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tv   Newsline  PBS  June 13, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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hello there. welcome to nhk "newsline." it is tuesday, june 14th, 9:00 a.m. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. we're learning more about the suspect in florida and his connection to extremisextremism. president obama said he was apparently a home grown extremist. the director of the u.s. federal burro of investigation said the suspect apparently expressed solidarity with american extremists. american media outlets aired footage from when the gunman opened fire in a gay nightclub. 49 people were killed. 53 were wounded. the suspect omar mateen was shot and killed by police. >> it appears that the shooter
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was inspired by various extremists information desimilar nated over the internet. >> the president vowed to fight terrorists organizations and counter extremism. he also emphasized the need for tougher gun control. >> we make it very easy for individuals who are troubled or disturbed or want to engage in violent acts to get very powerful weapons, very quickly. and that's a problem. >> fbi director james comkocomed the shooter made a made pledge to islam and blew himself in syria for the front
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which is an al qaeda linked militant group. >> we're working hard to understand the killer and his motives and his sources of inspiration. but we are highly confident that this killer was radicalized and at least in some part through the internet. >> comey said the fbi questioned mateen twice and made statements about terrorist organizations. the fbi chief said mateen explained he had made the statements in anger because he thought his co-workers were discriminated against him as a muslim. comey descended the fbi's prior decision to clear the suspect ties to extremism. tokyo's governor is understaunder pressure to resign. they first questioned him about family trips to a resort hotel
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near tokyo during the new year holidays. he claims to have held meetings at the hotel but refuses to say who they were with. >> our unofficial meetings often involve politically sensitive matters. i can't disclose details about those meetings in view of my trustworthiness as a politician. >> he is also accused of using public money to buy over 100 pieces of art. he was asked why those works are not listed as assets of his political organization. >> translator: i didn't buy any of them for my possession. my political organization purchased them using political funds. so all of them were duly passed over to my new political organization when the old one was desolved.
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he'll try to provide a complete list of the location of each piece of art within a week and accused of using official vehicles to go to concerts and professional baseball games with his family. >> translator: i believe it contributes to the cultural and sports policies. >> some assembly members are prepared to submit a no confidence rule against him. he would have to resign if such a motion were passed. people in southwestern japan are struggling to get their lives back in order. thousands ocare still living in shelters after powerful earthquakes and see no prospects of homes being rebuilt any time soon. officials say more than 30,000 houses were seriously damaged in the quakes. and they say more than 6,400 people are living in shelters. others are in cars or tents.
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80% of people there say they have no plans to reconstruct their homes. more than half site a lack of funds and more than 20% will move but have no concrete plans. mu municipal government officials are issues orders for evacuation so they can get public assistance but they say it's more serious than dock thuments reflect. government officials have lifted an evacuation order on a village near the crippled fukushima plant. more than 2,700 people had to leave after the nuclear disaster. the evacuation order was partially lifted on some areas about two years ago. now residents who are from areas less than 20 kilometers from the plant can join their neighbors.
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but only a hand full are expected to return. the surrounding woods have not yet been decontaminated and services such as shops and medical care are limited. delegates from around the world lifted the contribution from the ctbt but failed to coal up with a plan to put the treaty into effect. representatives from about 70 countries met in vienna for the talks. the treaty has still not been ratified by eight countries including the united states, china and north korea. japan's state minister for foreign affairs touched on u.s. president barack obama's visit last month to the atomic bomb city. >> we would like to build upon the moment that has been pivotal
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to strive toward the world through of nuclear weapons. the cbtb is anfective step. >> a global on on explosive testing is good for the country. >> rose gottemoeller said the u.s. government is responsible for convincing u.s. members of the public who doubt the treaty is in the best interest. not taking part were some out countries that have not ratified the treaty including north korea and india. an image that has come to symbolize the horrors of atomic weapons has taken on a new meaning taken 71 years ago and shows the remains of a burned boy. until now, his identity has been a mystery. a warning for our viewers, some pay find the following pictures disturbing. the atomic bombing took place on august 9th, 1945. it killed more than 70,000
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people in that year alone. a japanese army camera man near ground zero took this photograph after the attack. it has been on display inside the atomic bomb museum. last year it was part of an exhibition in the city and two sister whose saw it thought the boy closely resembled their older brother. at the request of a peace group, a forensic expert started looking into it. he compared a photo of 13-year-old with the one from the exhibit. he sited similarities in the contours of his face and the shape of his eyes and concluded it was likely him. >> translator: my sister and i recognize our brother. we were so glad that we could see him. >> the sisters say he was a junior high school student who lived near ground zero. they say a water bottle and an umbrella both exposed to radiation are their brothers
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only remaining belongings. let's take a look at the latest in business news. investors are on a selling spree. stock markets started down. let's get the latest from the business desk. what are they worried about? >> according to recent polls, more than half are in favor of it and investors are concerned about what that is going to do to the economies of britain and the e.u. that dragged downstair prices. all three industries slipped more than 1% and fell to the dow jones just about three quarters percent. the tech heavy nasdaq falling more than nine-tenths of a percent on the day. this sentiment carried to tokyo. share prices opened lower and the benchmark nikkei fell below 16,000 mark for the first time since early may.
