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tv   Newsline  PBS  June 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there. welcome to nhk "newsline." it is wednesday, june 8th, 9:00 a.m. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the united states and china have agreed to enforce anti-nuclear sanctions against north korea. after two days of ministerial meetings. but the annual strategic and economic dialogue ended with no progress on territorial disputes in the south china sea. officials say they have reaffirmed that they will not accept north korea possessing nuclear weapons. they also reportedly agreed to deepen their cooperation on efforts to curb global warming. but the two sides remain apart
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on the most contentious issue -- china's increasing maritime activity in the south china sea. china claims almost the entire south china sea as its own. it's building manmade islands there and has deployed radar and other equipment. vietnam, the philippines and other southeast asian countries claim parts of the sea. >> i reiterated america's fundamental support for negotiations. and a peaceful resolution. based on the rule of law. as well as obviously our concern about any unilateral steps by any party, whichever claim it, to alter the status quo. >> translator: china has a right to defend its territorial
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sovereignty and legitimate maritime interests. we won't accept any ruling by the international tribunal of arbitration requested by the philippines, regarding the south china sea. and our position will not change. >> an international court is expected to rule on the validity of manila's claim soon. turkish media are reporting that four suspects have been related to tuesday's car bombing. the blast in istanbul killed 11 people, including seven police officers, and wounded dozens. the explosion hit near popular touri spots during the morning rush hour. local officials say a bomb placed inside a car was detonated as a police vehicle was passing by. >> translator: this terrorist attack was carried out against people who are responsible for providing security for us. this is unforgivable. we will continue our fight against these terrorists until the end. tirelessly and fearlessly. turkey is fighting multiple
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security threats. last october suicide bombings and a peace rally in the capital ankara killed more than 100 people. investigators blamed a turkish group with links to islamic state militants in february, a suicide bomber attack claimed by kurdish militants killed 29 people, including soldiers. tallied up the numbers behind the gross domestic product. it was 1.7%. how has it changed? >> we're seeing something slightly better. officials, government officials have just announced an unward e vision for the january to march quarter. they say japan's economy grew faster than initialliest mated. th they say the figures were up from the previous quarter. this works out to an annualized
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growth of 1.9% compared to that preliminary number of 1.7%. they say growth in corporate investment was not as bad as they initially thought. they revised that figure up from minus 1.4 to minus 0.7%. meanwhile, the world bank has cut its global economic growth forecast for this year to 2.4%. they cite slow downs in resource rich countries. lower prices of crude oil and other raw materials are dealing a blow to commodity exporting countries. the growth forecast has been cut by 0.6
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the world bank says the reasons for japan's downgrade are sluggish consumption and stronger yen. let's check on markets. u.s. stock prices ended mix. we saw a mixed picture with the dow jones up slightly. the nasdaq down slightly. let's see what's happening in tokyo. let's go to ramin. good morning. what are you seeing especially following japan's revised gdp numbers? >> it's interesting because the nikkei and topix opened in the positive. we saw a slight dip into the
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negative. that could be as investors are a bit confused or sitting on the sideline. the dollar seeing a slight bit of weakness as well. one area which is bullish is the energy sector. you're looking at brent. brent rose above $51 a barrel for the first time since october. further disruptions continue to suede sentiment. we also need to keep an eye on industrial metals that took
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another hit. copper prices fell just over two and a half percent. that sector will also be a focus. >> tell us where some of the key levels are at now. >> exactly. having a look at that right now. 107.08, it was trading bit higher than that level before stocks opened. that's going to affect sentiment. greenback a touch softer. not any major moves. there's also focus on the australian dollar. it was boosted after the central bank left interest rates unchanged on tuesday. let's get a quick look at indexes that are open right now. seoul's kospi is in the
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positive. china's markets open in an hour and a half. finally continued concerns for companies affected by april's major earthquakes and how the n earnings are affected. right now a bit of a mix. the topix is in the positive. back to you. >> we'll touch base with you in a few hours time. in china, fancy weddings are all the rage. >> reporter: a wedding in beijing brings a big crowd. many of the visitors are couples preparing to tie the knot.
