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tv   Newsline  PBS  June 15, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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welcome to nhk "newsline." it's wednesday, june 15th, 9:00 a.m. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. the governor of tokyo masazoe is facing mounting pressure to resign over allegations he misused political funds for private purposes. members of the tokyo metropolitan assembly are ready to submit a no-confidence motion against him. seven assembly groups say they'll submit the motion on wednesday. they say he has failed to give a thorough explanation on how he used political funds. they pressed him to to resign tuesday, but he refused. masuzoe wants legislators to wait until september to make the decision.
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that's when the olympics and paralympics finish. >> translator: i want you to give me some time, but i don't intend to stay on as governor forever. >> tokyo will host the next summer games in 2020. as governor, masuzoe is expected to go to rio for a flag handover. the liberal democratic property and komeito hold 60% of the seats. they both recommended him for the post. now they say he has no choice but to resign. >> translator: we are fully aware that tokyo residents not convinced by the governor's account at the assembly. >> translator: komeito legislators at the assembly have made up their mind to urge the governor to resign. we will respect their decision.
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people in tokyo are echoing that call. >> he may not have violated the law, but i can't tolerate what he did on an ethical and moral point of view. i think he had better resign immediately. >> translator: i think it's better for a new governor to start again ahead of the tokyo olympics. >> if masuzoe loses a no-confidence motion, he'll have to resign or dissolve the assembly within ten days. he's been under fire since allegations of misspending came to light last month. he's accused of spending political funds on family trips to a resort hotel and on more than 100 pieces of art. president obama reiterated his resolve to destroy the militant group and toughen gun laws. he spoke to discuss steps against the group. he was also briefed on the
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nightclub attack in orlando, florida. >> we currently do not have any information to indicate that a foreign terrorist group directed the attack in orlando. it is increasingly clear that the killer took in information and propaganda. >> they are hard to attack and prevent. he said the government will do everything in its power to stop those kinds of attacks. >> we have to make it harder for people who want to kill americans to get their hands on weapons. the nominees are setting on winning the white house. for hillary clinton and donald trump, the road ahead won't be easy. both candidates face discontent
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within their own parties. nhk world explains. >> hillary clinton spoke to hundreds of supporters in monday in ohio. she's getting ready to take her campaign to the next level. a concern for the clinton camp is whether voters backing her democratic rival rgs bernie sanders will switch allegiances if he throws in the towel. 20% of sanders supporters say they would vote for trump instead of clinton.throws in th. 20% of sanders supporters say they would vote for trump instead of clinton. a case in point is douglas fall. he identifies as a democrat and plans on voting for sanders. now he's considering getting behind donald trump. who he cans as a tour guide in los angeles. the job doesn't pay much and he lives from paycheck to paycheck.
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he feels clinton is too much a part of the political establi establishment and went do enough for people like him. >> i'm going to get more of the same with hillary. we're going to have a bigger gulf between the haves and have notes. i'm not as daunted by the idea of trump being our president s d some of those other republicans. >> donald trump has made headlines with provocative comments about religion, gender and race. take a recent remark about a judge residing over a court case about a defunct trump business. >> he's a member of a club or society, mexican, which is fine, but i say he's got bias. i want to build a wall. >> he's been with the party for 40 years. he was even a staff member in the reagan administration.
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trump's campaign slogan, make america great again was first used by reagan's presidential campaign. >> ronald reagan, when he ran for president, he became president of all the citizens of the united states. donald trump, i don't believe that. i am supporting hillary clinton for president. dpl th . >> this is no ordinary campaign. if they can coax voters from the rival camp, all the better. time for the latest in business news.
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a fuel data scandal is continuing to widening. they expected more of its models than they previously admitted. we are joined from the business desk. you've been following this story closely. mitsubishi said nine models are bas affected. what's new? >> they used figures from other vehicles or calculated data without conducting test runs. the latest in-house probe covers models that's been discontinued. nhk has learned falsified data was used for american ten of those products. for two, the firm manipulated data when the numbers fell short of target. the survey verevealed a section coordinated with the performance testing division as part of the wrong doing. the section allegedly
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manipulated falsified data to make some models appear to have better mileage. officials at a major japanese travel agency have been explaining how a virus infected its servers. they say employees fail to act quickly to stem a large data leak. the officials at jtv say staff did notice suspicious transmissions from the servers on several occasions but can't recognize them as being part of leak. they say the personal data of about 7.9 million customers may have been affected. they issued warning and an apology. >> we'll inform customers about the possible data leak and we'll take all necessary measures to prevent any damage from spreading. >> sources say the virus may have been a remote access tool
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called plug x. a cyber security firm says hackers began using the tool about four years ago targeting government agencies and major businesses. we're going to check in on markets. european and u.s. stock prices ended lower on continued concerns over a possible british exit from the european union. over in europe we saw losses of more than 2%. in london and paris we also saw frankfurt down. let's see what's happening here in tokyo. we're going to go to ramin. tell us what's going on. >> the negative sentiment translated. they switched to safer assets.