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now let's get all the details from ramine. >> we saw the nike breaking below the key level there. it's popped a little bit higher but again, uncertainty in the global market over the exit you mentioned and key central bank meetings this week, as well. look at that now. the nikkei back in the positive up but as you mentioned, it did dip below the 16,000 level albeit briefly. it's back there now. tuesday, june 14th. just a reminder on monday the nikkei fell 3.5% highlighted really by the flight to safety by investors as they rushed to buy the yen bonds as well as precious medals. meanwhile, no major moves expected by the bank of japan and u.s. federal research, the bank of england as well as the swiss national bank have policy meetings this week. investors unlikely really to take any unnecessary risks
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before those key events. now here in japan, long-term investors are showing concerns over lack of structural reforms needed really too to boost growth and analysts are saying the financial sectors are having egative rates ter the by the bank of japan and the bank of tokyo and will drop out. >> how are major currencies tradin trading? >> a lot of volatility there. the dollar yen about 39. it kept to the levels yesterday. it actually fell below the 106 yen level for the first time since early may. inve investors buying the safe haven yen. against the dollar, the british pound and the eros rebounded a touch on profit taking overnight while sterling is nearly at a three-year low against the yen.
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now, looking at asian markets open right now, the trading higher playing catchup. public holiday on monday but china is the biggest trading partner and it relies heavily on resources and commodity prices. so playing a little bit of catchup there. we've seen a fall in for instance crude oil price benchmarks and industrial metals and keep track of that. china markets open in an hour and a half and don't forget shanghai down more than 3% yesterday. we'll see how it fairs this morning. back to you. >> thanks for the update. officials at a major credit rating agency lowered the outlook for japan's debt. that sets the stage for a possible downgrade. ratings blame the japanese government's move to delay raising the tax hike again without specifying how it will
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make up for lost revenue. fitch lowered the outlook for japanese government bonds from stable to negative. the agency kept the rating at single a, the sixth highest. japanese officials have not revealed how toy plan to achieve the goal of restoring a primary budget surplus. they say a downgrade is possible if they lose confidence in japan's commitment to fiscal reform. microsoft officials say the company buying professional social networking service linked linkedin. it's based in california and operates the biggest professional network with more than 430 million members in about 200 countries. people who want to find new jobs often use linkedin. microsoft recently focused on cloud and corporate services. ceo says the deal will speed up the growth of linkedin. fish at the peak of
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freshness, it is something fish lovers dream of and whole sellers strive to provide. freezing fish to destroy flavor and texture so some distributors are calling to magic ice to keep their products tasty from port to table. here is the story. niethese fish are not frozer cooled but packed in ice to preserve their freshness. that way they retain the just caught quality no matter where they are shipped. associate professor at the university of technology is an expert on this process. he says the key is finding just the right temperature. the temperature of ice water is three degrees celsius. slightly above freezing.
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slurry ice is one degree below ze zero, just low enough to keep the fish from decomposing. >> translator: the fish start to rot as soon as they die. they must be stored at lower temperatures to keep them from going bad. >> and the magic ingredient is common salt. when the temperature of water falls below zero celsius, the molecules bind together and the water freezes. salt freezes at minus 21 degrees so it keeps water molecules from binding together. this sherbert like liquid is the result. it tests effect of freshness and use a camera to observe the difference. the ice water looks purple in
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the middle. that means it's about five degrees. the slurry ice is a deep blue. so its temperature is zero. the fish will freeze if the temperature falls below minus two but kept in slurry ice stays fresh one day longer without being frozen. >> translator: extending the freshness period by 24 hours means that fish delivered one day can be eaten for dinner the next day. that really expands the marketing possibilities. packed in slurry ice is reaching diners across the country. this japanese restaurant in tokyo orders it pack in slurry ice from the prefecture about
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800 kilometers away. >> it looks sticky. i can guess how it's going to feel on the tongue. >> it didn't have that fish smell. very tasty. >> the chef decided to add it to the menu. >> i suspected this boni tto wouldn't be so good since it's been shipped from so far away but tasted and smelled so great. that means it's still fresh. >> magic ice is allowing fish distributors to reach new customers around the country and make sure every one of them can saver the flavors of the sea. >> and i'll be back next hour with more headlines in business. here is a check on markets.