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weddings are becoming more extravaga extravagant. renting a dress is a cheaper option but more customers are choosing to buy instead. this dress costs about $2700 to rent and about 7,000 to purchase. >> people with high earnings will have higher expectations regarding all aspects of their weddings. younger kcustomers are also mor demanding when it comes to the quality of their wedding outfits. >> reporter: more couples are marrying overseas inspite of the high costs. many are turning to production companies to help. they take care of
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they also create professional quality videos like this one that record the big event. >> translator: wealthy people, especially women, want to celebrate with a big fancy wedding. a real bash. that's every woman's dream. >> reporter: businesses are meeting the needs of couples who are getting ready to walk down the aisle. they are also helping people who haven't found partners. more chinese women are putting off marriage thanks to growing economic independence. that does not mean they are completely free. she works at the trading firm and has been enjoying the single life. she recently turned 28 and
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started thinking seriously about getting married. under pressure from her parents, she's now looking for a partner. she's turned to a popular online ma match making company for help. she's not alone. more than 100 million people have joined the site. >> translator: i used the sites because i'm not that socialable in my daily life and have little contact with people. my mother makes introductions but that's not enough. i decide to make outside encounters. >> reporter: not everything is done online. the company offers once on one consultations. >> translator: our marriage advisors will choose an appropriate man on your behalf. >> translator: we analyze members personalities and we
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introduce people and match them in terms of thinking and character. the most important thing is for members to make a heart to heart connection. >> reporter: many chinese couples are spending big to have the weddings of their dreams. for the companies that cater to them, the business of marriage is becoming more and more profitable. >> exciting stuff. that's the latest in business for this hour. tokyo's governor has faced more criticism over his use of official funds for private purposes. members of the metropolitan assembly questioned yoichi masuzoe on tuesday and demanded a clear explanation. the governor repeatedly apologized but refused to step down. assembly members grilled him over the way he spent political
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funds, most of which came from angrier than you imagine. you just pity. >> translator: you as the governor bear an extremely ser responsibility. >> the spending includes family trips to a hotel near tokyo during the new year holidays two years in a row. he expensed the cost of dining and at least one of the occasions was for a family birthday. but he was also accused of using the money to buy over 100 pieces of art. the governor held a news conference on monday with two lawyers he commissioned to examine the allegations. the conclusion was all of the spending was legal but some of it was inappropriate. >> translator: it goes without saying that political funds are financed by taxpayers' money. this situation has been created simply through my own lack of virtue and i'm deeply remorseful.
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>> he has repeatedly said he'll take responsibility but few are convinced. >> translator: he can't do anything just because it's not illegal. >> translator: i have an impression that he insists that it's not illegal, no matter what. >> the assembly debate continues on wednesday. japanese police are investigating a massive case involving forged credit cards. they say the cards were used across the country last month to steal millions from atms within a matter of hours. nhk world's chie yamagishi reports. >> reporter: police say this arrest is just the tip of the iceberg. they say the 34-year-old has admitted to allegations of fraud and that he used a fake credit card to withdraw about $6,500 from an atm in a tokyo convenience store. but he isn't the only one. they have two other men in custody in connection with the mass withdrawal and they are
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looking for more than 100 others. it all happened early on sunday morning last month when banks were closed. thieves targeted atms in convenience stores across japan. they hit more than 1,000 spots in less than three hours and collected about $17 million. police suspect an international crime ring. they say the fake credit cards had information from south african banks and one expert says japan's vast system of convenience store atms could be easy targets for thieves. >> translator: japan is welcoming more foreign tourists. one of the strategies is to allow 24-hour cash withdrawal at convenience stores. japan may be the only country that allows this convenience.
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i think the suspects took advantage of the system. >> reporter: bank officials say they are taking action to prevent more fraud. they've lowered the withdrawal limits for cards issued in other countries and they are cooperating with the police investigations. chie yam gishi, nhk world, tokyo. the defense ministers of japan and thailand have reaffirmed the importance of peacefully resolving disputes in the south china sea on the basis of international law. gen nakatani and prawit wongsuwan met in bangkok. they confirmed the need to resolve territorial claims
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northern with navigation and flight with china's increased activities in mind. the two ministers agreed that their countries will continue working to establish a common understanding of international law. this comes after japan's self-defense forces held their first seminar in april on international aviation laws, to help thailand improve its military capabilities. nakatani told reporters after the meeting that working-level officials are discussing how the two nations can cooperate on defense equipment and technology. he said he thinks the two sides will need to sign a deal on japanese arms exports to thailand. some residents are being required to provide dna samples when they apply for passports. they produce it this month in a prefecture. residents now need to submit dna samples, finger prints and voiceprints in addition to ids when applying for travel documents. muslim ugyers account for happen the population. many blame it on religious
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activities and economic gaps for the problems. it's stepped up its monitoring of travel and online communications by ugyers. sources say it's been harder for them to get passports. the latest measure will make it even more difficult for them to travel abroad. some oppose the new requirements. in kazakhstan, 19 people were killed when gunmen attacked a facility and firearms shop. the attack took place on sunday in the northwestern city of aktobe. a spokesperson for the kazakh interior ministry told the local media on tuesday that three soldiers and three civilians were killed in the assault, and
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a shoot-out with police. the spokesperson said the police killed 13 gunmen and detained eight others. the officials said the attackers were followers of radical, nontraditional religious movements, an apparent reference to islamic militants. some local media outlets are reporting that the attack may have been carried out by a group angered by the detention of supporters of the islamic state militants by the kazakh authorities. in bangladesh, gunmen killed a hindu priest to death. police suspect it is the latest in a spate of attacks by islamist militants on minority groups. more than 40 people have been killed in the muslim majority country in the last three years. police said on tuesday that three men on a motor bike shot a 70-year-old priest dead as he was cycling to a temple in a district about 160 kilometers west. no one claimed responsibility but officials say the attack bore the hallmarks of previous killings by islamist militants.