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pushing yields to record lows and in some cases into the negative. let's have a look at how the nikkei and topix are kicking off june 15th. you can see both indexes this the negative. just a reminder that the nikkei ended down. the uncertainty and instability are reflected in bond yields. the yield on the benchmark ten-year german fell below 0% for the first time ever. the yields on the benchmark japanese government bond post an all time low yet again on tuesday. in fact, the yield went down to minus 0.175%. now, even u.s. data was sidestepped by investors. retail sales rose 0.5% in may pointing to solid consumer spending in the second quarter
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in the u.s. that was pretty much ignored. >> all this uncertainty in the bond market, in equity, looks like we're seeing something in currency as well. tell us what's going on there. >> we've seen the reaction in bonds as you clearly mentioned there. look at the currency. stubbornly strong. i'm talking about the yen against the dollar. the two-day federal reserve policy meeting ends later on wednesday. many assuming the next rate rise would be later, perhaps july or september. one can never really forecast what a central bank may do. they will be looking and listening out for any language that coming out of meeting. the british pound is lower against the dollar and the yen. you're looking at the pound against the dollar there. sterling hit a two-month low against the u.s. dollar. 1.4118 right now. commodity prices, especially oil will have an effect. we've seen key benchmarks
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dropping since hitting highs last week. west texas intermediate there, $41.80 a barrel. let's get a quick look at asian markets hope. seoul's kospi is trading in the negative. china markets open in an hour and a half. a u.s. provider decided not to add domestic chinese stocks to its key emerging markets. that may have an effect. we shall see. back to you. >> thanks a lot. we'll check in with you in a few hours time. it's not uncommon for women to give up their careers when they get married. there's way to reenter the work force from home. we take a look at how they're doing that.
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. >> reporter: her job is taking phot photos. >> i take a look at scratches and record them. >> reporter: today's job took an hour. the pay is about $15 per car compared to roughly $9 per hour at many part-time jobs. >> i chose this job because i like taking photos. i want to use my spare time for things i enjoy. >> reporter: her client is a used car dealer. the company buys cars from their owners and sells them to auto parts dealers. he sells cars from all over the
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country. he decided to commission homemakers to take the photos. >> i thought homemakers might want to earn some money in their free time. i came up with this job. my goal is to have over 1,000 photographers. >> reporter: an i.t. firm has launched a business. it operates a website where homemakers show lifestyle ideas. the site gets about two and a half million visits a month. they krpt them become kribtsers. the homemakers use the products and post their comments. they receive about 50 to $100 on
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each product. she was asked to provide feedback. she received over $50 for her work. she used the product to make a cushion cover for her son. she said the job reminded her of working in the clothing business where she enjoyed making full use of her fashion sense. >> having more opportunities like this will make my life even more fulfilling. >> reporter: it's a win-win situation for both businesses like ours and for homemakers. we want to draw homemakers potential even more. businesses in need of workers and homemakers with extra skills. a new business model that brings them together is taking route. >> we'll see you next hour in
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business. here's a check on markets. defense officials with japan and the u.s. have meat over a maritime issue of mutual concern. they say they'll cooperate to ensure peace and stability in the asia pacific region. ic in a atanni and commander of the u.s. pacific fleet admiral smith met in tokyo. japan controls the aisles.
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china and taiwan claim them. the japanese government maintains the islands are an inherent part of japan's territory. nakatani expressed the responsibility of showing in the east china sea. >> japan will continue to operation and the u.s. pacific fleet, and admiral smith said the two --. the fourm minister of the association of southeast asian nations have expressed serious concerns to china over the situation in the south china sea. they apparently were refer to china's construction of islands in the area and facilities that appear to have a military purpose. hi noted the serious concerns expressed by the foreign ministers over the development
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on the ground. he reportedly underscored the importance of the peaceful resolution of territorial disputes and called for full respect for the right of freedom of navigation and overflight under international law. china has maintained the disputes related to the south china sea should be resolved through dialogue between the concerned parties and not between china and asean.
