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tv   Newsline  PBS  June 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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concerned that chie that -- china sailed a naval ship in the
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contiguous zone around japan's senkakaus for the first time. it raises tensions unilaterally. >> reporter: it was sharp reaction to what happened overnight. first russian vessels entered the contiguous zone. it's an area that extends from japanese territorial waters and gives japan limited control of customs, immigration and health matters. the ships left about five hours later but not before the chinese frigate arrived. it was heading south but turned around. it left the zone five minutes after the russian vessels. under international law any type of foreign ship can pass through the contiguous zone. chinese coast guard vessels have often sailed there and even inside territorial waters. but japanese officials say a naval vessel is different. >> translator: we cannot accept an action that could raise tensions unilaterally. >> reporter: the area has seen tensions in the past. the ships were near the senkaku
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islands controlled by japan. the japanese government maintains they are an inherent part of its territory. they are claimed by china and taiwan. given its claim, china's defense ministry says it's illegal for ships to sail in its own waters. a former vice admiral with japan's maritime self-defense force says it could be more than that. >> translator: japan and the united states kept saying that china's maritime policy is wrong in the recent three international conferences. namely the g7 summit, the shangri-la dialogue and the u.s. strategic and economic dialogue. the incident could be china's it could be a strong message against japan and the u.s. >> reporter: for russia's part, its embassy in tokyo says the navy was conducting a regular exercise which had nothing to do with china.
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japanese officials see it the same way. >> translator: china has been unilaterally claiming territorial rights of the senkaku islands but that hasn't been the case with russia. we've been dealing with these types of actions by china separately from russian ones. >> reporter: japan's government is on alert. prime minister shinzo abe convened the national security council meeting with his ministers. they reaffirmed they will work closely with the u.s. and others to be prepared for any situation. rui shinozaki, nhk world. police in okinawa has served a second arrest warrant for an american base worker. he's suspected of killing a
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japanese woman and is already under custody for abandoning her body. the case has triggered major protests in the southern prefecture. >> translator: we arrested the suspect at 1:25 p.m. thursday on suspicion of trying to rape and murder the woman. >> reporter: kenneth franklin shinzato was first arrested three weeks ago. police said he admitted to killing the woman. but he has since remained silent. the murder has sparked public outrage over american forces stationed in the prefecture. okinawa hosts more than 70% of their facilities in the country. the incident led the u.s. military to impose a curfew and other restrictions on all personnel in okinawa. u.s. president barack obama has officially endorsed former secretary of state hillary clinton in the race for the white house. >> tens of millions of americans
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have made their voices heard. today i just want to add mine. i want to congratulate hillary clinton on making history as the presumptive democratic nominee for president of the united states. >> in a web video, obama said he didn't think there's ever been anyone so qualified to hold the office of president. clinton later wrote on twitter she is honored to have obama's endorsement. in his address, obama expressed hope for party unity. he described clinton and her democratic rival, bernie sanders as people who share a vision for the country. later sanders told reporters he'll stay in the race for the democratic nomination. he said he'll compete in the final primary in washington next week. presumptive republican nominee tweeted that obama wants four
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more years of his administration but that nobody else does. clinton responded telling trump to delete his media account. peruvian media are reporting that kuczynski is set to win the country's runoff election. he fought a tight race against the daughter of former president alberto fujimoro. authorities say that kuczinski edged her out by less than 1% of the vote. but officials are still working on screening about 50,000 disputed ballots. he told reporters that he wants to wait for the final result. acknowledging the close race. he added he hopes to work for all people in his country. she has not conceded defeat. let's take a look at
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business news. let's find out how they want to grow their business. what's their strategy? >> the executives want their app to be used around the globe. they know that setting up new offices overseas and handling translations, advertising, will be costly. they need to raise capital. one way is to go public. the tokyo stoke exchange is expected to approve their listing friday. one german market research company ranks the firm seventh in terms of global market share. people from 230 countries use the service.
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market capitalization would be about $5.6 billion. it will apply for a listing on the new york stock exchange. finance ministers in the asia europe meeting are in mongolia to discuss ways of dealing with risk to the global economy. one likely topic is a possible british exit from the european union and it's economic impact. britains will choose whether to leave the european union. the latest polls show the public is almost evenly split. other issues may include the economic slowdowns in china and other emerging countries and the effects on the world economy if the u.s. federal reserve starts raising its key interest rate.
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u.s. stocks ended lower. the dow jones industrial average fell below 18,000 again. that's down by a tenth of a percent on the day we saw losses on the tech heavy nasdaq. let's see what's happening in tokyo. we're going to go to ramin. good morning. tell us what we're seeing over there. >> really uncertainty still continuing to play through the global financial markets. we still have questions about central bank policy. the price of oil that you touched on and britain's membership of the eu. that's playing into markets in the coming weeks as well.