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>> translator: my father was a very pious man, always worshipping the gods and had no enemies and still he was killed. i demand justice for his murder. >> the attack came two days after the wife of a prominent security official was shot dead by three suspected islamist militants on a motor bike. on monday bangladesh put a ban on more than two people riding on a motorcycle. the police have launched a nationwide crackdown on islamist militants. it took a deadly turn on tuesday when police reportedly killed three militants in gun fights. police said two shot dead in the capital were involved in most of the recent attacks, including the bombing of a shia mosque and murder of a liberal professor. the government of the prime minister has come under increasing international and domestic pressure to end a series of gruesome killings by
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suspected jihadists. in thailand, police raiding the investigation into thailand's controversial tiger temple has unveiled more disturbing evidence. thai police announced on tuesday they found found what they believe is a slaughterhouse for tigers. operated by the temple. the once popular tourist attraction denied it was involved in trafficking or selling the endangered animals. the facility was found in a village 60 kilometers from the temp located in western thailand. police found four live tigers and a dozen empty cages in the isolated facility which was surrounded by tall fences. >> translator: this place was a holding facility for the tiger temple.
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it appears they traded live and slaughtered animals. today we have a search warrant for this place. we'll expand the investigation to include the owner. >> the temple raised more than 100 tigers despite not having a zoo license. tourists flocked there to touch and be photographed with them. thailand is considered to be a hub for illegal trafficking of animals. a town in israel has named a new street in honor of a late japanese diplomat. it marks the 30h anniversary of the diplomat's death. he worked in lit waynia during world war ii. defying his country's orders, he started issuing exit visas to jews trying to escape. he's credited with saving 6,000 people from the holocaust. descendants of the people he saved were at the ceremony.
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>> he saved their lives, now they have children and grandchildren and grand-grandchildren, you know? they are they're and we're very thankful. >> translator: i feel very proud, and my father would be delighted. nobuki said the street would encourage people to learn more about his father and the history of the jews. it is another cloudy and muggy morning in tokyo. our meteorologist robert speta joins us now. >> yes, actually. much of the area, at the very least, we are looking at cloudy, muggy conditions. there's another low coming in from the west, though. that will usher in another round of precipitation, as we look ahead to our thursday and friday, but we are talking about the rainy season.
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this is a seasonal thing. it does tart typically may actually officially started on may 16th back towards the southern japanese islands. over the past weekend, officially there in western and central japan, including the tokyo area, back on a sunday. that's exactly what we are seeing right now. the cloudy conditions, our stationary front, a little further down there, but we have a low developing back here towards the west just north of it. that will usher in widespread precipitation, as we look through our thursday out here across most of the country. where this is coming from, by the way, i do want to mention across southern and southeastern china, we have been seeing a heavy rainfall out here. actually one location upward of about 120 to 130 millimeters is reported. also the thunderstorms, even in hong kong, thunderstorms expected. taipei a high of 29. cloudy skies today in tokyo, but it is going to be changing over
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to cloudy with the passing precipitation thursday into friday, but the good news by this weekend once that low pushes by, all that clear air will work its way in, at least a little break from the rainy season heading into saturday and sunday. i do want to talk about another area that is experiencing a different type of rainy season. the intertropical convergence zones often moves further north in the months of june and july across much of venezuela. the big issue, you've been seeing a drought recently, and then we have these strong thunderstorms moving their way in, and some of these areas, they're actually rather potent, in caracas, the capital of venezuela, i want to show you some video. these roads that look like rivers, they're just moving, a big torrent rain through the middle of the town here. local authorities reporting vehicles just being swept away out here. no casualties were reported in the storm, but this is definitely a mess that's going to take some time to clean up. you can see some of the end results from that.
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as i mentioned, this is part of the rainy season, that frontal -- that intertropical convergence zone, it lifts further and further towards the north, bringing that persistent showers. so we'll be seeing over the next several days, still of possibility of showers. that specific storm may have been enhanced from that moisture from colin. that was back near cuba on sunday and move. still it's going to be a threat out here. talking about colin, that is no longer a tropical storm, now off the eastern seaboard, really skewed due to vertical wind shear. and even some showers expected across parts of new brunswick, towards nova scotia, but still got some thunderstorms possible even into new england states and much of the northeast because of a facing frontal area as well.
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behind it things are cooling off as well. here's your extended outlook. that is all for this edition of nhk "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for staying with us.
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for colombia to meet members of latin america's oldest rebel group. and for timbuktu in mali, badly dangered by so-called islamic state, life is returning to so-called oasis town. but first, we head to flint, where the town's drinking water is making people ill. it is contaminated with lead. lead is the worst environmental toxin of all, according to a global study, but it's still widely used in the manufacture of toys, jewelry, even candles. mining companies extract it, it can be released in the recycling of batteries. around 26 million people from mainly developing countries and emerging economies areec


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