to come together and organize together because that is what is when you get us together. people with her bodies on a limb, brown, indigenous, trans organizers. we live in a country where and openly racist white supremacist to potentially be the president come january.
12:53 pm
we live where black, brown, an theirnous people leave homes and families in the morning and are sure that they're going to come back because of the police -- they are not sure if they're going to come back because of the police. ice regularly kidnaps people without documentation. with no accountability whatsoever. what you're seeing across the country and new york city and chicago and all of these other places, is not a response to u.s. electoral politics. we're not organizing voters. we're organizing people who are oppressed by system that allows people like trump to get really close to the presidency. trump,ot responding to we are responding to a system that allows this to happen. amy: police arrested more than two dozen people at the trump road test, including democracy now!'s on videographers. custody asaken into they attempted to film the protest. after being held for hours, they spoke last night about what happened.
12:54 pm
>> i am working for democracy now! tonight when we were filming a protest against donald trump at grand central, me and my colleague juan carlos were following the protesters near 42nd street who were trying to get inside the hyatt hotel. >> my name is juan carlos. as we were crossing the bridge in front of the grand central station arrests started happening. >> at the moment when juan carlos was filming the arrests as the nypd were beating up some of the protesters -- >> they have to be able to film. >> was holding my microphone and he was holding the camera. we had badges on our neck and we give saying, "press." first a memo rights! as we were saying this, they
12:55 pm
grab the camera off of his hand and the microphone off of my hand and they slammed us on the ground. we said, -- they said, you cannot film here. >> your interfering. put the camera down. >> a moment later, i saw juan face on the ground with dirt on his for head and two to three police officers were on top of him and handcuffing him. >> they threw me to the ground. they slammed my head against the pavement. they twisted my arm. i mean, my wrists are red. part of them are bleeding. >> they put us in jail. amy: that was terina and juan carlos, two democracy now! journalists arrested by police last night as they were filming the arrests and the protests at the anti-trump rally in new york city. in a last-minute we have left,
12:56 pm
we are still with robert scheer. you wrote the book, "they know everything about you: how data-collecting corporations and snooping government agencies are destroying democracy." what about this crackdown on journalists? they were arrested for five hours. >> and his perversion of the war on terror has become a war on people. local police department have power, new york, l.a., mining data. this was formed by the cia, not discussed. local police to permit get heavy duty equipment now. they are able to spy on move it, infiltrate movements with new technology. anyone who might dissent, we sought in the occupy movement, it is quite ominous. unfortunately, democrats, senator dianne feinstein, barack obama, have been instrumental in doing this. they have not protected our civil liberties. as a result, the police can run wild. that is what you saw there. amy: juan, you are calling in, i
12:57 pm
was calling in, salm alcoff was calling in and went down to get , unacceptableil that they were arrested last night. juan: it is because clearly, we need to have journalists in the field and in the streets to be able to present this information and these events to the public. it is another sad day, unfortunately, when these young journalists and workers here for democracy now! were arrested. amy: robert scheer, final comment on your book, "they know everything about you"? >> we have accepted an a rally in state in which we are the enemy. state in which we are the enemy. they can say edward stone is a traitor because he told us what is going on.
12:58 pm
microsoft telling us the government won't even let us -- tell us they are stupid on our e-mail. so you have a surveillance society of vast proportions, technologically informed, great amount of data, and it can be used to intimidate the public. what you saw attacking democracy now! report is is the pattern for the future. amy: i want to thank you, robert "they knowhor of, anything about you." a special thanks to the folks here in los angeles. democracy now! is looking for feedback from people who appreciate the closed captioning. e-mail your comments to or mail them to democracy now! p.o. box 693 new york, new york 10013. [captioning made possible by democracy now!]
12:59 pm
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