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the index has been subject to those swings in the dollar yen right now. energy shares on wall street fell following a dip in crude oil prices. many investors parking their money in safer assets. the concerns remain over the state of the global economy and many central bankers keeping their rates at very low rates. another interesting point is how japanese companies will fair if britain were to leave the eu. many firms have voiced concerned about a possible bragzit.
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the primary reasons for basing their operations in the uk was because of its eu membership. a lot of concern building up there. >> get us updated on some key currency. >> the dollar yen a big one. it has been stubbornly strong. still clinging onto that 106 yen levels. it's bounced back into 107 temporarily. back there 106. investors really buying the yen, selling the dollar on a risk off mode. the euro also weaker against peers. let's have a look at some of the other asian indexes now. seoul's kospi is down.
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this friday, june 10th, the nikkei, and topix trading into the negative. back to you. >> thanks a lot. sea food fans know a little squeeze of citrus can bring out the best in a fish dish. one company has found way to cut out the middleman. it's breeding fish that already taste of fruit and hoping the flavor will reel in over the wo. >> reporter: just off the coast of ehime prefecture is a fish farm with a difference. it's drawing visitors of all over the world and there's one fish they particularly want to see and try. the farmed salmon. >> translator: yum.
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tastes like mandarin. very fresh. >> reporter: the pink flesh is infused with a fresh citrus flavor. this man is president of the fish farming company. he carved a new niche in the market a couple of years ago when he started adding citrus peel to his fish feed. and he quickly found an audience for fruit-flavored yellowtail and red sea breen. last december, the company started farming salmon and they came up with a new way of adding the flavor. they extracted a compound called lemonine, it's what gives some fruits their citrus scent and they added it to the fish feed. it worked. the salmon has notes of a japanese fruit called yokon, as an unexpected bonus, the lemonine makes the salmon a brighter pink. after four months of
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cultivation, they were ready to ship 100,000 farmed salmon. and he thinks this fish will help his company boost its overseas sales at a time when he's seen domestic consumption shrinking. demand for salmon is soaring globally. norway and chile dominate that market. providing about 80% of the world's supply. japanese firms have a tiny market share. but he hopes his citrus salmon will help change that. >> translator: we want to offer a fish that can take on norway and chile in the global market. and we believe salmon with a citrus aroma would surprise consumers around the world. >> reporter: kiwata has his eye on singapore and working with one of the country's top food
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companies. this firm promotes japanese food around asia. and the president thinks the citrus flavored salmon will be a big hit. >> salmon is actually the most popular. and that's the next step that we're going to go together with the project is to bring in the salmon to singapore so that's a citrus fed salmon and i think it will be a big hit, as well. >> reporter: kiwata has gotten the first foothold in the international market. now he says he hopes to double production over the next two years. and put his fish with a twist on plates all around the world. >> i'll have more for you next hour in business. here's a check on markets.
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islamic state militant group claims a destroyed 2,800-year-old temple in iraq. they showed the temple being blown up. the united nations said on wednesday that satellite images show extensive damage to the main entrance. in the video, the militant group also threatened to blow up other ancient sites built by what it calls infidels. the group destroyed a number of priceless antiquities. in addition to sites in iraq it blew up temples in other ancient buildings in the desert city of palmiyra in syria.
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>> translator: we will be able to completely recapture the province between this year and the first few months of next year. >> government forces are reenforcing units on the northern front with armored vehicles and weapons. he also said the central city of falluja will be the key. if says if the iraqi military can retake the city, they will lose their willingness to fight. he said that will give a boost t to the mosul operations. they're using civilians as human shields. thursday marked the 70th year of the coronation of thailand. the kingdom is in a festive mood
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but the 88-year-old monarch's health is a matter of great concern to the thai people. the king underwent a heart procedure on tuesday. crowns gathered in front of the hospital in bangkok to pray for his recovery. >> translator: his majesty is a central presence among the thai people and we love and respect him. i worry about his health but pray for his recovery. >> the king ascended to the throne on june 9, 1946, when he is just 18 years old. he is now the world's longest-serving monarch. the king is viewed as a unifying force in a country that has seen repeated coups and political confrontation. in past political crises, the king has paved the way for
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mediation by summoning rival groups to appear together before him. a teenage girl was set on fire on wednesday by her mother for marrying the man of her choice against her family's will. these honor killings are usually carried out by the victim's family. they are committed for conservative norms on love and marriage. even victims of rape have been killed. on thursday, sherry ramen told the senate that women continue to face violence in the most atrocious form. many are calling for the passage of a stronger law against honor killings. prime minister has promised to
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speed up be passage of such a law but it's facing opposition from religious parties. kumamoto prefecture officials are hoping a travel fare in south korea will revive tourism in quake hit areas in southwestern japan. they say the kyushu regions have many tourist destinations that are safe to visit. 12 groups from kyushu are taking part in the international expo that opened on thursday in goyang. kyushu had more than 2.8 million overseas visitors last year. a record number. more than 40% were from south korea but the number of tourists from the country dropped following two powerful earthquakes in april. >> translator: tourism has declined significantly due to many cancellations even in areas not affected by the quakes. i hope more south koreans will visit our prefecture. >> the travel fair is the largest of its kind in south
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korea. more than 700 travel agencies, municipalities and other international groups are represented. about 100,000 visitors are expected to attend. kumamoto officials plan to work with south korean travel agencies to boost tourism in the region. an international think tank studying peacefulness has found that global inequality widened last year. the main factor was intense concentration of violence and conflicts in the middle east and africa. the sydney-based institute for economics and peace ranked the peacefulness of 163 countries and territories. its report uses an index of over 20 indicators such as the rates of violent crime, relations with neighboring countries, and military expenditure as a percentage of gdp. iceland came number one for the sixth year in a row. the country has no standing military and a low crime rate.