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a group of pakistan collar ricks say honor killings from islam responsible for the deaths of 1,000 women each year. the counsel that includes more than 100 prominent clergies issued a ruling on sunday. it stated that burning women alive for marrying by their choice is against the teaching of islam. in the eastern city a mother was
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arrested on wednesday after setting her teenage daughter on fire for going against her family's will and marrying the man of her choice. these honor killings are usually carried out by the victim's families for alleged violations of conservative norms on love and marriage. even victims of rape have been killed in this way. the prime minister promised to speed up the path of law to ban honor killings but facing opposition from religious parties. a population of 1.2 billion and annual economic growth of about 7% should make india an attractive retail market but physical shops are highly regulated. so are some foreign companies are investing in tv shopping and middle class consumers are switching on. nhk world has the details. >> this home shopping channel
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broadcasts across the country. the channel sells everything from kitchen utensils, launched four years ago is already number one in the market. >> i would not be surprised in another five, six years from now if the tv shopping industry in india moves from a billion-dollar level to about 10 billion level. >> reporter: shopping from home can be useful in the country where tight regulations mean supermarkets and convenience stores are uncommon. consumers have to visit lots of different places to get everything they need. this family's monthly income is about $750. making them part of the middle class. they use home shopping two or three times a month to buy
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clothes and other things like this machine for baking flat bread. >> translator: unlike regular retailers, you can return the product or ask to exchange it. you can do your shopping at home, so it's very convenient. >> india's tv shopping market is expected to grow six fold by 2020 to $5.1 billion a year. for companies have been rushing to invest. a japanese trading company is backing the market channel and dispatched tv shopping expert for behind the scenes advice. producers used to rely on simple panels to explain their product. he suggested more entertaining
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presentations such as a fashion show. the channel now broadcasts in seven different languages, not just the country's official language of hindi. that means it can reach their 700 million indians who speak other languages. it also sets up its own distribution network in three locations. speeding up delivery times from about a week to just two days in major cities. >> translator: demand is bigger from non-hindi speaking people in local cities than it is from hindi speakers in big urban centers. i think our business success will depend on how we can meet those rural needs. >> home shopping is changing the habits of indian consumers. traditional retailers need to tune into the trends to stay
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relevant. nhk world, mumbai. all right. well, people in tokyo are enjoying sunny blue skies this tuesday morning. robert speta has more in world weather. >> yes, definitely a 180 from what we were looking at on monday. you can see the frontal area that brought the wide spread rain showers across much of western and central japan pulling towards the east and high pressure and warming temperatures pushing into the low 30s. it will be a hot and muggy one. you have a rainy season to the south providing humidity but also this is providing warmer air from the south out ahead of this storm system, which is a northeastern china still bringing some rough weather out there and actually same upper level feature supporting this. different low level and that has
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been really bringing some strong thunderstorms out across this area on sunday. we had large hail reported there and on monday significant airport delays in beijing. numerous flights being delayed due to these thunderstorms blowing through. that storm still going to move across the korean peninsula bringing showers as we head through tuesday but further down towards the south. the rainy season front dominating in southeastern china towards taiwan. in fact, taiwan, look at this, 431 millimeters reported since sunday out here in northern areas of the island and higher elevations but quite incredible. more rain on the forecast so that's the big thing out here. actually some areas could see record-breaking totals out there in parts of southern china and really, the ground of usually is saturated. you've been seeing showers for some time now. more rain could make this situation exceptionally worse. this is something we'll watch out for stretching in towards
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southwestern areas of the country, as well. hong kong showers, taipei showers, shanghai sunny skies just north of the front. meanwhile in beijing. thunderstorms out there for those of you and cloudy skies that will start to change-up as we look ahead showers coming back by thursday and in fact, by thursday we have a little low spinning up along the frontal area in southeastern china bringing problems there. that will pull towards the northeast. taipei showers, kyoto, showers, tokyo by thursday afternoon we'll look at rain moving in. high of 23, cloudy skies, definitely cooling off at least here on tuesday. sunny skies. weather is not too bad or fairly descent out there. a little break from the raining season. let's see what is going on across the americas. actually, thunderstorms still flaring up here along the eastern side of the rocky mountains extending through wyoming down through colorado,
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places like cheyenne, denver, potent bringing the threat of large hail and tornados and super cells with plenty of rotation in them. a tornado threat is definitely increased. not just here on monday evening, though. we take a look through tuesday. this starts to shift off towards the east and in chicago you could be seeing that threat of some delays as well with rough weather coming through possibility of thunderstorms definitely here on tuesday. meanwhile, denver you're looking at the sunny skies, although on tuesday, monday night still got thunderstorms. houston 33. for your high thunderstorms there for you at least in new york, take a look at that. sunny skies to go through your tuesday. here is the and tended outlook.
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and that is all for this edition of nhk "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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carlos: we have this weeks euromaxx highlights just for you coming up during the next half-hour. so please take your seats, get comfortable, and get ready for some very interesting european cultural news updates. here we go. all alone. why many young germans are remaining single. alpine retreat. a luxury hotel in bavaria and its famous concerts. down below. an underground lake in switzerland is a hit with tourists. in recent months, the german media have been publishing reports related to young people and their inability to maintain long-lasting relationships.


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