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the hostage was one of two canadian men taken from a resort hotel. along with a norweigan man. the other canadian was executed in april. he's been kidnappeding foreigners and demanding huge ransom money to raise for its campaign. singaporeans famously love to eat and street foods courts are part of daily life. but these days, few young people are interested in taking up the work of cooking al fresco, one exception is a japanese man with his own haka stand serving up a famous local dish. his customers are slurping it up. nhk world has the details. >> reporter: there are about
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6,000 hakas around the country. many long-standing are facing -- not many young people have a taste for working at the haka stands where the job is hard and the pay is low. a street food afficionado worries about the future of the simple cuisine. >> it's a challenging time for street food and haka food in singapore. >> this man from japan opened a meatstall. it's a typical food. noodles tossed i other ingredients. he serves some 400 dishes a day, more than double the average sales at other stalls. >> i think really cooks very well. it really has a very good taste. >> he came to singapore 15 years ago with a japanese electrical goods company. he started eating at haka markets to feed his passion for
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noodles. learning that a popular noodle shop didn't have anyone to take over the business, he began an apprenticeship there two years ago. >> translator: i had experience making ramen noodles from a part-time job at the university. so i thought cooking this dish would be something like that. but it turned out to be completely different using a huge chinese wok. >> reporter: the secret is in the sauce. made using pig's feet. how they're cooked and seasoned completely changes the favor. he eventually set up his own shop, combining what he learned locally with his own background in ramen. it's got a japanese twist. he makes a point of squeezing the noodles before boiling them to keep them chewy. after, he drains them thoroughly so they mix better with the
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sauce. kurihara's dish costs about the equivalent of $3 u.s. he keeps his prices reasonable to attract customers. >> translator: i'm japanese, so it might sound strange, but i want to pass on this traditional singaporean dish. i really hope i can continue to provide and protect an authentic taste. >> reporter: kurihara puts everything into his food, hoping people all across singapore will get the taste for his special dish. derek cai, nhk world, singapore. >> certainly does look appetizing. a japanese man has admitted to causing damage at the shrine.
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she he's accused of setting fire to a restroom by detonating metal pipes filled with gun powder. his lawyer says he admitted to the charges but maintains it was not terrorism. he was indignant because it honor class a war criminals. he decided to set off the bomb to draw the attention of the people. people in southern areas of china are dealing with severe weather. it's rainy season there. rain is to be expected. residents are getting too much of it. robert speta explains.
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we saw upwards of 500 millimeters of precipitation. actually i'll show you some video out of lugen city in southern china. look at this, these cars are just being swept away. the big issue here is you had this tremendous amount of rainfall where a river burst its banks and just swept through the downtown area, even seen some images of people clinging on to roofs of cars as they went through, so this obviously rose rather quickly it's not just here, you have been seen the
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significant flooding, and just the entire damage report coming out of here, quite extraordinary. as far as the forecast is concerned, over the nest 72 hours, much more rainfall in the extended range possibly by the next week and week after, around the yang psi river basin, just because of the changing of the seasons out here. it's going to take some time, and this front is going to linger across this area. if you looked back towards the east, across japan, you are seeing a bit of a break from the front today. that's much for mainland japan, actually one report of 143 millimeters in just a six-hour span back on tuesday out here. this is actually going to start to live back northward as well, heading through thursday into friday. a low pressure really developing along this gained some upper-level support pulls off
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toward the northeast. most of japan you will be looking at showers, definitely your day to have your rain gear ready here, but the big thing i do want to note is look at where this is coming from. it's pulling moisture all the way down here from the tropics. so hong kong a high of 32, showers, taipei a high of 33, but i want to look actual on forecast. showers on wednesday and friday, nothing much changes, but look at shanghai, 33 here, cools down, warms bomb up, and also osaka and tokyo. a bit 25 by thursday, but due to the southerly winds, 31 on friday, and actually the 30s expected to remain in play, feeling a little more summer like with that front. take a look out here towards europe, still got these passing thunderstorms across much of the british isles, continuing to linger here, don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder or two. if we look over thursday, the severe weather threat tunnel change all that much. at least it shifts farther north. if you are in rome, maybe towards athens, some improvement here as you head into your wednesday.
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still lingering out here from the iberian peninsula toward the east. if you're into rome, maybe over towards athens, some improvement as you head into your wednesday. i'll leave you now with your extended outlook. blfr of nhk "newsline."
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thanks for staying with us.
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anchor: this week, we visit the philippines. dolphins playing is a common sight. why is that? daily life in yemen is a battle for survival. it is forgotten by the world. businesses expect guarantees for investments they make abroad. if changes to a law disadvantage a company operating there, they want the right to sue the government. free trade agreements, like ttip, want independent


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