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seven european nations ranked in the top ten. japan came in ninth, one notch lower than last year. the country received a high mark for its low incidence of violent crime but got a low mark for tense relations with north korea and china. the report says syria is the least peaceful country followed by south sudan, iraq, afghanistan, and somalia. think tank researchers say the score for the middle east and africa declined as regional conflicts intensified, dragging down global peacefulness. last year's report also listed the region as the least peaceful in the world. two soccer players topped a u.s. business magazine's analyst of the world's highest paid athletes of 2016. "forbes" reports that soccer star cristiano ronaldo is the world's highest paid athlete, earning $88 million.
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lionel messi comes second with $81.4 million. the magazine says ronaldo is only the second team athlete to rank as the top paid since it began tracking results in 1940. michael jordan was the first. golfer tiger woods and boxer floyd mayweather dominated the list. over the last 15 years. woods landed number one spot 12 times but he fell to 12th this year due to injury. mayweather hung up his gloves last year. japanese professional tennis player kei nishikori ranked 92nd last year. people in tokyo are getting break from the rain and seeing sunny skies. robert speta joins us with more. >> yes. actually, sunny skies definitely
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going do work the way in throughout the entire weekend most of japan, in fact. we have high pressure moving the way in from the west not only japan and even over towards the korean peninsula. you can see a big hole in the satellite coverage and raining down the sunny skies out there. heading in to monday. until the next storm some starts to develop down here towards the southwest and really pushes off there towards the northeast. once it gets upper level support, definitely a big rainmaker by monday and cooler temperatures so enjoy the weekend while it does last. now, the warm air over korea and japan also is producing some thunderstorms for northeastern china, something to keep in mind is that warm, moisture coming in from the south and that's feeling up the storms even around the bay individual area, thunderstorms and parts of har bin and going ahead into the saturday and something to watch out for. showers towards the south and bangkok and the rainy season out here dominating much of myanmar
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and towards thailand, over towards bangladesh and now as well in to southern india. in fact, let's show you some video we have coming out of southern india out here where, well, you're getting the heavy rainfall. now, the southern part of the country typically gets the onset of the monsoon before off there towards the north. any monsoon rains hit the state earlier and overall generates about 70% of india's annual rainfall. so you can see some flooding right there. but the good news is farmers really happy about this. actually, the indian meteorological agency expecting above precipitation this month. we had drought out here and definitely going to be some
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great news for many of the areas as it progresses off there towards the north and behind schedule, june 9th here. typically june 5th off there south of mumbai and seeing showers and thunderstorms even around the mumbai area, actually. temperatures 10 degrees cooler than inland. look at islamabad towards pakistan, into the 40s. even around new delhi, as well. you have to wait until late june to early july until the monsoon sets in for you and finally brings the temperatures down, as well. for now, still enduring that heat wave. let's talk about the storms over here towards the americas, specifically the high plains. we have this area of low pressure spilling in out of the rockies along the eastern slopes of it with thunderstorms flaring up not only on thursday afternoon through the afternoon hours and friday thunderstorms into the western great lakes. big thing with this, pulling in some warm air from the south. temperatures soaring into the deep south and also towards
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chicago. 33 friday, saturday. when that front pushes by, a cold front, big change for the colder air, too. 21 just there by your sunday. same in detroit, cleveland, toronto. you can see the temperatures drop down by the end of the weekend. so the weekend, you're still enjoy decent weather, cooler, though, by monday. all right. i'll leave you now with your extended outlook. >> that wraps up this edition of nhk "newsline." thanks for staying with us.
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